"Bury yourself. Bury yourself quickly. Bury yourself and everything will be free."

Xiao Yu’s eyes seem to be really lost.
Suddenly he woke up in a tingling moment.
"That was close!"
He looked at the fruit with cold sweat behind him and walked quickly past.
"Hey, why don’t you bury yourself alive?"
The fruit wondered
Xiao Yu put a green jade symbol on it without saying a word.
The root fruit body fell directly from it with a shock.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Arm dragon
Looking at falling motionless root fruit Xiao Yu dark relieved.
This fruit is so evil that it is difficult to understand that this kind of thing will still exist in this world.
He crouched down and looked at the fruit quietly, wanting to study it first.
Seeing that the fruit was pasted by the dark green jade symbol, his eyes were still rumbling and he cried in his mouth, "I wonder why I can’t move suddenly. What happened?" Are you cheating on the radish? "
Xiao Yu laughed angrily. "Is radish calling me?"
Genguo replied, "Yes, that man has always told me that I have two legs full of radishes, so I can grow faster if I eat radishes."
Xiao Yu sneered, "Dare to say that we are radishes? Who taught you?"
"I don’t know him. He keeps appearing in my dreams. Every time I appear, it’s dark around me. I can see that he is covered with shiny black things. By the way, he is huge, just like this mountain," said Gengo.
Xiao Yu cold hum a surprise qR1
The little stone lion’s face suddenly changed and quickly asked, "What are his eyes?"
"I can’t see two huge red lanterns, each as big as a house and very bright," said Gengo.
"Does he still have an arm?" The little stone lion asked again
"How do you know? Did he also appear in your dream? " Root fruit asked curiously.
The little stone lion shook his body and said, "That’s it. Let’s go!"
Xiao Yu wondered, "Why did you suddenly leave?"
"If his grandfather didn’t guess wrong, the big guy who was sealed by Ganyuan was not dead enough to wake up!" The little stone lion scold a way
"How is that possible?"
Xiao Yu lost his way
The little stone lion looks pale and says, "I once stayed in Ganyuan Holy Church for a while, and I knew that the guy who was sealed by Ganyuan’s ancestor had an arm and was covered with black scales. It’s absolutely wrong that his grandmother was a dragon with an arm. Why hasn’t he died after so many years?"
"The dragon with the arm!"
Xiao Yu’s mind is overwhelmed.
That’s a horrible monster beast in the era of the wild. It’s a famous Fushi emperor family in the monster beast family. An appearance will bring great disaster to the whole world.
And in this small world, there is actually an arm dragon about to wake up!
Xiao Yu took the fruit without saying anything and turned to leave. I couldn’t wait to get out of here immediately.
At this moment
Outside the black mountain range, there has been a monstrous gathering. I don’t know how many demon races are all kinds. They are covered with golden scales, with wings on their backs, with chains all over them, and they are taller, wider and burlier than one. They all look at the black mountain range with cruel smiles.
"It’s great that these humans don’t need our hints to enter the adult palace. With these people sacrificing adults, they will be able to get out of trouble."
"We must keep it here. Once we find someone trying to escape, we will kill them and throw them back into the palace!"
"Those old guys outside will wake up soon, but when they react, it will be too late. Once adults get out of trouble, they will destroy everything!"
"I heard from adults that the Terran outside is delicious and delicious, and I must have a good meal when I leave here!"
A group of demons laugh wildly.
It’s enchanting!
A terrible change is taking place in the black giant palace.

This team can be regarded as an elite team wherever it goes. Naturally, Liu Xuan can’t take these ordinary people, not to mention the strength of this team. Many people dress like fleeing. Seeing each other in these situations makes the original look even more ugly.

