"Now we have to turn to the fire for help."

The ice queen was silent for a while.
"We have always been active in the northern mysterious world, and several cities in our empire have also been rescued by the powerful. Compared with other human forces in our winter empire, we need to be rescued by the powerful."
"But the power of firewood is limited. They can’t save everyone."
After all, the demigod still said, "You know that’s not what I meant."
Ice queen is a silence.
"… move the oasis?"
Of course, she knows that if she can move the oasis into the East Paradox, she won’t worry about it, and she won’t need it for a while.
But how to migrate the oasis? She can’t do it.
It is also difficult for her to work together with another sage of the North Wind.
And even if she can do it, can she concentrate on moving an oasis regardless of other oases? Not to mention that you will be attacked by the Baal camp during the migration.
It takes fire to accomplish such a feat.
However, such a feat is not a trivial matter for firewood, and it takes a lot of effort. In many cases, their winter empire hopes that firewood can reach out to other hegemonic forces and super powers, so don’t you want to?
The winter queen can’t talk like this.
She is not qualified to talk.
But …
She looked at the old demigod whose face was weathered, his arm skin was cracked, and the cracks were sprouting, and she thought of hundreds of millions of imperial people behind her.
She opened her mouth and finally said
"I … understand"
Half ring
The demigod veteran looked at his queen with three points of surprise, three points of shame, four points of disbelief and some scratching their heads.
"Positions fuel the fire this is … is agreed? What conditions did you give? "
"Well, I agreed."
Really agreed? !
The demigod veteran never thought that things would be so easy. Did the Queen give the mentor a refusal chip?
Is this chip …
It seems that it is a common price to see what he thinks of the ice queen. After a batch of high-level resources enter the oasis wall, they need to obey the overall command of the fire.
The latter is normally difficult for many high-level officials in the empire to accept.
However, the times have changed a long time ago. If the empire overturns, the so-called power is even more a dream. If the human alliance has a leader seat, it is not unacceptable to sit in the face and obey the leader’s orders.
"Payfire promised to help us move oases as much as possible, but they will give priority to other oases with weak resistance."
The demigod’s old minister was chanting with tears in his eyes
"The empire has been saved. The empire has been saved … er"
He suddenly got stuck. "You mean to prepare to move many oases?"
"That’s it."
The ice queen silently looks at the sky, and her silvery white hair flutters with the cold wind, just like her ups and downs at the moment.
She also can’t understand.
But just watch.
It’s faster than I thought.
After the relocation of the mainland of Shengting, there were other great powers who moved one oasis after another.
However, migration is indeed a heavy task, and only a few strong people can win both time and strength. It seems that there are not many oases to be migrated in the past few days.
Until …
"It’s a big landlord!"
"This is the top ancient god who is in charge of the earth handle. He tramples on the earth, shoulders two oases, and holds two hands to move quickly."
"and mother nature, who is also a top ancient."
"The moon master has taken the initiative to build a moon bridge to transport the oasis!"
There are human strong people dumbfounded.
A few people who vaguely heard the news department, such as the Winter Queen, were even more shocked
She did some coordination and stability work, but she never thought …
"The firewood actually hired the ancients? It is also a statue of the top ancient people! "
Even though she has always had a heart as clear as ice, she really wants to spit out a "lying trough" with her mouth slightly open at this time.
Pay too much attention to the fire
The noodles are too big!


