"Zhang’s adult, you also don’t be too happy … although our butch army has been calculated by the court again and again, but according to the difficulties of the court, our guard decided to help the court with five million and two silver, but if the court really wants to get to this five million and two silver, it must support the butch army to hold a large-scale auction of medicinal materials in Beijing …"

"After selling the medicinal materials, our Tiger and Leopard Army will directly hand over five million and two silver to the imperial court in Beijing … I don’t know what adult Zhang thinks?"
If you don’t let the court pay the most direct interest, there is nothing in Zhang Qian’s eyes.
Zhou Lao and Wei Zheng’s two pairs of eyes looked at Zhang Qian at the same time and affirmed without thinking: "But … the court absolutely supports the butch and leopard army to sell medicinal materials in the capital … The official believes that David Grand Chao Wei can sell medicinal materials in the capital even without the consent of the court, and he didn’t dare to offend the butch and leopard army at this time …"
Two days later, dozens of carts full of wild ginseng skins were escorted into Beijing by a cavalry battalion of the Tiger and Leopard Army …
At the same time, a news from the tiger and leopard army spread like a plague in Beijing, almost to the point where everyone knew it.
Two days later, the Tiger and Leopard Army will hold an auction at the HSBC Restaurant in Beijing to auction a batch of precious medicinal materials and hides looted from the late Jin Tatars … No matter who has the highest status and price, he knows that …
There is no news that surprised the Ministry of Commerce, Shang Zhang Qian, etc. Just came and caused a sensation in the whole capital.
In the past year, all kinds of dignitaries and pharmacies in Beijing have almost been consumed. Otherwise, the original price of wild ginseng will not be coaxed to 100 thousand silver, and it is still valuable …
At this moment, in such a large capital, no matter the dignitaries or the major medicine merchants, they are trying their best to prepare silver, and they plan to have a big auction the next day to buy as many medicines as possible.
Because no one knows when the imperial court’s economic blockade of Houjin Dalai will end, there will be no way for wild ginseng from Changbai Mountain in Houjin to enter the capital one day later.
And this also means that there is no way to guarantee the supply they receive.
Under such circumstances, the only thing these dignitaries and drug dealers can do is to seize this opportunity to hoard as many drugs as possible …
Chapter five hundred and fifty Surprise in the auction
Contrary to these dignitaries and medicinal traders, HSBC restaurant, which has always been the busiest in Beijing, has closed its doors at this moment.
Not only that, hundreds of tiger and leopard soldiers are like sculptures with muskets in their hands, standing still in the restaurant, with the doors closed and the lobby lit up.
Dozens of imperial doctors from the imperial palace, Zheng Zhoulao, personally directed and distinguished the mountains of precious herbs in the lobby and divided them into different grades according to their growth years …
One person, Zhou Lao, was rewarded with 1,200 pieces of silver to stimulate more than 20 doctors. In just one day, more than 10,000 kilograms of various precious herbs were piled up according to different classifications.
Soon, a middle-aged businessman who was directly responsible for the auction came to Zhou Zhou with a full face of excitement.
The big report says, "My Lord … the statistics of all kinds of medicinal materials have been completed …"
"It can be said that the quantity and quality of this batch of wild ginseng exceeded my imagination …"
"According to statistics, there are a total of 1,000-year-old ginseng, 6 hundred-year-old ginseng, 35 five-year-old ginseng and 139 300-year-old ginseng in this batch of ginseng. Because there are too many direct kilograms here, there are 5 kilograms of hundred-year-old ginseng, which is even more …"
"In one hundred, I got five grades here …"
"Ten to one hundred years, a total of one hundred and fifty Jin … fifty to ten years, a total of two thousand and one hundred and thirty Jin … ten to fifty years, a total of three thousand and nine hundred Jin of ginseng … the rest is the most common ginseng, a total of six thousand and forty-nine Jin …"
Zhou Lao, a former businessman, knows the value of this batch of ginseng very well.
The front words just finished Zhou Lao’s face was covered with a thick smile, and then he took a deep breath and asked the medicine merchant in front of him.
"According to your estimate, how much silver can be sold for this batch of ginseng …"
After a short meditation, the Shang population said, "At the current price, it is very possible to sell this batch of ginseng for 15 million taels of silver, but it will definitely have a great impact on the price of ginseng if so many people participate in it at one time. I estimate that the price of this batch of ginseng is about 10 million taels of silver."
Zhou Lao shook his head and replied, "No, twelve million taels of silver is too little … since the current market price can sell fifteen million taels of silver, we will rush to fifteen million taels of silver …"
"How is it possible … that so many ginseng can be sold at one time, even if the current market price is no matter how high, it will be very low … so I think these ginseng can be sold for up to 10 million and two thousand …"
I heard that Zhou Lao’s face flashed a strange smile directly.
In front of an incredible businessman, he affirmed, "If we auction the right way, we can definitely sell it for 15 million taels of silver …"
"So … days after the auction … you do this …"
Businessman was born in Zhou Lao, and just after telling his own auction strategy, he still had an incredible face and a typing smile …
In the week the boss affirmed "adult … if according to your way, maybe it’s really possible to achieve fifteen million taels of silver …"
The next morning, dignitaries and medicinal traders from all over Beijing gathered in the lobby of HSBC restaurant for hundreds of people as if they had discussed it.
As a group of deputy armed tiger and leopard soldiers walked into the lobby, it was just a lively lobby, and these soldiers became quiet directly.
At the same time, Li Yukun, who was in charge of the whole auction, also boarded the platform that everyone could see.
After explaining the rules of the whole auction, the first auction of the whole auction, six old ginseng with a life of more than one thousand years, was directly carried out by two butch soldiers to show everyone.
After Li Yukun introduced the six old ginseng, especially after hearing that the age of these six old ginseng was confirmed by the court physician, a scream sounded directly in the quiet lobby.
Some of these dignitaries who came to the auction directly showed a certain expression, because for them, owning these old ginseng is not only a status symbol, but also a health symbol.
A little beard can pull a person back from the death line in the Millennium ginseng key moment. Although this kind of ginseng costs a lot of money, silver is obviously not as important as life for these dignitaries.
As soon as these old ginseng appeared in front of them, they showed a real situation.
Li Yukun presided over the auction after reflecting everyone’s panoramic view. "I won’t introduce the value of this thousand-year-old ginseng too much. I believe everyone here should be very clear."
"Now I declare that the starting price of the official auction of six thousand-year-old ginseng is 100 thousand taels of silver …"
Li Yukun’s voice just fell a very abrupt sound when the lobby of HSBC Building rang.
"I paid six hundred and two thousand silver to buy six old ginseng departments …"

"really?" Terumi Mei smiled brilliantly.

