At the moment, we are in the forensic hall waiting for Lao Zhang’s blood test results.

It took an hour for Lao Zhang to hold a report. He explained that "the deceased had low blood sugar and didn’t know that she had hypoglycemia before her death."
"Wait a minute" Lin Muxia took out her mobile phone and asked the archives of Yongjia Building about the physical examination of Mei Sizhen. The other party said that everything was normal. She mused, "It was abnormal after she died. Maybe her cause of death was not a knife."
I closed my eyes and recalled, "There was a cup scattered on the ground at that time. Does it seem that … did she drink this glass of water and die suddenly?"
"No problem with the cup." Lin Muxia rummaged through the evidence box and took the cup out. She held the cup handle and waved it at me. "When I saw her death, I deliberately checked whether it was dry or not."
I tightened my eyebrows and thought, "How could her blood sugar suddenly drop? The weirdness of this case is really a dime a dozen. "
"Don’t worry about it first." Pei Xizhen stretched his arms. "It’s been a busy day. Now I haven’t even figured out the motive of the murderer’s case. I don’t think there are many Wangs who can talk to Yong’s family about Maimang’s power. Zhou’s theory of industry or scale is a three-legged situation, but if we suppress it and secretly cut a penis, it can be said that it is worthy of scrutiny to kill the secret in the other building. So whoever makes a fair change is the first to doubt himself, so I think it is unlikely that it will be a competitor. Otherwise, Mei Sizhen will die in a low-key and clean way, even if the body is seen, let’s say that Fu Leyou’s crime scene shows that he is not unreasonable, and the probability of love and hate is not high. In doing so, he is not only out of place, but also listed as a key monitoring object by the police, and
Lin Muxia’s eyes lit up and she speculated, "Is it possible that the murderer Yong Dasheng has a deep hatred and wants to kill the pillar first and then let the family decline?"
"Well …" Pei Xizhen took out a blue feather in his pocket and stuffed it into one nostril. "Lao Zhang went through this pile of crime scene stuff again. Let’s go to Yong Dasheng first to understand the situation."
Lao Zhang jilted to jilt stiff hands "don’t worry"
After talking, I learned that Yong Dasheng’s home at this time, the three of us went to Tiannan City’s rich residential area and entered Yong Dasheng’s villa. He didn’t have the heart to make tea and poured several cups of white water before shrinking the sofa.
I asked, "Yong Lao, have you ever offended anyone?"
"It seems that there isn’t … I’ll think about it from beginning to end." Yong Dasheng looked up at the ceiling and thought for a long time. He analyzed, "Yes!"
I expected "Who?"
"Five years ago, our family developed a new product with good quality and good reputation, and another company’s slow sales of the same type of products led to the bankruptcy of a medium-sized enterprise that didn’t understand flexibility." Yong Dasheng opened his eyes and blamed himself. "The other party went bankrupt, and the boss couldn’t bear the pressure of debt and jumped off the building to commit suicide. His wife hanged herself. His daughter ran to the door of my company and said that one day I would experience the pain of family destruction and death. I didn’t care. Who can be relieved if a young girl threatened with white teeth? Didn’t this girl make Xiao Pei Mo? "
"With my years of experience, it is very possible!" Pei Xizhen nodded heavily. "What about this family information?"
Harmony big crude laughed "after so many years ….. which also can have the impression as if the surname diao"
"Well, we’ll be leaving now. You’d better take care of yourself and hire some bodyguards to pay attention to safety." Pei Xizhen told us a sentence and we returned to the department.
Lin Muxia logged into the intelligence system to search for a bankrupt company five years ago and a boss committed suicide. The result soon came. The boss of a famous Fang Yong enterprise called Fang Qing jumped off a building and committed suicide. His wife hanged herself at home and left a 16-year-old daughter, Jessica Fong Ching.
Jessica Fong Ching dropped out of school in the same year and spent two years with his mother’s private money. When he was one year old, he went to Dongqiu Street in the north of the city. According to the data, Jessica Fong Ching is now 21 years old. The data address is a little familiar. We arrived at Dongqiu Street in the evening. Coincidentally, Jessica Fong Ching installed the store. Ximen Wangdong Cafe is opposite. No wonder the address is so familiar.
I pushed the glass door and saw a woman wearing fashion ornaments holding a bucket of instant noodles. She stood up and asked, "Three people buy clothes?"
Lin Muxia shook her head and asked, "Are you Jessica Fong Ching?"
"Am I okay?" Jessica Fong Ching is a little puzzled.
Pei Xizhen Liang revealed his identity. "We are the police to investigate a recent murder."
Jessica Fong Ching frowned. She said inexplicably, "Dongqiu Street has been quite peaceful recently. Where is the murder?"
"When your father committed suicide by jumping off a building five years ago …" Before I finished, I heard someone say hello behind me. "Eh? Three police officers, we meet again. "
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Jessica Fong Ching
I turned my head and saw that it was Simon looking east. I smiled. "Brother Simon is still visiting?"
"Didn’t I see you coming to Dongqiu to ask if the murderer of Pu Lingling was caught?" Simon looked east with eager eyes and said that he had a crush on Pu Lingling, so he was anxious to know the result. At the end of the death fairy tale, we informed the victim’s family about the case, so the rest of them didn’t know.
"The murderer took his mobile phone to watch the video when our police arrived, and he was already killed." Lin Muxia said lightly, and she laughed. "I’m afraid it’s not convenient for me to disclose secrets."
"Understanding" is a mixed bag.
Simon looked east and moved his glasses. He looked at Jessica Fong Ching and returned to the coffee shop.
Jessica Fong Ching was puzzled and said, "Officer, what happened to my father five years ago?"
"Jumping off a building to commit suicide? When your family fell, you ran to the door of Yongjia Company and swore a poison oath?" I thought about it and then said, "One day you will let Yong Dasheng experience the pain of family destruction."
"Have you?"
Jessica Fong Ching blinked her eyes, and she said uncertainly, "I think so. It’s been too long to remember."
"It seems that time is really the best antidote" Lin Muxia interjected.
"Is it true that Yong Dasheng’s family is ruined now?" Jessica Fong Ching was silent for a few seconds to see us. She cheered and said, "There are always rare accidents in life to make up for what she missed so much."