Continental fragmentation has become more and more serious.
There are thousands of meters of Gao Shanfeng tilted into the abyss; There is also a huge mouth like a black hole after the whole city disappears.
"The collapse is really hard to stop."
Fang You frowns. He has found this treasure, which can be called the cornerstone of the world-the eternal pure land.
It looks like a sand table treasure.
Unknown origin It is said that it has been a relic of the Holy Court since ancient times, and it has great power of shelter, world, purification and so on.
It is a world-class treasure.
One thing is a mobile top world.
It is said that precious is indeed precious, but the pure land does not have the ability to attack and cut, which can be auxiliary and effective. If the lone strong get this treasure, they are afraid that they will not be able to exert their strength.
The eternal pure land is slightly damaged, which is not serious.
It is to spread out from the pure land and stabilize the pieces of land’ lines’ that have been broken. Most of them have the first row of provincial circles and only a few dozen’ lines’ remain.
In other words, the land of Shengting will continue to collapse until the land is about the size of a nine-level oasis.
"Shrinkage range enhances the defense and stability of the eternal pure land?"
How to proceed with the Ark Plan has been known from
And it’s not the time to think about it.
Fang you studied the rapid analysis of this main treasure by his own strength.
"If I am in charge of the Xiang Tang and my strength is strong enough, I can directly turn the’ eternal pure land’ into a vast continent and prop up the fragmented land."
But his strength is far from strong enough, and he has no earth, soil, world or a kind of handle.
And most importantly, eternal pure land is the main treasure.
It’s different from’ Battle Tower’ and’ Time Pavilion’, and the latter two are very special. As soon as he pulls them out, he can make obstacles, as if he had already sacrificed and become familiar with these two treasures.
Eternal pure land is no good.
This treasure is very strange to him, and it will take at least a few months to get familiar with it.
He hasn’t been this long.
Can we really choose to transfer the people of this land? But there are tens of billions of residents in 12 provinces, and it is foggy outside. How many people can they transfer?
Not many people.
"The earth …"
"The world …"
"Steady …"
"Nothing is impossible. If you can’t do it, you just don’t have enough strength."
Fang You pondered and his eyes gradually became serious, and the light of his eyes was like thunder and fire, which lit up the gray sky.
The collapse of the mainland is becoming more and more serious. Rock and soil are smashed, and the smallest dust particles are floating in the virtual turbulence.
It is also visibly wrinkled up, and the dark cracks that can’t heal themselves are all over the firmament of cities and provinces.
The land is tilting and disappearing!
Whether it is a demigod who has long been self-effacing in the holy court or far away from here, the strong outside shook their heads.
In the past, Candeira was overturned.
Today’s holy court will also destroy the rest of history.
The demigod realm, the high realm is ready to move, and the tenth realm they all think so.
They looked at the white figure.
Some people laugh, some people watch, some people are silent.
Others believe it.
Ann sees you with your hands folded. "The tutor will find a way."
She supported the idol of the 10,000-meter-high melting furnace and wanted to dump the land.
Iloshi stared at the figure. "Although I don’t want to admit it, my mentor is much better than me. I will definitely find a way!"
There is a tall figure reflected in the eye pupil of the punishment of thunder. "Since the tutor is still there, say … you have thought of a way."

They watched the great terror rise from the depths of the middle world and spread cold in their hearts.

Chapter five hundred and ten Ghost forging body!
It has been more than a month since I came out of China.
The ancient alliance has not called the wounded human strong again, and the ancient alliance has hidden its traces and is recovering.
It seems that the operation of the Union will end in an anticlimactic way.
"What happened behind the sky?"
"Is it true that the Great Sun God is falling?"
Fang teacher thought
Maybe many demigods and high officials think so, too.
After more than a month, Bai Yaoxian incarnated and came to the door to bring news.
He said with a wry smile, "There is good news and bad news."
Without waiting for Fang you to ask Bai Yao-xian, he continued, "The good news is that the stars have not fallen and have separated from the world."
"But the bad news …
"Several great people are not optimistic after the test!"
"How optimistic?"
"It seems invincible."
After all, Bai Yaoxian is not a party. He doesn’t know the specific situation. The star master seems to have lost his mood.
They are as huge as the gap between the Heihe River and the Heihe River.
"Distorted Heihe in what order? What is the complete root cause of the end of the tenth border? "
"I don’t know, but it seems to be beyond this limit, otherwise it won’t make the star owners feel invincible."
Is there a road in the tenth border?
However, it is obviously impossible for the twisted Heihe River to be in the eleventh territory, otherwise, the great sun god statue and so on will not come back when it has fallen early.
There seem to be more mysteries.
What did the stars face directly?
I have to find a way to meet them when I have the chance, but obviously not now. The stars Lord, the moon Lord and so on all seem to be autistic, and even Bai Yaoxian can’t connect.
Even if we can wait here, it’s not that he, a small human being, can see it if he wants to see it.
It’s not a small gain to throw away the mystery.
First of all, they got a lot of materials to study on the altar of Baal-but be careful when studying, the permeability of Baal’s power is particularly terrible.
Secondly, he also obtained some deities whose names did not show evil spirits.
Scarlet Moon, Twisted Black River, Dark Shadow, Desire Mother, Old Dusk, Dark Night.
These are the names of evil gods that he has known for thousands of years.
But there are other things.
"Eternal permafrost", "Lord of weaving restriction", "Desperate disaster" and "fallen emperor"!
A total of ten indescribable evil gods.
The last four statues seem to have never seen their evil gods in a thin sense.
Have these four statues fallen into evil spirits?
Fang you shook his head.
He only knows a few words, but … he knows more about the hostility of the first six.
After informing the situation, Bai Yaoxian is ready to cancel this incarnation and let the divinity return to himself.
He looked out at Meitianhe Street in the burning city, and passers-by were talking and laughing, but they were sad.
The more you know, the greater the pressure!
Now, the tall people who are in front seem to be unable to hold on to them, and it’s time for human beings to follow.
Bai Yao sage sighed again, so that his forehead and hair were sparse.
"I hope the future … won’t be too bad"
"There will always be a chance in the future."
"I hope so"
Bai Yao’s sage incarnated a little golden light, dissipated and returned to the statue.
Fang you also let out a sigh.
"Ancient times seem unreliable, so I can rely on myself."
"Cut out a life with your own sword"

People around you are watching, and their eyes are full of shock and indecision, pointing out Sun Gang’s comments.

