"Dad so hard to make money is not you have a good condition? You should have a hard time with your father! " It seems to her that Xinghai is wrong to do so, because she can see Mr. Jiang’s mood. Anyway, he must be good at Xinghai.

"Then why don’t you accept all this?" He didn’t accept her point of view and turned to ask her.
"Because it’s not me, dad, you’re the only one. Are you going to ask dad to work for a generation? You are not young! " She promised Mr. Jiang that she would persuade Xinghai well, even if Xinghai disliked her, she had to say it.
"He is not with you again? You can do it for me, right? Even if I ask you to stay, "his heart may not know where it went long ago, but it is not that she can pull it back in a few words."
"Dad has told me that you all misunderstood this condition because I have no power. I am not interested in Jiang Gu things, but even if I am not around you, I am still your sister Jiang Gu’s daughter will come back to bother you at any time." She never thought Xinghai was rich and had to rely on him!
"I know you are not a miser, but I really can’t bear to part with you. How many times will you believe me? I really hope you can stay with us forever, not for money to win you over." He said this with great sincerity.
"all right! How many times do I have to tell you to believe that I’m telling the truth and that I will always be Jiang’s daughter? But big brother, you must give me a vacation. This is my necessary freedom of life. "Hey, I call him big brother. If he still doesn’t believe her, then she is really talking."
"Well, we’ll make a deal. Remember to show me the photos of Chenyang and them." Huang Tian finally believed her if he helped those who helped him.
"Of course, you can go with me. Everyone of them is fine." Chennuo always thought that Chenyang and them should know a Xinghai, so they would be more at ease.
"I know, but I have this vacation and he has arranged it, and you must not interfere with my freedom of life!" There was a subtle change in his face at a certain moment, and he almost rebuffed Chennuo’s invitation.
"White! Then can you show them one of your photos? In this way, they can also know who my friends are in big letters, otherwise it is not good for me to explain when I go back! " Isn’t that too much to ask?
"I’ll talk about it when the time comes! Now I’ll take you to see the haunted house. "He still refused to let her think too much. He changed the subject.
She nodded without fear when she saw him looking at her competitively.
"Be careful when you walk. Don’t disturb my skeleton friends. They need a rest, too!" He wakes her up and walks carefully. She feels like a treasure hunt. Whatever she says, she always feels that the gas here is very thin.
"There is no road here. How do you know where to go?" She finally couldn’t help asking questions.
"Why? Afraid of encountering’ ghost hitting the wall’? Then look at the bones. You can’t go wrong. "Xinghai deliberately teased her when she saw that she was not so afraid, and she ignored it to find fresh air as soon as possible.
Chapter 40 Warm haunted house
After a while, the air gradually warmed up and suddenly became clear.
"Come out and let me see you. Why didn’t you have any fear just now? Is it possessed by a ghost? " Xinghai said cautiously
"I haven’t done anything wrong. Why are you timid? Besides, I am a ghost! Unlucky ghost "
"Don’t you know that girls are timid and most likely to make boys feel excited?"
"Of course I know, but I can’t! And it’s not for you. I’m not going to let you move. "Chennuo said quietly.
"Why do you say such a thing? I’ll kill you and bury you. No one will come here anyway. I’m curious that you’re not afraid of anything!" Dizzy! Which law stipulates that girls must be afraid when they see skeletons?
"I said I was a ghost! (born unlucky! )”
"How do I feel you are a troublemaker? Ok, let’s go to the haunted house! "
"OK, be careful of your own bravery!" Chennuo said without losing.
"I’m sure it’s okay, Xiaonuo. Have you been depressed?"
"Why do you want to check my background? Don’t try to understand me because you can’t understand it. Even if you do, how can you understand it? Even if you understand, you still can’t accept it. "
"I don’t know and I’m too lazy to think about it. I hope you can live a better life. It’s a hard road. Give me your hand!" Chennuo hesitated for a moment or put her hand in his palm and touched it instantly. She felt his body tremble. Because her hand was almost cold, even she felt quite scary. But it was still n years later that she was going to do ghosts. His hand was very hot, and she was thinking inexplicably that a good haunted house was just around the corner.
It’s not as scary as its name. It’s a few abandoned cave houses. It feels like thick grass grows in the front yard of the house, but the branches around the house have withered and many birds have stopped.
"Aren’t you tired? Lie down and have a rest! I am not interested in stunted girls! " Xinghai deliberately teased her anger.
"I won’t be interested in being an old man!" Chennuo gently lay on the grass and the grass gave off a mysterious fragrance, which reminded her of the place where she grew up, closed her eyes and recalled that she had hoped that there was nothing better to enjoy in this world.
"hey! Don’t worry about enjoying it! This is called a haunted house! "

No matter what you say about the ice pupil, you don’t turn your head to see her. Nai got up and said to her, "If so, I’ll send someone to send you back tomorrow." After saying this sentence, I feel like I have more hands on my waist. I look at you with tears on my face.

Bingtong smiled a real smile. She just said that on purpose just to see how the tryst with Ta was going. She slowly squatted down to hug Ta You and said, "Ta Guai, this time, my sister didn’t apologize to you and forgive her, okay?"
"Sister, don’t throw the tower alone again, okay? Ta will be afraid, "Ta You cried." Good sister promised you never to leave Ta alone again. Don’t cry again, okay? " Ice pupil some love dearly said
"Well, don’t cry, sister, and don’t cry." You wiped your tears, then wiped your tears for Bing Pupil, who looked at her and smiled.
"Princess, what are you going to do about this?" When it was so touching, after saying such a sentence, Bing Pupil couldn’t help but give him a white look, but he still said, "You should arrange a press conference at ten o’clock in the afternoon."
"Call a press conference? Europe, what are you going to do? " Han Yin asked puzzled.
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Chapter one hundred and fifty Rename
"Call a press conference? Europe, what are you going to do? " Han Yin asked puzzled.
"Soon you will know" ice pupil evil smiled and said’ hum! How dare you imprison me? I will definitely make you pay the price.’ Ice Pupil looked outside and said that others were puzzled. After seeing Ice Pupil look outside, everyone looked, but it was endless darkness.
It’s so sad to study for a day! ——————
Four families
"What should I do now?" The night elder went to the elder Yumo and asked Zhai Yu. They also looked at the elder Yumo. Everyone looked at him. "Hey!" Rain devoted to the elders sighed and then sat on the sofa.
"What does Grandpa do now?" Cai Yu walked up to his grandfather and asked, "I didn’t expect her to be the president of that multinational company!" Are we really doing something wrong? " Rain devoted to the elders chagrin said
His words made everyone lost in thought. Yes! No one thought that Bing Tong, who was so weak at the beginning, would now be the president of that mysterious company! I’m afraid they won’t get any benefits if they have to confront the ice pupil.
"Now we can sit tight and see what Pupil wants." She came out and said, "Actually, we can’t make a move on them now, or Bing Pupil doesn’t know what she will do."
After hearing you say that, others will no longer say anything, and now there is such a way.
Elder Yu Mo looked up at the outside and thought that if it weren’t for that, maybe Pupil would help his family to be stronger! Until now, the rain stranger elder thought it was chilling that the interests were not felt! ! ! ! ! !
Ice pupil and they look at the same sky, but they think differently. Maybe two people will not get any good results even if they are together.
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"Shit, shit" ran into the place where the four elders lived with the newspaper in the early morning, only to see a large group of people there, who were twisting their heads and looking at the late arrival.
"What are you doing in such a hurry?" You asked, "Did you read today’s newspaper and call a press conference once again?" You ran to them with a newspaper and said, "We knew it." Sitting on the sofa, Yu Yu came up with a cool sentence.
"What? Do you know? " Yun Yun was surprised and said that Xu Xu didn’t like this kind of porcelain Xuan. He stepped aside and played the TV. Indeed, it was the ice pupil who wanted to temporarily call a press conference to report.
"How did this happen?" Xi Xi sat on the sofa and asked, "It seems that this press conference will never be that simple. I wonder what she really wants to do?" Caiyu looked at the camera and said
"No matter what she wants to do, she should be inseparable from us," said Yu Mo, the elder. When she heard him speak, she found that there were still four people sitting there, but it is no wonder that he ran so hard just now and didn’t see it.
"Let’s go and have a look," said Li Yu, and then everyone took one look at him, then got up and walked towards the door, but he didn’t know what was going on, and his heart always felt uneasy like something big was going to happen.
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"What do you think evansy suddenly called a press conference for?" A reporter looked at himself and asked others.
"I don’t know what should be important to announce!" The person asked said
"Look, evansy is coming." I don’t know who suddenly shouted. Then everyone got up and looked back. Sure enough, they saw Han Yin, the ice pupil, slowly coming from the car.
All the reporters swarmed and bodyguards on both sides rushed to the ice pupil, and many people poured out from all directions on both sides. They also rushed to the ice pupil to open the way for her.
After everyone’s efforts, the ice pupil finally went to the designated position and sat beside her in the tower.
"evansy, why did you suddenly call a press conference? I don’t even know." lynh went to sit next to Bing Pupil and asked.
"I’m sorry lynh didn’t tell you beforehand that I didn’t apologize to you, but I hope you don’t say anything when I do something today," Bing said, looking at him.
Lynh didn’t smile when she saw the ice pupil face, and she didn’t say anything anymore because he knew that the ice pupil would make everyone touch the law. You know, volcanic eruptions are very powerful
"Everybody be quiet, everybody be quiet." lynh got up and said when she saw that the number was about the same.
Sure enough, everyone stopped talking and looked at them after hearing what lynh said.
"Now let’s stop. evansy has something to say." lynh looked at the ice pupil and said.

