At the moment, we are in the forensic hall waiting for Lao Zhang’s blood test results.

It took an hour for Lao Zhang to hold a report. He explained that "the deceased had low blood sugar and didn’t know that she had hypoglycemia before her death."
"Wait a minute" Lin Muxia took out her mobile phone and asked the archives of Yongjia Building about the physical examination of Mei Sizhen. The other party said that everything was normal. She mused, "It was abnormal after she died. Maybe her cause of death was not a knife."
I closed my eyes and recalled, "There was a cup scattered on the ground at that time. Does it seem that … did she drink this glass of water and die suddenly?"
"No problem with the cup." Lin Muxia rummaged through the evidence box and took the cup out. She held the cup handle and waved it at me. "When I saw her death, I deliberately checked whether it was dry or not."
I tightened my eyebrows and thought, "How could her blood sugar suddenly drop? The weirdness of this case is really a dime a dozen. "
"Don’t worry about it first." Pei Xizhen stretched his arms. "It’s been a busy day. Now I haven’t even figured out the motive of the murderer’s case. I don’t think there are many Wangs who can talk to Yong’s family about Maimang’s power. Zhou’s theory of industry or scale is a three-legged situation, but if we suppress it and secretly cut a penis, it can be said that it is worthy of scrutiny to kill the secret in the other building. So whoever makes a fair change is the first to doubt himself, so I think it is unlikely that it will be a competitor. Otherwise, Mei Sizhen will die in a low-key and clean way, even if the body is seen, let’s say that Fu Leyou’s crime scene shows that he is not unreasonable, and the probability of love and hate is not high. In doing so, he is not only out of place, but also listed as a key monitoring object by the police, and
Lin Muxia’s eyes lit up and she speculated, "Is it possible that the murderer Yong Dasheng has a deep hatred and wants to kill the pillar first and then let the family decline?"
"Well …" Pei Xizhen took out a blue feather in his pocket and stuffed it into one nostril. "Lao Zhang went through this pile of crime scene stuff again. Let’s go to Yong Dasheng first to understand the situation."
Lao Zhang jilted to jilt stiff hands "don’t worry"
After talking, I learned that Yong Dasheng’s home at this time, the three of us went to Tiannan City’s rich residential area and entered Yong Dasheng’s villa. He didn’t have the heart to make tea and poured several cups of white water before shrinking the sofa.
I asked, "Yong Lao, have you ever offended anyone?"
"It seems that there isn’t … I’ll think about it from beginning to end." Yong Dasheng looked up at the ceiling and thought for a long time. He analyzed, "Yes!"
I expected "Who?"
"Five years ago, our family developed a new product with good quality and good reputation, and another company’s slow sales of the same type of products led to the bankruptcy of a medium-sized enterprise that didn’t understand flexibility." Yong Dasheng opened his eyes and blamed himself. "The other party went bankrupt, and the boss couldn’t bear the pressure of debt and jumped off the building to commit suicide. His wife hanged herself. His daughter ran to the door of my company and said that one day I would experience the pain of family destruction and death. I didn’t care. Who can be relieved if a young girl threatened with white teeth? Didn’t this girl make Xiao Pei Mo? "
"With my years of experience, it is very possible!" Pei Xizhen nodded heavily. "What about this family information?"
Harmony big crude laughed "after so many years ….. which also can have the impression as if the surname diao"
"Well, we’ll be leaving now. You’d better take care of yourself and hire some bodyguards to pay attention to safety." Pei Xizhen told us a sentence and we returned to the department.
Lin Muxia logged into the intelligence system to search for a bankrupt company five years ago and a boss committed suicide. The result soon came. The boss of a famous Fang Yong enterprise called Fang Qing jumped off a building and committed suicide. His wife hanged herself at home and left a 16-year-old daughter, Jessica Fong Ching.
Jessica Fong Ching dropped out of school in the same year and spent two years with his mother’s private money. When he was one year old, he went to Dongqiu Street in the north of the city. According to the data, Jessica Fong Ching is now 21 years old. The data address is a little familiar. We arrived at Dongqiu Street in the evening. Coincidentally, Jessica Fong Ching installed the store. Ximen Wangdong Cafe is opposite. No wonder the address is so familiar.
I pushed the glass door and saw a woman wearing fashion ornaments holding a bucket of instant noodles. She stood up and asked, "Three people buy clothes?"
Lin Muxia shook her head and asked, "Are you Jessica Fong Ching?"
"Am I okay?" Jessica Fong Ching is a little puzzled.
Pei Xizhen Liang revealed his identity. "We are the police to investigate a recent murder."
Jessica Fong Ching frowned. She said inexplicably, "Dongqiu Street has been quite peaceful recently. Where is the murder?"
"When your father committed suicide by jumping off a building five years ago …" Before I finished, I heard someone say hello behind me. "Eh? Three police officers, we meet again. "
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Jessica Fong Ching
I turned my head and saw that it was Simon looking east. I smiled. "Brother Simon is still visiting?"
"Didn’t I see you coming to Dongqiu to ask if the murderer of Pu Lingling was caught?" Simon looked east with eager eyes and said that he had a crush on Pu Lingling, so he was anxious to know the result. At the end of the death fairy tale, we informed the victim’s family about the case, so the rest of them didn’t know.
"The murderer took his mobile phone to watch the video when our police arrived, and he was already killed." Lin Muxia said lightly, and she laughed. "I’m afraid it’s not convenient for me to disclose secrets."
"Understanding" is a mixed bag.
Simon looked east and moved his glasses. He looked at Jessica Fong Ching and returned to the coffee shop.
Jessica Fong Ching was puzzled and said, "Officer, what happened to my father five years ago?"
"Jumping off a building to commit suicide? When your family fell, you ran to the door of Yongjia Company and swore a poison oath?" I thought about it and then said, "One day you will let Yong Dasheng experience the pain of family destruction."
"Have you?"
Jessica Fong Ching blinked her eyes, and she said uncertainly, "I think so. It’s been too long to remember."
"It seems that time is really the best antidote" Lin Muxia interjected.
"Is it true that Yong Dasheng’s family is ruined now?" Jessica Fong Ching was silent for a few seconds to see us. She cheered and said, "There are always rare accidents in life to make up for what she missed so much."
Pei Zhen cleared his throat and he nodded, "Cough, little girl, don’t you think it’s a bit inappropriate for the police to do this?"
"Oh … that I convergence" Jessica Fong Ching directly asked "where is the tomb of Yong Dasheng? I want to burn some paper. "
"Accurately speaking, you are quite suspicious." Lin Muxia sat in the chair and she looked at Jessica Fong Ching. "We need you to travel in the near future to prove that you were not present at the time of the crime, otherwise …"
"Or will you arrest me?" Jessica Fong Ching’s eyes were full of fear, and her words were sharp. "I knew the police were like this, and they haven’t changed yet. I’m sorry, I’m not a car without a driving recorder. If you want to catch anything, please feel free. Anyway, my heart was dead when I came home five years ago and pushed the door and saw my mother hanged."
This old story seems to be full of twists and turns? I was amazed. "What happened five years ago? Could it be that Yong Da gave birth to improper means to make your family decline? "
"My mother didn’t commit suicide!" Jessica Fong Ching’s pupils flashed with anger and she was shaking badly. She seemed to have suffered several wrongs.
Pei Xizhen took out his certificate and pointed to the three letters on the cover. "die, you may have heard that it will never lead to unjust cases. If you have grievances, just say that if it is true, we will definitely find out."
"Are you die?"
Jessica Fong Ching’s attitude took a 100-degree turn in an instant, and hope rose in her heart. "Can my mother really be vindicated?"
My body seems to be shrouded in a sense of glorious mission, nodding and promising that "injustice is to wash away, not to hurt"
"die, I know Ling Sanjian and Ning Shuying …" Jessica Fong Ching stared at me for a few seconds and she asked in a low voice, "Are you Brother Ning Shuying?"
"I’m afraid this will let you down." Lin Muxia raised her hand to block my mouth. She undermined me. "This is Ling San’s ass with three shots."
Pei Xizhen laughed heartily.
I rolled my eyes and really wanted to find a hole in the ground to hurt people and not expose their weaknesses. Lin Muxia was a bit unreasonable. I put my hand in her ear and threatened, "Mu Mu wants to have a 36-pinch on her chest tonight?"
The multifunctional police flower raised her leg and chopped my foot with a heel. "Please pay attention to the image." She solemnly said, "Jessica Fong Ching, I’m die Lin Muxia. Tell me where you suspect."
"Well, I survived the name of the female detective in Tiannan." Jessica Fong Ching organized the language. She explained the situation five years ago. "Dad went bankrupt. He owed a lot of debts. He didn’t drag mom and me down. He resolutely chose to divorce and then committed suicide by jumping off a building. It was all thanks to the surname Yong, but I didn’t mean to be jealous, but I knew the discretion. However, that day, I pushed the door after school and heard that the soup in the pot was boiling and boiling. I wondered where my mother had gone. I walked into her bedroom and found that I hanged the wall hook! "
"Wall hook? Hang clothes? " I am surprised way
"Well, it’s not a hook." Jessica Fong Ching took a deep breath and explained sadly, "My home decoration is unique and it’s my parents’ happy nest. I wanted to pull my mother here. Suddenly I thought that I couldn’t destroy the scene, so I called the police. The police rushed to the scene to put my mother’s body on the judgment and commit suicide. Besides, I didn’t care about the things at home at that time, and the money was not lost. However, I found something was wrong. Her foot was missing. I searched the whole room and found no trace of the shoe! Not only that, there are many pairs of embroidered shoes in the shoe cabinet for no reason. Someone must have come in before mom died! After mom and dad divorced and committed suicide, she said that she would watch me grow up and get married. It is impossible to leave me selfish … "
"embroidered shoes?" My heart thumped and I was nervous. "Is it high heels that lost my shoes?"
Jessica Fong Ching stopped for a few seconds. She continued, "I took a picture of my mother from all angles with my mobile phone and read a lot of information about the hanging phase afterwards. She really didn’t hang to death. She remembered that the expression of the body was calm and hung with a faint smile and traces of struggle. The ligature marks on the neck were not hanged upside down, and there were no signs of struggle and friction marks behind my ears. It showed that my mother died because of his murder. I ran to the Chengbei branch with real evidence, but it was controlled for several days. After I left, I realized that the police didn’t want to complicate matters and affect the settlement rate. What else could I do So I can vent my anger to the Yong family, the figurine. I ran there and swore a poison oath. I haven’t thought about it until today when you came. It reminds me … "
"Do you still have those embroidered shoes?" I wondered
"I was not detained by the Chengbei Branch," Jessica Fong Ching sighed and said, "I’m sorry that I was too angry with the police before."
Pei Xizhen thought, "After listening to your description, I think your mother died in the same case earlier today. The crime scene also lacked the high heels and a pair of embroidered shoes. It seems that they were all harmed by one person."
"This morning’s case?" Jessica Fong Ching’s eyes were full of doubts.
"Yong Jia’s estate is now the head of Yong Da’s son. He was injured yesterday and was lying in the hospital." Pei Xizhen said patiently while smelling blue feathers. "Today, when we rushed to the company to investigate interpersonal relationships, we found that his assistant and secret died in the top floor office. Although it was not hanged, your mother’s scene was very similar."
Jessica Fong Ching was not interested in this. She insisted, "Oh, can you find out who killed my mother?"
"If he doesn’t stop, he will!" Lin Muxia vowed that she looked up and monitored, "Jessica Fong Ching, but you have to cooperate with our investigation, will you?"
Jessica Fong Ching nodded "hmm".
We spent two hours to confirm Fang Qing’s whereabouts in the past two days, and then left Dongqiu Street and rushed directly to Chengbei Branch. Pei Xizhen first criticized the police officer in charge of the case and then asked about the detained evidence. As a result, the embroidered shoes were thrown into the trash can and disappeared.
At the end of a busy and full day, we went home, washed up and went to bed.
At five o’clock in the morning, Pei Xizhen called, and I was in a daze. "Boss, I haven’t slept enough in the early morning." He sneered, "You are so proud! Hurry to the Yongjia office building and there has been another murder! "

Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao Molin have not been idle because there is not a Seven Blood Devil and many other demons coming out of that law.

Xu Ren transported the "black hole" flying sword to the extreme, creating a large gravity area. At the same time, this gravity area is also full of the devouring power of the "black hole" flying sword, constantly absorbing the demon gas from the inferno and spilling it from the array.
The inferno action covered by the black hole flying sword avatar has also been greatly affected, and when their actions are affected, Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao will become powerful.
Small children’s nirvana fire, small demon leopard’s ecstasy and Shen Tengyun’s vitality are all exerted.
Of course, it’s not easy for them to get rid of all the demons, but every time they kill an inferno, they can make the northern and western allied forces lose less.
Shi Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao Molin tried to kill those demons not only to save the lives of the allied forces in the north and the west, but also to save the lives of the people in the capital of Yin and Yang Wang Chaoshuo.
Those demons are cruel, and now seeing humans is like seeing meat as a fierce beast, but these demons are more terrible than beasts.
When the Chengtou war was fierce, the sending array came to a muffled sound and the array completely collapsed.
Xu Ren was a little relieved when he heard the rumbling, because he knew that there would be no new inferno coming out of the law. He asked them to clean up the inferno department in Chengtou, the capital of Yin and Yang, so this crisis is over.
To say the least, even if a few fish escape from the net, Shenzhou Tianbei Xuanzhou can’t turn out any big waves, which should not cause too much loss.
Of course, Xu Ren thinks that the best result is to kill all the demons, and there will be a shenzhou day when people are in trouble.
Thought of here, Xu Ren has also increased its attack power, not only the "black hole" flying sword, but also the "whatever you want" and "Lei Yin" flying swords.
Most of the demons coming out of the array sending method are ordinary demons, but they are also relatively powerful, comparable to the strength of the monks in the late stage of the blood evil temple Yuan Ying Jing after the blood evil temple Yuan Ying Jing peak.
Ordinary demons are still good to deal with, but those who are equivalent to the blood evil spirit temple, Yuan Ying’s late stage, are the peak of Yuan Ying’s realm, and the strength inferno is not so good to deal with after the blood turns into magic.
Chapter nine hundred and twelve Key moment
The real demon king is also the Seven Demons, and even among the Demons, it is powerful.
Blood inferno is a powerful race among many infernos, and the strength of the seven demons of blood inferno is naturally even more unusual.
Qian Yue Xian Zong San Elder Yan Zheng Bei Xuan Zhou is definitely a top player, but even so, when facing the Seven Blood Demonstrators, he was still beaten back and forth. Even with the help of the Fifth Sword of Qian Yue Xian Zong Wu Elder, Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu, the Seven Blood Demonstrators maintained an invincible situation.
But this time, although the Seven Blood Demons came out from the law of sending, he was not as terrible as the Seven Blood Demons. Xu Ren, Xiao Nan, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yao Bao Molin teamed up to kill many ordinary demons successfully.
See Xu Ren, little boy, Shen Tengyun and small demon leopard Molin to kill a lot of demons in the north and west of the allied forces in Yuanying. Friar’s fear of demons seems to have eased somewhat, and they have made efforts to attack those demons.
Actually, this time, there were some accidents in sending the array at the head of the capital city. This kind of accident was naturally the most powerful attack caused by the three elders of Qianyue Xianzong and Xu Ren, which made the array more unstable. That’s why we can get a seven-blood demon king to pass. If there were no attacks by the three elders of Qianyue Xianzong and Xu Ren, there would be not only a seven-blood demon king here today, but even more powerful demons and more ordinary demons.
With the return of the monks’ confidence in the northern and western allied forces, there has also been a lot of trouble for those ordinary demons, but on the whole, the demons have a greater advantage because the sending array method is short, but the number of demons coming out from it is still very large.
In addition, the individual strength of these demons is not weak, but they are not as good as the monks in the northern and western allied forces
However, due to a large number and individual strength advantages, if the battle goes on for a long time, it is likely that those demons will win in the end
Xu Ren was in a hurry, so he released his spirit again.
He has a total of 500 spirits, and some of them have been consumed by fighting. Now there are about 400 left. Although the number has decreased, the coordinated attack of 400 spirits on the battlefield still has a lot of lethality for ordinary demons.
As a result, the crisis of the allied forces in the north and west has temporarily eased, but after a long time, the trend of the war still makes people feel uncertain
Nai Xu Ren will bite spirit worm released again.
The target of the spirit-eating worm is blood inferno, including blood turned into magic blood, and blood inferno rushed out from the array sent by Friar Shadian.
This time, Xu Ren didn’t let the spirit-eating insects act separately, but let them act together
It’s quite efficient to deal with a monk whose blood turns into magic blood or a primitive blood inferno at the same time.
But this time, there are not a few primitive blood demons coming out of the law of sending. Even with the help of spirit-eating worms, it is impossible for Xu Ren to kill all blood demons for a while.
Xu Ren’s mind moved his life, and the "black hole" increased its swallowing power and constantly devoured the blood gas on the battlefield.
Battlefield blood gas and ShaQi are both profitable things for demons. Xu Ren can’t let these demons have the opportunity to replenish consumption, otherwise today’s war will become more difficult.
Seeing that Chengtou’s blood gas is getting thinner and thinner, the face of the Seven Demons finally has an anxious color. He didn’t expect that there are people in the human world who can devour blood gas. This is their blood inferno fighting for food.
"Go to hell, Xiao."
A native seven blood demon king is still very powerful, so even though he is solemn, the fifth swordsman, Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu are fighting, he can still find Xu Ren’s small movements, so he attacked Xu Ren while he was fleeting.
Xu Ren has also been paying attention to the movement of the king of The Hunger. He doesn’t want to die because of a temporary negligence.
Saw the seven blood Lord attack to yourself, Xu Ren body also have flashing missed evaded the other attack.
For the original seven blood demon king to attack Xu Ren and dare not meet him hard, it is more important to kill him and prevent the inferno from spreading widely.
The seven blood demon king who came from the underworld saw that Xu Ren escaped his attack so easily, and his expression became more angry.
Xu Ren also ignored the anger of the Seven Blood Demons and still struck those low-order demons in full swing.
"Your opponent is us."
The three elders of Qianyue Xianzong felt ashamed when they saw that the seven kings of The Hunger had attacked Xu Ren, so he stepped up the pace of attack.
Not only did the three elders of Qianyue Xianzong solemnly step up the attack rhythm, but also the three baby swords, the Fifth Sword Hao, Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu, stepped up the attack rhythm.
In this way, even if the seven blood lords are powerful, it will not be so easy to find opportunities to attack Xu Ren.
This Xu Ren also managed to breathe a sigh of relief slightly, but he could deal with his inferno more intently.
Xiaoer has transported Nirvana Fire and Skyfire Flying Sword to the extreme, and those demons in Xu Ren’s "black hole" Flying Sword have difficulty in moving. It is even more difficult to defend against the Nirvana Fire and Skyfire Flying Sword released by Xiaoer, so many demons have been lit as torches, and there is also a powerful inferno whose strength is equivalent to the blood of the blood evil spirit temple, the Yuanying realm, and the peak monk’s blood turned into magic.
Shen Tengyun has also killed several infernos, and the strength of those infernos is not weak. The six demons Zongyuan, the late monks, are almost as strong as the infernos.
In addition to killing the ordinary inferno, the little demon leopard Molin also stared at a powerful inferno. Although that guy is not a blood inferno, his strength is stronger than that of the monk in the later period of the blood evil spirit temple Yuan Ying.
But that guy is not a blood inferno. He can’t manipulate the blood ShaQi. The little demon leopard Molin plays mostly with the strength of the earth.
This opponent is Xiao Yao Bao Mo Lin’s favorite, and his side is also the most lively.
There was a loud noise, and the Seven Blood Demons finally couldn’t help it. The three elders of Qianyue Xianzong solemnly issued the strongest blow so far. Solemnity also made efforts to resist this one-man-one-magic attack. It was absolutely thrilling to meet.
Although the three elders of Qianyue Xianzong received the attack from the Seven Blood Demons, his figure was uncontrolled, and he retreated backwards and pulled out of more than twenty feet before he managed to stabilize himself.
The solemn situation of the three elders of the Millennium Immortal Sect is really not optimistic. If it were not for the five elders of the Millennium Immortal Sect, Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu, it would be dangerous to contain the three elders of the Millennium Immortal Sect.
When Qianyue Xianzong went to the elder Yan Fang’s three-bit baby sword repair and fell into a bitter struggle, Xu Ren had achieved good results here. Almost all the demons controlled by the "black hole" flying sword were cleaned up, and those who were cleaned up were not only killed, but also the bodies and magic gas of the demons were swallowed up by the "black hole" flying sword.
Then Xu Ren helped Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao Molin solve their opponents.
However, although Xu Ren has solved his opponent here, the solemn situation of the three elders of Qianyue Xianzong is very bad. He was injured before, and now the Seven Devils have been deadlocked for so long, and they are almost exhausted.
It’s not without thinking about giving up fighting. Unfortunately, the Seven Blood Demons stared too closely. Even with the fifth Jian Hao, Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu, the three baby swordsmen helped contain Yan Zheng and didn’t find a chance to get out.
Yan Zheng didn’t find a chance to get away, but the attack of the Seven Blood Demons became more and more tight. Not only did Yan Zheng force him to retreat repeatedly, but the Fifth Jianhao, Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu were also suppressed.
If we follow this trend, we will be so solemn, and the three babies will probably die here together with Jian Xiu.
The key moment is solemn and throwing caution to the wind. I directly repaired the sound of the three baby swords not far away, saying, "Now the situation is urgent, you can try your best to help me buy some time."
Fifth Jianhao, Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu are all anxious in their hearts. Although they don’t know what else solemn means are, their intuition tells them that solemn means are also a way to hurt the enemy, but this is their only chance.
Fifth, the momentum of the rapid transformation of Jian Hao’s hands is becoming more and more powerful.
"It’s the secret method of burning blood."

At this time, seeing Lin Jin snuggling up to another man’s building suddenly attracted a lot of attention, and all of them whispered to each other.