"It’s his Sun Gang."
"It’s that unlucky guy. His abode of fairies and immortals was given to others by Brother Simon. He can go to the surface to build a mansion."
"unlucky? Don’t say that. Didn’t you hear Brother Liao? He has hidden his strength. Even Elder Xuan is no match for him. "
"What? This is impossible. I can kill a villain like Sun Gang several times at will. What strength does he have? "
"Sun Gang’s character is weak and meets great events, but he regrets seeing small profits and forgetting righteousness. The typical villain behavior is thoughtless."
The Liao Wenyuan’s eyes were full of bitter blue light with a sneer. "I dare you to fight with me. You can kill me with an old finger flick. Tell me where that Xiao Yu is?"
His eyes suddenly became sharp and terrible, and the bright green light suddenly poured into Sun Gang’s eyes.
Sun Gang’s soul suddenly shook, and he felt that the ghosts and ghosts were wailing in front of him, and the smell of destruction was so black that he trembled like he had come to hell. He dared not have the slightest dull lip trembling consciousness and hurriedly said, "Brother Simon, he robbed Brother Simon’s abode of fairies and immortals?"
Liao Wenyuan’s eyes flashed with a little surprise and said, "He robbed the Simon savage of Ximenye Cave. Don’t you dare to resist?"
"Brother Simon … died and was killed."
Sun Gang trembling way
Liao Wenyuan’s eyes sank with a grimace of a grin. "A loser who was beaten by an outsider didn’t even deserve to die."
Suddenly his eyes flashed and he hesitated for a moment, saying, "Sword Soul, go and get this Xiao Yu for me. I made up my mind today that he can escape from the emperor’s magic statue family. There must be some strength to let the innate creatures around him. I heard the news outside that this Xiao Yu has the help of the innate creatures, but I don’t worry that this innate creature has not grown up. If we can get Xiao Yu to capture the innate creatures, the innate creatures, the blood and the alchemy, we will all enter the realm of unimaginable terror and add the emperor’s magic statue family patriarch. This is a good opportunity for us to achieve enlightenment.
Zhou Jian’s soul nodded with a terrible light in his eyes and said, "Brother Liao, rest assured that I’ll connect them, except Xiao Ruhai, who dares them not to come."
Chapter one thousand four hundred and sixteen Ten strong
Zhou Jian’s soul said that when the palm of his hand turned, a mysterious jade brand appeared, and it was printed several times. The sound of God’s mind flashed and Guanghua quickly handed it out.
A moment later, the jade brand shook and the spirit came back.
Zhou Jian-hun sneered, "Brother Liao, they promised to come over immediately."
"Very good"
Liao Wenyuan held his hands with a grimace of a grin and stared at Sun Gang and Sun Gang kneeling in front of him. Even kneeling in front of him, his height was still higher than his, and his head was trembling with fear.
Liao Wenyuan sneer at a way "you what is chance? You know, chances are often reserved for those who are prepared, and our top ten experts will come together and I will guide you, even if Xiao Yu is a quasi-emperor, he will die. "
A few people nodded behind them, a face of cruel radian, and pieces of terrible light bloomed in their eyes.
Everyone around me was shocked.
The top ten masters are going to shoot except the mysterious big brother Xiao Ruhai?
Xiao Yu, who is wanted, is the only one who lives in a cloud. How is that possible?
They gasped in the air and shocked in the distance. Looking at all this, they waited for the top ten masters. Once they gathered, it would definitely be an unprecedented terrible war.
"It’s a pity that Brother Xiao didn’t invite me. I haven’t seen Brother Xiao do it for a long time. It would be even more horrible if he appeared."
"Shh, you’re tired of living. Dare Brother Liao take Brother Xiao with you?"
"oh? What can’t get up? "
"Brother Xiao took Brother Liao’s position as a big brother late in his entry. This has always been a great shame in Brother Liao’s eyes. Don’t do it, or you will be robbed."
Breathe in cold air.
Liao Wenyuan scanned the crowd with a sneer. Although the words were low, he was obsessed with what could fool him.
"Xiao Ruhai can’t be arrogant for a few days. When I take Xiao Yu and get the head of the emperor’s magic statue family, he will be a dead end. I will swallow him alive!"
Liaowenyuan andao
Whoa, whoa!
At this time, the imaginary fluctuation in the distance rushed to several terrible changhong islands. There were six people, men and women, fuels and said, "Visit Brother Liao."
Liao Wenyuan’s eyes narrowed with cold light and smiled. "Good brothers and sisters, you have finally come. There is a big chance. You have all seen the wanted list in front of you. To tell the truth, Xiao Yu hid from us. How about you help me get this person and I give you all the quasi-emperors in the reward?"
"What? Xiao Yu is here? "
All six people were taken aback and looked at each other.
"Brother Liao, please tell us to do our best."