I don’t believe it. Even if he’s not alone after school today, isn’t it time to be alone? When we get stuck, we’ll show him!

Finally, the two brothers were about to stare at Lian Che so that they could settle accounts with him. Who knows that when they came to their senses, Lian Che was gone.
The two brothers were both surprised and angry when they asked their classmates that Lian Che had left in a hurry just now, and they packed up and flew to recover.
Ran out of the Lins’ village, and sure enough, he saw Lian Che’s hurried figure in front, and the two of them were relieved together.
"This bastard little he incredibly still dare to lie to us! Hum lied to us and ran away from Cong. Can he run? " Yang Wenzhong was so angry that he rolled up his sleeves and went to beat him.
"Wait!" Wen Yang’s filial piety took hold of him more carefully and said, "Don’t worry. It’s inconvenient to be here. I remember there is a forest not far ahead. Let’s wait far ahead and get there-"
Two people happen to coincide thief laughed.
Who knows how far they didn’t follow Lin Jin and Lin Fei, calling their names and running from behind.
Yang Wenzhong busy turned and made a "silence" gesture towards them, stubby eyebrows picked up and said happily, "Ha ha, we are really lucky! They both came just in time! "
"Good what ah!" Wen-xiao Yang turned a little ugly and said, "How did they come? Aren’t we missing a benefit when they come? "
"Ah?" Yang Wenzhong was stuck.
"Ah what!" Yang Wenxiao didn’t good the spirit. "Can they share the benefits from Lian Che?"
Yang Wenzhong suddenly realize urgent way "that how to do! Do you want them not to come? "
"Idiot! Tell them not to come for no reason. Won’t they ask anything? They are suspicious. How can we explain it? " Yang Wenxiao gave him a white look.
Yang Wenzhong nasty added "also right! Then what should I do? "
Yang Wenxiao snorted and said, "Let Lian Che go today and then Xiaotian will settle accounts with him!"
"Yes, yes! That’s a good idea! " Yang Wenzhong suddenly grinned in high spirits. "You are still smart!"
Wen-xiao Yang snorted, and his face looked better, and he felt quite clever himself.
Two people talk Lin Jin and Lin Fei have almost come to the front.
"Why are you two here!" Yang Wenxiao said smilingly
Lin Jin and Lin Fei winked at each other and looked rather unfriendly. The former Gherardini asked, "Where are you going?"
Yang Wenzhong’s face changed slightly and quickly said, "We didn’t go anywhere!"
"Idiot! Fool! " Wen-xiao Yang dark scold in my mind to don’t stop Yang Wenzhong words have spoken, he smiled, "is where can we go besides going home! What are you doing here without going home? "
Lin Fei "scoffed" and laughed angrily. "Come on, you’re the most extravagant. We’re too lazy to dawdle with you. Lian Che asked us to come. He said to wait for us by the forest in front and asked us to ask you to go together!"
"I said," Lin Fei said slowly, "You two brothers are so boring! Hum, you want to keep the benefits from us!"
"No, no, we didn’t!" Yang Wenzhong immediately nasty zheng big eyes.
It is really stupid!
Wen-xiao Yang couldn’t help but turn supercilious look and grunted, "It turns out that he has already told you! Come on, we also want to tell you that it’s because we saw the demo today and wanted to default. Well, we’re going to ask him what’s going on first and then tell you that I didn’t expect him to say it … "
Lin Jin gave him a white look and thought, this is definitely not the case. Is it true that he is so gullible as a fool like Lian Che? However, he couldn’t beat him. Anyway, the two of them came, and they couldn’t take advantage of them behind their backs. He decided not to care about them.
"Let’s go! What if that trot runs away! " Linjin service road
Four people all said that they hurriedly chased them.
The forest was in sight, and even Che couldn’t help looking back quietly twice, but he didn’t see the four men chasing him, so he slowed down.
He had to let them watch him go into that forest! What if they don’t come?
He was very considerate and thought.
Yang Wenzhong four people soon chased him, and even Che turned slightly to catch a glimpse, so he was busy speeding up the pace. He didn’t want to go with them.
Even che just walked into the Woods, and soon Yang Wenzhong and Lin Jin came.
Yang Wenzhong and Wen-hsiao Yang are angry that he ignored himself today, and they blame him for telling Lin Jin and Lin Fei what outsiders are worried about at this time. Their faces become very ugly and they stare angrily at Lian Che.
Just want to speak even che is calm with a miserable look carefully said "you … do you want to discuss a? I brought nine coppers today. How should I divide them? "
Four people eyes a bright show greedy look at the same time.
Lian Che slowly pulled out a handful of copper coins from his sleeve pocket and spread them out in his palm. The gold pieces of copper coins were round and heavy, which seemed to exude a particularly attractive magic that made the four hearts jump.
"Give it to me!" Yang Wenzhong reached for it before he was in a hurry.
Haven’t got a pull from behind Yang Wenzhong short of breath by glaring turned to see Lin Fei unhappy way "what’s your hurry! Why did you take it all! "
"Yes!" Lin Jin also snorted.
Yang Wenzhong face a hot angrily back hand cheep well way "I, I didn’t say all took …" Sound is small to obviously he was really want to take.
However, he is also quite wronged in his heart. He is not greedy but conscious! Nonsense! Isn’t it normal to see money spread out in front of you and reach out to you because you can’t resist the temptation for a while?
However, he was wronged and didn’t say it, and no one would believe it. Chapter 59 provoked
Even che seems a little timid and careful to take back your hand and feel a little guilty. "Why don’t you discuss how to divide it?" I’ll give it to you after you discuss it, okay? "

"Okay, okay, you go out now, I’ll change my clothes." Yin Yunxi pointed to the door.