Lu Jie came to Liu Xuan and swept around. "Liu Gong, your team is too down and out, isn’t it?"
LiuXuan is smiled "do you think if this section of the road really what’s the mistake, they can really charge? Don’t say that these people under my command, including your cavalry, don’t expect you and me to lead the way in the end. My brothers are familiar with the road, although their fighting capacity is poor. Don’t forget that they used to be beggars on the border, whether it is Tianqin or Beifan. "
If you think about it, Lu Jie is right. If you really want to meet guys who dare to fight this team, you can’t count on them. Don’t talk about them. Even those cavalry who can fight are useless.
So they screamed and limped, and they were in high spirits. Yesterday, although they suffered some flesh and blood, the later leaders gave them a lot of lingshi. Although many of them are not lingshi, this thing is equivalent to silver. Today, the leaders found them such a job. You know, although they are captive hunting teams, they still rarely receive escort work. Don’t turn them around because of their poor strength.
They are even more worried about the danger. Although the journey from here to the northern fortress is not close, it is almost the Beifan people and various hunting teams. These guys are not ordinary people at first glance. Who will go looking for trouble at this time?
It’s not far from here to the northern fortress in a straight line, but there’s a small swamp separated by it. It’s estimated that it takes about two hours to fly, like Liu Xuan. However, if these vehicles add horses, they will have to get out of the way. It may not be possible to get there in two days.
This is why this team must find a guide.
Because of the current situation in Tianqin and Beifan, they didn’t take the official road when they came. I’m afraid it’s more troublesome to go from here to the official road to the northern fortress than to bypass it from here. Besides, there are troops everywhere along the way. These scattered troops are the most dangerous in wartime. If you have offended these small troops and killed you, you have no place to argue.
There are lame third-class people to lead the way. According to lame three words, it is really feasible here, because the cold season in Yanbei is much longer than that in other days. Yanbei dating has been nearly seven months, but now it has just entered the cold season, and the swamp water has just frozen, and the ice layer is not thick. The road is quite difficult to walk.
Even with a limp, the accident happened when they led the way. They turned a mountain pass, which was adjacent to the swamp. For some reason, the mountain pass collapsed, and the only road that could bypass the swamp was blocked.
If there is anyone, it’s all right to say that there are six flying repairers in Jialiuxuan. Although the collapsed section is very long, flying a few times will take people there, but these people still have war horses and there is still a long way to go after the northern fortress. They can’t abandon their horses
This will trouble the collapsed road. If these people repair it, I’m afraid it won’t be finished in ten days. So these northern people finally decided to take the swamp.
There’s nothing we can do. Everything has come here. If we look back, we may not be able to get around here in five or six days. Moreover, Lu Jie said that this Beifan helper will arrive at the northern fortress in two days. If the delay is too long, I’m afraid it will be unexpected. They decided to take risks.
It doesn’t matter to lame three. Although it’s not cold season, it’s not difficult for them to cross this swamp often. Lame three, they cut down many shrubs and wrapped their feet in bark, so that although they walk much harder, their safety is greatly improved, because their feet are not easy to get stuck in the swamp because of the increase in area.
Not only that, Lame San also requires everyone to carry a board. Of course, Liu Xuan and other advanced practitioners are excluded, that is, flying people. Of course, there is no restriction in the swamp
Lame San’s request was resisted by the northern people. They didn’t want to tie themselves to brown like Lame San, and they didn’t want to recite a board for no reason. Finally, they had to let them succeed.
32, swamp boa constrictor
These proud cavalry soon suffered enough and paid a huge price.
What is a swamp? To put it bluntly, there is a layer of plants growing on the surface, and the soil layer is full of water or mud.
If it’s the cold season, there’s nothing wrong with the ice on the water surface here, not to mention the horse or the first elephant, but now it’s just entering the cold season facade, although it’s frozen, but the ice layer is very thin, not to mention the horse or the man, which is extremely dangerous to walk on.
Lame 3: They have accumulated a lot because they often come and go here. They often wrap branches and bark with their feet, which increases the stress area, even if you walk on the ice, it will be much safer.
But horses can’t, because war horses can’t bear their weight because of the ice. These knights have to walk on horses. To ensure the safety of horses, they have to choose those with plants to walk on the ground, but even so, some of them still have horses stuck in the mud.
At this time, I can see that Lame III’s foresight has played a very big role in saving people and saving themselves because they carried wooden boards on their backs. As soon as many people get stuck in the mire, they often throw the boards aside and climb out by themselves. Even if they can’t climb out, they can stick to others to save themselves. But the cavalry in Beifan can just do it. Their horses are heavier than people. Many knights have heavy armor, even leather armor is much heavier than cloth, and they don’t have wooden boards. Many people are already submerged in the mire without waiting for others to save themselves.
These knights finally realized the importance of wooden boards. Some of them were grumpy and could not be robbed by their direct hands. After Liu Xuan killed a few of them, they were also honest. In the face of their own life safety problems, they finally treated several clever knights’ property and lame three correctly. Of course, they exchanged some wooden boards to build lame three. They had extra wooden boards.
But it’s not surprising that the main house is even a carriage, but their carriage is really amazing. When they arrived at the swamp, the main guard directly changed the carriage and rotated a pallet similar to a sled, so that even if the carriage walked on the ice, there would be no problem.
What’s even more amazing is that the pick-up horses can walk freely on the ice. At this time, Liu Xuancai noticed that these horse-drawn carts are all like the horses in his bag. After the beast went into the swamp, the carriage sent out bursts of light to wrap these horse-drawn horses. This is like a protective array, but when the horse’s hoof stepped on the ice, there was a piece of ice, and their feet scattered and instantly increased the thickness of the ice. No wonder they were safe.