"Why is Lord Shui Ying here?" Kakashi discovered at this moment that Shu Mao’s teammate was Shui Ying’s adult!
"This is not a place to talk. You follow her to break through those others. Do you know? "
"Who else?"
"The waterstop soil may have been brought here by them. Didn’t you find them?"
"I’ve seen orochimaru, not anyone else."
"Forget it. I’ll look for it when you break through. Where did you see orochimaru?"
"I should go inside. By the way, there seems to be an altar inside. I just saw orochimaru from the altar."
Shui Ying heard the conversation between the two people and broke through directly. Obviously, he still has to continue to find others.
Shu Mao went to Kakashi’s side and gave him a hand. He gave him a simple treatment for his body injury and then simply checked Kakashi’s body to see if there was anything else.
Kakashi felt a powerful chakra jump into his body from the contact position of Shumao, and then he felt a shock all over. That chakra directly flooded his body, and he swam in his body, which not only eliminated his physical fatigue, but also helped him heal his physical trauma.
After a while, the ninjas who surrounded them just now have all been solved by Shui Ying, and the three of them continue to walk to Kakashi to lead the way, and Shui Ying is in the middle of the tree.
Kakashi really knows a lot about this place, and soon they found a new cell, which is filled with water and water, which is even worse than Kakashi’s. There is blood everywhere, which looks very sad. It seems that his eyes have been gouged out. Don’t look at the people who are interested in his eyes!
"Stop water!" For the first time, Shu Mao felt it necessary to dry up the whole morning. For the first time, Shu Mao had a strong hatred!
"Tree mau adult you’re here? It’s a pity my eyes … "
"Don’t talk about it. My sister has a pair of eyes over there. You should be able to."
"No, I want to say that I saved my eyes and two people were injured by me! Ahem … "
"What’s the matter? Let me see! Lord Shui Ying, please watch it for me. "
"No problem, leave it to me!"
Shu Mao cut the chain of the water stop body and treated him.
"They want to move my eyes, but they don’t know that there is a seal in my eyes, and the thing that ignites that seal is me, chakra, so when they just took my eyes away, I immediately ignited the chakra in my eyes, and my eyes exploded directly, and their departments were all injured by the fragments generated by the explosion of my eyes …"
Shu Mao didn’t say anything. He once had his eyes gouged out. He knew how painful it was.
Chapter 22 True and False orochimaru (1)
"Do you know who is going to cut out your eyes?"
"Well, I know it’s a two-faced man with black and white faces. I seem to have seen him before. He was injured by me. orochimaru didn’t let him move my eyes, but he didn’t believe orochimaru. I don’t know how orochimaru knew there was a seal in our eyes, but hey hey, I heard a group of people screaming and I felt very good."
"Don’t worry, you will have a chance to deal with them, I promise!"
"It seems that my eyes can be saved or dragged you."
"Well, it’s me!"
"Did you see the dirt?"
"I’m sorry I didn’t see you …"
"I can understand your feelings for my brother. I’m sorry for my brother. He has hurt too many people. I really don’t know what to say. It’s …"
"Then don’t say what you have to do now is to keep yourself hurt! He has me for everything. "
"Yeah, I see."
Water-stopping eyes have been bandaged by Shu Mao’s cloth belt. It doesn’t look so terrible. Kakashi is holding the seriously injured water-stopping with Shu Mao and Terumi Mei behind him.
"Who else is there?" Water stop small asked kakashi.
"It’s Lord Shui Ying of the Fifth Generation!"
"Is she? How did she come? Did something happen? "
"Well, what happened this time is quite special. The ghost country’s resurrection is clear, followed by Xiao. Some ghosts of Yin and Yang divisions who have not died have also participated in this incident. Therefore, the five major countries have formed an alliance. This time, let’s take a look at the power of the alliance. I am the captain of Watergate, and Shui Ying and Terumi Mei are both vice captains. The strength of people from other countries should not be underestimated." Shu Mao simply introduced the personnel situation to Kakashi to stop water.

Chapter 51 497 I don’t agree with this marriage!