Pei Zhen cleared his throat and he nodded, "Cough, little girl, don’t you think it’s a bit inappropriate for the police to do this?"
"Oh … that I convergence" Jessica Fong Ching directly asked "where is the tomb of Yong Dasheng? I want to burn some paper. "
"Accurately speaking, you are quite suspicious." Lin Muxia sat in the chair and she looked at Jessica Fong Ching. "We need you to travel in the near future to prove that you were not present at the time of the crime, otherwise …"
"Or will you arrest me?" Jessica Fong Ching’s eyes were full of fear, and her words were sharp. "I knew the police were like this, and they haven’t changed yet. I’m sorry, I’m not a car without a driving recorder. If you want to catch anything, please feel free. Anyway, my heart was dead when I came home five years ago and pushed the door and saw my mother hanged."
This old story seems to be full of twists and turns? I was amazed. "What happened five years ago? Could it be that Yong Da gave birth to improper means to make your family decline? "
"My mother didn’t commit suicide!" Jessica Fong Ching’s pupils flashed with anger and she was shaking badly. She seemed to have suffered several wrongs.
Pei Xizhen took out his certificate and pointed to the three letters on the cover. "die, you may have heard that it will never lead to unjust cases. If you have grievances, just say that if it is true, we will definitely find out."
"Are you die?"
Jessica Fong Ching’s attitude took a 100-degree turn in an instant, and hope rose in her heart. "Can my mother really be vindicated?"
My body seems to be shrouded in a sense of glorious mission, nodding and promising that "injustice is to wash away, not to hurt"
"die, I know Ling Sanjian and Ning Shuying …" Jessica Fong Ching stared at me for a few seconds and she asked in a low voice, "Are you Brother Ning Shuying?"
"I’m afraid this will let you down." Lin Muxia raised her hand to block my mouth. She undermined me. "This is Ling San’s ass with three shots."
Pei Xizhen laughed heartily.
I rolled my eyes and really wanted to find a hole in the ground to hurt people and not expose their weaknesses. Lin Muxia was a bit unreasonable. I put my hand in her ear and threatened, "Mu Mu wants to have a 36-pinch on her chest tonight?"
The multifunctional police flower raised her leg and chopped my foot with a heel. "Please pay attention to the image." She solemnly said, "Jessica Fong Ching, I’m die Lin Muxia. Tell me where you suspect."
"Well, I survived the name of the female detective in Tiannan." Jessica Fong Ching organized the language. She explained the situation five years ago. "Dad went bankrupt. He owed a lot of debts. He didn’t drag mom and me down. He resolutely chose to divorce and then committed suicide by jumping off a building. It was all thanks to the surname Yong, but I didn’t mean to be jealous, but I knew the discretion. However, that day, I pushed the door after school and heard that the soup in the pot was boiling and boiling. I wondered where my mother had gone. I walked into her bedroom and found that I hanged the wall hook! "
"Wall hook? Hang clothes? " I am surprised way
"Well, it’s not a hook." Jessica Fong Ching took a deep breath and explained sadly, "My home decoration is unique and it’s my parents’ happy nest. I wanted to pull my mother here. Suddenly I thought that I couldn’t destroy the scene, so I called the police. The police rushed to the scene to put my mother’s body on the judgment and commit suicide. Besides, I didn’t care about the things at home at that time, and the money was not lost. However, I found something was wrong. Her foot was missing. I searched the whole room and found no trace of the shoe! Not only that, there are many pairs of embroidered shoes in the shoe cabinet for no reason. Someone must have come in before mom died! After mom and dad divorced and committed suicide, she said that she would watch me grow up and get married. It is impossible to leave me selfish … "
"embroidered shoes?" My heart thumped and I was nervous. "Is it high heels that lost my shoes?"
Jessica Fong Ching stopped for a few seconds. She continued, "I took a picture of my mother from all angles with my mobile phone and read a lot of information about the hanging phase afterwards. She really didn’t hang to death. She remembered that the expression of the body was calm and hung with a faint smile and traces of struggle. The ligature marks on the neck were not hanged upside down, and there were no signs of struggle and friction marks behind my ears. It showed that my mother died because of his murder. I ran to the Chengbei branch with real evidence, but it was controlled for several days. After I left, I realized that the police didn’t want to complicate matters and affect the settlement rate. What else could I do So I can vent my anger to the Yong family, the figurine. I ran there and swore a poison oath. I haven’t thought about it until today when you came. It reminds me … "
"Do you still have those embroidered shoes?" I wondered
"I was not detained by the Chengbei Branch," Jessica Fong Ching sighed and said, "I’m sorry that I was too angry with the police before."
Pei Xizhen thought, "After listening to your description, I think your mother died in the same case earlier today. The crime scene also lacked the high heels and a pair of embroidered shoes. It seems that they were all harmed by one person."
"This morning’s case?" Jessica Fong Ching’s eyes were full of doubts.
"Yong Jia’s estate is now the head of Yong Da’s son. He was injured yesterday and was lying in the hospital." Pei Xizhen said patiently while smelling blue feathers. "Today, when we rushed to the company to investigate interpersonal relationships, we found that his assistant and secret died in the top floor office. Although it was not hanged, your mother’s scene was very similar."
Jessica Fong Ching was not interested in this. She insisted, "Oh, can you find out who killed my mother?"
"If he doesn’t stop, he will!" Lin Muxia vowed that she looked up and monitored, "Jessica Fong Ching, but you have to cooperate with our investigation, will you?"
Jessica Fong Ching nodded "hmm".
We spent two hours to confirm Fang Qing’s whereabouts in the past two days, and then left Dongqiu Street and rushed directly to Chengbei Branch. Pei Xizhen first criticized the police officer in charge of the case and then asked about the detained evidence. As a result, the embroidered shoes were thrown into the trash can and disappeared.
At the end of a busy and full day, we went home, washed up and went to bed.
At five o’clock in the morning, Pei Xizhen called, and I was in a daze. "Boss, I haven’t slept enough in the early morning." He sneered, "You are so proud! Hurry to the Yongjia office building and there has been another murder! "