"Hope is the best!" Xuelin skipped out of the room and closed the door.
Yin Yunxi looked at the sofa at the junction of stairs and snow Lin Er.
"hope! I’ve connected all the things over there. Let’s go. "Xue Liner ran out of the door with Yin Yunxi.
"hope! There are candied haws over there! " Snow Lin son ran over and picked carefully.
"You are a teenager and you don’t talk?" Yin Yunxi nai took the sugar-coated haws and looked at them carefully.
"We haven’t eaten for a long time." Xuelin pouted and bit a sugar-coated gourd.
"Yes, the first time I ate it was the day I had an accident." Yin Yun Hinai shook his head and turned to eat candied haws when he found that the candied haws in his hand were gone.
"Do you eat so fast?" Snow Lin son looked at Yin Yunxi.
Yin Yunxi went to the back of the stone statue and backhand caught a little girl.
"What are you doing?"
"Little sister, did your mother tell you that people who steal from others will be beaten?" Yin Yunxi took the candied haws from the little girl.
"You give it back to me!"
"Come here" Yin Yunxi tugged at the little girl and she was reluctant to follow Yin Yunxi.
"Choose for yourself." Yin Yunxi took her to the sugar-coated gourd vendor’s side, and she took a few strings and looked at Yin Yunxi.
"hey! The chick is very generous. Have a drink with the uncle? " A rogue came out of nowhere and put his hand on her shoulder.
"I’ll give you three seconds to hold your hand."
[Revenge] Street girl ②
"hey! Not bad temper! Grandpa, I like it. "
Silver YunXi grabbed his hand "cough up-"he squatted in pain.
"You little girl! Still dare to do it? ! Do you know that I am a gangster! "
"What happened to the gangsters?" Before Xuelin’s departure.
"You know not to know! Uncle, I am mixed with Yin Yunxi! "
"I hope you have this person in your hand?" Snow Lin son to silver allow and ear to ask
"Never seen it"
"hey! Scared! Ha ha ha ha "
"Are you hanging out with Yin Yunxi?"
"yes! How’s it going? Regret it now? Late! "
Yin Yunxi’s hand brushed his forehead gently, and the iconic scorpion of Liu Hai was exposed.
"I really regret it. How can I have such a scum like you?" Yin Yunxi kicked him.
"Old boss? ! Boss, forgive me! ! !”
"Sunny is handled according to the rules of Tao"
"Forgive me, boss!" Looking at the person who was dragged away, Yin Yunxi turned around and took the little girl and put her in the car.

"Well, don’t practice this skill now. Your body is almost recovered. I think it’s time for you to soak in a panacea pool." The old man said with a smile.

Hear the words of the elders suspection.i war, as the silk depressed was immediately thrown to the outside of the cloud nine to teng to come together and then a face of excitement, "elder you say it’s not this big pool, this is a muti pool? What is it? "
"Well, don’t want to know what’s there like a monkey. Just go in and soak it, but remember that the energy in this elixir pool is very strong. If you feel that you can’t hold on, don’t hold on. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not waking you up when you die." The old man pointed to the big pool and looked somberly.
Hearing the words of the old man, Huangfu Zhantian did not dare to neglect his figure, and the whole person directly sank into this huge pool.
After entering Huangfu Zhantian, he felt a cool and refreshing feeling, and then a powerful energy broke out in the liquid in this pool. This powerful energy continued to drill towards Huangfu Zhantian. As the energy entered the body, the original cool and comfortable feeling suddenly disappeared, followed by a tingling. The energy was like a caterpillar, and it was crazy to drill towards his body. His whole body was very itchy, but he did not dare to scratch it but absorbed it with his attention.
As these energies enter Huangfu Zhantian crazily, I feel that my body seems to be getting lighter and lighter, but after that powerful energy enters his body, the impurities caused by the damage of meridians and body are suddenly washed away crazily by these energies, and the strange energy that was not absorbed by myself has also disappeared after the crazy impact of this energy.
I feel the change of the body. Huangfu Zhantian suddenly understood that the liquid medicine in this elixir pool is probably a very precious liquid medicine. I’m afraid that even if I don’t practice that I don’t know what the name is, the powerful energy impact in this elixir pool will fuse the energy, but the other body will devour and destroy it, but there is still no movement, as if it were not my own body, which makes Huangfu Zhantian very unhappy.
This kind of absorption didn’t last too long, and soon I felt that my body was getting hurt gradually. I think it was because too much energy entered my roots and I couldn’t absorb it.
Remember that the old man told Huangfu Zhantian not to dare to absorb it again, but to climb up and get to the shore directly. This energy enters too fast, and if you stay for a short time, I’m afraid it will be reversed.
After returning to the shore, Huangfu Zhantian directly sat cross-legged and then tried to absorb the energy that entered his body but was not absorbed by himself.
When Huangfu Zhantian absorbed his body energy, he found that his body was completely different from before. There was no change in physical strength, strength and defense, but what was different? After searching for a long time, Huangfu Zhantian vaguely felt that the change was his own cell. Now he feels that every cell is full of vitality. This change is a qualitative change, and it is difficult to change his talent unless some very special methods are adopted, but that method is raised. But just now, he felt that his body’s perception ability and the speed of absorbing energy have increased a lot, and he has also lost some doubts about uniting. It seems that this elixir pool can change people’s talents instead of improving their strength. It’s just too fate. Section 147: Jade tablets
After sighing the power of this elixir pool, Huangfu Zhantian didn’t wave again. When the body suddenly jumped into the elixir pool again, let the milky liquid sink to the top of the head and then absorbed it hard.
I don’t know how many times this cycle has been repeated. Anyway, he didn’t come with a full face of regret until he felt that his body could no longer absorb the medicine of this elixir pool.
"Don’t be dissatisfied with the fact that people in this elixir pool can soak it once, but you don’t know how many times. So many times are enough to make your body and soul get a qualitative leap, but you don’t even have one thousandth of the efficacy of this elixir pool. If you like, let your friends come and soak it for them." The old man smiled and said.
When I heard the old man’s words, the eyes of Huangfu Zhantian suddenly lit up. Yeah, why didn’t I think of it? Since this elixir pool has nothing for myself now, it’s better to soak Henaan and them. At the thought of this, Huangfu Zhantian was anxious to leave but was stopped by the old man.
"Don’t be in such a hurry. Anyway, this elixir pool won’t disappear. Sometimes it’s almost time for you to give it to you." The old man hesitated and said [
Hearing the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly became curious. What is it?
"This is it. Take it and practice hard. Never let down the expectations of your old master!" Said the old man, handing a jade piece to Huangfu Zhantian.
After receiving this jade piece, I suddenly became curious about what this thing is and how to practice it.
"You can get what you want by putting your knowledge into it!" The old man looked at suspection.i Zhantian with a puzzled face and immediately laughed
Huangfu Zhantian was forced not to put his knowledge into this pale green jade film, but he was stunned by a lot of information as soon as he entered it. Then Huangfu Zhantian felt that his brain was about to explode, but this feeling didn’t last long, but it disappeared in a moment. Soon Huangfu Zhantian felt that it was an illusion just now, but the things in his mind made Huangfu Zhantian realize that it was not his illusion but a real one.
However, suspection.i Zhantian didn’t entangle this problem for too long, but was stunned by the information in his mind. In a short time, his saliva was about to flow out.
Because all the information that appears in my mind is actually about refining medicine, but these methods and experiences are more precious. After all, these are directly in my mind, which is equivalent to my own possession. But what surprises Huangfu Zhantian is that these pills are much stronger than those outside, and many of them are not available outside, but these pills are not seen by myself, which makes Huangfu Zhantian somewhat depressed. After all, there are so many herbs he sees in the elixir that he rarely knows them.
There are too many Dan medicines displayed in it, and it is impossible to sort them out in a short time, so Nai Huangfu Zhantian retired the gods from the jade tablets.
"I haven’t seen many herbs in this. How can this be refined?" Any suspection.i zhantian depressed asked
"Why don’t you take a good look at the medicinal properties of those herbs? Although the name is different, the effect surface should be no different from those outside, but there are some herbs that you can’t find outside. Remember the former medicine garden. If you refine Dan medicine, you can pick them from there. If there are no herbs you want, you have to practice well. Because there is a large medicine garden in the center of this chaotic temple, which is the real medicine garden, but your reality is not enough. At least you must be in place to open that huge medicine garden. There is something you can’t think of."
Hearing the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was ecstatic. He didn’t expect that there would be such a good thing. It seems that the master who has never met him is not bad for himself. He has left such a huge fortune for himself. It is Kai that this medicine garden actually needs his own strength to reach the realm of a god, dzogchen. That is to say, he must not be able to see it in a short time, which is said by the old man to be so fantastic.
"Don’t worry, your ability to refine Dan medicine root is less than that small medicine bed in front of the medicinal materials inside is enough for you." The old man saw that Huangfu Zhantian was depressed and said.
"Well, the old man, I’m going to bring my friends here. I don’t know how many people can absorb it at a time?" Any suspection.i zhantian asked
"Just bring it with you. There are enough people here to soak together!" The old man replied with a smile
Hearing the old man’s words, the genius of Huangfu War finally breathed a sigh of relief. If one person soaks alone, I don’t know when it will be arranged. Now it can be solved, but it is very good.
Farewell to the old man HuangFuZhanTian shape a flash directly came to his room just came to the room HuangFuZhanTian found his room that beautiful figure see Henaan is v desktop eyebrows slightly wrinkled as if doing something bad dream.
Looking at Henaan that kind of suspection.i war, as a heart suddenly burst of heartache, I think it should be my own small world. I’m afraid Henaan has been waiting here for his roots. I think it should be waiting for myself to be too tired to fall asleep.
Huangfu Zhantian gently walked beside Henaan and gently took off his clothes. Then Gai Henaan reached out and gently held Henaan’s hand. He looked at this face like an elf affectionately. Huangfu Zhantian’s strength at this time was not difficult to get close to Henaan, but he didn’t want Henaan to wake up and wanted her to have a good rest.