After eating seafood buffet with two roommates, Lin Jin came to his summer home.
In summer, he didn’t get home until 7: 00 today. According to an hour’s journey, he worked overtime at least until 7: 00 today. It is estimated that his company has some new projects.
Although he didn’t get home until 8: 00, Lin Jin forced him to practice dancing for half an hour before he broadcast live.
I hit two knife towers and ate chicken again. In summer, I suddenly said to Lin Jin, "I have something urgent to go out. Please help me hit two."
Sitting on the background board, Lin Jin looked at him blankly. This guy always doesn’t go out at night in summer. Today, I don’t know that I have something to do at night.
"What is it?" Lin Jin asked casually.
In the summer, I put my desk phone in my trouser pocket, got up and said with a smile, "Anyway, just give me two punches and I’ll be right back."
"Oh …" Lin Jin looked up blankly and shrugged in the summer. "If you come back too late, it is estimated that the audience will not want you to broadcast live."
Recently, Lin Jin’s popularity on the Internet has also increased a little. Every time there is a live broadcast, there will always be some fans who watch her videos coming to join in the fun.
Looking at the summer, Lin Jin sat in front of her head and glanced at the barrage with one hand holding her chin, and found that most of the barrage had to shout, "Don’t come back in summer."
"Well, really don’t come back." Lin Jin casually replied with a little game. "So today I will show you how powerful I am."
Lin Jin is proficient in the game. Although she is not a professional player, she is also a high-end player. She also played the game of eating chicken intermittently for a while. Now she is strong enough to play in stages in summer, which can be called fishing.
While chatting with the audience, wearing headphones to start the game, Lin Jin controlled the character to skydive directly to the most densely populated school, picked up a pistol and killed it.
She doesn’t need to search for materials, kill people and pick up bags. After coming out of school, she is already a third-class first-class second-class bag with a full rifle and sniper rifle.
About half an hour or so, Lin Jin won the first place in the first game. She was extremely complacent and boasted to the brain camera. "I have never died in a school before!" It is normal to eat chicken this time. After all, it is only 1,500 points! "
"Look at that guy in summer. That guy can’t eat chicken dishes for a few times if he scores 1,500 points!"
Lin walked over and cut the game interface to the live web page, holding his chin in his hands and looking at the barrage.
"Don’t come back in summer!"
"Goddess Lin Jin, marry me!"
"Summer is not worthy of the goddess! The goddess is me! "
Lin Jin looked at the strange barrage and smiled for a few times, but he didn’t comment on the barrage. He was puzzled and looked at the gate and said to himself, "Why don’t you come back?" It’s all over. "
"I can’t just run to my dad’s place to hide because I dislike the live broadcast, can I?"
Lin Jinzheng was going to play another game when he heard footsteps coming from the corridor outside.
So I simply stopped playing games and waited for the summer to come back.
The door was hit by a key, and in summer, it was full of smiles but a cold face at the door.
Lin Jin waited for a moment and suddenly rolled her eyes and asked, "Why don’t you come in?"
"Give you a psychological preparation," summer walked over and said outside, "You close your eyes and take a deep breath to prepare for one."
"Why? Propose? " Lin Jin didn’t pay attention to the summer words at all. She still looked at the summer outside the door and said impatiently, "Why do you have to hide something quickly?"
In the summer, I scratched my hair. Nai found that the gap between Lin Jin and his girls was too big. I walked into the room and smiled at Lin Jin. "I’ll give you a gift."
"Won’t be a flower? It’s too old-fashioned, or a diamond ring or something. Also very old-fashioned? " Lin Jin looked at the summer without getting up with one hand on her chin. "Or something else?"
I don’t know, although Lin Jin’s tone is very dull, all kinds of speculations have flashed in her heart, but her heart is inexplicably accelerating and her face is rapidly reddening.
She tried her best to pretend that she was not surprised, but she was still a little unbearable for her affectionate eyes in summer.
That look is disgusting.
Bowing their heads, Lin Jin doesn’t want to see the eyes in summer.
Then she heard the rolling sound of the roller and looked up curiously, only to find that in summer, she pulled something similar to a dining car into the house. The dining car was densely packed with roses and made into a huge flower shape. There were at least hundreds of these flowers. If they were counted at five dollars, they would be less than thousands of dollars.
Lin Jin didn’t feel romantic for the first time, but frowned and asked, "Why are you so rich?"
That summer, I was confused. Those girls saw this scene, even if they were not physically committed, but they were shy and bowed their heads and waited for the man to confess. But how did Lin Jin directly question it?
"How much is your salary? how much will the charge be? Do you dislike the live broadcast to earn too much money and have no place to spend it? " Lin Jin turned her head to one side with a face of disgust. Although her face was flushed, she still pretended to be extremely annoying.
Summer finally didn’t force him to find that Lin Jin betrayed her although she said something disgusting.
Show is very heart!
In summer, that iceberg face rarely smiled. He pushed the dining car full of roses to Lin Jin and suddenly knelt down.
Lin Jin jumped up from his chair when he was scared. He forced himself to look at his knees in summer and asked incoherently, "What’s the matter? Don’t kneel … Just say what you want to say. Don’t kneel …"
"Jin Lin! Come with me! " In the summer, he held his head up seriously. He sipped his mouth at Lin Jin and said, "Although I am not too easy to get along with, I will never let you suffer a little injustice."
Lin Jin was scared by the words in summer, and her face was distorted. She wanted to refuse directly, but she didn’t know that she would refuse to say anything.
"Can you break up at any time if I am sorry for you later?" Sincere expression in summer
Lin Jin has never seen this picture in summer, which makes people afraid.
At this time, the barrage has been madly swiped, and the barrage is unified as if it were a group of water troops.
"I don’t agree with this marriage!"
Chapter 52 49 Kiss a kiss!
Lin Jin is very entangled now.
To tell the truth, she does have some affection for summer, and I don’t know if she has been together for a long time. She has a little affection for summer for men and women.
But the problem is that after all, she used to be a man. Even though her thinking has faded now, she is still not as good as those who have been sisters since childhood. She still accepts doing those strange things with men.
It may be because of estrogen. At this time, she is almost speechless when facing this scene, and she can’t say anything whether she agrees or refuses.
Lin Jin lowered his head and wanted to force his brain to move.
Summer doesn’t matter what Lin Jin thinks now. It seems to him that Lin Jin’s shy appearance is almost equivalent to accepting himself.
With a smile, he took out a silver ring from his pocket and held out his hand to Lin Jin. He said with great affection, "No matter whether you are poor or rich, I will definitely make your life very good, and I will try my best to give you whatever you want."
"Although I’m still poor, my boss said that when this project is over, I’ll officially become a full member, and I’ll get close to 5,000 yuan a month. Although this salary is nothing in Xiamen, it can at least make our life here good." In the summer, I wanted to put a ring on Lin Jin’s finger, but Lin Jin’s hand suddenly shrank.

It is conceivable that the rabbit’s base sprouting power on Meng Chen’s shoulder has reached a certain level at this moment.

Meng Chen’s words have broken the sky and sprouted the universe.
All this is because Meng Chen gave the rabbit the appearance of two creatures, panda and koala, before the rabbit swallowed the fruit of Yan beast.
That’s why this strange-looking, nondescript, but base cute rabbit appears.
At the moment, the rabbit has a pair of round green eyes, and the long rabbit ears have shrunk to half the size of a palm. The whole rabbit head has white hair except that the eyes and ears are black hair.
The most amazing thing is that the rabbit directly went from landing on all fours to landing on both feet
Fully combine that advantages of the two kind of creatures.
This kind of selling is lethal to female creatures, including Muya, a girl named Purple Moon Fire Rabbit, a female rabbit, off the charts.
This can be seen from the performance of Ziyuehuo Rabbit and Muya after the rabbit appeared.
Now that I think of it, Meng Chen suspects that the former rabbit once asked him "What are your suggestions about taxiing?" This sentence is a huge conspiracy …
Reminiscent of the double cultivation method of "Wild Tactics of Yin and Yang" …
Meng Chen has regretted his decision.
"If I had known this, I might as well have swallowed the fruit of Yan beast directly."
Meng Chen ignored the rabbit and turned around and walked towards Lingquan.
The piles of blood and crystal outside the spiritual spring in Zhen Yuan’s injection into Na Jie have all disappeared into Meng Chen’s Na Jie.
In a flash, Meng Chen felt that he had suddenly changed from a penniless man to the richest man.
So much blood spirit crystal even put an ancient clan is by no means easy to take out.
At the moment, ten square meters of the ring in front of the array operator building are occupied by a hill full of blood crystal except a silver badge symbolizing the core members of the array operator building.
Moment Meng Chen heart depressed swept away.
At this time, there was a loud noise like a heavy object falling to the ground.
"ah! Don’t kill me, I can show you the way! "
Far away Meng Chen heard the sound of Lu Fei.
"This cerebellum is very bright."
Meng Chen glanced at the ground as well as a spewing fountain.
"We’re in trouble."
Turned Meng Chen eyes looking at the outside tone calmly said
Chapter 123 Lingbao Level Long Dao 【 Seeking Collection 】
The ground suddenly shook and Li Kuang and others appeared outside.
"Old … big you … ahem … not dead!"
Liu Fei kuangdao mercenary team led the way in front and saw Li Mengchen at first sight.
At the moment, Lu Fei is more seriously injured than before.
Black and blue, even if Meng Chen saw Lu Fei’s chest with a deep fist print, he had no chest and abdomen!
If you go one inch further, Liu Fei will die!
Coupled with the erosion of Tianyuan poisonous fog, Lu Fei has completely lost his combat capability from the smell.
The weakest strength of the field is to refine the body environment and nine times Liu Fei.
It is his limit to be able to persist until now.
On the other hand, Li Kuang and others behind Liu Fei are still at their peak except for a few players who have just broken through the gas environment.
From Li Kuang’s hand holding the fine iron chain, we can see that they are prepared this time. It is not a big problem for them to be thousands of meters high with the fine iron chain.
What makes Meng Chen come first is to explore the way first.
Yu Mengchen’s death is not crazy about Li.
Because Li Kuang and others seem to have pronounced their death from the bottom of their hearts when Meng Chen and Liu Fei heard Mu Qing say the word "blood crystal"
On Meng Chen and Lu Fei can’t get out of here.
At the very least, Li Kuang and Axe Yong think so.
"Sure enough not dead? But you all have to stay today! "
Li crazy face cold looked Meng Chen.
"Blood spirit crystal is your hand, can you really cheat? Not too underestimate us! "
Axe Yong scoffs and pulls out two giant axes from behind.
Mountain axe! This is his weapon of fame.
I once asked a third-order refiner to forge a pair of second-order magic soldiers at great cost.
Li Kuang and others have long been aware of the abnormality, and they have already felt a dense aura before they set foot on this piece. Now, after entering this piece, those thick aura disappear.
It’s like being suddenly drained!
There is an explanation for this phenomenon. No matter where the thick aura comes from, it is inseparable from Meng Chen.
Natural KuangDao mercenary group also saw Lingquan.
Although Lingquan is small, it is enough for them to break through the realm again, and Meng Chen can’t get their hands on it again.
"Mu Qing, you promise me!"
At this time, in the face of threats from Li Kuang and others, Meng Chen directly looked at the youth beside Liu Fei.
In the face of Meng Chen’s icy eyes, Mu Qing’s eyes flashed for a moment, and then she finally looked at Meng Chen’s side and became firm.
"If my friend has any damage, I hope you don’t regret this decision! 」
Mu Qing knew from the beginning that the sentence was not for Meng Chen to tell Li Kuang and them, but for himself.
It was he who asked Meng Chen for help first, and the meaning of Meng Chen’s words was already very obvious
Lu Fei’s life is exchanged for Mu Ya’s life!
But now Muya is unscathed, but Lu Fei is seriously injured. If he is treated and recovered from time to time, his life may be in danger.
This is an unacceptable result for Meng Chen!
Meng Chen, this sentence is a wake-up call, and it is also a threat!
At this time, besides Mu Qing, there are Mu Ya and Meng Chen who know this secret.