"Now we have to turn to the fire for help."

The ice queen was silent for a while.
"We have always been active in the northern mysterious world, and several cities in our empire have also been rescued by the powerful. Compared with other human forces in our winter empire, we need to be rescued by the powerful."
"But the power of firewood is limited. They can’t save everyone."
After all, the demigod still said, "You know that’s not what I meant."
Ice queen is a silence.
"… move the oasis?"
Of course, she knows that if she can move the oasis into the East Paradox, she won’t worry about it, and she won’t need it for a while.
But how to migrate the oasis? She can’t do it.
It is also difficult for her to work together with another sage of the North Wind.
And even if she can do it, can she concentrate on moving an oasis regardless of other oases? Not to mention that you will be attacked by the Baal camp during the migration.
It takes fire to accomplish such a feat.
However, such a feat is not a trivial matter for firewood, and it takes a lot of effort. In many cases, their winter empire hopes that firewood can reach out to other hegemonic forces and super powers, so don’t you want to?
The winter queen can’t talk like this.
She is not qualified to talk.
But …
She looked at the old demigod whose face was weathered, his arm skin was cracked, and the cracks were sprouting, and she thought of hundreds of millions of imperial people behind her.
She opened her mouth and finally said
"I … understand"
Half ring
The demigod veteran looked at his queen with three points of surprise, three points of shame, four points of disbelief and some scratching their heads.
"Positions fuel the fire this is … is agreed? What conditions did you give? "
"Well, I agreed."
Really agreed? !
The demigod veteran never thought that things would be so easy. Did the Queen give the mentor a refusal chip?
Is this chip …
It seems that it is a common price to see what he thinks of the ice queen. After a batch of high-level resources enter the oasis wall, they need to obey the overall command of the fire.
The latter is normally difficult for many high-level officials in the empire to accept.
However, the times have changed a long time ago. If the empire overturns, the so-called power is even more a dream. If the human alliance has a leader seat, it is not unacceptable to sit in the face and obey the leader’s orders.
"Payfire promised to help us move oases as much as possible, but they will give priority to other oases with weak resistance."
The demigod’s old minister was chanting with tears in his eyes
"The empire has been saved. The empire has been saved … er"
He suddenly got stuck. "You mean to prepare to move many oases?"
"That’s it."
The ice queen silently looks at the sky, and her silvery white hair flutters with the cold wind, just like her ups and downs at the moment.
She also can’t understand.
But just watch.
It’s faster than I thought.
After the relocation of the mainland of Shengting, there were other great powers who moved one oasis after another.
However, migration is indeed a heavy task, and only a few strong people can win both time and strength. It seems that there are not many oases to be migrated in the past few days.
Until …
"It’s a big landlord!"
"This is the top ancient god who is in charge of the earth handle. He tramples on the earth, shoulders two oases, and holds two hands to move quickly."
"and mother nature, who is also a top ancient."
"The moon master has taken the initiative to build a moon bridge to transport the oasis!"
There are human strong people dumbfounded.
A few people who vaguely heard the news department, such as the Winter Queen, were even more shocked
She did some coordination and stability work, but she never thought …
"The firewood actually hired the ancients? It is also a statue of the top ancient people! "
Even though she has always had a heart as clear as ice, she really wants to spit out a "lying trough" with her mouth slightly open at this time.
Pay too much attention to the fire
The noodles are too big!

"Bury yourself. Bury yourself quickly. Bury yourself and everything will be free."

Xiao Yu’s eyes seem to be really lost.
Suddenly he woke up in a tingling moment.
"That was close!"
He looked at the fruit with cold sweat behind him and walked quickly past.
"Hey, why don’t you bury yourself alive?"
The fruit wondered
Xiao Yu put a green jade symbol on it without saying a word.
The root fruit body fell directly from it with a shock.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Arm dragon
Looking at falling motionless root fruit Xiao Yu dark relieved.
This fruit is so evil that it is difficult to understand that this kind of thing will still exist in this world.
He crouched down and looked at the fruit quietly, wanting to study it first.
Seeing that the fruit was pasted by the dark green jade symbol, his eyes were still rumbling and he cried in his mouth, "I wonder why I can’t move suddenly. What happened?" Are you cheating on the radish? "
Xiao Yu laughed angrily. "Is radish calling me?"
Genguo replied, "Yes, that man has always told me that I have two legs full of radishes, so I can grow faster if I eat radishes."
Xiao Yu sneered, "Dare to say that we are radishes? Who taught you?"
"I don’t know him. He keeps appearing in my dreams. Every time I appear, it’s dark around me. I can see that he is covered with shiny black things. By the way, he is huge, just like this mountain," said Gengo.
Xiao Yu cold hum a surprise qR1
The little stone lion’s face suddenly changed and quickly asked, "What are his eyes?"
"I can’t see two huge red lanterns, each as big as a house and very bright," said Gengo.
"Does he still have an arm?" The little stone lion asked again
"How do you know? Did he also appear in your dream? " Root fruit asked curiously.
The little stone lion shook his body and said, "That’s it. Let’s go!"
Xiao Yu wondered, "Why did you suddenly leave?"
"If his grandfather didn’t guess wrong, the big guy who was sealed by Ganyuan was not dead enough to wake up!" The little stone lion scold a way
"How is that possible?"
Xiao Yu lost his way
The little stone lion looks pale and says, "I once stayed in Ganyuan Holy Church for a while, and I knew that the guy who was sealed by Ganyuan’s ancestor had an arm and was covered with black scales. It’s absolutely wrong that his grandmother was a dragon with an arm. Why hasn’t he died after so many years?"
"The dragon with the arm!"
Xiao Yu’s mind is overwhelmed.
That’s a horrible monster beast in the era of the wild. It’s a famous Fushi emperor family in the monster beast family. An appearance will bring great disaster to the whole world.
And in this small world, there is actually an arm dragon about to wake up!
Xiao Yu took the fruit without saying anything and turned to leave. I couldn’t wait to get out of here immediately.
At this moment
Outside the black mountain range, there has been a monstrous gathering. I don’t know how many demon races are all kinds. They are covered with golden scales, with wings on their backs, with chains all over them, and they are taller, wider and burlier than one. They all look at the black mountain range with cruel smiles.
"It’s great that these humans don’t need our hints to enter the adult palace. With these people sacrificing adults, they will be able to get out of trouble."
"We must keep it here. Once we find someone trying to escape, we will kill them and throw them back into the palace!"
"Those old guys outside will wake up soon, but when they react, it will be too late. Once adults get out of trouble, they will destroy everything!"
"I heard from adults that the Terran outside is delicious and delicious, and I must have a good meal when I leave here!"
A group of demons laugh wildly.
It’s enchanting!
A terrible change is taking place in the black giant palace.