Sensitive Lin Jin found this situation instantly, and suddenly her head was buried deeper and bitter. She always felt that after today, maybe the whole 16-series media would flow her name.
Of course, it’s not a nice name. It’s probably something like "masculine and feminine", "perverted women’s clothes" and "pseudo-gay"
"Come on" Lin Jin finally can’t stand the eyes around her. She crustily skin of head looked up and glared at others. If it wasn’t the most important thing at this time, she would have been angry with those students around her.
True m suffers!
"Well," Haohappy also noticed the eyes of others. He accelerated his pace, but he took care of Lin Jin, which was probably changed from a leisurely walk to a walk at ordinary times, which was about three percent faster.
However, when I finally got out of the dormitory building, my wonderful eyes almost disappeared.
I finally breathed a sigh of relief. Lin Jin’s stiff body is finally a little softer.
Although she is wearing men’s clothes, if she is so close to Chen Hao, she should be recognized as a girl who likes to wear neutral clothes, right?
I didn’t meet my classmates before
"Do you want me to help you by asking me to have dinner together?" Haohappy felt that she was walking in silence and asked Lin Jin, "If there’s anything, just say it without eating together, if it’s not too difficult."
But I want you to have a good impression of me to 100 points, and then listen to me and let me finish the black cat cheating, okay?
It doesn’t have to be too difficult. Doesn’t that mean that Chen Hao doesn’t like himself to that extent now?
"Let’s talk about it in the western restaurant." Lin Jin shyly hung his head and held on to Haohappy’s arm with both hands tightly. "It’s not an important thing. It’s not urgent."
Why do you feel like your chest is rubbing against him?
With his head down, Lin Jin’s face was black and carbon-like, and he glanced at his chest and found that Haohappy’s arm was really stuck with his half chest, but now Lin Jin’s chest is not obvious, and Haohappy didn’t find it.
I always feel that my moral integrity is all gone.
Heavily sighing, Lin Jin suspects that if she goes there again, she may really be set up by a black cat to stereotype who is a "social butterfly"
I don’t want to hook up with men! ! ! Want a girl! Sister!
Chapter 79 7 Can I be your girlfriend?
When is the boss?
Lin Jin’s face was full of love, clutching Haohappy’s arm, and half of her body was pasted with Haohappy’s body. She sighed with low head.
"What’s the matter?" Chen Haoxiao is very heart-warming. Although Lin Jin wears thick clothes, he can still feel Lin Jin’s soft body. He and Lin Jin are almost stuck together, so he can smell a faint fragrance when he bows his head.
Lin Jin looked up and looked up and instantly became a Zhang Wei smiling face. After that, she looked like a little girl and moved towards Chen Haoshen by the by. "What do you want to eat? It’s my treat. "
"It’s my treat. Don’t you have no money?" Chen Hao enjoys everything at this time. Although she knows that Lin Jin is a big JJ cute girl, she is also a cute girl after all!
Since he had a three-month online dating with Lin Jin in high school, he has never been in close contact with girls. Even though he looks really good, many sisters have expressed their love to him, but he has never accepted it once, simply because he is still thinking about the online dating object in his sophomore year.
I really saw the online dating object, but I was told that it was a man, and I had no idea about Lin Jin. But today, Lin Jin seems to have lost her head and turned into a soft girl to tease him.
Although Lin Jin is really wrong, Haohappy still chooses to treat Lin Jin as a younger sister for the time being.
On the right side of the gate on the second floor of the canteen is the western restaurant store that Lin Jin said. This store should be the highest-end store in the school. Although the decoration is not luxurious, it is not far from the western restaurant outside.
Although this western restaurant is small in size, there are four tables and four seats, but there is a screen behind the four seats and a private table for two, which is what Lin Jin said.
At most, this box is blocked by a screen, but it is a place where many couples in this school like to come.
Walking into this western restaurant, Lin Jin is still cuddling up to Haohappy. Although wearing men’s clothes, those surprised eyes have almost disappeared since leaving the boys’ dormitory, leaving a group of single dog envious eyes on Haohappy.
"What would you like to eat?" Haohappy walked to the bar and looked at the beautiful member and bowed his head to the side of Lin Jin and asked.
"It would be nice to have something casually." Lin Jin looked up and got stiff all over.
Isn’t God M the former target? That senior? I think her name is Rachel Lin, right? Right? !
Rachel looked at the two men with a smile on her face, but she felt as if she had been trampled by a group of alpacas, and the whole person was in a state of madness.
That short guy looks a little girly. Isn’t that the former schoolmate who asked her for her mobile phone number? How long has it been? Why do you feel more beautiful than her? And hooked up with a man?
Haohappy felt that Lin Jin grabbed his arm and glanced at it with some trembling hands, but didn’t think too much. Lin Jin was just a little nervous and ordered a few snacks and two cokes at will, and then dragged the stiff Lin Jin to the double seat behind the screen.
"Well, what do you want to do now?" Haohappy and Lin Jin sat face to face with his hands propped up on the back of the table and looked at Lin Jin with interest.
Lin Jin’s face is always a smile when facing Chen Haoshi. At this time, it is also that coquettish bitch looking at the opposite Chen Haoshi. Although I still think about the senior in my heart, I can try my best to forget those distractions when I finish.
"Why don’t we finish eating?" Lin Jin is very nervous. She puts the table where Chen Hao can’t see, but her hands keep shaking, but she still keeps smiling for fear of being seen by Chen Hao.
"Fine." Haohappy wanted to ask Lin Jin if he was stimulated today, but when he saw that face, he couldn’t ask, for fear that Lin Jin would break his fragile heart to pieces as soon as he told the truth.
Lin Jin kept sighing in his heart, and the little girl’s appearance before him was still a foreshadowing. Now it is the drama today.
Took out a cellular phone and glanced at Chen Hao’s affection for himself now, and found that it was only 6 until now, which is probably the degree to which couples are under age.
The black cat explained that 7 degrees of affection only reached the level of a couple, while Chen Haoqian also had 7+ degrees of affection for himself, but as soon as he knew that he was a male, he immediately dropped to 5+.