"The Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires is short of basic information. They are not like the lucky ones in the super oasis, but more like the sudden rise of new forces that have acquired a certain relic treasure. This can also explain that the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires chose’ half of the stronghold information’ when asking for compensation for the assassination of the pavilion. These things are very tasteless to us."

"Now I’m more and more sure."
"Heritage treasures are ancient, so it’s no wonder that the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires can rise rapidly. Our alliance will raise the evaluation of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires."
Another island owner laughed. "It’s really a lucky force. It is said that they also got a’ pure glory’ with a high myth promotion rate?"
"It was the Chamber of Commerce that lit the fire that gave birth to three myths at the same time, and obviously it was also blessed with this treasure."
"But don’t underestimate the three myths of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires."
The third island owner Mu Xing demigod said, "The ancient gods are powerful only by themselves, but they naturally have great power, but they can’t interfere with the mysterious awakening. A myth is born to meet all conditions …"
"The three myths of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires may have opportunities, but it is their own talent and efforts to be stronger."
"Maybe a demigod will appear among them in hundreds of years."
Is the statue of unknown ancient in MuXing demigod some care about.
Is he ancient in the Lord of All Needs? It doesn’t seem so …
It was not until more than ten years ago that he saw the changes in the astrology and he got some inspiration from the "Star Lord".
-the old will return from the long river of time, and the old spirit will revive vigorously to dispel the haze.
But the sky is not just a haze, but it is exhausted and not gray and black.
Times will change, which is not necessarily a good thing for their seven-star alliance.
The fog in the large area of the falling star cave still hangs over the sky and the earth all year round, and a series of ferocious and huge figures can be faintly seen in it. However, unlike the past few months, it is this fog-shrouded area, and occasionally some hong merchants’ teams pass through it and disperse a little dead and gloomy.
In front of the oasis’ Xinghui Fortress’ on the side of the big domain, there is enough space for more than a dozen wagons to run in parallel. The city gate has been opened with sparse wagons or auxiliary armed awakening people coming in and out.
On the left side of the gate of Xinghui Fortress, about 3,000 meters, a huge gap can still be seen. Look at its shape, it was abruptly trampled by a monster hundreds of meters tall. Through this gap, it can also be seen that some civilians are busy repairing their damaged buildings.
More professional construction workers and etiquette experts are repairing and rebuilding the broken fortress wall.
Compared with ordinary buildings, it is necessary to engrave epic rituals and high-grade materials to cast the city wall, so it will not be repaired in a short time. The damaged city wall of Xinghui Fortress is far more than this. After all, the area of Xinghui Fortress is very large, and the myth of Belizemont also takes care of every place, and there is always a time when it is not taken care of.
At the top of Xingyao fortress, the stars are shining, and the spire is the myth of Belizemont. Here, he looks around and takes in most of the fortress cities.
The city wall was damaged several times, and the outer city was damaged many times. These …
"Loss is not big even if …"
These are the loss of objects, in addition to the loss of people in battle, many people who have been injured by filth and their future has been broken. Even if these losses are counted, it is still not a big problem for the great cause of the family to fall into the star city.
"If you can see the loss, you can’t see it …"
He looked in a certain direction, and through the heavy fog, Belizemont seemed to see a small oasis that was as strong as an oven and could not be ignored.
Fire oasis!
Belizemont has already received the news that the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires has connected itself as a supervisor and intermediary with several large oases from the top mercenary groups in the Broken Sea and in urgent need of military assistance.
The Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires made a lot of money from this, but it is more vigilant than the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires that the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires took the opportunity to lay out the layout in these big oases. The Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires has gained great fame!
Nowadays, the influence of this chamber of commerce in the falling star field has not been ignored!
If we don’t take some measures, it may not be long before the falling star is the coexistence of the two overlords! Their prestige and influence will be greatly affected when they fall into Star City.
What is the influence? The major oases find resources and mines, but they can’t make them themselves. Most of them are sold to Falling Star City or they help to make them jointly.
The relics unearthed in the falling stars often can’t hide from them, and they can get a piece of the action.
There are also commercial dumping, low-cost purchase of materials, etc. Berezmon estimated that their annual income will drop by 1 percentage point when they fall into the star city, which is much more serious than the loss caused by the evil frenzy!
We can’t go on like this!
Thinking of Bellezemon, suddenly he turned his head to one side and came out with ripples. An old man with a white beard, thin figure but full of energy.
"Grandfather, are you out already?"
This is the’ Orlando’ crown of the founder of the falling star, the hidden star of the star, and the care of the stars! An old man who pushed the falling star city into a super oasis to keep a number of myths!
"well, I’ve heard about the chamber of commerce, and it’s really necessary to prevent it.
"What are you going to do?"
The old man Orlando paused and added, "I have asked the old friends in the Seven Star Alliance to ignite the Chamber of Commerce. These three myths are not simple. We can’t treat them as new myths."
Such a pressure on people is not feasible.