"Then talk" Hu phlogistic che pull her tightly around his neck hand cold way

He doesn’t believe it. He can’t cure her?
"Blare … you bully me you bully me! I gave birth to a child for you, and you still bully me like this … You will get what you deserve! " Yuan Gungun cried and howled at the top of his voice.
"My karma came early, or else how could I have married you?" Yan Yan said with a laugh.
It’s karma, it’s disaster … Otherwise, how could he choose this woman to love without choosing anyone?
Yuan Gungun one leng immediately cried even bigger and smaller fist greeted him "then divorce! Blare … Anyway, I don’t remember anything now. Let’s get divorced! "
Yan Yan grabbed her hand and said, "Stop it."
"Who is divorcing you?" Yuan Gungun broke away from his muzzle and continued to wave his little fist to greet him on the shoulder.
"Yuan Gungun, you’d better stop." Yan Yanche once again caught her restless little paw voice was a little low.
"Didn’t you say that marrying me is karma? Then divorce! After the divorce, I don’t want anything. "Yuan Gungun cried with tears all over his face, and what was the sour feeling in his heart that he wanted to vent.
Yan Yanche’s forehead veins stood out because of her words. He tried to throw her to bed. Before she could react, she slapped her hip hard. It was very crisp.
Yuan Gungun froze in pain and couldn’t believe it. Look at the man who abused her. "You … you hit me."
"Why? Too few slaps? " Black inflammation with a frown cold way
Yuan Gungun looked at him with a stabbing pain in his hip. He was cold and afraid to make trouble again. He buried his face in the pillow and cried.
Yan Yanche looked at her slightly red palm and pulled her down. Her pillow was lightly asked, "Does it hurt?"
Yuan Gungun sobbed and nodded his head, which was pitiful.
"Didn’t I say stop that now? When did you become so disobedient? "Yan Yan wiped away her tears and reached out and rubbed her hips gently.
Yuan Gungun looked at his wronged tears and cried and meowed "Who told you that marrying me is karma …"
"Who told you to make trouble all the time?" Yan Yanche wiped her tears and rubbed her.
"I don’t care! If you hit me, you are wrong. "Yuan Gungun cried. A pair of tearful and charming water eyes looked at him sadly, and her lips pursed slightly. She didn’t even realize that she was coquetry with him.
Yan Yan Che looked at her and couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to caress her delicate and lovely face.
"Well, I was wrong. Stop crying."
Yuan Gungun gently snorted and murmured, "There is no sincerity at all."
Yan Yan Che slightly reminded the corners of her mouth because of her lovely expression.
"That how to have the sincerity? I’ll call you there, too? "
Yuan Gungun looked at him with a rare light smile and blushed unwillingly. "No … don’t …"
"Well, then," Yan Yan thought for a moment and bowed his head and covered her soft lips.
Yuan Gungun stared at the handsome face suddenly enlarged.
Yan Yan came to hold Doby’s mood, but when he lipped her, he found that he wanted more than Doby, and he couldn’t stand what she wanted any more.
"Well …" Yuan Gungun gently crooned like a feather and swept away his burning heart, which made him even more agitated.
It’s only a few seconds for him to control himself and invade her lips eagerly. He hasn’t tasted the beauty that belongs to her for too long … He hasn’t felt this excitement since she left.
"No … um …" It’s not good to kiss Yuan. His offensive has already fallen apart. She didn’t resist his kissing, but she followed his pace.
"Rolling …" Hu phlogistic against her lips gently call way.
Yuan Gungun was so emotional that his bones were crisp when he shouted. She never thought that such a overbearing and cold man would call her name like this. It felt so good.
Chapter 148 Is it difficult to answer?
While kissing her, Yan Yanche stretched out his hand to pull her out of the way pajamas, and Yuan Gungun was stripped naked like a newborn baby in half an hour.
"Don’t …" Yuan Gungun’s hands are wrapped around his chest and his face is blushing, and even she herself feels that this sentence is not convincing.
"If I want it, you will want it." When Yan Yanche didn’t give her too much shyness
"No … there …"
"Well …" Yuan Gungun was a little uneasy and twisted his head. The strong offensive had faded away and she slowly responded to him unconsciously.
Yan Yan gasped and looked at her wronged little face with hazy purple eyes.
Yuan Gungun was stiff and had already cried.
Yan Yanche felt tightly wrapped by her, and the warmth and tightness made him almost crazy, but he stopped moving because of her pain. He remembered that he always remembered that she was afraid of pain.
"Shh … don’t cry"
"It hurts ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"You are still so delicate." Yan Yan smiled and kissed her tears with pity.
"It hurts …" Yuan Gungun pursed his mouth and looked at him with watery eyes.
It doesn’t really hurt that much, but it’s so gentle. His gentle expression makes her so tempted that she unconsciously scatters jiao and wants him to cherish more.