Continental fragmentation has become more and more serious.
There are thousands of meters of Gao Shanfeng tilted into the abyss; There is also a huge mouth like a black hole after the whole city disappears.
"The collapse is really hard to stop."
Fang You frowns. He has found this treasure, which can be called the cornerstone of the world-the eternal pure land.
It looks like a sand table treasure.
Unknown origin It is said that it has been a relic of the Holy Court since ancient times, and it has great power of shelter, world, purification and so on.
It is a world-class treasure.
One thing is a mobile top world.
It is said that precious is indeed precious, but the pure land does not have the ability to attack and cut, which can be auxiliary and effective. If the lone strong get this treasure, they are afraid that they will not be able to exert their strength.
The eternal pure land is slightly damaged, which is not serious.
It is to spread out from the pure land and stabilize the pieces of land’ lines’ that have been broken. Most of them have the first row of provincial circles and only a few dozen’ lines’ remain.
In other words, the land of Shengting will continue to collapse until the land is about the size of a nine-level oasis.
"Shrinkage range enhances the defense and stability of the eternal pure land?"
How to proceed with the Ark Plan has been known from
And it’s not the time to think about it.
Fang you studied the rapid analysis of this main treasure by his own strength.
"If I am in charge of the Xiang Tang and my strength is strong enough, I can directly turn the’ eternal pure land’ into a vast continent and prop up the fragmented land."
But his strength is far from strong enough, and he has no earth, soil, world or a kind of handle.
And most importantly, eternal pure land is the main treasure.
It’s different from’ Battle Tower’ and’ Time Pavilion’, and the latter two are very special. As soon as he pulls them out, he can make obstacles, as if he had already sacrificed and become familiar with these two treasures.
Eternal pure land is no good.
This treasure is very strange to him, and it will take at least a few months to get familiar with it.
He hasn’t been this long.
Can we really choose to transfer the people of this land? But there are tens of billions of residents in 12 provinces, and it is foggy outside. How many people can they transfer?
Not many people.
"The earth …"
"The world …"
"Steady …"
"Nothing is impossible. If you can’t do it, you just don’t have enough strength."
Fang You pondered and his eyes gradually became serious, and the light of his eyes was like thunder and fire, which lit up the gray sky.
The collapse of the mainland is becoming more and more serious. Rock and soil are smashed, and the smallest dust particles are floating in the virtual turbulence.
It is also visibly wrinkled up, and the dark cracks that can’t heal themselves are all over the firmament of cities and provinces.
The land is tilting and disappearing!
Whether it is a demigod who has long been self-effacing in the holy court or far away from here, the strong outside shook their heads.
In the past, Candeira was overturned.
Today’s holy court will also destroy the rest of history.
The demigod realm, the high realm is ready to move, and the tenth realm they all think so.
They looked at the white figure.
Some people laugh, some people watch, some people are silent.
Others believe it.
Ann sees you with your hands folded. "The tutor will find a way."
She supported the idol of the 10,000-meter-high melting furnace and wanted to dump the land.
Iloshi stared at the figure. "Although I don’t want to admit it, my mentor is much better than me. I will definitely find a way!"
There is a tall figure reflected in the eye pupil of the punishment of thunder. "Since the tutor is still there, say … you have thought of a way."

Ma Guodan looked at the female ghost and asked, "I asked you who you are?"

Female the ghost zheng and then shook her head "I, I don’t know who I am, I don’t know my name …"
Ma Guodan said, "That’s why you came."
The female ghost said, "In my memory, I died in an accident and met Zhao Yalin. I remember this …"
Ma Guodan nodded and said, "Don’t think back. All your memories are just imagined by Zhao Yalin, and even you are just an illusion imagined by Zhao Yalin."
I said, "Is she fake?"
Ma Guodan nodded. "She is Zhao Yalin Zhao Yalin, that is, she, but she is a fantasy separated from Zhao Yalin’s consciousness. Everything is an idea called Zhao Yalin’s heart."
The female the ghost "ah" one by one back two steps.
Ma Guodan glanced at our slightly surprised face indifferently, and said, "This man named Zhao Yalin probably experienced some things in his heart, and after constant struggle and hesitation, he finally gave birth to an illusion or perhaps a spiritual sustenance."
I also said, "Ah!"
Ma Guodan chuckled, "What she doesn’t remember is because of Zhao Yalin’s background and identity at the beginning of her birth, but it’s not a good thing for her to break this fantasy and return to reality for a long time."
☆, Chapter one hundred and seventy Others
I said, "This …"
Ma Guodan said with great interest, "Tell me about the specific situation."
So we told Ma Guodan everything we know so far.
Ma Guodan chuckled slightly after listening and said, "That’s probably the reason."
I said, "Why?" Just carry a demon
Ma Guodan said, "Since she likes this but can’t do it well, she will naturally hope that others may want to get some help from other places for a long time. This can guide her to be born from the heart."
I said, "this female ghost is just a fantasy in her own heart, so didn’t she help herself?"
Ma Guodan nodded slightly. "That being said, her idea is somewhat unusual, but it is not normal."
Ma Guodan speculated that "maybe someone has helped her, otherwise she wouldn’t have this situation."
I said, "How can this help?"
Ma Guodan said, "Since she has been carrying the music box with her, maybe she can find the answer from that evil. Someone tampered with it."
"…" I heard a silence for a moment and said, "That, that evil has been washed away by me …"
Ma Guodan said, "Then there is no way."
I chuckled, "But in that case, why does this female ghost want to stay away from her?"
Ma Guodan said, "Because her mission has achieved what she needs, but because of the difficulties in her long-term fantasy, she will be dependent on herself."
Ma Guodan chuckled, "Maybe if you keep tracing, you may find something unusual from her."
Ma Xiaoling said, "unusual things?"
"That’s right …" Ma Guodan said, "Since she can do this, it is impossible to do it just by virtue of her identity as an ordinary person. Maybe there is someone behind her who has helped her this, which is somewhat intriguing."
Ma Xiaoling chuckled, "That person may be well-intentioned?"
"I don’t think so …" Ma Guodan smiled. "Maybe there are people besides Li Sanguang and me who also know something about the law of destiny?"
I stare big eyes.
Ma Guodan asserted that "maybe that person helped her because he proved himself for his own purposes."
I said, "besides you, are there any legal persons who want to study destiny?"
"There are too many people who want to spy on one or two people …" Ma Guodan said. "We are not the only people in this world who want to covet this mystery. There are too many people I don’t know …"
"But …" Ma Guodan woke up. "People are not old, and everyone’s eyes are different. I want to know about some people who are not as pure as I think."
I sip my mouth.
When we were talking here, someone smiled and asked, "What are you talking about?"
See you later, Li Sanguang, the wretched old man!
He came over with a smile on his face and a big broken sack in his hand. It was full and I didn’t know what was in it.
When Ma Guodan saw Li Sanguang coming, he stopped chatting with us and asked him, "Did you get what I wanted?"
Li Sanguang said, "When I make a move, it’s natural."
Ma Guo Dan Qi said, "So much?"
Li Sanguang looked down at the broken sack, then pulled it out and showed it to Ma Guodan, saying, "These are not. This was sold to me by the old lady from the alley when she came here just now."
Ma Guodan twisted his eyebrows when he heard this. "What do I want?"
Li Sanguang took out a black plastic bag from the sack and handed it to Ma Guodan.
Guo-Dan Ma took it and took a look at it a little and lifted the plastic bag into his hand.
I said, "What is this?"
Ma Guodan looked at me and said, "It doesn’t matter what this is. There is no place for you, and I don’t need to tell you more."
It seems that he can’t tell us something. Since he said in his speech that he can’t show it to us, I won’t ask any more questions.
Li Sanguang walked over and asked, "What did you just say? Tell it to the old man."
I said, "Why do you ask so many questions!"
Li Sanguang twisted Hu and looked at me and curled my mouth.
When he saw that I didn’t tell him, he stopped asking questions and looked at Ma Guodan again. "Are you leaving now?"
"Don’t worry …" Ma Guodan said, "I changed my mind and want to stay here for a few more days."
Li Sanguang looked at him in surprise. "Do you have anything else to do?"
"Well," Ma Guodan replied, "I have heard some interesting things here and want to have a good look."
Ma Guodan and Li Sanguang said, "It seems that there are friends who don’t want to covet the Destiny Law. I’d like to see who this is."
Li Sanguang’s face suddenly became very serious and uncharacteristically said, "How come someone else has never known?"
Ma Guodan said, "You can’t know anything about this world. How can you know everything?"
Li Sanguang pursed his lips. "But he didn’t mention the name because of Comrade."
"Just because he doesn’t say it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know …" Ma Guodan said, "And he always said that he should talk to us. How can he get up?"
Li Sanguang said, "That’s true …"