"I know this, but I think even the triple strength is enough for me to play against the hardened bone realm quadruple." Han Chen smiled indifferently and looked forward to this dragon palm strength.

One month is enough.
The training day is very short. Han Chen disappeared quietly after a month of hard training, and during this month, Han Chen also worked hard to practice the triple strength of Yan Long Zhang, which was unconsciously cultivated.
Of course, during this period, Han Chen was also at leisure, and many of them cleared the hidden danger of Gillette family. The Xiao family fled to the windy city and became the venue of Korea’s heaven and earth. Of course, because Korea’s home is backed by Ling Lao, the venue of heaven and earth also has a faint trend of merging with Korea’s home, but this is just a trend.
However, the Korean family is also afraid that one day the Xiao family will come back for revenge. Therefore, after consulting with the old man, Han Xiaotian Galle decided to defend the windy city.
So this is another three-month rush.
The windy city is still calm than
"Teacher, my present state has reached the five-fold level, and it’s time to go out for experience." Fang Hanchen slowly started to work, and then he opened his eyes to feel that he was much more earthy than before. Han Chen was also very excited.
"Ah, I didn’t expect you to practice so quickly. In less than two years, you went from the double realm of hardened bones to the five levels of hardened bones." Slowly looking at Han Chen Ling’s face, she also showed her approval. Han Chen’s achievements were far beyond his expectation
"Ha ha, this is also thanks to your mentor’s teaching." Hey hey smiled and Han Chen quickly picked up a black clothes and put himself on.
"If you are a pig, you can’t even teach me how to do it," said Ling Lao with a smile.
Hear ling old so inappropriate metaphor Han Chen also turned over their immediately frowned slightly and said, "but now Korea still has a lot of hidden dangers."
"You mean xiao? Ah, well, I’ll take you to practice after solving Xiao’s family, otherwise you can’t let go. "Ling Lao smiled and he knew what Han Chen was worried about.
"That’s good." Nodded gently. Han Chen smiled gratefully. The cancer in Xiao’s family must be removed or it will be poor in the future.
"Chen Er?" There was a loud sound outside the door.
Quickly hit the door to see Han Xiaotian and purple spirit outside the main entrance at this time.
"Father" Han Chen smiles to say that her eyes are purple spirit.
"Han Chen’s brother has been here for so long that you don’t come to play with me. It’s really necessary for Uncle Han and I to come to see you in person." Zi Ling looked at Han Chen with a small mouth and said.
"Well …" Their Han Chen turned right at the moment.
"Cough" gently coughs. Han Xiaotian just looks at Han Chen and laughs. "Chen Er, do you know what day it is today?"
Seeing his father like this, Han Chen was stunned but thought for a long time, but he didn’t remember what day it was today. Han Chen shook his head slightly and said, "What day is father today?"
"Hey, hey, brother Han Chen, you have a bad memory. You forgot that today is your fifteenth birthday." Vomitted to vomit a pink tongue and Ziling gave a light smile.
"My birthday?" Han Chen slightly cold soon also suddenly scratched his head and smiled awkwardly and said, "I really forgot this."
"Ha ha, look at you. You’ve been busy practicing for a few months. It’s a lot darker. Today, my father took you to eat well, and the three of us went." Touched Han Chen’s shoulder, Han Xiaotian smiled like a father.
Han Chen slightly one leng seems to have been a ripple in his heart. The source of the ripple is something called fatherly love.
Ps Fengyun pushes for help for a week. Recommended collection. Chapter 15 Puppet corpse
In the noisy street, a middle-aged man walked leisurely, and two fourteen or fifteen children were frolicking beside him.
"Father, where are we going now?" Han Chen’s face with a smile is attracted by the excitement around him.
"Ha ha, you will know later." Han Xiaotian smiled mysteriously.
"Brother Han Chen, it’s really your birthday today. Of course, it will give you some surprises." Ziling hey hey smiled and showed cute canine teeth.
To turn over their Han Chen also no longer say anything is honestly follow Han Xiaotian their footsteps.
"The elders of the clan asked you to say that you had something important to inform you." Just as Han Xiaotian was walking, there was a sudden shortness of breath behind them.
Slightly turned Han Xiao day is slowly looking at bearer light said, "didn’t I say that? Don’t bother me today. Leave everything to the elder. "
"The heads of the big elders said this matter must be handled by you personally." People looked at Han Xiaotian out of breath and said slowly.
"hmm? What is that? " Eyebrows slightly wrinkled Han Xiao day face is also a bit surprised.
"The elder didn’t say much, saying that if the patriarch asks, he will say something Xiao Guyou."
"Okay, I know. You go home first." Han Xiaotian waved and looked a little weird.
"Father, let’s go home." Seeing Han Xiaotian’s expression, Han Chen smiled slightly.
"Then your birthday?" Han Xiaotian is also a bit contradictory.
"Father, my birthday is secondary. Since the elder is looking for you, it must be very important, otherwise he won’t wait for you to deal with it in person." Han Chen’s face flashed seriously and then he didn’t wait for Han Xiaotian to reflect that he was flashing and pulling his purple hand back to Korea’s home.
See Han Chen Han Xiaotian like this is also slightly leng leng immediately and no longer hesitate to rush back to Korea’s home.
Han Guyuan conference hall at this time, some senior officials of the Korean family were there with a bit of surprise, and one of them was placed in front of them.
Tongren’s height is different from that of ordinary people, but his whole body is filled with layers of light metallic luster, projected from the window, and the sun shines with strange light.
"What is this?" Han Xiaotian eyes slightly leng is looking at tong ren.
"This is found in the Xiao family’s treasure room." The elder’s eyes are flashing and he is also looking at the cold bronze statue in front of him.
"Do you want to inform the venue?" Big elders will look to Han Xiaotian seems a little hesitant.
Pondering for a moment Han Xiaotian slowly shook his head and said, "Don’t let heaven and earth know about this thing for the time being. I think this thing may be unusual."
Han Chen looked at the bronze face in front of him with a strange look, and a sound in his heart came to Han Chen’s face and he hesitated for a moment before saying, "Can I have this thing from my father?"
Listening to Han Chen’s words, Han Xiaotian and others were also slightly stunned for a moment, and immediately the elder smiled and said, "So if this thing has any strangeness, Teacher Han Chen will know a little."