No matter what you say about the ice pupil, you don’t turn your head to see her. Nai got up and said to her, "If so, I’ll send someone to send you back tomorrow." After saying this sentence, I feel like I have more hands on my waist. I look at you with tears on my face.

Bingtong smiled a real smile. She just said that on purpose just to see how the tryst with Ta was going. She slowly squatted down to hug Ta You and said, "Ta Guai, this time, my sister didn’t apologize to you and forgive her, okay?"
"Sister, don’t throw the tower alone again, okay? Ta will be afraid, "Ta You cried." Good sister promised you never to leave Ta alone again. Don’t cry again, okay? " Ice pupil some love dearly said
"Well, don’t cry, sister, and don’t cry." You wiped your tears, then wiped your tears for Bing Pupil, who looked at her and smiled.
"Princess, what are you going to do about this?" When it was so touching, after saying such a sentence, Bing Pupil couldn’t help but give him a white look, but he still said, "You should arrange a press conference at ten o’clock in the afternoon."
"Call a press conference? Europe, what are you going to do? " Han Yin asked puzzled.
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Chapter one hundred and fifty Rename
"Call a press conference? Europe, what are you going to do? " Han Yin asked puzzled.
"Soon you will know" ice pupil evil smiled and said’ hum! How dare you imprison me? I will definitely make you pay the price.’ Ice Pupil looked outside and said that others were puzzled. After seeing Ice Pupil look outside, everyone looked, but it was endless darkness.
It’s so sad to study for a day! ——————
Four families
"What should I do now?" The night elder went to the elder Yumo and asked Zhai Yu. They also looked at the elder Yumo. Everyone looked at him. "Hey!" Rain devoted to the elders sighed and then sat on the sofa.
"What does Grandpa do now?" Cai Yu walked up to his grandfather and asked, "I didn’t expect her to be the president of that multinational company!" Are we really doing something wrong? " Rain devoted to the elders chagrin said
His words made everyone lost in thought. Yes! No one thought that Bing Tong, who was so weak at the beginning, would now be the president of that mysterious company! I’m afraid they won’t get any benefits if they have to confront the ice pupil.
"Now we can sit tight and see what Pupil wants." She came out and said, "Actually, we can’t make a move on them now, or Bing Pupil doesn’t know what she will do."
After hearing you say that, others will no longer say anything, and now there is such a way.
Elder Yu Mo looked up at the outside and thought that if it weren’t for that, maybe Pupil would help his family to be stronger! Until now, the rain stranger elder thought it was chilling that the interests were not felt! ! ! ! ! !
Ice pupil and they look at the same sky, but they think differently. Maybe two people will not get any good results even if they are together.
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"Shit, shit" ran into the place where the four elders lived with the newspaper in the early morning, only to see a large group of people there, who were twisting their heads and looking at the late arrival.
"What are you doing in such a hurry?" You asked, "Did you read today’s newspaper and call a press conference once again?" You ran to them with a newspaper and said, "We knew it." Sitting on the sofa, Yu Yu came up with a cool sentence.
"What? Do you know? " Yun Yun was surprised and said that Xu Xu didn’t like this kind of porcelain Xuan. He stepped aside and played the TV. Indeed, it was the ice pupil who wanted to temporarily call a press conference to report.
"How did this happen?" Xi Xi sat on the sofa and asked, "It seems that this press conference will never be that simple. I wonder what she really wants to do?" Caiyu looked at the camera and said
"No matter what she wants to do, she should be inseparable from us," said Yu Mo, the elder. When she heard him speak, she found that there were still four people sitting there, but it is no wonder that he ran so hard just now and didn’t see it.
"Let’s go and have a look," said Li Yu, and then everyone took one look at him, then got up and walked towards the door, but he didn’t know what was going on, and his heart always felt uneasy like something big was going to happen.
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"What do you think evansy suddenly called a press conference for?" A reporter looked at himself and asked others.
"I don’t know what should be important to announce!" The person asked said
"Look, evansy is coming." I don’t know who suddenly shouted. Then everyone got up and looked back. Sure enough, they saw Han Yin, the ice pupil, slowly coming from the car.
All the reporters swarmed and bodyguards on both sides rushed to the ice pupil, and many people poured out from all directions on both sides. They also rushed to the ice pupil to open the way for her.
After everyone’s efforts, the ice pupil finally went to the designated position and sat beside her in the tower.
"evansy, why did you suddenly call a press conference? I don’t even know." lynh went to sit next to Bing Pupil and asked.
"I’m sorry lynh didn’t tell you beforehand that I didn’t apologize to you, but I hope you don’t say anything when I do something today," Bing said, looking at him.
Lynh didn’t smile when she saw the ice pupil face, and she didn’t say anything anymore because he knew that the ice pupil would make everyone touch the law. You know, volcanic eruptions are very powerful
"Everybody be quiet, everybody be quiet." lynh got up and said when she saw that the number was about the same.
Sure enough, everyone stopped talking and looked at them after hearing what lynh said.
"Now let’s stop. evansy has something to say." lynh looked at the ice pupil and said.

"Rest your mind early!" Gu Geng entered the room and stared at Yang’s mother and daughter with a cold face and folded shouted at him.