Look at the third treasure. At first glance, it looks as big as a palm, but it is a palace carved more exquisitely and with fine lines visible to the naked eye.

"Yuan Xing Gong (Red)"
"class secret treasure"
"One-dimensional Shuttle of Ability"
"it is said that the second-dimensional palace is born with the secret of’ shuttle energy’, which can cross a large area, cross a ban and cross the world barrier."
"Ability 2 changes in size"
It is said that the dimensional palace is as small as mosquitoes and flies can turn mountains and surpass mountains and seas, and at the same time, the dimensional palace has a wide range of acceptable living things, and the size change will not affect the Ministry.
"Three abilities are as secure as a rock"
"It is said that the second-dimensional palace has extremely strong defense."
"Note: If you want to fully exert your ability to walk in the palace, you need to manipulate it from a high position or you can replace it with the energy of the crystal."
"Remarks: The 2-dimensional palace was made by hiding in @ #%&the secret treasure of the gods and demons, and then lost in the turbulence, and now it reappears."
This secret treasure is already the main object. When Fang You injected life energy and leaned out of his mind, he quickly understood the method of dimensional palace.
In the training ground, he threw the treasure in his hand, and the palace soared in the wind. When it landed, it was as big as a three-story villa.
When he was still in his hand, the model of the palace was more exquisite than when it returned to normal size, he found that the current palace column had mottled marks, and the whole treasure was weather-beaten
"It seems that you can recover yourself by swallowing rare materials?"
The palace has spirituality and vaguely gives him a yearning mood, so Fang You poured a pile of materials from Tianluo and poured them on the front steps of the palace.
I didn’t expect this palace to be very picky about’ swallowing’ epic materials. It seems that it is not enough for the epic to look at it.
He’s a big eater
Fang you won’t pour treasures into the palace. After all, what kind of bike can you want without much damage?
It took him two days and two nights to test the ability of the dimensional palace, and he came to the conclusion that it was really a treasure full of defense and tactical retreat.
Fang’s tutor is very satisfied. Who doesn’t like a treasure that can catch people and run away from the distance? It is perfect with the small magic shuttle ability.
Fang You studied new treasures while practicing organizational matters.
Time passed quietly, and a month passed in the blink of an eye.
This month, oases around the country are still in full swing for post-disaster reconstruction, but in the broken sea, people with a keen sense of smell can be found.
"Hui month level large flying boat! Isn’t this the royal flying boat of Gu Yue dynasty? Actually set sail! "
"I heard that the mysterious third island owner of the Seven Star Alliance walked out of the astrological tower."
"The latest news is that the Third Army, the Sixth Army, the Ninth Army and the Tenth Army of the Red-violet Empire have all been dispatched. Is there going to be a world war?"
"Come on, come on, we haven’t sounded any alarm in Star Bay, saying that nothing important has happened for us."
The scattered strong can ponder through limited information, but the major forces have turned their attention to a small island located in the eastern part of the broken sea.
The famous island is where the four hegemonic forces draw up their joint land.
The grey waves are surging, but they touch the island’s lush green space. A beacon is shining brightly in this oasis, and even if the fog outside the oasis is thick, it is impossible to cover up this light.
There is a streamer coming from the end of the sky, passing through the fog and falling on this deserted oasis.
A warship broke through the waves and hovered in the oasis, leaving the elite figure.

And this ability can take others with it!