After walking a third of the way, Liu Xuan definitely felt something was wrong. He was a hunter and keenly felt that these people should be stared at by some wild animals, so he called Lame Sanlai "Is there a monster in this swamp?"
Lame three dynasties Liu Xuan leaned in. "Of course, there are monster beasts. Tianqin borders Beifan. There are the most monster beasts in this swamp. This is why we don’t want to go to this swamp. But now it’s cold season, they should hibernate. Generally, it’s rare to hear that there is winter coming out."
Liuxuan eyebrows a wrinkly slightly "no, we have been stared at by something, so be careful."
Liuxuan side the words sound just fell and suddenly there was a loud noise next to the main carriage. The ice next to the carriage suddenly cracked and a black shadow emerged from the bottom of the water and directly jumped on the ice to slide the carriage.
Liu Xuan, who is greatly surprised by everyone, has a feeling, but he still tells Lame San that others don’t know yet, and the four dharma repairs and Bai Huxian Jun, the original guardian carriage, have been spread to prevent someone from falling into the mire again, so there is really no defensive force around the carriage.
Seeing the black shadow pouncing on the carriage like a hill, Liu Xuan wanted to raise his legs to face the black shadow as soon as he turned around. Although he was still a few feet away from the carriage, his feet suddenly burst into a flame. If the shells were shot straight out, they would hit the black shadow.
This is no ordinary flame technique. This is the musket technique realized by Zongdian of Liuxuan Town. This flame combines hot and burst runes. When the flame hits the shadow, it instantly explodes with great power and directly lifts the shadow away.
But that is the carriage flame explosion power was unscathed, which really surprised Liu Xuan.
At this time, everyone just came to their senses. The shadow turned out to be a swamp python. This thing is a second-order monster beast. It is reasonable to say that it should hibernate in the cold season. I don’t know what attracted him to come out for food when the cold season came. This is really unreasonable.
However, no matter whether he is reasonable or not, even if he shows up, we can’t let go of his four dharma repairs. On the contrary, Lu Jie moves fastest. His direction is the other side of the carriage. Liu Xuan kicks the boa constrictor to fly away. When Lu Jie rotates, he cuts a white light against his body, and a big sword cuts the boa constrictor directly. The huge power of the boa constrictor directly cuts a wound several feet long.
After the boa constrictor fell to the ground, it tumbled into the swamp and never disappeared.
"How did you guard it? How could there be such a big mistake? There are second-order monsters in this swamp. Why didn’t you say anything before?" Among the four dharmas, the only female dharma immediately asked questions and almost poked Liu Xuan’s nose with her finger.
In detail, this matter is indeed a problem with Liu Xuan’s side, but it is not that he forgot to wake up after limping, and the monster beast base will not come out in the swamp this season. Who knows what will happen this time?
But what is Liu Xuan’s personality? Don’t say that he still has doubts about this matter. Even if he doesn’t doubt it, he won’t admit it. So he snorted, "This boa constrictor shouldn’t have come out in the cold season. Who knows what’s going on and what’s going on in your carriage has caused hibernating boa constrictors to come out and attack you? After all, it’s your own fault?"
This is really his sophistry, but after he finished, the other party actually didn’t continue to argue with him, which made Liu Xuan more determined in his own thoughts.
33, the town storm
After such a big accident, everyone was alert. Although the boa constrictor is a second-order monster beast, it can’t afford to turn over any waves in the face of Liu Xuan and many other second-order places, but it hasn’t appeared since it was injured.
After two days’ trekking, they finally came to the mountains, and generally speaking, the mountains came out of the swamp. Just as everyone was excited by the appearance of the mountains, Liu Xuan suddenly had that strange feeling again. He turned his body and threw one hand behind him, and he came to the carriage like a cannonball. There was also a dharma repair here, and he pushed the other side. After that, Liu Xuan suddenly appeared a bright green long knife in his hand, and then he turned into a head and feet, and then gently scratched the ice, just like writing, and waved it out with a knife.
Just as Liu Xuan’s long green knife swung out for a moment, a huge shadow just appeared in front of Liu Xuan’s knife, and the long green knife was like tofu without any resistance and was easily broken by everything.
This shadow is a boa constrictor that has never been seen. It seems that this guy still refuses to give up, but this monster beast does have patience. When he finds out that the other side has several second-order capabilities, he can keep it until now.
Think about it, it has refused to appear, because it was injured by Liu Xuan and Bai Hu Xian Jun, but seeing Liu Xuan and others leaving the swamp, if he doesn’t make moves, he will never have another chance when Liu Xuan and others land.
It needs to be a second-order monster beast, but after all, it is a water, but when it lands, its huge body is suspected and it has become the target of all attacks.
Om, this crowd directly bombed the nest. These two days, they have been very depressed. There will be pressure on anyone who is stared at by a second-order boa constrictor. But they never expected that Liu Xuan turned out to be a gentle knife and a second-order boa constrictor was cut off. This is simply refreshing their cognition. The shadow in my heart disappears instantly.
Even the four dharmas looked at Liuxuan like monsters, because Liuxuan has the ability to slay boa constrictors with one knife, which means that Liuxuan also has the ability to slay them with one knife, so it is necessary to be careful in the face of such a powerful opponent.
When everyone was celebrating, a voice suddenly came from the carriage, "I didn’t expect this Liu Gong to be so brave. No wonder he dared to meet us with such a few troops, but it’s a pity …"
The sound is gentle and clear, like a silver bead falling on a jade plate.
Liu Xuan slightly one leng, he didn’t expect that a harem was sitting in the carriage, and it was rare that this man never spoke all the way and didn’t know why, so he looked at Lu Jie slightly surprised.
So did Ruggie. Nai shrugged his shoulders. That means it’s obvious that you never asked, and it’s not my fault.