The teacher in the front yard saw that it was getting late, so Gu Geng got up and went to Yang’s yard to prepare for rest. Gu Yan said that he would go to see his mother and then go back to his yard to rest, so he went to Yang’s hospital with Gu Geng.
Because he wanted to talk to his daughter confidentially, Yang sent his maid, who was waiting around him, to the center of the hospital and told her to call no one to come into the house to disturb him.
Gu Geng’s father entered the hospital and saw the scene in the courtyard. The footsteps happened to coincide with each other, followed by Gu Geng’s black face and raised his hand to stop the girl’s mother from asking questions. Gu Yan went straight to the door of Yang’s room with him. He couldn’t help but look at what his mother and sister were saying in the room from the situation in the courtyard, and those words were extremely secret, otherwise he wouldn’t wave back to serve the girl’s mother.
And Gu Geng’s temperament Gu Yan is clear enough.
"Sir, what do you mean?" Gu Yan winked at his mother. His father just heard everything outside the door, but when we disembarked, Yang Gen didn’t take his hint seriously.
Gu Mian saluted his father from the couch, and then his brother Gu Yan joined him.
If usual, she would be holding Gu Geng’s arm, coquetry and joking, but at the moment she dare not.
The room was silent. Gu Geng didn’t do Yang’s question immediately.
The awe-inspiring eyes flashed across Yang Gu Yan’s brother and sister’s faces one by one. "I have to take you to Ningyuan Houfu without violating the holy will, but I believe that Qi ‘er and Jun ‘er are still alive. It will take them five years, ten years and even longer to come back. This Ningyuan Houfu is all of them."
My father had a wife and a concubine before his death, and he was never wronged.
Because the eldest brother and his first mother treated him very well, and even worse, his first mother and aunt treated him as his own son after his death.
It is his request to be separated from the government to marry an adult.
Three years ago, his brother’s family was killed, and he was very sad, but he tried to find out the murderer and his family took revenge.
What should Qi ‘er and Jun ‘er do if they come back as soon as the five-year period mentioned in the imperial edict is up to him to wait for this title?
He is their uncle and brother, taking care of Jia Jia’s brother, and he can’t do unkind and unjust things
Yang’s face didn’t see any emotion. First, he got up slowly and saluted Gu Geng. Then he said, "Qi Er and Jun Er, if they don’t go back to the house after living for three years?" Before Gu Geng, Yang’s words and actions have always been very measured. Since the other party has known her mind, if she pretends to be deaf and dumb again, it will be a loss of heart, which will make his woman in this backyard cheap. Considering this, her language is soft and soothing. "It is true that it is not my body who cursed them for leaving the world. Moreover, the imperial edict is clearly written. If no one of their brothers comes back within five years, the master will inherit the marquis. If the master violates the emperor’s will because of self-obsession, one will have a negative emperor’s favor …"
"I know what you need to say."
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Hlnen Chapter 13 Mouth Meat
Gu Geng raised his hand to stop Yang from continuing to say the emperor’s will, but he would not violate it, but he would not do anything unkind to his brothers and nephews.
In the end, he will find a way to deal with it after five years.
Yang’s face was hot and he wanted to say something, but he saw Gu Geng turn to the door and walk to his mouth. Suddenly, he said hastily, "It’s getting late, sir. Where are you going?" Didn’t she say anything wrong to slap her face in front of her children? That’s it. Now you’re leaving her room. Are you going to sleep in my room?
Yang’s heart was really angry at the thought of this possibility.
There are two concubines in Gu Geng’s backyard, both from other peaks.
Can’t shirk Gu Geng’s efforts to bring people into the backyard.
In the original time, the two concubines, Yang, who was carried by a dowry girl, lived well with each other.
As a result, Yang died in the main room and was righted by his own ability. The lives of the two concubines have not changed much, but they have been treated badly.
But they are better than Gu Geng’s first daughter.
"Dad, it’s getting late, and Mianer and I won’t bother you and Niang." Gu Yan pulled his sister’s sleeve and looked at Gu Geng with a smile.
He doesn’t want his mother to go to heaven with a lonely lamp tonight.
However, his words did not stop his father from leaving.
Listen to Gu Gengdao’s "I’ll sleep in the bedroom tonight", and others have already stepped out of the door.
Yang waved the back two steps and sat down on the couch. "Your dad wants to do this to me? What did I say wrong and do wrong? " Her heart was bitter and unwilling.
"Mom, you’re right." Gu Yan walked beside Yang’s door and sat with persistent eyes. "I would say that Dad had to promise if he didn’t promise the marquis." It’s foolish not to eat meat at the mouth.
He can’t decide his birth, but he can control his future destiny and deliver the door easily. He has no reason to refuse.
Gu Mian caught his brother before he left and said, "Brother Niang is right. You are right. Dad didn’t know what to think before he scolded us."
"You know your dad’s temper, and no one can change it."
Yang faint sigh said 1

"Me, too …" Night feather suddenly appeared with a fierce knife before he finished his name, and a tiny pink light was reflected by the knife surface and shot to one side, suddenly scorching a meadow.

The quarrel froze everyone. If it wasn’t just a reaction, then the night feather would be dangerous! But the night feather looked at the burnt grass and everyone was nervous and worried. Relatively speaking, Calvin’s expression was still gentle, and no one found that his eyes were sharp and fleeting.
"Night feather (master) are you okay? !” Although Heather doesn’t like Night Feather, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t worry about the other person’s safety. After all, the other person is also his classmate. Heather heard that the night feather slave market showed miracles before, but he didn’t really feel the way to connect the so-called miracles with the skinny young boy in front of him. When he saw that Night Feather was in danger, he still worried about him as an ordinary boy, not some god who showed miracles.
"Damn human, what are you doing here? ! Get out! "
A palm-sized pink light appeared in front of everyone. A closer look showed that it was a pink fairy with wings.
Flame rubbed his eyes to make sure it wasn’t an illusion, then pointed to the dancing elves in the sky and cried excitedly, "Night Feather! Heather! You see, you see, it’s an elf! "
"I won’t see it myself!" It is obvious that Heather is dissatisfied with Yan’s putting her name behind.
"See the elves have so surprised you? Really know human beings! " Although the pink elf said this, he put several shapes in it to make everyone see it more clearly.
"Did humans tell you that you didn’t have eyes?" Agnes immediately got into trouble with the pink fairy.
"Hey, hey, let me see." The pink elf asked with wide eyes. "Aren’t you half elves? Didn’t they all move away? How to return this? "
Night feather and Calvin quickly exchanged a look when they heard the elf questioning.
"Migration? What are you talking about? Didn’t you drive us away by force? Also took away the warriors in our family! "
"Nonsense nonsense! We are elegant elves against violence! "
"Then what do you mean by a sneak attack?"
Then there is another argument about meaning.
Suddenly, the pink elf voice stopped. It turned out to be hiding. The dark elf couldn’t see it. He ran out and put a hand over her mouth.
"Hmm ~ hmm ~ hmm ~ ~"
"Excuse me, are you here for the alien relocation?"
"Yes," Calvin replied.
"if so, I think there must be some misunderstanding. Can you come with us to meet the king?"
"Thank you"
Two elves fly in front followed by night feather them.
"Damn dark elves, you should take them to meet our great king? !”
"If I hadn’t come out to stop you, you would have been cut in half. Did that black dress block your trick if you didn’t stop it at will?"
"No, no! I was powerless! "
"Even if you didn’t have the strength, I think if that man hadn’t been stopped at that time, you would have gone to see the elf god."
"Don’t forget that there are half elves with bows and arrows, but they have inherited the excellent archery skills of elves."
"And the red hair made me feel the surging fire element, and the light blue hair element didn’t lose his water element."
"The other one is very beautiful with long blue hair …" Speaking of the dark face of the dark elf, it turned red. "It has elemental power comparable to our elders."
"what surprise me is that I can’t feel that man in black who is closest to the element!"
"What surprises me most is …"
He turned his head and the pink elf turned his head with his sight, just in time to see Calvin talking to Night Feather.