Maybe there should be some means to make Chen Hao firmly recognize me as a woman?
But I have already told myself that I am a man before, and now I suddenly change my mind. People won’t believe me, will they? Even if you believe it, you will think that you have been played, but it will reduce your goodwill, right?
Lin Jin frowned in some distress. She considered whether she really wanted to tell Haohappy today.
Would that be too hasty? Although the calculation should be finished at noon every day, can you get Chen Haoyue out early?
Rachel took Haohappy’s order and put it on the table. She secretly glanced at Lin Jin, who was in distress, and then turned around and returned to the counter.
Haohappy ordered some snacks, fried chicken pieces and chicken skewers. A dozen dollars also cost fifty dollars.
Lin Jin was a little guilty and didn’t directly eat his hands and hide the table. He held each other tightly and secretly peeped at Haohappy and even dared not lift his head.
If Chen Haozhen agrees to my confession, isn’t that cheating people’s feelings? It’s better to cheat people’s feelings. As a result, it doesn’t seem to be very cost-effective to have an annoying suitor.
But think about punishing Lin Jin and immediately strengthen cheat people’s determination
"Why don’t you eat?" Haohappy is still confused about what Lin Jin wants to do when he asks him out. He looks at Lin Jin’s delicate face, although he knows that Lin Jin is a man, but that face is too much like a girl even with short hair.

The goddess of snow and ice gave a bad smile. "I refuse!"

God bless a man who almost fell down with a gun. "Can the temple help me?"
God bless you with a stupid face. What kind of routine is this?
The goddess of ice and snow smiled bitterly, "Let Hestia come and I will guide you personally! This is my condition! "
God bless "this … can you change it?"
Snow Goddess "No!"
God bless asked awkwardly, "Then I’ll go back and ask!"
Snow Goddess "I am optimistic about you! Give me that little girl! "
God bless the temple, isn’t it? At least Hestia is my exclusive goddess! "
"Go quickly!"
God bless "all right! I’ll go back and try. "
God bless me when I got home and told Hestia about it.
As a result, Hestia directly changed his face. "I’m not going! Resolutely don’t! "
God bless "all right! I feel that the Snow Goddess Temple is very good! "
Hestia shook her head. "You saw the surface! That guy is terrible. It’s especially good to hide himself at ordinary times! Her part-time job is just a … I always don’t go! Can’t you find someone else? "
God bless a stand hand "at present, she is the most suitable, and I can’t help it. I’ll do something!" "
Hestia, "Are you really going?"
"Well" God bless nodded.
Hestia was silent for a while. "In this case, I’ll consider one!"
Hestia’s face suddenly blushed with honey and then she gritted her teeth and stamped her feet. "This is also a fight for her own family! Hum! Why do you want her blessing? This is finished! "
What is "God Bless"? What are you going to do? "
Hestia "none of your business! Let’s go together! "
"Hestia’s adult will you be in danger? Otherwise you’d better not go! How do I feel? "
"It’s okay are acquaintances! No big deal! There will be no danger! "
"Oh, what are you afraid of? Lord Hestia, "God bless, is very curious about Hestia’s fear of going to see the goddess of snow and ice.
"repetitive! That’s settled. Don’t ask! "
God bless looking at the honey blushing Hestia’s own brain. "Does the ice goddess have a tendency to lily?" I’m good! So exciting! "
Hestia saw God’s mind wandering. "Are you thinking something wonderful?"
God bless quickly shook his head "no I deny it! My thoughts are so pure! "
Winnie and Chen Yanyan came to the side "bah! Are you pure? Don’t defile these two words! "
God bless serious way "you two owe to pick up? So don’t give yourself a man’s face! Pick you up at night! "
Hestia "Oh! Late … Gee! What a pervert! "
Winnie "is it late? Come on, who’s afraid of who! Hey! "
Chen Yanyan "Hestia’s adult, he is a big pervert! You should be careful! "
God bless "…"
The next day, Tianyou and Hestia came to the Palace of the Snow Goddess. "Why is there still no one!"
"Hestia’s adult? What’s the matter with you? Are you afraid? " God bless looking at the door of the temple and afraid to go Hestia.
"Who’s afraid? Hum, I’m a troublemaker! Where have we been! " Hestia suddenly lined his chest and said
"Hip-hop" God bless pushing the door "I brought Lord Hestia to the temple!"
"Oh, sure enough, I knew you would come! After all, it’s your first family! You will definitely come! Come on, sweet little Hestia! Come to me! "
The goddess of ice and snow laughs especially lewd and lascivious. God bless her. "Is this still the goddess of ice and snow who is usually cold?" How do I feel like a wretched uncle! "
Hestia went to the goddess of ice and snow, and the goddess of ice and snow dragged Hestia into her arms and lifted Hestia with one hand. "I haven’t seen you for a long time. You are always avoiding me. This time I will see where you are going!"
Hestia said shyly, "Don’t be so Islamic! You fucking pervert! "
The goddess of ice and snow, Islam Danivriya, "Hehe, shy of my little Hestia!"
Then he kissed Hestia directly, and Hestia was going to break free, but she wouldn’t struggle for a while
After catering to the ice goddess Dani Fuerya, God bless has been stupefied and opened his mouth to see such a picture.
"Emperor what is this couple! This is in line with my guess! And there was, but no! Lily is limited! The picture is too beautiful to watch. "Even God bless this old driver, he is a little tired.
God bless quickly cough a.
"Ah?" Hestia quickly jumped out of the arms of the goddess of ice and snow, and then ran to embrace God bless. "I can’t get married when I’m finished … whoops."
God bless Hestia, patting her arms. "It’s okay, it’s okay. Adult Hestia can’t have a lily if it’s limited, but I support you!"
Hestia beat God bless her chest with her little fist. "Lily, you big head ghost! I’m not a lily! Dani is! I was forced! God help me! "
God bless, "my Lord, I think you were quite happy just now! Say what to save you? I feel good! "
Hestia "Whoops, you big head ghost! You baiwenhang! Whoops, you don’t help me! "
God bless "…"
Snow Goddess "All right, Hestia! Even your dependents are on my side, so just accept your fate! To study when we get married. What kind of wedding do you want? "
God bless "I gather together you this rhythm is a bit fast! What do I have to give you when you get married? "
Snow goddess "just send a baby!" If we can’t be born, lend me a seed! "
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine
God bless has been trained by the ice goddess. Oh, no, it’s training
"Ah ah! It’s so cold I haven’t felt cold for a long time! "God bless the goddess of ice and snow, I can’t breathe. Every time I breathe, it hurts.
"Well! I don’t have much strength! "
"Well, if you try, I guess it’s over!"