However, Bai Yinting can’t give up his idea of not only taking care of Xia Zhu, but also having to deal with the aftermath himself.

This made him a little overwhelmed, but he was gratified that Huang Yubo didn’t leave, but asked for leave to come to him with Lin Hao.
When the door saw them, Bai Yinting felt particularly gratified.
"Three-dimensional court here or to me" Huang Yubo volunteered.
"I just don’t want to hold you up. Brother, please trouble you this time." Bai Yinting apologized.
"Are your brothers don’t need to be so polite" Huang Yubo patted Bai Yinting on the shoulder.
"Eldest brother, I’m afraid I really need you to go there in person." Lin Hao was afraid that he wouldn’t trust Xia Zhu to move Huang Yubo.
Have Huang Yubo Bai Yinting naturally rest assured that he greeted Xia Zhu at the door and left here.
Huang Yubo gently knocked on the door. "Xia Zhuyin’s court has left. He still has some things to deal with. I’m Huang Yubo."
"You go, too. I want to stay here alone." Xia Zhu talked to the face.
"Xia Zhu, I’m a doctor. You should believe me," Huang Yubo continued. "It’s really not as terrible as you think. If just saying something and breathing the same breath is a way of broadcasting, I’m afraid there will be no healthy people in this world?"
"I just don’t want to see anyone now," Xia Zhu replied in a low voice.
"What? It’s not your fault. You are a victim. Of course, I know you don’t need sympathy from others, but Xia Zhu, you have no reason not to be strong. You have a family, a lover, a daughter and a career. What can you give up? " Huang Yubo continued
"I can give up, but I can’t take the initiative to hurt?" Xia Zhushi is also very entangled
"But you worry everyone?" Huang Yubo sighed and said, "Are you really going to stay here alone for three months?"
Xia Zhu didn’t answer and she didn’t know.
"Three months, you have to think it over. When you go out, summer has come. The modern era is developing rapidly. Do you think work will be waiting for you then? Your daughter may have forgotten what her mother looks like, "Huang Yubo said.
"But I’m out of this room now? Everyone will look at me with colored glasses. "
Xia Zhushi is afraid of those ears.
"So you’ve been avoiding them and you won’t say anything?" Huang Yubo said and asked himself, "Oh, you can’t hear yourself, can you? But what about your family? Are they going to bear it for you? What do you want Xiao edamame to do? What do you want her to say when someone asks? Those people will definitely say, if not, why is your mother hiding? "
Perhaps it was Huang Yubo’s words that touched Xia Zhu. She actually knocked the door out of the room and wore a mask. "Brother Yubo, what should I do?"
"It’s very simple. Fight back and tell everyone that you’re okay. You’ve been injured for two days at home. Those false reports will naturally be dealt with by someone," Huang Yubo said seriously
However, Xia Zhu is still not at ease. She still has all kinds of worries. She knows too well those people who like to talk about others behind their backs. They are not realistic but happy.
Besides, she really has no confidence. What if she is really infected?
Chapter seventy-four Let you my heart
After staying in Xia Zhu’s room for one night, Huang Yubo still said some things to her. He said that he was right and that his escape would not drag down his family.
She had to go out, but she was injured. She believed that she would not be so unlucky.
Didn’t the doctor also say that there is a possibility of infection? In this case, you must first sentence yourself to death?
I feel relieved when I think about Xia Zhu. She still has a lot of friends and family who support her. She can’t be defeated like this.
Otherwise, wouldn’t Li Youchen be very happy? Why bother to cooperate with him?
After figuring it out, Xia Zhu came out of the room, only to find that Huang Yubo had slept on the sofa all night or that kind of posture with his head propped up with one hand.
"Brother Yu Bo?" Xia Zhu some feel sorry for yourself is really some don’t understand.
"Hey?" Huang Yubo woke up and saw Xia Zhusong relieved. "Come out and show me your wound."
"There must be no rest last night, okay? I’m so sorry. "Xia Zhu sorry to walk over.
Huang Yubo took Xia Zhu’s arm gauze apart and looked at the wound that had been stitched. It recovered well and there was no sign of infection.
"Not bad, it’s much better than I expected. Don’t worry, it’s okay." Huang Yubo is like the sun in spring. If he laughs, everyone’s heart will melt with him.
"I decided to go home today and apologize to everyone and then go back to work." Xia Zhu vowed to finish and asked, "But is it really okay?"
"Do as I say absolutely no problem. Do you still trust me? I am a professional, "Huang Yubo said confidently.
Xia Zhu nodded. "Of course I believe you, but I still feel a little guilty."
"It’s a stranger to say that we are all friends, but it’s really a pity that the wedding didn’t take place as scheduled," Huang Yubo said
"Yes, but I don’t think my relationship with Yin Ting is a wedding. We can decide later."
Xia Zhu is also very sorry about the wedding, but let’s talk about it later.
Huang Yubo called Bai Yinting to deal with the wound. It is estimated that he didn’t sleep this night. There are too many things, and he must be a workaholic. It must be a spell to accompany Xia Zhu more often.
I heard that Xia Zhu finally came out of the room and planned to go home. Bai Yinting also breathed a sigh of relief. Is the expert more powerful?
Huang Yubo personally sent Xia Zhu home, and she was still a little nervous. Today is the weekend, Xiaomedao didn’t go to school. Actually, she didn’t go to kindergarten after the wedding.
I cried as soon as I saw the little edamame of Xiazhu, so a sad one came and hugged Xiazhu and cried even more sadly.
"Mom, how did you come back? Little edamame is so scared. Are you hurt? Where? Does it hurt? " Little edamame sobbed and asked
"Mom, I’m sorry. Little edamame worried little edamame. Mom just hurt her arm. You see, she’s almost well. She won’t cry." It’s heartbreaking to see the child Xia Zhu.
"It doesn’t hurt such a big wound." Little edamame gently held Xiazhu’s arm, and her eyes were full of worries about Xiazhu.
"Mom, are you dizzy? Sit down and rest, I’ll get you some water. "Little edamame said, holding Xia Zhu and then running to get some water.
Aunt Qiao was afraid that she would burn her hand and followed Yani. "lea, are you sure?" Why didn’t you call the police? My father didn’t come to your wedding. I feel sorry. He was particularly worried after hearing that the wedding was cancelled and something might have happened to you. "
"Say thank you to Kate for me. I have worried many friends these two days. I’m really sorry that things were so sudden that they didn’t give me a buffer. I didn’t get over it," Xia Zhu explained
"I still need to pay attention to it after I have recovered for nothing." Yani knew that it was because of revenge from a former hater.
He is also worried that Xiaomedao will be retaliated. Although he knows that there are many bodyguards around her, he still doesn’t trust to stay with her sometimes.
Little edamame poured water for Xia Zhu and then gave her a massage. I simply don’t know what to do.
"You must be very unhappy that the wedding was cancelled because of mom?" Xia Zhu asked Xiao edamame
"I really don’t care, but I was worried about my mother after I heard that her mother had an accident. The wedding really doesn’t matter. I want my mother." Little edamame said and hugged Xia Zhu’s neck.
Xia Zhu is very pleased. It seems that she is not hurting Xiao edamame in vain. She is still the closest person in her heart.
"Well, let’s go to the room with Yani’s brother." Xia Zhu didn’t want to have too much contact with Xiaomedadou, but she was still afraid.
Aunt Qiao came over after the little edamame left. "Little madam, your arm?"
"Aunt Qiao, my arm is fine for the time being, but it’s better to keep still for this period and prepare separate tableware for me."
Qiao Yi nodded and seemed to understand what was not significant.
Xia Zhu went back to her room, changed clothes, dressed herself up, and then asked Xiaowei to take her to the company.
"Little lady really don’t rest at home?" Xiaowei doesn’t think the bamboo pile is very good.
"I haven’t been to the company for a few days, I’m not at ease." After all, she is just starting, and she is still in an important position and can’t slack off.
Xiaowei is also bad to say what a good car will send Xia Zhu in the past.
When I arrived at the company, many people were surprised to see Xia Zhu, and she wouldn’t come to the company again.
Seeing that everyone dislikes their eyes, Xia Zhu didn’t mean to go directly to his office to arrange work today.
At this time, Liu Yao heard about Xia Zhulai’s company, and she trotted after the office door and rushed in without knocking.
"Xia Zhu!" When Liu Yao saw her, she couldn’t help crying with her lips curled.
"I wish you were all right, Liu Yao." Xia Zhushi was always worried about Liu Yao’s peace of mind after knowing that she was all right.
But when Liu Yao looked at her, she was full of apologies. She cried and walked over. "I’m sorry, Xia Zhu. I’m so damn. You have caused so much harm. Please hit me and scold me, or I’ll be so sad."
"It’s not your fault." Xia Zhu felt that Liu Yao could not be blamed.
But Liu Yao sobbed and said, "It’s all my fault. I didn’t stand the temptation to know that it was probably Li Youchen or him that morning. I’m sorry that Xia Zhu hurt you."
Chapter seventy-five What a shame
Seeing Chu Chu crying like a fool, Liu Yao Xia Zhu couldn’t bear to blame him. Forget it. It’s all in the past. He doesn’t want to do this either, does he?
"After choosing a man, you should think carefully. Not all men are pure love for you." Xia Zhu comforted her.
"Don’t you blame me?" Liu Yao didn’t expect Xia Zhu to be so calm
"We are best friends. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me. Fortunately, he didn’t do anything crazy to you." Xia Zhu said with a smile.