No wonder she went deep into the silent valley with a group of drag bottles, led by this professor An, and withdrew when she could not find the target or when she was in a big crisis.
However, there must be a limit to the ability of this BUG, and there are too many drag bottles
Luo Xiufeng glanced at the rest of the guards.
In his eyes, myths are naturally drag bottles, but I have to admit that these guards have their significance, and they can get rid of the common evils around them and save him time.
When they stepped into the silent valley, they encountered dozens of strange things.
Luo Xiu and Princess Mia are all wearing high-order fog traps, and Anna’s fingers are also wearing flow rings.
However, there are still ways to drive away the surrounding fog.
Rare human smell stimulates the wandering here for a hundred years and makes them scream.
Ann saw that you were staring at the dark earth with your eyes wide open. She watched the distant sight float higher and higher than the number of evil and hills.
She can’ see’ far away, but there are many restrictions on shuttle jumping.
After all, she is a ghost, and she knows a little about summoning ability.
"You can walk away by taking the road, Mia. Can you roughly judge the direction?"
"Well, if the target is located in the distance in a high probability, it will cut off the mountain peak … but I have never been to the mountain before and I can see it from a distance."
It is difficult to estimate the specific height of towering peaks, but its magic lies in that the mountains are very eye-catching, and even ordinary awakened people can see them from a distance, just like a knife piercing the gray fog. broken arrow stubbornly exudes the last edge.
The identification at a glance is quite extraordinary.
An Jianyou asked, "Haven’t you explored this strange mountain peak in your cloud map country?"
There is a high probability that there is a treasure.
Luo Xiufeng shook his head. "As far as I know, there are really no two myths that tried in those days, but they found that the road was too dangerous and went home early. These materials are also sealed today."
It’s hard to understand why someone knows Baoshan is in front and doesn’t take it.
Don’t cloud countries lack resources so much?
They are still short of firewood!
An Jian-you feels that you can’t stare at the target on this trip, but you have to mop up more treasures along the way. And this silent valley seems to be rarely explored in depth. Isn’t it said that it is more original?
She thoughtfully hit the’ treasure radar’ in her mind and slowly leaned forward with everyone.
Sure enough, there are rare traces of human activities along the way, and occasionally it can be found that human bones have weathered for a long time
"We rarely go deep into such dangerous places and Jedi if necessary, but at most we pass through the periphery."
Luo xiu feng Dao
There is no definite line in the periphery and circle, but as they go deeper and deeper, the roar from the surrounding fog becomes clearer and deafening.
There are always evil spirits saved from the thick fog, which brings them trouble and fights with Princess Mia’s escort knight and maid.
The forward speed gradually slowed down.
Luo Hugh lightly looked up and watched around and stole a glance at the two myths of the firewood college.
He is thinking.
This is a fire academy, and his duty is only to protect the princess. He can’t do anything.
However, after all, the arrival of the firewood academy is a myth of two young and beautiful women. The female myth like this is a rare species in the circle. Luo Xiufeng thought about it and felt that he had to show the gentleman’s demeanor in the cloud picture.
You can’t be a jerk in front of two female myths, can you?
He can’t afford to lose face.
He made a move.
One hand holding a shield, the other hand holding a contradiction, shaking the earth, and the epic war spear easily penetrated a paradox.
This is not something to be proud of.
Mythical power is killing all creatures below themselves.
However, Luo Xiu gradually frowned.
"There are too many deceitful things here. No wonder it’s called a dangerous place."
"No, no, this number is really too much!"
Is there an error in the data record?
Luo Xiufeng thinks it is. After all, they don’t go deep into the Silent Valley many times, but he still wants to criticize women.
Fortunately, Anna, the instructor of the salary college, took the shot and shared some pressure with him.
Otherwise, as the number of six-star fallacies increases, he will gradually become more difficult, and the dangerous fallacies seem to be more difficult than the outside world!
Luo Xiu held a round shield and broke into the evil group, shaking up the huge body of the six-star evil.
In the distance, the orange flame is as gorgeous as a sunset meteor, and the crimson silk thread is like a sickle, sweeping across the sky and the earth.
Suddenly, one by one, huge bodies were planted, and one after another, cutting red lines appeared, braving the smoke and slowly rowing their heads.
Luo Xiufeng is under great pressure!
Is this young Anna’s tutor so powerful?
He continued to rush into the evil group and kill indiscriminately.
When we get to this place, it doesn’t matter whether Mia’s classmates show us the way. The map of Silent Valley is very rough and the depth is white.
Professor An is now in charge of adjusting the orientation.
They seem to have turned slightly to a rock wall.

He thought suddenly, stared wide, and his eyes often moved.