At present, there are two great artifacts in his hand, namely, the famous Savras Staff, which was made by Azuth, a mage, and the other is the "Bad Hand" made by Erinu, a deity from other continents, although Erinu tried to convince people that this treasure was owned by a ghost god.

The staff of Savras is a powerful artifact, because it has the ability to capture creatures in addition to its prophetic power. Even gods may be caught if they are unlucky, even incarnations. It can suck the gods into the staff, and at the same time its first ability will change, except of course Azusmestra. If someone tries to attack two gods through this artifact, two results will automatically break or be easily destroyed by Mishra like breaking branches.
However, it seems that it is unrealistic for Liu Yue to rely on this thing to deal with the gods with medium divine power. Azuz, the one who dares to call himself high, is only weak divine power. If such a guy can create such a powerful and incredible artifact, it will be surprising. If this thing is true, even if the whole crystal wall is turned upside down, the gods will find it and destroy it. It is not difficult to understand that a god will not allow this thing that can threaten himself to fall into his hands.
Compared with the function of "bad luck hand", people who get this artifact can use it to summon demons in captivity. The fact is that these demons were changed by the former owner of this artifact. This is an evil artifact with self-awareness. It will constantly seduce its owner and make its owner slide into the abyss. Only when it meets more power can it be satisfied. At that time, it will abandon and kill itself. If the new owner tries to destroy it, it will randomly send itself to another place and wait for the day to see the light.
Compared with Liu Yue, its power is more interested in the magical knowledge mastered by this artifact, because all the creatures that have owned or been killed by this artifact will be absorbed by the "unlucky hand". Over the years, tens of millions of creatures have died in this artifact, which is almost equivalent to a knowledge base.
But it is also very cunning and refuses to give this knowledge to its owner easily. It often takes a lot of sacrifices to get a word. Liu Yue also tried to communicate with it. Perhaps he felt that the law controlled a god, and he refused to respond. If Liu Yue had not imprisoned it in the divine domain, I am afraid he would have escaped, but it made Liu Yue somewhat tolerable.
In the eyes of a willing heart, one of these two artifacts can be regarded as a valuable treasure. It happened that Liu Yue had some embarrassment in his hand. He didn’t dare. He couldn’t use it to deal with the gods, because in this way, he was bound to be targeted and his predictive power could not be motivated casually. This belongs to the power of Safras, and he is likely to perceive that trouble will still follow, which is what he doesn’t want to see.
The "bad luck hand" has nothing to do with him except occasionally moving several fiends. Liu Yue is not willing to touch this evil artifact more. Although the "bad luck hand" method manipulates him as before, it adopts a non-violent and inappropriate way. Simply put, it means that he doesn’t work hard except for the fiends sent by him. For Liu Yue, those fiends are basically tasteless, but it makes him feel quite uncomfortable.
I want to destroy it, but I’m a little reluctant to make it worse. It’s not a funny thing if Erinu is provoked, although it’s extremely unlikely.
With a sigh, he casually put two artifacts on the table and walked out of the temple. In recent years, the popularity around the temple has gradually increased. Those new officials, clergy and their families have moved to live near the temple. Szelesi Ya, they also specially built a new residential area. There is no lack of flexibility in changing their houses into shops or renting them to others. Although today is not a trading day, it seems a little deserted, but we can still see that he is different.
At the same time, Klein, far away from Sodoma, was also troubled.
Because the whole process of conferring was extremely low-key, not many people knew about it. However, some well-informed businessmen in in our nature learned the news. For these people, a new dominion in the wild was like a fat piece of fat. Everyone wanted to take a bite, especially when they knew the location of Shenen Island, they were keenly aware of the business opportunities in China. During this period, Klein was full of pride outside. Not only did the old people come to the door in the past, but there were a lot of people who wanted to contact. People from all walks of life also showed him subtle kindness. He felt as if he were a young man again, and he was radiant with enthusiasm. Of course, this also brought some vice-effects. For example, he is now having a headache and looking at that pile of invitations, and he is worried.
Liu Yue’s instructions to him are very accurate, that is, he is at arm’s length, but only with his personal experience can he know what it’s like. Those big businessmen have not become fine old foxes. They have never seen any tricks in the business world. If there is a sudden rise behind Klein, the totem bishop will support them, but now they can’t. Maybe they can see the totem bishop’s meeting, but they dare not easily offend the shadow moon family. It’s also a royal middleman. Even if it is suppressed now, who knows whether there will be a turn-over day in the future. However, Klein still knows.
Realizing the commercial value of Shenen Island is far from being expanded. After all, building a port city is not something that can be completed in a short time. These people have worked so hard not to participate in Shenen Island, but to occupy some market facts. These people have long coveted the Golden Sea area.
The rich mineral deposits, furs, herbs and other precious resources in the North always do not affect their greed. A texture can be sold to thousands of gold shields by a fur king, but the price difference in the North is as cheap as giving it away. However, the rampant pirates in the Golden Sea and all kinds of fierce Warcraft discourage them. If the land is used, the cycle and cost are too high, and now there is such a long and dangerous route. Everyone knows what it means.
Chapter 47 Wealth Feast
Klein didn’t expect that he had just arrived in Wangdu late last night, and those noble businessmen got the news so quickly. From the morning when he checked in at the entrance of the hotel, there was a long queue, and dozens of carriages, large and small, filled half the street. Fortunately, he lived in this tulip hotel, Wangdu is one of the best hotels. It is said that there is a noble share behind it, and no one dares to be presumptuous. Otherwise, these guys belong to different forces and are involved in each other. I’m afraid they would have made trouble long ago.