As long as Xu Er can remember, he knew that he had a wife who knew that his daughter-in-law should be called "mother-in-law", although he didn’t know what "wife" was at that time, and he didn’t know what the name "mother-in-law" meant.

How old is it when you can remember? Two years old? Three years old? He knows this for himself!
It seems that someone once asked him about his daughter-in-law. How did he answer this question?
He said, "Daughter-in-law just plays with her and makes her happy. When she is sick and unhappy, she should accompany her when she cries, coax her to have something delicious for her, give her whatever she wants for fun, and protect her. Whoever dares to bully her will help her bully back!"
Then he asked people to laugh and his mother-in-law was so happy that she hugged him and praised him as a "good son-in-law"
In fact, Xu’s son is not very white. What’s the pleasure of his mother-in-law because her mother-in-law taught him all these words?
Mother said that her mother-in-law was very close to her elders, and she had to listen to her words.
So he took it for granted and has been doing it.
So he doesn’t like being touched by others, but he only endures her meeting and pulls his sleeve to call him "Brother Xu". He’s a neat freak. Except when he is practicing martial arts, he can endure mud, and she cries tears, tugging at his sleeve to wipe away tears.
She giggled and dragged him with her, and so did he.
He even silently endured when she wanted to eat candied fruit in a small shop, and stood behind the queue …
And familiar with others knows that this kind of thing is his most boring!
In late autumn, the sky is clear and bright, and the sun shines through the thin clouds, which makes people’s hearts bright.
There was a chrysanthemum banquet in Liujun Wangfu, and the guests were crowded.
This is the first year that Lian Fangzhou, Li Fu and others returned to Beijing, and they held a special banquet for the princess of the county, so that they could enjoy the chrysanthemums and enjoy the holidays. Secondly, Lian Fangzhou could quickly integrate into the circle of middle-level ladies in Beijing.
After all, times have changed for many years, and many things have changed, and the imperial concubine in the palace wants to be queen without the support of the dignitaries in the DPRK, which is a good way to open the gap
If you go to dinner elsewhere, Xu Er won’t go with her mother, but it’s natural to go to her fiancee’s house.
At the age of seven, he has developed a good posture because of martial arts. He is tall and strong, with five facial features showing heroic spirit, thick eyebrows, high nose and good tolerance. It can be seen that he must be a handsome man when he grows up.
Because his background is higher than his parents’ starting point, he looks more mysterious and charming because he is full of noble temperament and a little cold and lonely.
He was very patient because he went to his father-in-law’s house for dinner today, so his mother ordered someone to dress him.
Pure white flowers, brocade round neck robes, sapphire sleeves, arrows, scarlet sleeves, white jade belt fabrics and first-class robes embroidered with gold and blue Swiss grass and Coriolus versicolor patterns are extremely delicate and gorgeous.
The hair is high at the top of the head, wearing a pearl hairpin and tassel crown, and the face is more and more clear and handsome.
Even Fang Zhou sat there drinking tea and saw the nurse give her baby a crown. When the little guy frowned, he still endured without saying anything and couldn’t help but feel happy.
Even Fang Zhou sighed in his heart that this little guy, like his father, never paid much attention to these decorations. It’s okay to wear clothes that are comfortable and clean. It’s absolutely impossible to talk about good looks and add burden.
However, the husband is just reluctant. What kind of mother doesn’t like to dress up her baby handsomely and give him the best?
Now the Li family is not only conditional but very, very conditional! But baby doesn’t like it.
If he hadn’t gone to his parents-in-law’s house today, he wouldn’t be wearing this suit honestly!
Even fangzhou is relieved and a little bit sour. The little guy is more promising than his father. He knows how to please his daughter-in-law at such a young age …
She was imagining things. When the nurse tried to put a crystal white jade of suet on his waist, the little guy finally forbeared to cry "Mother!"
With dissatisfaction in the tone.
The destitution couldn’t help laughing, too, with Yu Pei in his hand, and he looked at Lian Fangzhou there.
Even Fang Zhou gave a smile "! Don’t take it without it! My son doesn’t rely on these things to keep up appearances! My son was born good! "
"That’s right!" The nurse also laughed. "Who doesn’t like the appearance of a gentleman?"
"Mom, let’s go!" Little guy frowned slightly simply interrupted
Even fangzhou and destitution couldn’t help smiling.
"Let’s go! Your father-in-law may be anxious! " Even Fang Zhou got up and walked out with a smile. Xu Er followed her.
It’s not that she doesn’t want to be intimate, holding hands with her baby, and the girls are kissing and going out.
However, four years ago, when he and she walked together, they resolutely refused to let her hold hands. He said that he was no longer a child!
Even Fang Zhou, despite his madness and disdain for his words, could not beat him.
She swore that Er would teach him well and never let him follow in his brother’s footsteps.
By the way, adopted children can’t always help others raise their families, can they? Eldest son has become a "other woman and man". Second son must belong to her as a mother at least before she changes.
Otherwise, how can she be pregnant in October and suffer?
Even Fang Zhou and Bi Tao have adopted daughters, and Xu Er rode beside the carriage.
This horse was specially brought to him by Yong Wang from the northwest. This kind of horse is well-proportioned, strong and explosive, but it is resistant to long distances, especially for its short stature, which is suitable for riding at Xu Er’s age.
A group of people surrounded by guards opened the way and left for the county palace.
Passers-by saw such a handsome, noble and handsome man, Xiao Langjun rode skillfully, but he was so comfortable and beautiful that he raised eyebrows and made small comments.
It’s no wonder that someone can see the emblem of the carriage and tell everyone that they suddenly realize it! It turned out to be Duke Hou of Weining!
The guards and servants are proud, one by one, holding their heads up and holding out their chests, but Xu Er is arrogant and indifferent, as if everyone is not like him. The more so, the more they attract people to be fascinated and admire. 1587 Chapter 1587 Jealousy.
Peach lifted the car curtain and took a glance at the corner. I couldn’t help but sip my lips and say with smile, "Gentleman, this elegant demeanor is more and more outstanding! If it takes a few years, I don’t know how many boudoir women will pursue it! Fortunately, his wife can be less concerned about his engagement! "
Even Fang Zhou took a glance at the outside and laughed. "Speaking of which, I wonder why this little guy doesn’t even say a word all day and doesn’t like to talk to people. Why is it so conspicuous?" When I was in the South China Sea, it was even worse to return to Beijing now! "
Is it true that the whole world has a tendency to be abused? Or has the world changed? Icebergs are more popular?

"Well, don’t practice this skill now. Your body is almost recovered. I think it’s time for you to soak in a panacea pool." The old man said with a smile.