Heng Xue smiled very cheerful and didn’t seem to be influenced by Lun Yu Xiao at all. She raised her big smiling face. "But I’m honored that the benefactor actually likes me, and I’m sorry at the same time, because I will like the night evil and I won’t like others anymore, but I hope the benefactor can find her happiness. Pure, she likes the benefactor."

In the face of this situation, she should feel depressed, but it seems that everything becomes very simple when she smiles, and everything will be beautiful if she smiles.
Lun Yuxiao can look at Heng Xue with a wry smile and her eyes are full of disappointment. "In fact, I knew very early that even if I washed away your memory, you still don’t belong to me after all, but the infatuation feeling is too deep. What should I do?"
Heng Xuexiao smiled calmly and came close to the black silk ribbon feather cloud. He took the initiative to open his arms and hugged him. He said, "I can’t do such evil things to keep the benefactor waiting for nothing. I hope the benefactor can let go so calmly. We are still good friends for lovers … It’s a pity that my heart belongs to someone else."
Black silk ribbon feather clouds took a sip of his lip and smiled back at the snow.
This is the last time he has her, and then he will completely let go of it, no more nostalgia and no more delusions …
But he will still be a little reluctant in his heart. He has lived for more than 1000 years and has been dealing with all kinds of things alone, and finally he can see a sunshine in his life.
Heng Xuexiao is as pure as an angel. Even Lian Xiao does not contain impurities, which makes people want to have this beauty and keep their lives from always regretting.
"Heng son, please be happy." Lun Yu whispered softly and let go of Heng Xue’s smile.
"Yeah, yeah, I will be a benefactor, too!" Heng Xue smiled and said goodbye to him with a gesture of refueling.
Thanks to Yimo Bei for counting the stars, dogs and flowers.
People 46 let the husband kiss.
Heng Xue smiled and went into the "snooker billiards" box, and saw the night evil correction leaning against the table and gracefully wiping the club head.
"Are you back?" Night evil repair see Heng snow smile came in and grinned at her.
"Yeah, yeah," Heng Xue smiled and nodded happily and trotted near Yexie Xiu.
Night evil repair didn’t ask Yu Heng Xue Xiao and Lun Yu Xiao to talk about fruit and fruit. First, he didn’t have much interest in this kind of thing. Second, he knew that Heng Xue Xiao was sure to settle things. After all, Lun Yu Xiao was not an unreasonable person. Third, Heng Xue Xiao’s cheerful expression had’ betrayed’ things. It was also a waste of time to ask again.
"Do you want to have a competition with me?" Night evil repair stretched out his hand handfuls of Heng Xue Xiao and dragged it to his chest, frivolous to provoke a pinch of her hair to the tip of his nose and sniffed it obsessively.
"than what?" Heng Xuexiao leaned calmly against Ye Xie’s arms. Obviously, she was resistant to such ambiguity and inaction.
"The winner of billiards can make a surprise request to the loser." Night Evil Xiu looks confident. It seems that he is going to win.
"Don’t laugh so yd, I’m sure I can beat you!" Heng Xue smiled angrily and said that she was not happy when she saw the self-confidence of night evil cultivation. She didn’t believe that she would lose anything compared with night evil cultivation!
Night evil is full of black lines. Why did he laugh yd? speechless
Heng Xue smiled and pushed the night evil xiu away. He picked up a club and hooked his finger at him. "Let’s go."
A game goes fast. What? Because of the night evil, the skill of repairing the ball is really not good. Every time you play, you can get into the hole. There are a lot of smiles. Obviously, the number of goals is not as good as that of the night evil.
"Hey, you lost." Night Evil Xiu crossed his face with one hand on the desktop and blew the club head handsomely.
"Hum hate" Heng Xue laughed and slammed his legs to the ground.
"Come on, let me give my husband a kiss." Night evil smiled at Heng Xue with a warm smile and hooked his fingers with ignorance.
"No!" Heng Xue smiled and pursed her lips in anger, and she was very upset. Even if she lost the game, she would let the night evil fix take advantage. Shit! Damn it, I’m so upset
"Uh-huh, I’m willing to lose the bet. You can’t play to depend on it." Night evil xiu looked at Heng Xue and laughed in anger. He didn’t come over and just walked by himself
“sp!” When Night Evil Xiu was still one arm away from Heng Xuexiao, Heng Xuexiao shouted out a hand to block the progress of Night Evil Xiu, just touching his chest.
At the right moment, the night evil took advantage of the situation and pulled the snow to smile. She was imprisoned in her arms and could not move, and then she bowed her head and kissed her mouth quickly and released her.
"Come again! I must beat you in this game. "Heng Xue smiled angrily and wiped her mouth with her back, picked up the club and prepared herself.
"Company with" night evil repair so-called shrugged.
It’s a tragic game. It’s that Xue Xue laughs and loses, and the night evil repairs the perfect winning streak.
"Ow ow night evil repair you bully me again!" Heng Xue laughed and lost his cue, sitting on the sofa with his hands on his hips and his eyes waiting for him to laugh very evil at night.
Thank the rain and the sunrise for their gifts.
The human world 47 love mark
"Alas, my skill is so poor." Yexie Xiu shook his head sadly. "It’s a pity that you will be punished by me again."
"Dead stallion! Where are you going to eat my tofu this time? !” Heng snow smile pie pie eyes very bitterness.
"A stallion?" After thinking about it for a while, Ye Xie smiled and said, "Then you are specially bred by me."
+_+I can’t stand the dizzy smile. My mouth is so hairy.
"Hum, how cheeky!" Heng Xuexiao angrily compared two index fingers, which means "contempt".
"Uh-huh, uh-huh, please ask your wife and adults to enjoy my punishment." As soon as the voice fell, she pulled the snow and laughed.
Heng Xuexiao night evil repair wants to kiss himself again, so he covers his face with his hands in fear and makes his lips have no place to land.
After a few seconds, I still don’t see any movement of night evil repair.
Heng Xue smiled and sneaked a gap close to five fingers only to see the night evil correction bow his head.
Huh? What is he going to do? Heng Xue is puzzled.
But a second neck to Sue Sue hemp feeling let her stare big eyes can’t help but yell abnormal condition.
Night evil repair incredibly …
Kissing her neck! ! !
Night evil repairs warm lips and kisses the collarbone position of Xue Xiao, and then vigorously sucks.
Fortunately, Heng Xuexiao didn’t feel the tingling feeling, otherwise she would definitely be sucking her own blood.
"Ah, hey, you, you pervert-"Heng Xue’s smiling face turned red and her voice became shy because of shyness.
When the swearing came out of her mouth, it changed its taste like a coquetry.
Night evil took enough to lift the neck and nose, and it was still close to Heng Xuexiao’s neck. He sniffed obsessively and said, "Sure enough, Heng Xuexiao’s body is very sweet."
As soon as it snowed, the smiling face became even redder, and it was almost bleeding.
"ouch-you are really abnormal!" Heng Xue smiled at his neck and face and burned to death. His eyes looked at night evil like a pervert.
"Uh-huh, do you want to see me leave a’ love mark’ on you?" Night evil repair quipped eyes looked at Heng snow smile neck.
"You close your eyes," Heng Xuexiao ordered angrily, turning around and quietly looking at his collarbone.
Oh, my god Isn’t this too technical? Actually, it’s red and in the shape of a love peach.
However, in a second, the snow smile was completely embarrassing, so how can she go out to meet people?
It seems that this clavicle love peach will not disappear for a while ~~g; _l; ~ ~ tears running
"Heng son? Good-looking? " Night evil repair don’t know the right behind the Heng snow smile eyes looked at his’ jie’ finally nodded with satisfaction.
"Fuck you, let’s have another game." Heng Xue smiled with anger and shame, and his face turned red with great weight. He felt that he could cook an egg on his face.
"Good" night evil repair readily promised that the two started a new game.
Miss, you must win this game! Heng snow smile in my heart secretly swear.
The world 48 which woman?