They watched the great terror rise from the depths of the middle world and spread cold in their hearts.

Chapter five hundred and ten Ghost forging body!
It has been more than a month since I came out of China.
The ancient alliance has not called the wounded human strong again, and the ancient alliance has hidden its traces and is recovering.
It seems that the operation of the Union will end in an anticlimactic way.
"What happened behind the sky?"
"Is it true that the Great Sun God is falling?"
Fang teacher thought
Maybe many demigods and high officials think so, too.
After more than a month, Bai Yaoxian incarnated and came to the door to bring news.
He said with a wry smile, "There is good news and bad news."
Without waiting for Fang you to ask Bai Yao-xian, he continued, "The good news is that the stars have not fallen and have separated from the world."
"But the bad news …
"Several great people are not optimistic after the test!"
"How optimistic?"
"It seems invincible."
After all, Bai Yaoxian is not a party. He doesn’t know the specific situation. The star master seems to have lost his mood.
They are as huge as the gap between the Heihe River and the Heihe River.
"Distorted Heihe in what order? What is the complete root cause of the end of the tenth border? "
"I don’t know, but it seems to be beyond this limit, otherwise it won’t make the star owners feel invincible."
Is there a road in the tenth border?
However, it is obviously impossible for the twisted Heihe River to be in the eleventh territory, otherwise, the great sun god statue and so on will not come back when it has fallen early.
There seem to be more mysteries.
What did the stars face directly?
I have to find a way to meet them when I have the chance, but obviously not now. The stars Lord, the moon Lord and so on all seem to be autistic, and even Bai Yaoxian can’t connect.
Even if we can wait here, it’s not that he, a small human being, can see it if he wants to see it.
It’s not a small gain to throw away the mystery.
First of all, they got a lot of materials to study on the altar of Baal-but be careful when studying, the permeability of Baal’s power is particularly terrible.
Secondly, he also obtained some deities whose names did not show evil spirits.
Scarlet Moon, Twisted Black River, Dark Shadow, Desire Mother, Old Dusk, Dark Night.
These are the names of evil gods that he has known for thousands of years.
But there are other things.
"Eternal permafrost", "Lord of weaving restriction", "Desperate disaster" and "fallen emperor"!
A total of ten indescribable evil gods.
The last four statues seem to have never seen their evil gods in a thin sense.
Have these four statues fallen into evil spirits?
Fang you shook his head.
He only knows a few words, but … he knows more about the hostility of the first six.
After informing the situation, Bai Yaoxian is ready to cancel this incarnation and let the divinity return to himself.
He looked out at Meitianhe Street in the burning city, and passers-by were talking and laughing, but they were sad.
The more you know, the greater the pressure!
Now, the tall people who are in front seem to be unable to hold on to them, and it’s time for human beings to follow.
Bai Yao sage sighed again, so that his forehead and hair were sparse.
"I hope the future … won’t be too bad"
"There will always be a chance in the future."
"I hope so"
Bai Yao’s sage incarnated a little golden light, dissipated and returned to the statue.
Fang you also let out a sigh.
"Ancient times seem unreliable, so I can rely on myself."
"Cut out a life with your own sword"

People around you are watching, and their eyes are full of shock and indecision, pointing out Sun Gang’s comments.