Hear the words of the elders suspection.i war, as the silk depressed was immediately thrown to the outside of the cloud nine to teng to come together and then a face of excitement, "elder you say it’s not this big pool, this is a muti pool? What is it? "
"Well, don’t want to know what’s there like a monkey. Just go in and soak it, but remember that the energy in this elixir pool is very strong. If you feel that you can’t hold on, don’t hold on. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not waking you up when you die." The old man pointed to the big pool and looked somberly.
Hearing the words of the old man, Huangfu Zhantian did not dare to neglect his figure, and the whole person directly sank into this huge pool.
After entering Huangfu Zhantian, he felt a cool and refreshing feeling, and then a powerful energy broke out in the liquid in this pool. This powerful energy continued to drill towards Huangfu Zhantian. As the energy entered the body, the original cool and comfortable feeling suddenly disappeared, followed by a tingling. The energy was like a caterpillar, and it was crazy to drill towards his body. His whole body was very itchy, but he did not dare to scratch it but absorbed it with his attention.
As these energies enter Huangfu Zhantian crazily, I feel that my body seems to be getting lighter and lighter, but after that powerful energy enters his body, the impurities caused by the damage of meridians and body are suddenly washed away crazily by these energies, and the strange energy that was not absorbed by myself has also disappeared after the crazy impact of this energy.
I feel the change of the body. Huangfu Zhantian suddenly understood that the liquid medicine in this elixir pool is probably a very precious liquid medicine. I’m afraid that even if I don’t practice that I don’t know what the name is, the powerful energy impact in this elixir pool will fuse the energy, but the other body will devour and destroy it, but there is still no movement, as if it were not my own body, which makes Huangfu Zhantian very unhappy.
This kind of absorption didn’t last too long, and soon I felt that my body was getting hurt gradually. I think it was because too much energy entered my roots and I couldn’t absorb it.
Remember that the old man told Huangfu Zhantian not to dare to absorb it again, but to climb up and get to the shore directly. This energy enters too fast, and if you stay for a short time, I’m afraid it will be reversed.
After returning to the shore, Huangfu Zhantian directly sat cross-legged and then tried to absorb the energy that entered his body but was not absorbed by himself.
When Huangfu Zhantian absorbed his body energy, he found that his body was completely different from before. There was no change in physical strength, strength and defense, but what was different? After searching for a long time, Huangfu Zhantian vaguely felt that the change was his own cell. Now he feels that every cell is full of vitality. This change is a qualitative change, and it is difficult to change his talent unless some very special methods are adopted, but that method is raised. But just now, he felt that his body’s perception ability and the speed of absorbing energy have increased a lot, and he has also lost some doubts about uniting. It seems that this elixir pool can change people’s talents instead of improving their strength. It’s just too fate. Section 147: Jade tablets
After sighing the power of this elixir pool, Huangfu Zhantian didn’t wave again. When the body suddenly jumped into the elixir pool again, let the milky liquid sink to the top of the head and then absorbed it hard.
I don’t know how many times this cycle has been repeated. Anyway, he didn’t come with a full face of regret until he felt that his body could no longer absorb the medicine of this elixir pool.
"Don’t be dissatisfied with the fact that people in this elixir pool can soak it once, but you don’t know how many times. So many times are enough to make your body and soul get a qualitative leap, but you don’t even have one thousandth of the efficacy of this elixir pool. If you like, let your friends come and soak it for them." The old man smiled and said.
When I heard the old man’s words, the eyes of Huangfu Zhantian suddenly lit up. Yeah, why didn’t I think of it? Since this elixir pool has nothing for myself now, it’s better to soak Henaan and them. At the thought of this, Huangfu Zhantian was anxious to leave but was stopped by the old man.
"Don’t be in such a hurry. Anyway, this elixir pool won’t disappear. Sometimes it’s almost time for you to give it to you." The old man hesitated and said [
Hearing the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly became curious. What is it?
"This is it. Take it and practice hard. Never let down the expectations of your old master!" Said the old man, handing a jade piece to Huangfu Zhantian.
After receiving this jade piece, I suddenly became curious about what this thing is and how to practice it.
"You can get what you want by putting your knowledge into it!" The old man looked at suspection.i Zhantian with a puzzled face and immediately laughed
Huangfu Zhantian was forced not to put his knowledge into this pale green jade film, but he was stunned by a lot of information as soon as he entered it. Then Huangfu Zhantian felt that his brain was about to explode, but this feeling didn’t last long, but it disappeared in a moment. Soon Huangfu Zhantian felt that it was an illusion just now, but the things in his mind made Huangfu Zhantian realize that it was not his illusion but a real one.
However, suspection.i Zhantian didn’t entangle this problem for too long, but was stunned by the information in his mind. In a short time, his saliva was about to flow out.
Because all the information that appears in my mind is actually about refining medicine, but these methods and experiences are more precious. After all, these are directly in my mind, which is equivalent to my own possession. But what surprises Huangfu Zhantian is that these pills are much stronger than those outside, and many of them are not available outside, but these pills are not seen by myself, which makes Huangfu Zhantian somewhat depressed. After all, there are so many herbs he sees in the elixir that he rarely knows them.
There are too many Dan medicines displayed in it, and it is impossible to sort them out in a short time, so Nai Huangfu Zhantian retired the gods from the jade tablets.
"I haven’t seen many herbs in this. How can this be refined?" Any suspection.i zhantian depressed asked
"Why don’t you take a good look at the medicinal properties of those herbs? Although the name is different, the effect surface should be no different from those outside, but there are some herbs that you can’t find outside. Remember the former medicine garden. If you refine Dan medicine, you can pick them from there. If there are no herbs you want, you have to practice well. Because there is a large medicine garden in the center of this chaotic temple, which is the real medicine garden, but your reality is not enough. At least you must be in place to open that huge medicine garden. There is something you can’t think of."
Hearing the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was ecstatic. He didn’t expect that there would be such a good thing. It seems that the master who has never met him is not bad for himself. He has left such a huge fortune for himself. It is Kai that this medicine garden actually needs his own strength to reach the realm of a god, dzogchen. That is to say, he must not be able to see it in a short time, which is said by the old man to be so fantastic.
"Don’t worry, your ability to refine Dan medicine root is less than that small medicine bed in front of the medicinal materials inside is enough for you." The old man saw that Huangfu Zhantian was depressed and said.
"Well, the old man, I’m going to bring my friends here. I don’t know how many people can absorb it at a time?" Any suspection.i zhantian asked
"Just bring it with you. There are enough people here to soak together!" The old man replied with a smile
Hearing the old man’s words, the genius of Huangfu War finally breathed a sigh of relief. If one person soaks alone, I don’t know when it will be arranged. Now it can be solved, but it is very good.
Farewell to the old man HuangFuZhanTian shape a flash directly came to his room just came to the room HuangFuZhanTian found his room that beautiful figure see Henaan is v desktop eyebrows slightly wrinkled as if doing something bad dream.
Looking at Henaan that kind of suspection.i war, as a heart suddenly burst of heartache, I think it should be my own small world. I’m afraid Henaan has been waiting here for his roots. I think it should be waiting for myself to be too tired to fall asleep.
Huangfu Zhantian gently walked beside Henaan and gently took off his clothes. Then Gai Henaan reached out and gently held Henaan’s hand. He looked at this face like an elf affectionately. Huangfu Zhantian’s strength at this time was not difficult to get close to Henaan, but he didn’t want Henaan to wake up and wanted her to have a good rest.

Xiao’s brother was not surprised when he heard that the intruder had issued such a provocative declaration to Han Songfeng naked. How can he talk to a person who is a whole level higher than him? It’s like you’re building a higher level. It’s so pretentious!