Beat wild men

Zhongdan tsar
AD Xia
Auxiliary Luo
Blue DR team
Single knife girl
Wild blind monk
Zhongdan card
AD Levin
Auxiliary hammer stone
【 Positive detection array fetters 】
【 Eternal Sen (5) Monkey Horse, Tsar, Xia, Luo 】
[When the fetter effect group is in wartime, the personal ability will be increased by 5% every five seconds, and it can be superimposed up to five times]
【 Holy Shield Ambassador (3) Tsar, Xia, Luo 】
[The fetter effect group’s wartime holy shield increases its own and nearby 500-yard friendly forces by 15%, and the reaction speed can be superimposed by up to 5%]
[Guardian of the Light (2) Monkey, Sagittarius]
[The fetter effect increases the team’s personal ability by 1%, and Yu Shengguang’s personal ability increases by 5% for every guardian of the Holy Light killed in wartime]
[Heavy Soldiers (2) Monkeys and Horses]
[The fetter effect reduces the walking ability of the opposite side by 1% when reloading soldiers attack opponents]
【 lean (1) czar 】
[The fetter effect group will increase the personal ability of each friendly army by 5% and the maximum personal ability will be 1%. The effect will disappear after the friendly army department is killed]
[Y is equipped with forest transfer, holy light transfer and death blade]
[yan is equipped with holy light, frost heart and giant killer]
[Equipped with forest transfer, pearlescent armguard and magic cut]
[IGJakeyLve is equipped with night job transfer, battle college job transfer and ghost rope violent blade]
[IGBalan is equipped with Kike Pioneer, Kike Pioneer and Kike Pioneer]
Chapter four hundred and nineteen Mr Dai take off.
IG players also want to teach DR a lesson after entering Summoner’s Canyon, even when a nice guy like Rkie is looked down upon, he will be angry.
After a long wait, the IG players have become a little tired, but DR arrogant IG everyone’s passion has been ignited again.
There was no first-level group in the normal game between the two sides. It is the most common way for horses to brush the wild by choosing blue and then brushing it to the half-zone speed four.
The blind monk brushed the wild route but didn’t follow the troops to the half area. After playing the blue BUFF, Pysik’s thinking has come to the road.
The blind monk first finished the stone man and waited until the line rose to the second level before he chose GankDR Road. He deliberately bought a flaw and did not combine with Xialuo to grab the second level, but slowly released the soldier line.
This also gives the blind monk a good chance to Gank. Ashui knows that playing Dravidian can no longer make the line. If a Dravidian is kept under pressure, he will never be able to develop.
Therefore, from the first level of Ashui, the high-intensity alignment pressure has been maintained. Xia’s single-person early-stage combat effectiveness can definitely not beat Dreven, but Xia Luo’s combined combat effectiveness is still guaranteed.
A soldier who wants to press the line and a soldier who is willing to pay off the line naturally came to the DR defense tower. The blind monk suddenly came out of the river and was just not seen by IG.
Although DRBP’s attitude is very arrogant, it can be seen from the blind monks’ movement around the field of vision that they are very clear about the eye position arrangement of the IG first-class group and know that the sapphire blue field of vision will be placed in the river to prevent the wild area from being invaded.
Ah Shui’s vision was on the right line, and he was caught off guard by the blind monk who came out of the river in the grass.
Pysik dared to grab the blind monk. He did have two brushes. His Q skill hit Xia very accurately, and then the second Q and Pu attacked A Shui Shen Li Hong BUFF slowed down and stuck Xia.
Keria’s hammer stone is also very decisive. The blind monk flashed in front of Ah Shui in an instant, and reversed a pendulum to pull Ah Shui back a distance.
Ah Shui was forced to hand over the flash, but the straight flash was successfully predicted by the hammer stone. The Q skill hook aimed at the position after Ah Shui flashed.
"Q again! It’s dangerous for Ah Shui to eat two Q’s. The hammer stone has been hung and ignited by Dr. This has already killed the heart! "
"Def flashes and outputs one axe and two axes! Ah Shui’s blood volume keeps falling, and the blind monk E Flash Ah Shui was directly disabled. "
The doll and Miller at the commentary desk are a little stupid, forcing them to come and waiting for DR to teach him a lesson in the IG competition. I didn’t expect DR to strike first and the offensive was so fierce
Three flashes in a row is to take Ah Shui’s head, whether it’s the hammer stone to predict the flash hook, the output before Draven’s decisive flash, or the blind monk E’s determination to make up for the damage.
It all indicates that DR is prepared. They dare to choose this array, which is not arrogance. They definitely prepared a lot of things before the game.
Baolan is a little scared at this time. He will flash and hurt Draven, but he will do nothing to help Ah Shui face the situation.
Seeing that Ah Shui will soon be killed by Sapphire, it’s better to run for your life. Los flashes and pulls the distance. Because DR’s skills are all caught in the CD.
Dreven didn’t get the head, but he chased and cut two axes to get rid of the gas, but he could watch Luo half-blood run back to the tower.
Xiayi blood was robbed by the blind monk with Pysik, and the blind monk quickly played a role, helping DR find the rhythm from three minutes of the game.
"It’s good news for IG that a good man’s head is not Draven’s blood being taken by a blind monk."
"Even if Draven gets it, it’s okay to play. He hasn’t had much passivity yet. He won’t give a chance to follow up. Snowballs are not so easy to roll up."
Miller and doll can choose to comfort a live audience after watching the offensive rhythm of DR sharp road. Because they have good expectations for IG, they can’t watch IG fall into a passive scene.
On the contrary, IG players didn’t have much emotional fluctuation, and even heshy teased Ah Shui, "Yo, Jack was arrested again."
Heshy was a little pleased to see Ah Shui being targeted at the solid because he knew very well that if DR chose to target the road in this game, he would be able to play well.
Therefore, after seeing Ah Shui being arrested, heshy directly exchanged blood with Dao Mei. It is reasonable to say that it is not very easy to fight Dao Mei in the early stage of the monkey.
Dao Mei, the hero of the line, sent the nickname Nvya to ask for a small soldier to stack the passive Dao Mei fighting capacity, which made people unable to understand.
However, Dran Dao Mei did not dare to compete with heshy. Although his personal strength is not very strong, he has been disciplined for two years.
When his own team is fighting wild, he will resolutely not exchange blood with his opponent, otherwise it will be tantamount to sending his head. Therefore, in the face of a brain-changing monkey, Dao Mei can act as someone behind heshy and resolutely retreat to the distance to watch.
Dao Mei’s attitude of not fighting back makes heshy feel very comfortable, or LCK is easy to fight, but LPL is not easy to do this year.

That’s probably how the phantom grass appeared, which puzzled him.