"It’s his Sun Gang."
"It’s that unlucky guy. His abode of fairies and immortals was given to others by Brother Simon. He can go to the surface to build a mansion."
"unlucky? Don’t say that. Didn’t you hear Brother Liao? He has hidden his strength. Even Elder Xuan is no match for him. "
"What? This is impossible. I can kill a villain like Sun Gang several times at will. What strength does he have? "
"Sun Gang’s character is weak and meets great events, but he regrets seeing small profits and forgetting righteousness. The typical villain behavior is thoughtless."
The Liao Wenyuan’s eyes were full of bitter blue light with a sneer. "I dare you to fight with me. You can kill me with an old finger flick. Tell me where that Xiao Yu is?"
His eyes suddenly became sharp and terrible, and the bright green light suddenly poured into Sun Gang’s eyes.
Sun Gang’s soul suddenly shook, and he felt that the ghosts and ghosts were wailing in front of him, and the smell of destruction was so black that he trembled like he had come to hell. He dared not have the slightest dull lip trembling consciousness and hurriedly said, "Brother Simon, he robbed Brother Simon’s abode of fairies and immortals?"
Liao Wenyuan’s eyes flashed with a little surprise and said, "He robbed the Simon savage of Ximenye Cave. Don’t you dare to resist?"
"Brother Simon … died and was killed."
Sun Gang trembling way
Liao Wenyuan’s eyes sank with a grimace of a grin. "A loser who was beaten by an outsider didn’t even deserve to die."
Suddenly his eyes flashed and he hesitated for a moment, saying, "Sword Soul, go and get this Xiao Yu for me. I made up my mind today that he can escape from the emperor’s magic statue family. There must be some strength to let the innate creatures around him. I heard the news outside that this Xiao Yu has the help of the innate creatures, but I don’t worry that this innate creature has not grown up. If we can get Xiao Yu to capture the innate creatures, the innate creatures, the blood and the alchemy, we will all enter the realm of unimaginable terror and add the emperor’s magic statue family patriarch. This is a good opportunity for us to achieve enlightenment.
Zhou Jian’s soul nodded with a terrible light in his eyes and said, "Brother Liao, rest assured that I’ll connect them, except Xiao Ruhai, who dares them not to come."
Chapter one thousand four hundred and sixteen Ten strong
Zhou Jian’s soul said that when the palm of his hand turned, a mysterious jade brand appeared, and it was printed several times. The sound of God’s mind flashed and Guanghua quickly handed it out.
A moment later, the jade brand shook and the spirit came back.
Zhou Jian-hun sneered, "Brother Liao, they promised to come over immediately."
"Very good"
Liao Wenyuan held his hands with a grimace of a grin and stared at Sun Gang and Sun Gang kneeling in front of him. Even kneeling in front of him, his height was still higher than his, and his head was trembling with fear.
Liao Wenyuan sneer at a way "you what is chance? You know, chances are often reserved for those who are prepared, and our top ten experts will come together and I will guide you, even if Xiao Yu is a quasi-emperor, he will die. "
A few people nodded behind them, a face of cruel radian, and pieces of terrible light bloomed in their eyes.
Everyone around me was shocked.
The top ten masters are going to shoot except the mysterious big brother Xiao Ruhai?
Xiao Yu, who is wanted, is the only one who lives in a cloud. How is that possible?
They gasped in the air and shocked in the distance. Looking at all this, they waited for the top ten masters. Once they gathered, it would definitely be an unprecedented terrible war.
"It’s a pity that Brother Xiao didn’t invite me. I haven’t seen Brother Xiao do it for a long time. It would be even more horrible if he appeared."
"Shh, you’re tired of living. Dare Brother Liao take Brother Xiao with you?"
"oh? What can’t get up? "
"Brother Xiao took Brother Liao’s position as a big brother late in his entry. This has always been a great shame in Brother Liao’s eyes. Don’t do it, or you will be robbed."
Breathe in cold air.
Liao Wenyuan scanned the crowd with a sneer. Although the words were low, he was obsessed with what could fool him.
"Xiao Ruhai can’t be arrogant for a few days. When I take Xiao Yu and get the head of the emperor’s magic statue family, he will be a dead end. I will swallow him alive!"
Liaowenyuan andao
Whoa, whoa!
At this time, the imaginary fluctuation in the distance rushed to several terrible changhong islands. There were six people, men and women, fuels and said, "Visit Brother Liao."
Liao Wenyuan’s eyes narrowed with cold light and smiled. "Good brothers and sisters, you have finally come. There is a big chance. You have all seen the wanted list in front of you. To tell the truth, Xiao Yu hid from us. How about you help me get this person and I give you all the quasi-emperors in the reward?"
"What? Xiao Yu is here? "
All six people were taken aback and looked at each other.
"Brother Liao, please tell us to do our best."

"The Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires is short of basic information. They are not like the lucky ones in the super oasis, but more like the sudden rise of new forces that have acquired a certain relic treasure. This can also explain that the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires chose’ half of the stronghold information’ when asking for compensation for the assassination of the pavilion. These things are very tasteless to us."