Of course, to some extent, this situation has been intentionally fueled. How can these fishermen benefit if there is no competition between these snipes and mussels? More than a month ago, they sent capable people to Wang Du’s own side in batches to create momentum. Otherwise, how could there be such a big reaction? But this time it seems to be too much. Klein can’t help but frown when he looks at the thick stack of invitations in his hand.
This time, he is the special envoy of the Shadow Moon family. It will be the 40th birthday of King Frederick III in half a month. Compared with the famous "deficit king" and "war madman" before him, he is known as Frederick II, the biggest loser in Flanders’ history. He is a rare gentleman.
Frederick III encouraged agriculture and fisheries to expand trade routes for more than ten years, which made the name of Sodoma’s commercial kingdom more prominent. At the same time, the people’s life in the country was greatly improved. Moreover, the king was generous in nature and took care of those families with royal blood. This is why the envoys of the Shadow Moon family were able to attend the ceremony. Of course, this is also closely related to the rise of Shenen Island. Otherwise, the opposition of those noble ministers alone would be enough to make this pilgrimage possible.
Compared with the East Sodoma Kingdom, it is naturally much more prosperous. Although Sodoma is still just an "outbreak" in the eyes of the old empires in the mainland, it is secretly people who dare to underestimate it. Just look at the list of envoys sent by various countries this time and you will know whether it is a high and important person.
Klein cast a glance sitting opposite Jacques, smiling bitterly. It was a fool with a stupid smile in his heart. This little naive and reckless person was born to be a troublemaker. If someone else had changed, I’m afraid he would have died a few times. It happened that there was a god as a teacher and a powerful role like Black Wings around him. In a short time, the adventurer’s circle became famous and he was already a man of the hour in the younger generation.
As luck would have it, Jacques’ mercenary group just took over a single escort merchant business and came to Wangdu. It is said that the road was very thrilling, and Jacques even personally nullified a hapless giant Chimera.
Dragon three, a lion and goat, is a strange-looking predator. They are extremely difficult opponents. They have a pair of dragon-like wings and can fly freely. The leading animals in the three heads can also spit like real dragons. Their claws are also highly toxic. Generally speaking, a Chimera can easily destroy an elite team. What’s worse, this is a giant Chimera. No one expected that Jacques Black Wings could easily nullify such terrible Warcraft.
It turns out that Jacques traveled with Black Wings in the eastern part of the country after leaving Shenen Island. With Black Wings as such a powerful druid, Jacques naturally didn’t have to worry about any danger in the wild. During this time, they met a small mercenary group called "Red Crescent". Well, it was really small. There were six people in the whole mercenary group, but it was more in line with Jacques’s mind. He was not a good interpersonal person with Black Wings. He didn’t care about these.
It is impossible for a mercenary group with a person to receive anything. It happens that a caravan is going to Sodoma, but the boss is a stingy guy, and the mercenary group with a little size can’t see this reward, so the two sides hit it off.
I don’t know if it was the boss’s bad luck or how this trip was extremely bad. All kinds of troubles came to the door. What a horse thief and robber! The process was wonderful enough to be written as a novel. We were about to arrive at Wangdu, but it happened that the giant Chimera was encountered in the rolling rock canyon. What’s worse, at that time, they were in the middle of nowhere, and everyone was desperate. Jacques sacrificed a "catastrophe thunder" and killed the beast on the spot. When they brought the body of Chimera weighing several tons into Wangdu, it immediately caused a sensation and Jacques became a hero.
Sodoma is no better than Dongtu. After hundreds of years, most of Warcraft has been driven out of human territory, except for some lonely places. It is also very difficult for Chimera to find some fierce wolves. What’s more, it is difficult for everyone to bear the hardships for a long time, and there is a sword and a gun in the warehouse. It is good for Wang Du that the so-called young heroes can defeat several goblins, while the real masters are mostly snared by the royal families. Although they are secretly fighting, they are not known to the common people. After all, this is a country’s capital. Where have people seen Jacques, a tough figure, and all
However, Jacques also has one advantage. Although he is in a drunken state, he has not been affected. Every day, he is learning Wushu with Black Wings. Drinking and eating meat is not happy, but it is not like a teenager in Shan Ye. But it is not surprising that he is a student of Liu Yue after all. Although he has seen many big scenes for a short time, he is no longer the boy who has never seen the world.
Of course, there is also a lot of credit in the Black Wings. A druid’s Black Wings are very indifferent to secular enjoyment, which can be said to be the common feature of most druids. For ordinary people, deserted places are often paradise for them. Speaking of wild life, there are not many occupations that can be compared with druids. The so-called black Jacques, who is close to Zhu Zhechi and close to Mexico, has also been affected a lot
Seeing Klein’s preoccupation, Jacques yawned and said, "You must consider so much. Why don’t you just promise to have dinner? What’s the big deal?"
Klein’s heart said, "You don’t look at how many invitations there are here. If you promise, I’m afraid I won’t do anything for the whole month. It’s better to just go to dinner every day, and even worse, there are conflicts with each other. Well, what you said may not be unreasonable. Just say yes, haha …"

Xiao’s brother was not surprised when he heard that the intruder had issued such a provocative declaration to Han Songfeng naked. How can he talk to a person who is a whole level higher than him? It’s like you’re building a higher level. It’s so pretentious!