Creatures that don’t belong to people do great harm to people. Europe and Anger do it as a pest. Duanmu Ming has no reason to object. Besides, she has just received harm. It’s not their ability that can threaten them. However, according to them, there are still the same workers as them, but these people are equally silent.
After their introduction, Duanmu Ming really realized that this world is really a world that most people are not familiar with, that is to say, the world of power.
After God’s descent, the awakening power has increased almost to 1% probability, but most of them are still low-level powers, which is almost negligible. Although the ratio is not large, the base is very large, and a considerable number of powerful powers are still hidden. The dark world is formed by the ancient fighters in the mountains and forests and various dark forces.
(There were hundreds of thousands of awakening powers in the world on the day of God’s descent, and since then, the awakening rate of powers has greatly increased, so future generations will call that day God’s descent.)
I wonder how far this hidden surface world, the Dark World, is from Duanmu Ming.
I looked around at six women, Duan Muming smiled, and ordinary people talked about the dark world. It was probably a joke in their eyes. What about themselves? According to their analysis, Duanmu is now qualified to enter the dark world.
-just qualified.
These questions Duan Muming doesn’t want to talk about changing some light topics. They slowly tell themselves about their experiences in metempsychosis over the years-after metempsychosis, they are all a few years older than themselves, but they have a complete memory and recovered all their abilities in just ten years. Duan Muming introduced their life and experiences over the years, and Duan Muming recognized the ordinary things. They listened with relish. When Duan Muming said that he was discriminated against by others and his eyes were stiff, his eyes became watery.
Alas, Duanmu Ming didn’t even think that any woman was really a perceptual animal! Lvses(;
Chapter VI Bath ()
It’s already late outside and I didn’t have dinner, but it’s not a problem for Duan Muming not to eat for a few days now, not to mention how many times their strength is beyond him, but she broke out in a sweat and Duan Muming definitely had to take a shower. Six women have washed in turn, leaving only one person.
"You go to rest first, and I’ll rest after the shower." Duanmuming said to six women that Europe, Angry, Qingya and Ruer soon left and returned to their two-bedroom starlight and jathyapple but did not move.
"What’s the matter?" Duan Muming asked strangely and pointed to his original room. "Why don’t you have a rest?" Starlight and jathyapple looked at each other and then both knelt in front of Duanmu Ming to "light son (moon) waits for the young master to bathe."
"It’s your turn today?" It is not surprising to read from my memory that every time I bathe, different women will serve Duan Muming.
Starlight and jathyapple nodded and Duanmu Ming shook his head. "My bathroom here is too small, and both of you are a little too crowded." He said and looked at one or two elf girls. "Starlight, it’s you today."
Two elf girls paused and then nodded yes, but Duanmu Ming still saw a trace of frustration in jathyapple’s eyes. Duanmu Ming ha ha smiled. I didn’t expect to be ignored by girls since childhood. Today, I can get the favor of so many stunning girls. If it is not good for them, I am afraid I can’t forgive myself.
Duanmuming leaned over and pulled the two elf girls up gently, and then kissed them all night. Sweet lips pulled starlight into the bathroom.
Jathyapple was startled to see his master disappear, and the back of the bathroom touched his lips and face, revealing an irresistible happiness.
"When did the young master become so gentle?" I have been hiding in the bedroom, lying under the door, secretly watching the anger and asking, "I remember that the young master was very cold before, even if he was kind to us, he would not show it."
"It may be caused by the young master’s experience." Qingya is still fiddling with her just assembled brain, but this time it is playing games.
"Do you like the cold and powerful young master or this silly but gentle young master?" Ruer asked quietly while arranging Duanmu’s bed in the living room. "Or let you choose which one you will choose?"
The four girls in the room didn’t speak again. After a moment of silence, Europe suddenly said, "Reason tells me that I should choose a powerful young master, but my heart tells me that I prefer a gentle and silly young master." His four girls looked at each other and smiled in unison. They thought the same thing.
Speaking of Duanmu Ming, it’s still good for me. A bathroom that’s not too big also has a big bathtub. Usually, I go to it. Although the bubbles are not big, it’s just right for Duanmu Ming to take off Duanmu Ming’s clothes with a red face and then take off my clothes.
Although Duan Muming was satisfied with his "figure" before, it didn’t depend on other people’s eyes, but in the face of such a stunning woman and such a well-proportioned figure, her skin was more radiant than snow, and she felt a little inferior, so she should look at her belly and jump into the bathtub quickly.
It’s not much to add Duanmu Ming to the place. He’s a little nervous. He didn’t fall into the bathtub steadily. Fortunately, the bath water had been put away early in the bathtub, or his ass would have suffered. Starlight looked at Duanmu Ming’s mess and he couldn’t help laughing, but the horse’s face changed and he knelt down. Tunnel "handmaiden damn it, please punish the young master."
"hmm? Punishment? What’s the matter? You didn’t do anything? " Duan Muming asked strangely, and then came to wait on my concubine starlight. It was rude to laugh at myself just now. Plus, the demon and ghost circles in their previous lives were so cold that they immediately knelt down in fear.
Thinking of this, Duanmu Mingma came out of the bathtub and lifted the starlight on his knees. "You are not so stiff after nothing. I am not the former me, but I am very generous!" Duanmuming exaggerated tone and sent a pse to amuse the starlight again.
"If you really want me to punish you, I will punish you …" Duanmu Ming looked out of the corner of his eye and became nervous again. "I will punish you for rubbing my back well!"
Starlight couldn’t help but chuckle again. "Master, this is my duty."
Oh … Duanmu Ming is ugly again, but since she is a woman of her own, it’s not so hard to think about it.
"Come on, then, or I’ll be soaked in the water for a while."
Starlight smiled irrepressibly again, picked up the towel in her hand, knelt outside the bathtub and gently wiped Duanmu Ming’s back for a few times. She showed an awkward expression and finally pretended that "Master, you have changed a lot."
"Are you? Maybe this is the real me … "I didn’t expect my previous life to be such a failure, but how did Duan Muming feel that his previous life should be almost as cold as it is now (except in battle)? What’s the catch? But he won’t know if he gets a little incomplete memory. Duanmu Ming knows that now he will never want to be like in his previous life.
Duanmuming is lying in the bathtub, squinting and enjoying the stunning beauty. He swings around in his mind without thinking about whether he is still enjoying the limp and numb bursts with his own body. Perhaps the starlight has indeed received extremely professional training, which has made his body and spirit absolutely relaxed.
Starlight also quickly came to kneel in front of Duanmu Ming in the bathtub. He carefully wiped every part of his body because the bathtub was small. Duanmu Ming crossed his legs. Starlight almost knelt on his legs, and Duanmu Ming’s younger brother was also rippling in the water. From time to time, he also "curiously" touched a slim jade leg that he had never seen before, which made Starlight’s mind ripple.
Just when Duanmu Ming was upset and hot, he suddenly felt that his body had entered a warm and humid place. A wave of words and expressions hit my nerves. When I looked down, the starlight actually put myself in the mouth. Her lilac soft tongue licked it gently and her mouth cleaned him carefully bit by bit.
A rush of joy quickly washed away Duan Muming’s weak defense line, and he quickly surrendered himself and felt a little embarrassed.
Gollum a starlight will swallow something in his mouth and wink at it like silk. "Master, your ability has not been advanced yet. Once you regain your former ability, you will be free." Starlight blushed and bowed his head.
"Depend! Do I still have one ten thousandth of this ability? " Duanmuming’s heart roars. That bird man is really a spoof! So I am not a "quasi" eunuch?
Who’s afraid of who! I’m so angry with this rotten pig’s foot that I’m not a direct eunuch!
Just as Duanmu Ming was full of anger, he leaned against his starlight and seemed to see it. He smiled gently. "Young Master’s real body has a double cultivation method, but he has not mastered it for the time being … and his sisters will be conducive to the recovery of young master’s strength." Although it is gone, she was nervous when she first came into contact with Duanmu Ming, but the shyness of girls is always inevitable.

"Dad so hard to make money is not you have a good condition? You should have a hard time with your father! " It seems to her that Xinghai is wrong to do so, because she can see Mr. Jiang’s mood. Anyway, he must be good at Xinghai.