Damn it, that’s disgusting!
It is precisely because of this that the Xiao family suffered such a heavy loss this time. I don’t know how many brothers of the same family were sucked into the abyss. More importantly, he dared to rush into the Xiao family peak, which made Xiao family lose face! Everyone’s heart is burning with a method to put out anger. If you don’t kill the people’s anger?
"You serve this person real hateful theory which hill he is really brother killed! Be sure to kill him! "
"That’s right! Kill him! Kill him! "
Killing a real brother is so exciting for these practicing monks! Gradually, everyone shouted a uniform slogan, waved their fists, and the momentum was like a rainbow. As the slogan became louder and louder, the atmosphere became more and more warm. Everyone’s heart was burning with blood, and pairs of expectant eyes were watching Seventeen Bongs, expecting them to destroy the intruders!
These Xiao brothers are used to intrigue with each other at ordinary times, but their feelings are indifferent as ice, but they have never been United when fighting against foreign enemies. This unexpected situation is that Xiao Hong did not expect it, but this doubt has a positive impact on the cohesion of Xiao family.
"Ha ha make me Xiao Guzhe slay! Thank you! " Xiao Hong’s mood is getting more and more comfortable, and the avalanche of slogans in his ear makes him feel quite proud.
However, he didn’t see that except Han Song, when he met the so-called intruder, he didn’t look like a terrible thing, and his teeth chattered.
Wang Gan! It was that ring that killed Yang Qing Wang Gan! The so-called enemy of the same order, Yang Qing, was killed by this person!
These Feng immediately recognized Wang Gan’s identity.
"I’ll leave when I don’t know anything about tonight." A man who took a deep breath and didn’t look at Han Song was as far away as a SangGuQuan.
This scene makes people unconsciously weaken by some slogans.
"Master Xiao, do you mean to murder me?" Another said with a sneer, and then his face turned into a flattering look, and he bowed his hand to Wang Gan and left politely.
Then another Feng backed out without saying anything, and immediately fled to Xiao Jia’s house without even saying hello.
Three people in succession quit Xiao Hong’s face "color" and turned from sunny to overcast. The face was cold and said, "You were scared at the early stage of a mere foundation? Coward! "
I don’t know how many benefits this group has taken from Xiao’s family, but they can’t afford to lose their face at all. How can this not make him angry?
"Xiao Hong has seed of yourself. Shouldn’t Xiao Jiazhu take the lead?" A sneer at also withdrew from the front, but did not leave immediately, but watched from a distance.
Xiao Hong was told that his face was blue and white, but he couldn’t say a word. Naturally, he didn’t have the courage to fight with Wang Gan, otherwise he was afraid that he would be beheaded before the first round.
Seeing that many Feng became "colored" immediately after seeing the intruders, Xiao’s younger brother suddenly lost his mind, and no one dared to speak again. It was so quiet that even a needle could be heard falling off. When the cold wind blew, they couldn’t help shivering and suddenly woke up from their fanaticism. They were not weak in IQ, and naturally they could guess that these Feng were afraid of the damn intruder!
Oh, my God. Sixteen bongs ran away after meeting this man. Who is he? Have such a strong deterrent?
In a blink of an eye, Han Songfeng was left with one person, 16 of whom served ten people and went home directly, while six people stopped in the distance to watch the development from afar.
Han Song hasn’t spoken. It seems that since he is here, everyone else is dispensable, which is not a fighting force, but it will get in the way when the interests are finally distributed.
Therefore, he doesn’t have the slightest desire to stay here. Since they are willing to take the initiative to leave, it is natural.
And now he was so excited that he didn’t expect this intruder to be the Wang Gan who was in the limelight recently! It’s not often that you end the life of a peerless genius.
What if the potential is great? I will kill you after all!
And according to the smell, there is a magic weapon in this person’s hand! I don’t know how much strength I can add if I will seize it! And he is not worried that this person will pose a threat to himself, because it is impossible to go beyond the challenge. This is common sense!
Therefore, he never goes to see the young players compete, which will make him feel yawning and chatting.
Besides, even if he has a magic weapon in his hand? He will be motivated by his strength, and he can exert the power of the instrument at most. Only with his own hands can he shine it!
"Ha ha, you are Wang Gan? Really arrogant, really damn it! I don’t know if you dare to take the initiative to provoke me! " Han Songlang drank and laughed wildly all over the field.
Wang Gan? That Wang Gan!
Xiao’s younger brother was stunned and disbelieved for a moment after hearing this name, but soon they realized that since Han Songfeng said this, there was no doubt that this person was Wang Gan! That beat Yang Qing Wang Gan!
After realizing that the intruder turned out to be Wang Gan, everyone’s face "showed" those general expressions of fear, hesitation and despair, and the atmosphere turned sharply and fell into a trough.
Even many people have secretly retreated to leave here as soon as possible.

It is said that Yi Yu finally looked at the sun’s nest after concluding the giant tree with a hundred feet and a thousand water columns. Although the hair feathers of the sun were all fine and vivid, it was still a dead thing. If it was originally looked at, it was very powerful, but now it is a little less clever and inferior.

So-called’ greedy snake swallows elephant’ is just like this. At this time, Yi Yucai just got three of the five elements, and now he looks at the hundred feet of the sun, which is not pleasing to the eye. What’s more, now Yi Yu’s five elements of qi have become its four earth elements, and it is still far away. This has always been a knot in his heart.
You know, although "Zazie" is very exquisite, the five elements of Qi are a kind of inheritance from heaven and geography, but Yi Yu’s cultivation method is very tricky. It is suspected that it is not a short-term mastery of the five elements of Qi, just like a car. You have wheels, motivation, frame and so on, but this is two different things from actually putting these things into a car, and Yi Yu has not even put together the pieces yet.
Yi Yu saw that everyone had come out and smiled, and no longer wanted to fly to meet the past. After all, his achievements are enviable now. If he sighs again, I’m afraid it’s not authentic.
"Scale saw Yi Yu come over and said a hail of happiness" Congratulations on her! Let’s this’ pure land of bliss’ is really getting more and more interesting. "
Yi Yu laughed. "Yes! Nowadays, the only fly in the ointment is the lack of soil elements. If we add up five elements, I believe that our small world will expand a lot. "
JiXia son connect a way "yes! If the five elements are together, it can really work like a world. Then we can introduce more spirits and animals, and even move in several villages to raise the temperature. "
Qi Lingyun also nodded and said, "I’m afraid this’ pure land of bliss’ will not become a fairyland with birds and flowers because of its hostility!"
Qin Han calyx is very aren’t "elder sister lingyun you are so kind! In the past, he was a big bad guy. Now he has been like this since he was young, but he has not become a big devil when he grows up. How can his field become a fairyland? "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "I think the cold calyx is itchy. How dare you slander my husband like this? According to the law of’ Blissful Pure Land’, you should be spanked ten times!"
Qin Han calyx a listen to immediately called to get up, "smelly rascal you nonsense! How can we have such laws here? !”
Yi Yu smiled and walked beside the cold calyx, but the cold calyx bit his lip and looked at him piteously, but he didn’t hide. "You are afraid of pain." This weak word has always been spoken from the mouth of the cold calyx, but it made Yi Yu feel uneasy.
Yi Yu stretched out his hand and held the cold calyx in her arms. "Silly girl, now my mother is trapped in a life-and-death situation. How can I be willing to hit you? Don’t worry, mother will be safe. "Say Yi Yu pinched the cold calyx nose." Cold calyx doesn’t deliberately attract my attention. How can I not know your mind? Now that I’m in a hurry, let’s go outside and watch if there are hooligans peeping at the true spirit of my mother’s fetus. Let’s kill one, two, one and Shuang Yi! "
Qin Han calyx a listen to that to some gloomy face also ruddy up beautifully big eyes a bright hard nodded his head.
Yi Yu again to other humanitarian "at this time, there must be other people outside who are friends or enemies. It’s not convenient for us all to go out. Just let me go out with Qin’s sister and cold calyx. You will stay inside for a while. If someone you don’t know comes in, give me a hand to die."
Say Yi Yu and Qin sisters flicker out of the’ pure land of bliss’ but left six sisters to get together and talk about it. Now Yi Yu is gone, there are only a few women left, and they are much more presumptuous to talk.
But listen to the JiLingYun a face of vision, "I didn’t expect Yi Yu, a bad little girl, to be so affectionate and righteous. I didn’t hesitate to help my cold calyx mother when she was robbed."
JiXia son connect a way "well! He was gentle with the cold calyx just now! He has always been a bully to me, and he has never … "
Shen Wei and Tang Wanwen listened to Qi Lingyun’s words, but they were very strange. They smiled and didn’t add anything to break Yi Yu’s mind. If sisters Qi Lingyun knew Yi Yu’s bad mind, they would be angry.
But just because they don’t say it doesn’t mean that others don’t say it, but they hear the Yin Su Tang saying, "It’s hard to say!" " ….. If you want to know the funeral, please go back to "The Old Story of tian hu"
The two hundred and first time tian hu’s past events.
When Qi Xiaer and Qi Lingyun praised Yi Yu together, they heard different sounds in Yin Su and heard Yin Su Tang say, "It’s hard to say! Although I haven’t been with him for a long time, my intuition tells me that this boy is too dangerous. My intuition is accurate! ….. ouch! Why did you hit me again, dirty sister? "
"Scale laughed" xiao ni have you said so brother-in-law? People don’t always say that aunt and brother-in-law are the most ambiguous. Why are you such a young aunt … Unless you also saw the brother-in-law before deliberately saying irony, shattered glass? Ah! You smelly little girl dare to fight back! "
Yin Su-tang tickles with Shen Wei. "Who told dirty elder sister to talk nonsense! I didn’t … Ah! Sister Dirty, I was wrong. Su Tang never dared again. Give me back my skirt and it will come soon! "
Qi Xia ‘er is still there to add fuel to the flames. "I didn’t expect Sister Su Tang to have such a good figure!"
For the time being, according to the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, all the girls are laughing and playing, not to mention that Yi Yu and Qin sisters are fishing in Aoji. At this time, it is still a few days before Mrs. Bao Xiang gets out of trouble. At this time, the three people here are alone in a baizhang boulder, and the salty and wet sea breeze blows hard on their faces. There is a sense of desolation in Xiao Qiu’s astringent rain and sadness.
Qin Han calyx seems to feel this depressing atmosphere, and when she leans softly into Yi Yu’s arms, she doesn’t want anything. It’s Qin Ziling, although her brow is bleak and bleak, but there isn’t even a tree in this bare fishing area. Who can she rely on?
Looking at Yi Yu’s arms, my sister and Yi Yu’s gentle caress Qin Ziling smiled. I don’t know whether the sea breeze was too strong to blow tears or sadness came from it. Qin Ziling actually shed two tears. Although she quickly suppressed some uncontrollable emotions, how could this subtle change escape Yi Yu’s eyes?
Yi Yu gently pressed the cold calyx head to the neck. Qin Ziling smiled and gently gestured to her other shoulder. Although there was no sound, Qin Ziling naturally understood Yi Yu’s meaning.
Qin Ziling looked at her sister’s serene heart and was very envious, but at this time, when she saw Yi Yu inviting her, she was somewhat swayed by considerations of gain and loss, and at that time, what was heaven and ethics … All sorts of thoughts came to her, which made her feel in a dilemma.
Finally, Qin Ziling’s depressed and uncomfortable atmosphere and Yi Yu’s clear eyes gradually came along and looked at this Ziling sister obediently leaning into his arms. Yi Yu’s eyes suddenly flashed a trace of evil light.
But Yi Yu, who was complacent, suddenly heard Qin Ziling whisper, "I … I can’t borrow one …" Although the sound was easy, Yi Yu listened to Qin Ziling’s gentle touch and sighed, "It seems that there is still a long way to go!"
Godsworn’s heart is the most tenacious. Although the Qin sisters lost their hearts at the moment when they were in danger, they quickly recovered their calm with a short rest in Yi Yu’s arms.
Qin Han calyx saw his sister with one eye and leaned weakly against Yi Yu’s arms. Cold calyx smiled slightly and closed her eyes again without moving.
Although the cold calyx looks a little careless and reckless at ordinary times, she knows how difficult it is for her sister to survive in this life-and-death fix world these years. Although she doesn’t mind very much, she is willing to share her lover with her sister, but the cold calyx knows better that if she doesn’t fit her eyes and doesn’t know anything, it will be difficult for her sister to get up soon.