Damn it, that’s disgusting!
It is precisely because of this that the Xiao family suffered such a heavy loss this time. I don’t know how many brothers of the same family were sucked into the abyss. More importantly, he dared to rush into the Xiao family peak, which made Xiao family lose face! Everyone’s heart is burning with a method to put out anger. If you don’t kill the people’s anger?
"You serve this person real hateful theory which hill he is really brother killed! Be sure to kill him! "
"That’s right! Kill him! Kill him! "
Killing a real brother is so exciting for these practicing monks! Gradually, everyone shouted a uniform slogan, waved their fists, and the momentum was like a rainbow. As the slogan became louder and louder, the atmosphere became more and more warm. Everyone’s heart was burning with blood, and pairs of expectant eyes were watching Seventeen Bongs, expecting them to destroy the intruders!
These Xiao brothers are used to intrigue with each other at ordinary times, but their feelings are indifferent as ice, but they have never been United when fighting against foreign enemies. This unexpected situation is that Xiao Hong did not expect it, but this doubt has a positive impact on the cohesion of Xiao family.
"Ha ha make me Xiao Guzhe slay! Thank you! " Xiao Hong’s mood is getting more and more comfortable, and the avalanche of slogans in his ear makes him feel quite proud.
However, he didn’t see that except Han Song, when he met the so-called intruder, he didn’t look like a terrible thing, and his teeth chattered.
Wang Gan! It was that ring that killed Yang Qing Wang Gan! The so-called enemy of the same order, Yang Qing, was killed by this person!
These Feng immediately recognized Wang Gan’s identity.
"I’ll leave when I don’t know anything about tonight." A man who took a deep breath and didn’t look at Han Song was as far away as a SangGuQuan.
This scene makes people unconsciously weaken by some slogans.
"Master Xiao, do you mean to murder me?" Another said with a sneer, and then his face turned into a flattering look, and he bowed his hand to Wang Gan and left politely.
Then another Feng backed out without saying anything, and immediately fled to Xiao Jia’s house without even saying hello.
Three people in succession quit Xiao Hong’s face "color" and turned from sunny to overcast. The face was cold and said, "You were scared at the early stage of a mere foundation? Coward! "
I don’t know how many benefits this group has taken from Xiao’s family, but they can’t afford to lose their face at all. How can this not make him angry?
"Xiao Hong has seed of yourself. Shouldn’t Xiao Jiazhu take the lead?" A sneer at also withdrew from the front, but did not leave immediately, but watched from a distance.
Xiao Hong was told that his face was blue and white, but he couldn’t say a word. Naturally, he didn’t have the courage to fight with Wang Gan, otherwise he was afraid that he would be beheaded before the first round.
Seeing that many Feng became "colored" immediately after seeing the intruders, Xiao’s younger brother suddenly lost his mind, and no one dared to speak again. It was so quiet that even a needle could be heard falling off. When the cold wind blew, they couldn’t help shivering and suddenly woke up from their fanaticism. They were not weak in IQ, and naturally they could guess that these Feng were afraid of the damn intruder!
Oh, my God. Sixteen bongs ran away after meeting this man. Who is he? Have such a strong deterrent?
In a blink of an eye, Han Songfeng was left with one person, 16 of whom served ten people and went home directly, while six people stopped in the distance to watch the development from afar.
Han Song hasn’t spoken. It seems that since he is here, everyone else is dispensable, which is not a fighting force, but it will get in the way when the interests are finally distributed.
Therefore, he doesn’t have the slightest desire to stay here. Since they are willing to take the initiative to leave, it is natural.
And now he was so excited that he didn’t expect this intruder to be the Wang Gan who was in the limelight recently! It’s not often that you end the life of a peerless genius.
What if the potential is great? I will kill you after all!
And according to the smell, there is a magic weapon in this person’s hand! I don’t know how much strength I can add if I will seize it! And he is not worried that this person will pose a threat to himself, because it is impossible to go beyond the challenge. This is common sense!
Therefore, he never goes to see the young players compete, which will make him feel yawning and chatting.
Besides, even if he has a magic weapon in his hand? He will be motivated by his strength, and he can exert the power of the instrument at most. Only with his own hands can he shine it!
"Ha ha, you are Wang Gan? Really arrogant, really damn it! I don’t know if you dare to take the initiative to provoke me! " Han Songlang drank and laughed wildly all over the field.
Wang Gan? That Wang Gan!
Xiao’s younger brother was stunned and disbelieved for a moment after hearing this name, but soon they realized that since Han Songfeng said this, there was no doubt that this person was Wang Gan! That beat Yang Qing Wang Gan!
After realizing that the intruder turned out to be Wang Gan, everyone’s face "showed" those general expressions of fear, hesitation and despair, and the atmosphere turned sharply and fell into a trough.
Even many people have secretly retreated to leave here as soon as possible.

"Rest your mind early!" Gu Geng entered the room and stared at Yang’s mother and daughter with a cold face and folded shouted at him.

The teacher in the front yard saw that it was getting late, so Gu Geng got up and went to Yang’s yard to prepare for rest. Gu Yan said that he would go to see his mother and then go back to his yard to rest, so he went to Yang’s hospital with Gu Geng.
Because he wanted to talk to his daughter confidentially, Yang sent his maid, who was waiting around him, to the center of the hospital and told her to call no one to come into the house to disturb him.
Gu Geng’s father entered the hospital and saw the scene in the courtyard. The footsteps happened to coincide with each other, followed by Gu Geng’s black face and raised his hand to stop the girl’s mother from asking questions. Gu Yan went straight to the door of Yang’s room with him. He couldn’t help but look at what his mother and sister were saying in the room from the situation in the courtyard, and those words were extremely secret, otherwise he wouldn’t wave back to serve the girl’s mother.
And Gu Geng’s temperament Gu Yan is clear enough.
"Sir, what do you mean?" Gu Yan winked at his mother. His father just heard everything outside the door, but when we disembarked, Yang Gen didn’t take his hint seriously.
Gu Mian saluted his father from the couch, and then his brother Gu Yan joined him.
If usual, she would be holding Gu Geng’s arm, coquetry and joking, but at the moment she dare not.
The room was silent. Gu Geng didn’t do Yang’s question immediately.
The awe-inspiring eyes flashed across Yang Gu Yan’s brother and sister’s faces one by one. "I have to take you to Ningyuan Houfu without violating the holy will, but I believe that Qi ‘er and Jun ‘er are still alive. It will take them five years, ten years and even longer to come back. This Ningyuan Houfu is all of them."
My father had a wife and a concubine before his death, and he was never wronged.
Because the eldest brother and his first mother treated him very well, and even worse, his first mother and aunt treated him as his own son after his death.
It is his request to be separated from the government to marry an adult.
Three years ago, his brother’s family was killed, and he was very sad, but he tried to find out the murderer and his family took revenge.
What should Qi ‘er and Jun ‘er do if they come back as soon as the five-year period mentioned in the imperial edict is up to him to wait for this title?
He is their uncle and brother, taking care of Jia Jia’s brother, and he can’t do unkind and unjust things
Yang’s face didn’t see any emotion. First, he got up slowly and saluted Gu Geng. Then he said, "Qi Er and Jun Er, if they don’t go back to the house after living for three years?" Before Gu Geng, Yang’s words and actions have always been very measured. Since the other party has known her mind, if she pretends to be deaf and dumb again, it will be a loss of heart, which will make his woman in this backyard cheap. Considering this, her language is soft and soothing. "It is true that it is not my body who cursed them for leaving the world. Moreover, the imperial edict is clearly written. If no one of their brothers comes back within five years, the master will inherit the marquis. If the master violates the emperor’s will because of self-obsession, one will have a negative emperor’s favor …"
"I know what you need to say."
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Hlnen Chapter 13 Mouth Meat
Gu Geng raised his hand to stop Yang from continuing to say the emperor’s will, but he would not violate it, but he would not do anything unkind to his brothers and nephews.
In the end, he will find a way to deal with it after five years.
Yang’s face was hot and he wanted to say something, but he saw Gu Geng turn to the door and walk to his mouth. Suddenly, he said hastily, "It’s getting late, sir. Where are you going?" Didn’t she say anything wrong to slap her face in front of her children? That’s it. Now you’re leaving her room. Are you going to sleep in my room?
Yang’s heart was really angry at the thought of this possibility.
There are two concubines in Gu Geng’s backyard, both from other peaks.
Can’t shirk Gu Geng’s efforts to bring people into the backyard.
In the original time, the two concubines, Yang, who was carried by a dowry girl, lived well with each other.
As a result, Yang died in the main room and was righted by his own ability. The lives of the two concubines have not changed much, but they have been treated badly.
But they are better than Gu Geng’s first daughter.
"Dad, it’s getting late, and Mianer and I won’t bother you and Niang." Gu Yan pulled his sister’s sleeve and looked at Gu Geng with a smile.
He doesn’t want his mother to go to heaven with a lonely lamp tonight.
However, his words did not stop his father from leaving.
Listen to Gu Gengdao’s "I’ll sleep in the bedroom tonight", and others have already stepped out of the door.
Yang waved the back two steps and sat down on the couch. "Your dad wants to do this to me? What did I say wrong and do wrong? " Her heart was bitter and unwilling.
"Mom, you’re right." Gu Yan walked beside Yang’s door and sat with persistent eyes. "I would say that Dad had to promise if he didn’t promise the marquis." It’s foolish not to eat meat at the mouth.
He can’t decide his birth, but he can control his future destiny and deliver the door easily. He has no reason to refuse.
Gu Mian caught his brother before he left and said, "Brother Niang is right. You are right. Dad didn’t know what to think before he scolded us."
"You know your dad’s temper, and no one can change it."
Yang faint sigh said 1

"I will …" Xiao Qi is going to touch Enron’s buckled tentacles, but it is blue morning warm hands.