"Then why don’t you accept all this?" He didn’t accept her point of view and turned to ask her.
"Because it’s not me, dad, you’re the only one. Are you going to ask dad to work for a generation? You are not young! " She promised Mr. Jiang that she would persuade Xinghai well, even if Xinghai disliked her, she had to say it.
"He is not with you again? You can do it for me, right? Even if I ask you to stay, "his heart may not know where it went long ago, but it is not that she can pull it back in a few words."
"Dad has told me that you all misunderstood this condition because I have no power. I am not interested in Jiang Gu things, but even if I am not around you, I am still your sister Jiang Gu’s daughter will come back to bother you at any time." She never thought Xinghai was rich and had to rely on him!
"I know you are not a miser, but I really can’t bear to part with you. How many times will you believe me? I really hope you can stay with us forever, not for money to win you over." He said this with great sincerity.
"all right! How many times do I have to tell you to believe that I’m telling the truth and that I will always be Jiang’s daughter? But big brother, you must give me a vacation. This is my necessary freedom of life. "Hey, I call him big brother. If he still doesn’t believe her, then she is really talking."
"Well, we’ll make a deal. Remember to show me the photos of Chenyang and them." Huang Tian finally believed her if he helped those who helped him.
"Of course, you can go with me. Everyone of them is fine." Chennuo always thought that Chenyang and them should know a Xinghai, so they would be more at ease.
"I know, but I have this vacation and he has arranged it, and you must not interfere with my freedom of life!" There was a subtle change in his face at a certain moment, and he almost rebuffed Chennuo’s invitation.
"White! Then can you show them one of your photos? In this way, they can also know who my friends are in big letters, otherwise it is not good for me to explain when I go back! " Isn’t that too much to ask?
"I’ll talk about it when the time comes! Now I’ll take you to see the haunted house. "He still refused to let her think too much. He changed the subject.
She nodded without fear when she saw him looking at her competitively.
"Be careful when you walk. Don’t disturb my skeleton friends. They need a rest, too!" He wakes her up and walks carefully. She feels like a treasure hunt. Whatever she says, she always feels that the gas here is very thin.
"There is no road here. How do you know where to go?" She finally couldn’t help asking questions.
"Why? Afraid of encountering’ ghost hitting the wall’? Then look at the bones. You can’t go wrong. "Xinghai deliberately teased her when she saw that she was not so afraid, and she ignored it to find fresh air as soon as possible.
Chapter 40 Warm haunted house
After a while, the air gradually warmed up and suddenly became clear.
"Come out and let me see you. Why didn’t you have any fear just now? Is it possessed by a ghost? " Xinghai said cautiously
"I haven’t done anything wrong. Why are you timid? Besides, I am a ghost! Unlucky ghost "
"Don’t you know that girls are timid and most likely to make boys feel excited?"
"Of course I know, but I can’t! And it’s not for you. I’m not going to let you move. "Chennuo said quietly.
"Why do you say such a thing? I’ll kill you and bury you. No one will come here anyway. I’m curious that you’re not afraid of anything!" Dizzy! Which law stipulates that girls must be afraid when they see skeletons?
"I said I was a ghost! (born unlucky! )”
"How do I feel you are a troublemaker? Ok, let’s go to the haunted house! "
"OK, be careful of your own bravery!" Chennuo said without losing.
"I’m sure it’s okay, Xiaonuo. Have you been depressed?"
"Why do you want to check my background? Don’t try to understand me because you can’t understand it. Even if you do, how can you understand it? Even if you understand, you still can’t accept it. "
"I don’t know and I’m too lazy to think about it. I hope you can live a better life. It’s a hard road. Give me your hand!" Chennuo hesitated for a moment or put her hand in his palm and touched it instantly. She felt his body tremble. Because her hand was almost cold, even she felt quite scary. But it was still n years later that she was going to do ghosts. His hand was very hot, and she was thinking inexplicably that a good haunted house was just around the corner.
It’s not as scary as its name. It’s a few abandoned cave houses. It feels like thick grass grows in the front yard of the house, but the branches around the house have withered and many birds have stopped.
"Aren’t you tired? Lie down and have a rest! I am not interested in stunted girls! " Xinghai deliberately teased her anger.
"I won’t be interested in being an old man!" Chennuo gently lay on the grass and the grass gave off a mysterious fragrance, which reminded her of the place where she grew up, closed her eyes and recalled that she had hoped that there was nothing better to enjoy in this world.
"hey! Don’t worry about enjoying it! This is called a haunted house! "

"I know this, but I think even the triple strength is enough for me to play against the hardened bone realm quadruple." Han Chen smiled indifferently and looked forward to this dragon palm strength.