Hundreds of meters high, it is said that there is still a tree with a height-limiting trunk, such as Tianzhu, breaking through the clouds and making the canopy wider than the whole sky.
She is so majestic, noble, sacred and striking.
But Lord Wanshu just didn’t realize it.
No one in the whole holy court noticed that this sacred tree was … It was bigger than the whole holy court, just like a tree planted in a small potted plant. No matter where it was in the thirteen provinces, people in the holy court could look up and see this sacred tree with towering branches and leaves like land.
However, no
No one realized that making a tree was there.
Including just wansu himself.
Master Wanshu was excited. "This is the real tree of life of Idol. She is here and not here. She is not a strong person, and she can be found in a high position."
And he is certainly not idle high position.
His dream is in sight.
The next thing to do is …
He is still thinking about ways to take away the tree of life … His knowledge of the tree of life in Edouard is actually limited to the surface, but it is not difficult for Master Wanshu to think that he has accomplished something in the law of roots and whiskers to take away a tree.
But his face changed.
His hiding roots came with a burst of repulsion.
Although he quickly stabilized, there was still a wisp of energy escaping.
"Block … was discovered?"
In a moment, the Lord affirmed that it was no accident.
There are eyes looking far away to lock his figure.
She is a human woman in turquoise dress, and her gentle face gradually shows serious and cold features.
Lord Wanxu emerged from the roots with a wave of his sleeve. Since he was found to be in a noble position, he naturally disdained to continue hiding.
"You can’t stop the human high position."
"You humans have a saying that is right. Since ancient times, treasures are destined to live."
"And the tree of life in Idol is destined to stay in your human hands, so it will be a mighty tree."
He flew away
The power of the law of deep roots is diffused, and at the same time, there are still ten thousand roots to master the magical power of talent
In an instant, the roots of hundreds of millions of trees danced and the earth stirred in the roots, as if the waves were buzzing and surging.
The whole first-line province shook up, and several people turned pale and saw a look of panic.
There are also strong people looking deep into the lush forest.
"There is an enemy lurking in!"
"This mighty earth seems to be a sea of roots … this is a high position!"
"Sound the first-level alarm!"
These thoughts just came out of the mind of a famous myth. Before they left, Lord Almighty took David to cover the tree of life in Idol.
He can destroy the whole first province in an instant, but there is no need to do so, which will anger mankind and benefit himself.
He can quickly pry up the behemoth of the tree of life with these root pedals.
It’s easier to beat a high position of leisure.
There is a big gap between the high position and the high position, and he is the top position.
"get up!"
The earth roared.

It is decided to this matter.

For a group of female ghosts, it’s not hard to watch the hard work of farm work. After all, there is some magic in it.
And after days of washing and fire, the soul is much stronger.
It can be said that there are both light spirits and physical strength, not to mention that.
"These three are being original and going to nurse some insects, ants and animals. I don’t know if they need annoying care …"
"Taoist concubines are willing to go!"
This time, I didn’t wait for Lingqing to finish, but I saw Zixiang step forward and said
"I was a snake and insect, and I was photographed by my grandmother before I could practice any way, and I was arrested by my grandmother.
But I am familiar with this insect, ant, beast. "
Although it is true, there are also purple incense, Xiao Qian and Zhi Yu, both of whom have got the job. If they don’t behave, I’m afraid they will be sent.
Therefore, it is necessary to hurry and want to make a contribution, and it is also unwilling to be separated.
"In that case, it’s settled."
Lingqing looked at no one else’s head and settled down.
Purple sweet smell speech couldn’t help secretly heaved a sigh of relief
"You wait for three people to find some helpers to pick them up."
When Lingqing finished, a group of female ghosts chose their own suitable jobs.
Among them, the fat jade side has the largest number. After all, everyone is familiar with this sweeping courtyard to serve people.
The purple fragrance side is moderate, and the small Qian side has the least number.
Or fat jade said that it was not appropriate to persuade a few people to be assigned to Xiaoqian’s side to level the jagged.
Lingqing doesn’t care whether these are their own choices.
After seeing it, I ordered Zhiyu to let her arrange it in the view, and then I took Xiaoqian and Zixiang to the layman.
First led them to the east out of the field.
They are all very familiar with this direction. In the past, they passed through this wasteland to and from ruined temples and manors.
At this time, I found that it was very different.
Dead branches and leaves, rocky puddles, and one-man tall wormwood have all been cleaned up, leaving a picture of criss-crossing and flat fields.
When you get close, you can smell the fragrance of the earth coming from the ridge.
This is true fragrance, which is the result of spiritual cultivation of natural Tao and its own mana, rather than beautifying the foul smell of the soil.
"You take the tools such as hoes first."
Lingqing went straight to a cabin near the field and pushed the door to reveal some tools inside.
Although it is mostly made of wood, it is not bad for gold and iron, and the weight is moderate.
However, after waiting for a while, I found that all the people were staring at two twisted trees in the East.
Specifically, the urns and bones of the nightingale tree
Nowadays, the underworld array has not completely disappeared, and these ghosts are also sensitive to their own bones, so they can see clearly.
When the ShaQi calms down in the future, unless you get into the eye of the array, the detective tree will not be seen again.
Lingqing see their obsession with mouth asked
"That tree locust is another tree demon body but protects your corpse spirit strain.
Are you willing to take it and keep it for yourself? "
A female the ghost smell speech can’t help but move in the heart, thinking about the past day and night to take their own remains from grandma.
Then find a suitable place to bury and reincarnate.