Xiaoqi retracted her hand as if she had been scalded. Blue Morning is breathing very close to him now, and it is full of refreshing fragrance of blue morning aftershave.
Lanchen looked as usual to help Xiaoqi fasten her safety belt. This just started the car and the sports car rushed out like a left arrow.
When the car was driving, neither of them said a word, listening to the music quietly, and the gas became more and more solidified, making people breathless.
Suddenly I thought of what Xiaoqi said, "By the way, how is your Hengfeng company now?" He can remember that Lanchen Company was badly hurt by him.
Lan Chen turned to look at Xiao Qi and whispered, "Are you caring for me?"
Xiaoqi scoffed. Who cares? Has he ever closed down?
Lanchen turned a rearview mirror to point the angle at Xiaoqi’s face. Xiaoqi also glared at Lanchen’s move.
Blue morning chuckle car atmosphere also increases with the temperature.
"Hengfeng is okay, and the stock market is also picking up. It’s lost a few pieces of easy land." Lan Chen replied airily that just one Hengfeng was nothing in his eyes, but he was surprised that Xiaoqi could make his hand Hengfeng suffer heavy losses. Ye Xiaoqi was the first person.
Xiao Qi took a look at Lan Chen. Although it is a profile, Lan Chen’s facial features, including the face, are really beautiful. The facial features are not as hard as Wei Zhi’s. This facial features can be called exquisite, but they are by no means feminine. Compared with Wei Zhi’s too rigid face, Lan Chen’s face theory is more popular in business wars or among women.
Xiaoqi admits that he has a little appearance, so he will like Lan Chen. Even in this life, he first saw Wei Zhi’s resolute appearance and then loved him.
The thought of Wei Zheng Xiaoqi’s heart is stuffy.
Suddenly, a spherical thing appeared in front of Xiao Qi and startled him.
"Hmm … what is it?" Xiao Qi watched in amazement as Lan Chen handed something.
"Stupid lollipop! Open your mouth!" Lan Chen seems a bit funny to drive while holding a lollipop.
Xiaoqi sobbed at the corner of her mouth. It’s not like a child is eating something great.
"Open your mouth!" Lan Chen is impatient.
"I don’t …" Xiao Qi just opened his mouth and the candy was stuffed in.
Sweet fruit tastes good. It seems that just now, the feeling of depression and irritability has been digested a lot …
Chapter two hundred and forty I haven’t touched anyone for a long time!
"When you were a child, you loved to cry. When you cried, I didn’t know what to do. My second brother said that you wouldn’t cry if you picked it up and beat it. Jiang Kelan said that he would buy you beautiful clothes, so you wouldn’t cry." Speaking of which, Lan Chen chuckled at what he thought. "Later, I beat you up, but you cried even more. I listened to Jiang Kelan and gave you all my beautiful clothes, but you were still crying …"
Xiaoqi finally understood who was behind this. What did Jiang Er, a bastard, do in those days?
Lan Chen added, "Later, when I saw Big Brother give you a piece of candy, you stopped crying."
Xiaoqi’s brain is spinning. Is there such a thing? He doesn’t even remember.
"Sure enough, this trick is very good. I will give you a candy when you cry, and then I will gradually forget when you stop crying when you are older."
Xiaoqi ate the candy in his mouth, but he didn’t cry just now.
Lanchen looked at Xiaoqi’s protruding face and felt funny. He poked his hand.
"Hey … what are you doing?" Xiaoqi was angry, pulled the lollipop out of his mouth and questioned Lanchen.
Lan Chen looked at the lollipop just around the corner and smiled at Xiao Qi with an ambiguous smile. He held his eyes and seemed to enjoy it.
Xiaoqi was startled to feel that he had been struck in the middle by the thunder.
Looking back silently, Xiao Qi got red in the ears …
"Ye Xiaoqi, I haven’t touched anyone for a long time." The blue morning sound is very shocking in this small place.
Xiao qi is a tingle. Does he touch others or not?
"too much sex? Can’t you get hard? " Xiaoqi sniffed.
Lan Chen holds the steering wheel and stares at Xiao Qi. "Nima, I … I like you. Okay!"
"Ahem … Ahem …" Fortunately, Xiao Qi is not driving now, otherwise it’s absolutely a corpse and two lives. Bah, one car and two lives.
As soon as the car creaked to a stop by the roadside, Lan Chen untied his seat belt and impatiently gave Xiao Qi a slap in the back.
It was a long time before Xiaoqi came back to his senses, but his whole face was red with cough.
Lan Chen is a bit awkward. "Why are you so excited? Do you understand what is reserved? "
Xiaoqiwei gasped. "Where do you love me, young master?" Although I always knew Lan Chen was interested in him, it was the first time to say it so bluntly. Please forgive him for being scared.
Blue morning angry stare "you want to be shameless? Master said like and didn’t say … Love you. "
Xiaoqi breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back in the back seat. "It’s okay, but if you really look at me, young master, you have to tell me honestly."
Lan Chen still stared at Xiao Qi.
Xiao Qi turned to look at Lan Chen. "If you look at me, I will change it."
The blue morning train drove very fast, and I gave up my life here for seven years. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to get to the first shop of Qiye Sweet House.
Dalin is now the manager of Store 1. He was taken aback when he saw the little boss enter the store with Lan Shao.
"Hello, little boss!"
Lan Chen has a black face all the way and has no time to talk to others.
Dalin smiled bitterly and Xiaoqi patted Dalin on the shoulder to express comfort.
Xiao Qi ignored Lan Chen when she entered the store and asked, "What about these new dessert apprentices? Can you keep up? "
Dalin called a waiter to entertain Lan Shaojian Xiaoqi for questioning and replied, "These are all recommended by Master Nian. Before entering the base, some of them were trained in the base, and their skills were not bad. Especially, the girl named Yueer made desserts, which was very satisfactory to customers. In the past two days, she was trying to let them complete the daily dessert ration in the store by herself. Master Nian was around and couldn’t see any big problems."
Xiaoqi was satisfied with the normal operation of the sweet base, and finally learned that his goal was to chain stores in Beijing.
But … the money was moved to Wei Zhi company by him, which is the biggest reason why Wu Yue doesn’t like him. If Wu Yue knows that Qiye Sweet Shop has also been mortgaged by him to others, I don’t know if he will be skinned alive.
It’s hard to do. A clever woman can’t cook rice …
Besides, he still has a 50 thousand house payment to pay, and he hates it when he thinks that 10 thousand will become 50 thousand xiaoqi
See LanChen in order small seven off a flash close to dalin ear grinned, "you wait like this … like that …"
Dalin stunned and whispered, "Is this … really good?" Small boss, the other side is less blue and less blue
Xiaoqi showed one thousand heart patting Dalin on the shoulder and said, "Believe me, that’s it."
Dalin left him with a sad face and didn’t believe it at all.