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"You die!" Half-China Liancheng’s eyes were as cold as cold, and he stabbed Luo Ao in the face and said, "You are an evil disciple who is not worthy of being an heir to the Zhou Dynasty!"

When Luo Ao heard this, he was very angry and shouted, "What do you know?" Where did she know his true identity? How much do you know about his secret?
Liancheng sneered, "You should know that I all know that Luo Ao is not the first emperor of Zhou Dynasty. Since you are not making so many troubles, you are trying to seize the whole day?" She doesn’t know whether this lunatic is related to the royal family in Zhou Dynasty, but at this time she wants to provoke the other side and make him lose his mind, so as to find a way to stab the ghost of the moon and get rid of other evil spirits.
"You shut up!" Day everyone would fly emotional roar "who am I in my heart very clear about you? Who are you? I’m talking nonsense in front of me. Today I’m going to get rid of you, bitch, and your evil barrier! " The words fell on his hands and quickly turned over to detain Liancheng. It became cold around Liancheng, and then Liancheng saw several ice cones approaching her from all directions.
"You don’t underestimate me for trying to deal with me!" Qingyue raised her voice and put away the purple gold rope with her right hand. In an instant, several fireballs came out from her palm. Those fireballs greeted and hit everywhere. The ice cones exploded one after another and the rain poured from the middle.
When Luo Ao saw this, his anger surged in his heart and he rebuked the demon. "Do you have these two brushes?"
"Why? You are blaming me. If you didn’t try to be brave and keep me in confinement, how could you be so humiliated by a little girl! " The evil spirit is cool and says that he is not going to talk to him again.
Hum! Humble humans like to be brave, just try to be brave. If you don’t beg him, you can’t expect him to show his true colors and help again.
"You talk!"
"What did I say?"
"Don’t you want to see me defeated by a bitch?"
"I have summoned the army of evil spirits for you, and I have powers at your disposal. How can I help you if you want?"
"So that’s all you have to do!" Luo’ ao Jijiang
Evil cold hum "you dare to me … but if you want me to help you again, you beg me! And swear that this body will be controlled by me in the future! "
"You are delusional!"
Luo Ao attacked Liancheng while arguing with demons.
Liancheng eyes slightly narrowed a sharp ice shadow from the eyes tightly locked him.
Her palms turned over and her sleeves danced with the wind, and her figure suddenly attacked Luo Ao with incredible speed.
Luo ao found the danger approaching, and his face changed again and again. He changed his shape and wanted to kill Liancheng with one hand.
Clinker Liancheng’s body twisted strangely, and the whole body seemed to have no bones. He flew along the edge of his palm and his face became more ugly. All the true qi chased her and reached out and grabbed her ankle.
Liancheng eyes light a fiercely element hand raised a cold mountain from the fingertips to stab straight to the day everyone would fly Luo grabbed her ankle that hand.
Day everyone would fly drink forcefully stop but listen to "cough up" a loud sound, his wrist dislocated due to too hasty force.
Just bone he attacked Liancheng again.
"I will get rid of you today!"
Liancheng eyes light deep and remote cold sneered, "just you? Save your strength! "
Said her hand again raise several cold mountain like a sword to day everyone would fly to los day everyone would fly to attack while avoiding being stabbed by cold mountain suddenly felt a chill in his palm.
He was startled for a moment, and he hurried to force out the cold. Without thinking, he suddenly gathered at his fingertips to his cold-soaked hands
Cried the ice force poured in, and even if he had the ability, he could cast a trick and a half
"If you don’t want to die, please ask me to control it quickly …" The evil spirit didn’t want to disappear as soon as it reappeared in the world. He roared out.
However, before he could tell the story, Liancheng grasped the moon ghost and stabbed Luo Ao in the abdomen.
Follow her to pull out the moon ghost and fly back several feet, and you will see that the blood spilled from the place where Luo Ao was stabbed in the abdomen, and at the same time, a cloud of illusory blood fog followed.
And Luo ao at this time seems to be a fallen leaf falling rapidly in the forest.
The blood fog gradually gathered in Liancheng’s eyes, and the cold mountain burst out to attack the blood fog that was about to become an adult, but I heard Junyi’s faint voice raise, "Don’t come to me!"
With his voice falling on the moon, the ghost suddenly jumped out of her palm and stabbed straight at the heart of the bloody shadow.
No host, no support, no vitality. The evil spirit has not recovered yet. Seeing that it is about to stab his heart, his eyes are full of horror.
He can’t escape the suspense and is stabbed by the moon.
"Is it worthwhile to help a girl who doesn’t have you in her heart and sacrifice herself like this?" Demon evil voice raised, "You are a poor fool. You have waited for nearly a thousand years and have not regained your lover’s heart. It is more than a hundred times more pitiful than my demon evil …"
"If you are an evil spirit, you shouldn’t live in the world. It’s my own business to get rid of you if it’s heaven’s worth it to me!" Jun Yi raised his voice in a cool wave, and immediately the world was silent, but suddenly it exploded.