"Now I’m more and more sure."
"Heritage treasures are ancient, so it’s no wonder that the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires can rise rapidly. Our alliance will raise the evaluation of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires."
Another island owner laughed. "It’s really a lucky force. It is said that they also got a’ pure glory’ with a high myth promotion rate?"
"It was the Chamber of Commerce that lit the fire that gave birth to three myths at the same time, and obviously it was also blessed with this treasure."
"But don’t underestimate the three myths of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires."
The third island owner Mu Xing demigod said, "The ancient gods are powerful only by themselves, but they naturally have great power, but they can’t interfere with the mysterious awakening. A myth is born to meet all conditions …"
"The three myths of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires may have opportunities, but it is their own talent and efforts to be stronger."
"Maybe a demigod will appear among them in hundreds of years."
Is the statue of unknown ancient in MuXing demigod some care about.
Is he ancient in the Lord of All Needs? It doesn’t seem so …
It was not until more than ten years ago that he saw the changes in the astrology and he got some inspiration from the "Star Lord".
-the old will return from the long river of time, and the old spirit will revive vigorously to dispel the haze.
But the sky is not just a haze, but it is exhausted and not gray and black.
Times will change, which is not necessarily a good thing for their seven-star alliance.
The fog in the large area of the falling star cave still hangs over the sky and the earth all year round, and a series of ferocious and huge figures can be faintly seen in it. However, unlike the past few months, it is this fog-shrouded area, and occasionally some hong merchants’ teams pass through it and disperse a little dead and gloomy.
In front of the oasis’ Xinghui Fortress’ on the side of the big domain, there is enough space for more than a dozen wagons to run in parallel. The city gate has been opened with sparse wagons or auxiliary armed awakening people coming in and out.
On the left side of the gate of Xinghui Fortress, about 3,000 meters, a huge gap can still be seen. Look at its shape, it was abruptly trampled by a monster hundreds of meters tall. Through this gap, it can also be seen that some civilians are busy repairing their damaged buildings.
More professional construction workers and etiquette experts are repairing and rebuilding the broken fortress wall.
Compared with ordinary buildings, it is necessary to engrave epic rituals and high-grade materials to cast the city wall, so it will not be repaired in a short time. The damaged city wall of Xinghui Fortress is far more than this. After all, the area of Xinghui Fortress is very large, and the myth of Belizemont also takes care of every place, and there is always a time when it is not taken care of.
At the top of Xingyao fortress, the stars are shining, and the spire is the myth of Belizemont. Here, he looks around and takes in most of the fortress cities.
The city wall was damaged several times, and the outer city was damaged many times. These …
"Loss is not big even if …"
These are the loss of objects, in addition to the loss of people in battle, many people who have been injured by filth and their future has been broken. Even if these losses are counted, it is still not a big problem for the great cause of the family to fall into the star city.
"If you can see the loss, you can’t see it …"
He looked in a certain direction, and through the heavy fog, Belizemont seemed to see a small oasis that was as strong as an oven and could not be ignored.
Fire oasis!
Belizemont has already received the news that the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires has connected itself as a supervisor and intermediary with several large oases from the top mercenary groups in the Broken Sea and in urgent need of military assistance.
The Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires made a lot of money from this, but it is more vigilant than the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires that the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires took the opportunity to lay out the layout in these big oases. The Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires has gained great fame!
Nowadays, the influence of this chamber of commerce in the falling star field has not been ignored!
If we don’t take some measures, it may not be long before the falling star is the coexistence of the two overlords! Their prestige and influence will be greatly affected when they fall into Star City.
What is the influence? The major oases find resources and mines, but they can’t make them themselves. Most of them are sold to Falling Star City or they help to make them jointly.
The relics unearthed in the falling stars often can’t hide from them, and they can get a piece of the action.
There are also commercial dumping, low-cost purchase of materials, etc. Berezmon estimated that their annual income will drop by 1 percentage point when they fall into the star city, which is much more serious than the loss caused by the evil frenzy!
We can’t go on like this!
Thinking of Bellezemon, suddenly he turned his head to one side and came out with ripples. An old man with a white beard, thin figure but full of energy.
"Grandfather, are you out already?"
This is the’ Orlando’ crown of the founder of the falling star, the hidden star of the star, and the care of the stars! An old man who pushed the falling star city into a super oasis to keep a number of myths!
"well, I’ve heard about the chamber of commerce, and it’s really necessary to prevent it.
"What are you going to do?"
The old man Orlando paused and added, "I have asked the old friends in the Seven Star Alliance to ignite the Chamber of Commerce. These three myths are not simple. We can’t treat them as new myths."
Such a pressure on people is not feasible.

"Zhang’s adult, you also don’t be too happy … although our butch army has been calculated by the court again and again, but according to the difficulties of the court, our guard decided to help the court with five million and two silver, but if the court really wants to get to this five million and two silver, it must support the butch army to hold a large-scale auction of medicinal materials in Beijing …"

"After selling the medicinal materials, our Tiger and Leopard Army will directly hand over five million and two silver to the imperial court in Beijing … I don’t know what adult Zhang thinks?"
If you don’t let the court pay the most direct interest, there is nothing in Zhang Qian’s eyes.
Zhou Lao and Wei Zheng’s two pairs of eyes looked at Zhang Qian at the same time and affirmed without thinking: "But … the court absolutely supports the butch and leopard army to sell medicinal materials in the capital … The official believes that David Grand Chao Wei can sell medicinal materials in the capital even without the consent of the court, and he didn’t dare to offend the butch and leopard army at this time …"
Two days later, dozens of carts full of wild ginseng skins were escorted into Beijing by a cavalry battalion of the Tiger and Leopard Army …
At the same time, a news from the tiger and leopard army spread like a plague in Beijing, almost to the point where everyone knew it.
Two days later, the Tiger and Leopard Army will hold an auction at the HSBC Restaurant in Beijing to auction a batch of precious medicinal materials and hides looted from the late Jin Tatars … No matter who has the highest status and price, he knows that …
There is no news that surprised the Ministry of Commerce, Shang Zhang Qian, etc. Just came and caused a sensation in the whole capital.
In the past year, all kinds of dignitaries and pharmacies in Beijing have almost been consumed. Otherwise, the original price of wild ginseng will not be coaxed to 100 thousand silver, and it is still valuable …
At this moment, in such a large capital, no matter the dignitaries or the major medicine merchants, they are trying their best to prepare silver, and they plan to have a big auction the next day to buy as many medicines as possible.
Because no one knows when the imperial court’s economic blockade of Houjin Dalai will end, there will be no way for wild ginseng from Changbai Mountain in Houjin to enter the capital one day later.
And this also means that there is no way to guarantee the supply they receive.
Under such circumstances, the only thing these dignitaries and drug dealers can do is to seize this opportunity to hoard as many drugs as possible …
Chapter five hundred and fifty Surprise in the auction
Contrary to these dignitaries and medicinal traders, HSBC restaurant, which has always been the busiest in Beijing, has closed its doors at this moment.
Not only that, hundreds of tiger and leopard soldiers are like sculptures with muskets in their hands, standing still in the restaurant, with the doors closed and the lobby lit up.
Dozens of imperial doctors from the imperial palace, Zheng Zhoulao, personally directed and distinguished the mountains of precious herbs in the lobby and divided them into different grades according to their growth years …
One person, Zhou Lao, was rewarded with 1,200 pieces of silver to stimulate more than 20 doctors. In just one day, more than 10,000 kilograms of various precious herbs were piled up according to different classifications.
Soon, a middle-aged businessman who was directly responsible for the auction came to Zhou Zhou with a full face of excitement.
The big report says, "My Lord … the statistics of all kinds of medicinal materials have been completed …"
"It can be said that the quantity and quality of this batch of wild ginseng exceeded my imagination …"
"According to statistics, there are a total of 1,000-year-old ginseng, 6 hundred-year-old ginseng, 35 five-year-old ginseng and 139 300-year-old ginseng in this batch of ginseng. Because there are too many direct kilograms here, there are 5 kilograms of hundred-year-old ginseng, which is even more …"
"In one hundred, I got five grades here …"
"Ten to one hundred years, a total of one hundred and fifty Jin … fifty to ten years, a total of two thousand and one hundred and thirty Jin … ten to fifty years, a total of three thousand and nine hundred Jin of ginseng … the rest is the most common ginseng, a total of six thousand and forty-nine Jin …"
Zhou Lao, a former businessman, knows the value of this batch of ginseng very well.
The front words just finished Zhou Lao’s face was covered with a thick smile, and then he took a deep breath and asked the medicine merchant in front of him.
"According to your estimate, how much silver can be sold for this batch of ginseng …"
After a short meditation, the Shang population said, "At the current price, it is very possible to sell this batch of ginseng for 15 million taels of silver, but it will definitely have a great impact on the price of ginseng if so many people participate in it at one time. I estimate that the price of this batch of ginseng is about 10 million taels of silver."
Zhou Lao shook his head and replied, "No, twelve million taels of silver is too little … since the current market price can sell fifteen million taels of silver, we will rush to fifteen million taels of silver …"
"How is it possible … that so many ginseng can be sold at one time, even if the current market price is no matter how high, it will be very low … so I think these ginseng can be sold for up to 10 million and two thousand …"
I heard that Zhou Lao’s face flashed a strange smile directly.
In front of an incredible businessman, he affirmed, "If we auction the right way, we can definitely sell it for 15 million taels of silver …"
"So … days after the auction … you do this …"
Businessman was born in Zhou Lao, and just after telling his own auction strategy, he still had an incredible face and a typing smile …
In the week the boss affirmed "adult … if according to your way, maybe it’s really possible to achieve fifteen million taels of silver …"
The next morning, dignitaries and medicinal traders from all over Beijing gathered in the lobby of HSBC restaurant for hundreds of people as if they had discussed it.
As a group of deputy armed tiger and leopard soldiers walked into the lobby, it was just a lively lobby, and these soldiers became quiet directly.
At the same time, Li Yukun, who was in charge of the whole auction, also boarded the platform that everyone could see.
After explaining the rules of the whole auction, the first auction of the whole auction, six old ginseng with a life of more than one thousand years, was directly carried out by two butch soldiers to show everyone.
After Li Yukun introduced the six old ginseng, especially after hearing that the age of these six old ginseng was confirmed by the court physician, a scream sounded directly in the quiet lobby.
Some of these dignitaries who came to the auction directly showed a certain expression, because for them, owning these old ginseng is not only a status symbol, but also a health symbol.
A little beard can pull a person back from the death line in the Millennium ginseng key moment. Although this kind of ginseng costs a lot of money, silver is obviously not as important as life for these dignitaries.
As soon as these old ginseng appeared in front of them, they showed a real situation.
Li Yukun presided over the auction after reflecting everyone’s panoramic view. "I won’t introduce the value of this thousand-year-old ginseng too much. I believe everyone here should be very clear."
"Now I declare that the starting price of the official auction of six thousand-year-old ginseng is 100 thousand taels of silver …"
Li Yukun’s voice just fell a very abrupt sound when the lobby of HSBC Building rang.
"I paid six hundred and two thousand silver to buy six old ginseng departments …"