As he roared with purple flame, he swallowed up the whole temple …

Chapter 49 Forgetting the battlefield
The once sacred and solemn Li Dian is now like a human hell, and it seems that the purple flames in the three realms can burn the temple in an instant. Ralph Barak is facing each other at this time, and Steve and others are caught in the middle and dare not move for fear of attracting the fish in the pool.
Barak never dreamed that someone would dare to burn the temple in front of him, a war angel. He was so angry that he laughed, "How dare you be presumptuous in front of me …"
"Save this nonsense for hell, Ruler Blade!" Ralph suddenly gave birth to a pair of purple wings behind him. With a wave of his sword, dozens of sharp blades hit Barak like a rainstorm.
"Aurora Barrier Liberation!"
"Do you have your field? Dark inflammation purgatory liberation!"
The strongest light at the moment turned to the deepest darkness, and the purple flame around Ralph instantly melted. The temple could not withstand these two strong tears, and Steve saw that the six elders left the temple in a coma during the fierce fighting between the two sides. It was no longer for him to intervene at this level.
In fact, after the end of the chaotic year, it is extremely rare for the gods to return to the realm of God. After all, owning the realm means that they have entered the realm of God. Even the lowest demigods will not easily fight with the people in the main material world. Their destructive power is too strong, and it is still a small matter to accidentally hit a real fire, earthquake and tsunami. It is too much to blame the gods, and no one can bear this responsibility.
They just pulled out, and they were facing the burning temple. They were helpless. They heard a frightening roar from time to time, and they seemed to have nothing to do except pray.
Is a mess to listen to "Dangdang Dangdang …" Shortness of the bell rang Steve’s face changed, and he climbed into the distance and saw one beacon tower after another being lit in turn, and his heart suddenly sank.
When they saw that his face was gray, they quickly asked what was going on. Listening to him, he said as if he groaned, "The war has invaded the orcs again."
At this time, I saw a man wearing a military uniform and wearing a badge of Thiel Church on his chest riding a fiery red horse and shouting, "War is over. Citizens take up arms and go to the square to meet the truth. Long live freedom …"
A stone stirs up thousands of waves. The Truth Gate seems to have come alive. Several citizens are rushing home to do small business. The stalls and carts have been pulled off, and the guests have been thrown away. The castles are full of owners shouting, "Hurry up, hurry up, war, where is my armor? Hurry up and prepare for my master."
It turns out that the Truth Gate has been subjected to endless wars since its establishment. Most of the nobles, big and small, have experienced the test of war. Although they have been used to peaceful days in recent ten years, there are still some martial arts habits left behind. A series of recent events are certainly disturbing, but everyone’s hearts are in vain. If the city can’t be saved, then everything is over
Fortunately, those rescue teams do not include the Taier Church Paladin City Defense Force, which are the two forces of the Senate. They will never play out the cards until the time of life and death. At this time, it is martial law. Otherwise, I don’t know how to be chaotic.
Those believers who received the emergency call from the church of Los Angeles were dressed neatly, and they didn’t care to rescue the temple at this time. They turned their heads and rushed to the right place. At this time, thousands of Taier paladins led by Tianwei, and most of the Yugoslav defense forces had gathered in the square at the entrance of the Senate, waiting for the departure order.
It’s about three days’ journey from the Gate of Truth to the fast horse of the Rock Fortress. In fact, it’s not possible to complete it in a short time just by recruiting private soldiers to prepare the provisions. It’s lucky to get there in half a month after these things are completed. It’s possible that the standing team of Taier Church Yugoslav Army will rush to the fortress in advance to help others set out later.
Soon, the cavalry team with a total of about 2,500 people has been prepared under the command of Tianwei. From a distance, it is a strong man, because many of the family flags are different and colorful, which is a bit funny.
Several people gathered in the periphery of the square with dry food in their hands. He hoped that the materials could be given to the warriors and their families to take the best care of.
"Warriors and friends, at this moment, with great indignation and grief, I tell you an unfortunate news. As you can see, there is a war. Just now, we received a warning from the rock fortress. Obviously, those damn orcs broke the Covenant and they fought against us without authorization."
Raistlin At this time, Price looks listless, his voice is hoarse, and the continuous bad news has almost crushed this energetic young man. His worries and foreign troubles have made him complain. Fortunately, his father’s family has always supported him. Otherwise, he would have been swallowed up by the old foxes in the Senate.
"But we won’t be afraid because we are citizens of the glorious truth gate. This city is made by the blood and sweat of our ancestors. Every inch of land here is their own life. Can we allow these dirty beasts to trample on our home?"
"no!" I don’t know who was the first to raise his weapon and shout.
"That’s right. Let those wild animals go back to their pigsty!"
"kill these damn beast!"
People have raised their weapons and pounded on shields, which form a huge wave. Those Taier warriors are still like statues, and the scene around their mounts is in stark contrast. From this, we can see that Tianwei is really a famous enemy commander. Just looking at the warriors’ spirits, we can know that this is a team like steel.
"Now I declare that Tianweige, the martial arts chief of Taier Church, will take the lead in this battle and ask Tianweige to lecture."
Before Tianwei rode, the sun saw his shining head, but for this tense moment, he was afraid of causing a burst of laughter. You can see that he is very tall and at least six feet tall, wearing a short-sleeved one-piece chain mail, showing his arms and muscles, and a red cloak fluttering in the wind.
"Fuck these orc bastards!"
He suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs, and everyone was shocked for a moment. Listening to the soldiers’ faces full of excitement, they shouted with him, and the crowd in the square fell into a fanatical atmosphere for a while.