Trillion wood fairy will tone with a warning.

At this moment
Jiang Feng has returned to the extreme door all the way.
The only thing that disappointed him about this incident was that he didn’t find out who the most important spy was.
Can I check again when I have a chance?
Be sure to pay attention to the dynamic of Lingyun Xianzun.
Back to Lingyun Yunfeng Jiangfeng, I found that Lingyun Xianzun was still closed.
But let’s just say he packed up something and walked directly to a canyon not far away.
Through the jungle of trees
Pulling green leaves along the road in memory is a thatched yard.
Before Jiang Feng walked into the hospital, a man suddenly appeared and struck him on the head with a stick.
Fortunately, Jiang Feng reacted quickly.
Backhand gear directly blocks the stick out.
An old face is glaring at him "small! You’ve been gone so long that you don’t know how to look at the old man! "
"I’m not here," Jiang Fengkou said.
"You just come and I want a beautiful woman!" The old man is short of breath
Jiang Feng but a flash back out "to say what you fix from here! ?”
"From! ?”
The old man didn’t hide his bitter face. "I told you before that I swore that I wouldn’t step out of the canyon until I developed my peerless martial arts!" "
"The old lady’s integrity will naturally not break her word!"
The old man’s eyes faintly flashed a little unwilling.
"You teach me the second half of Wushu and wish you an early completion. You can’t go out! ?”
Jiang Feng looked at the old man and said
The old man refused to promise anything when his head shook into a rattle.
"Absolutely not. If you don’t worship my teacher, you can’t teach you Wushu."
Looking at the old man still decisively.
Jiang Feng smiled and shook his head, expecting that he would say so.
"Since I don’t teach, I just brought some good things this time!" Jiang Feng said from the ring.
Take out the delicious food extorted by Yunfeng Pavilion.
The smell of the old man’s mouth water flowed out. "Small … small! This is a thing! ?”
"Good thing!"
Jiang Feng finished setting dishes on the stone table in the distance.
And took out an altar of wine from the bosom and swallowed the old man’s saliva.
"come on! Try these things! " Jiang Feng hello way with a smile
The old man nodded again and again, picked up chopsticks and wanted to eat food and sent it to his mouth, and suddenly stopped.
He stared at Jiang Feng warily.
"Small! I don’t believe you. Are you bluffing me? ?”
"It’s definitely not good to eat your food. I will never give it to you!"
Jiang Feng smiled and nodded.
"Don’t worry! I won’t ask you to teach me to eat first! "
The old man is still a little uneasy.
But looking at a table full of delicious food, I can’t just eat it.
After a while, a table of delicious food was slowly eaten by the old man alone.
The remaining one third is eaten by Jiang Feng.
In particular, wine is drunk directly as water until it is finished, and he is still wanting more.
"Ha ha! I am not wrong about you! "
The old man patted his belly and said
Jiang Feng smiled and nodded, slowly got up and became wary.
I wish this little guy wouldn’t take the opportunity to make a fuss.
"It’s getting late. I’ll come again and go first!"
Jiang Feng said and turned away.
Instead, the old man was shocked at the moment.
Back to Lingyun Yunfeng Jiangfeng closed practice.
The next day, Jiang Feng went to see the youngest son again.
The old man couldn’t wait to urge Jiang Feng to come up with delicious food so that Jiang Feng wouldn’t refuse.
And put out a table of delicious food.
After another wind and clouds, Jiang Feng left directly without saying anything.
The same is true on the third day and the fourth day.
Wait until the fifth day when the old man is in high spirits and waits for Jiang Feng to come in front of the door.
But there is no sign of Jiang Feng.
Just the old man Jiang Feng was delayed, but Jiang Feng didn’t come for three or four days.
Just go.
I am used to eating tea leftovers and don’t eat all the year round.
These days, I have been raised by Jiang Feng’s various delicacies.
In particular, the wine made him drunk, and everything was beautiful. It was really urgent that the old man suddenly disappeared.
"Fucking little! Little bastard! "
realize the truth suddenly
He finally knows what this little trick is.
I can’t stand the temptation of food and have to bow to him.
"Fucking little! I’ve never frowned since I was born, so you can bring me to heel! ?”
The old man was so angry that he blew his eyes.
Dumped the practice of cutting.
On the fourth day, the old man was really miserable.
On the fifth day, the old man has become very irritable.
On the sixth day, the old man swore in front of the door directly, "Good! Ok! Ok! If you win, I’ll give you the third formula and get out of here! "
After his tone.
Suddenly a figure came out of the Woods.