Look at the third treasure. At first glance, it looks as big as a palm, but it is a palace carved more exquisitely and with fine lines visible to the naked eye.

"Yuan Xing Gong (Red)"
"class secret treasure"
"One-dimensional Shuttle of Ability"
"it is said that the second-dimensional palace is born with the secret of’ shuttle energy’, which can cross a large area, cross a ban and cross the world barrier."
"Ability 2 changes in size"
It is said that the dimensional palace is as small as mosquitoes and flies can turn mountains and surpass mountains and seas, and at the same time, the dimensional palace has a wide range of acceptable living things, and the size change will not affect the Ministry.
"Three abilities are as secure as a rock"
"It is said that the second-dimensional palace has extremely strong defense."
"Note: If you want to fully exert your ability to walk in the palace, you need to manipulate it from a high position or you can replace it with the energy of the crystal."
"Remarks: The 2-dimensional palace was made by hiding in @ #%&the secret treasure of the gods and demons, and then lost in the turbulence, and now it reappears."
This secret treasure is already the main object. When Fang You injected life energy and leaned out of his mind, he quickly understood the method of dimensional palace.
In the training ground, he threw the treasure in his hand, and the palace soared in the wind. When it landed, it was as big as a three-story villa.
When he was still in his hand, the model of the palace was more exquisite than when it returned to normal size, he found that the current palace column had mottled marks, and the whole treasure was weather-beaten
"It seems that you can recover yourself by swallowing rare materials?"
The palace has spirituality and vaguely gives him a yearning mood, so Fang You poured a pile of materials from Tianluo and poured them on the front steps of the palace.
I didn’t expect this palace to be very picky about’ swallowing’ epic materials. It seems that it is not enough for the epic to look at it.
He’s a big eater
Fang you won’t pour treasures into the palace. After all, what kind of bike can you want without much damage?
It took him two days and two nights to test the ability of the dimensional palace, and he came to the conclusion that it was really a treasure full of defense and tactical retreat.
Fang’s tutor is very satisfied. Who doesn’t like a treasure that can catch people and run away from the distance? It is perfect with the small magic shuttle ability.
Fang You studied new treasures while practicing organizational matters.
Time passed quietly, and a month passed in the blink of an eye.
This month, oases around the country are still in full swing for post-disaster reconstruction, but in the broken sea, people with a keen sense of smell can be found.
"Hui month level large flying boat! Isn’t this the royal flying boat of Gu Yue dynasty? Actually set sail! "
"I heard that the mysterious third island owner of the Seven Star Alliance walked out of the astrological tower."
"The latest news is that the Third Army, the Sixth Army, the Ninth Army and the Tenth Army of the Red-violet Empire have all been dispatched. Is there going to be a world war?"
"Come on, come on, we haven’t sounded any alarm in Star Bay, saying that nothing important has happened for us."
The scattered strong can ponder through limited information, but the major forces have turned their attention to a small island located in the eastern part of the broken sea.
The famous island is where the four hegemonic forces draw up their joint land.
The grey waves are surging, but they touch the island’s lush green space. A beacon is shining brightly in this oasis, and even if the fog outside the oasis is thick, it is impossible to cover up this light.
There is a streamer coming from the end of the sky, passing through the fog and falling on this deserted oasis.
A warship broke through the waves and hovered in the oasis, leaving the elite figure.