One month is enough.
The training day is very short. Han Chen disappeared quietly after a month of hard training, and during this month, Han Chen also worked hard to practice the triple strength of Yan Long Zhang, which was unconsciously cultivated.
Of course, during this period, Han Chen was also at leisure, and many of them cleared the hidden danger of Gillette family. The Xiao family fled to the windy city and became the venue of Korea’s heaven and earth. Of course, because Korea’s home is backed by Ling Lao, the venue of heaven and earth also has a faint trend of merging with Korea’s home, but this is just a trend.
However, the Korean family is also afraid that one day the Xiao family will come back for revenge. Therefore, after consulting with the old man, Han Xiaotian Galle decided to defend the windy city.
So this is another three-month rush.
The windy city is still calm than
"Teacher, my present state has reached the five-fold level, and it’s time to go out for experience." Fang Hanchen slowly started to work, and then he opened his eyes to feel that he was much more earthy than before. Han Chen was also very excited.
"Ah, I didn’t expect you to practice so quickly. In less than two years, you went from the double realm of hardened bones to the five levels of hardened bones." Slowly looking at Han Chen Ling’s face, she also showed her approval. Han Chen’s achievements were far beyond his expectation
"Ha ha, this is also thanks to your mentor’s teaching." Hey hey smiled and Han Chen quickly picked up a black clothes and put himself on.
"If you are a pig, you can’t even teach me how to do it," said Ling Lao with a smile.
Hear ling old so inappropriate metaphor Han Chen also turned over their immediately frowned slightly and said, "but now Korea still has a lot of hidden dangers."
"You mean xiao? Ah, well, I’ll take you to practice after solving Xiao’s family, otherwise you can’t let go. "Ling Lao smiled and he knew what Han Chen was worried about.
"That’s good." Nodded gently. Han Chen smiled gratefully. The cancer in Xiao’s family must be removed or it will be poor in the future.
"Chen Er?" There was a loud sound outside the door.
Quickly hit the door to see Han Xiaotian and purple spirit outside the main entrance at this time.
"Father" Han Chen smiles to say that her eyes are purple spirit.
"Han Chen’s brother has been here for so long that you don’t come to play with me. It’s really necessary for Uncle Han and I to come to see you in person." Zi Ling looked at Han Chen with a small mouth and said.
"Well …" Their Han Chen turned right at the moment.
"Cough" gently coughs. Han Xiaotian just looks at Han Chen and laughs. "Chen Er, do you know what day it is today?"
Seeing his father like this, Han Chen was stunned but thought for a long time, but he didn’t remember what day it was today. Han Chen shook his head slightly and said, "What day is father today?"
"Hey, hey, brother Han Chen, you have a bad memory. You forgot that today is your fifteenth birthday." Vomitted to vomit a pink tongue and Ziling gave a light smile.
"My birthday?" Han Chen slightly cold soon also suddenly scratched his head and smiled awkwardly and said, "I really forgot this."
"Ha ha, look at you. You’ve been busy practicing for a few months. It’s a lot darker. Today, my father took you to eat well, and the three of us went." Touched Han Chen’s shoulder, Han Xiaotian smiled like a father.
Han Chen slightly one leng seems to have been a ripple in his heart. The source of the ripple is something called fatherly love.
Ps Fengyun pushes for help for a week. Recommended collection. Chapter 15 Puppet corpse
In the noisy street, a middle-aged man walked leisurely, and two fourteen or fifteen children were frolicking beside him.
"Father, where are we going now?" Han Chen’s face with a smile is attracted by the excitement around him.
"Ha ha, you will know later." Han Xiaotian smiled mysteriously.
"Brother Han Chen, it’s really your birthday today. Of course, it will give you some surprises." Ziling hey hey smiled and showed cute canine teeth.
To turn over their Han Chen also no longer say anything is honestly follow Han Xiaotian their footsteps.
"The elders of the clan asked you to say that you had something important to inform you." Just as Han Xiaotian was walking, there was a sudden shortness of breath behind them.
Slightly turned Han Xiao day is slowly looking at bearer light said, "didn’t I say that? Don’t bother me today. Leave everything to the elder. "
"The heads of the big elders said this matter must be handled by you personally." People looked at Han Xiaotian out of breath and said slowly.
"hmm? What is that? " Eyebrows slightly wrinkled Han Xiao day face is also a bit surprised.
"The elder didn’t say much, saying that if the patriarch asks, he will say something Xiao Guyou."
"Okay, I know. You go home first." Han Xiaotian waved and looked a little weird.
"Father, let’s go home." Seeing Han Xiaotian’s expression, Han Chen smiled slightly.
"Then your birthday?" Han Xiaotian is also a bit contradictory.
"Father, my birthday is secondary. Since the elder is looking for you, it must be very important, otherwise he won’t wait for you to deal with it in person." Han Chen’s face flashed seriously and then he didn’t wait for Han Xiaotian to reflect that he was flashing and pulling his purple hand back to Korea’s home.
See Han Chen Han Xiaotian like this is also slightly leng leng immediately and no longer hesitate to rush back to Korea’s home.
Han Guyuan conference hall at this time, some senior officials of the Korean family were there with a bit of surprise, and one of them was placed in front of them.
Tongren’s height is different from that of ordinary people, but his whole body is filled with layers of light metallic luster, projected from the window, and the sun shines with strange light.
"What is this?" Han Xiaotian eyes slightly leng is looking at tong ren.
"This is found in the Xiao family’s treasure room." The elder’s eyes are flashing and he is also looking at the cold bronze statue in front of him.
"Do you want to inform the venue?" Big elders will look to Han Xiaotian seems a little hesitant.
Pondering for a moment Han Xiaotian slowly shook his head and said, "Don’t let heaven and earth know about this thing for the time being. I think this thing may be unusual."
Han Chen looked at the bronze face in front of him with a strange look, and a sound in his heart came to Han Chen’s face and he hesitated for a moment before saying, "Can I have this thing from my father?"
Listening to Han Chen’s words, Han Xiaotian and others were also slightly stunned for a moment, and immediately the elder smiled and said, "So if this thing has any strangeness, Teacher Han Chen will know a little."

"Little fool, don’t cry! I will never force you! " Thyme devoted to Xu took MuHuan hand gently patting her back to coax her.

They just hugged and rested together until both sides’ emotions calmed down. Mu Huancai found that there was already light outside the window and hurriedly sat up and turned my back to wear his clothes. "I should get up and go to see my mother."
Li Mo Xu also turned around and lay there quietly, listening to the sound of people behind him, and my heart was full of mixed feelings. Girl, I don’t know when you can open your heart and accept me. But I believe that one day you will willingly give me your heart!
Muhuan dressed in clothes and knocked on the door and went out to stay outside the garden gate. When Laner returned with her, thyme devoted to the heat had already got up and was about to wear it to help Muhuan. Thyme devoted to the heat and didn’t refuse them. After Laner served and freshened up, she held hands to see the Oriental Miao Miao.
All the way, the mood of both of them is very complicated, but they all have to pretend that nothing is wrong, for fear of being seen by the Oriental Miao Miao. Laner carefully checked his brow while tidying up the bed.
Looking at two people hand in hand, leaning against the bed, Oriental Miao Miao’s face gave me a comforting smile. She sat there with a few words and went to Muhuan to feed the medicine and have breakfast in person. How many times did she get distracted?
Oriental Miao Miao naturally disappeared from Mammy Li’s eyes. Last night, she planned to leave her son and this Huan girl didn’t have a perfect heart, but she couldn’t directly ask Muhuan that she didn’t look well. She must have slept well last night and said that she was much better today. She insisted that Muhuan go back to the house and sleep for a while.
Mammy Li also helped to persuade Muhuan to go back to the side compartment and sit at the table after entering the room.
Muhuan’s heart is really messy. Although she said such sensible things in the face of thyme, she felt faint pain in her heart after saying them.
The man knows he can’t love Chapter one hundred and forty-seven The princess is jealous? !
But things really seem to be a little out of control. Does he feel it? Or do you care about him?
At this time, Muhuan’s mind is that he got along with so many contradictions, so many conflicts and so many unpleasantness after arriving in Xilin. At the same time, he ignored his own safety and found Nini to take risks. deus ex rescued his brother’s charm, but he tried not to infringe on himself. Everything made him have to be moved. I really fell into a trap unconsciously.
"Mother, how does this room smell like charm? Are you all right with grandpa last night? " I don’t know when Nini slipped back from the garden and appeared beside MuHuan. "Mother, why do you look so ugly? What happened? "
"Mother nothing is didn’t sleep well last night …"
"Mother, did you have sex with grandpa rolled sheets last night?" Nini’s little paw scratched Muhuan’s face. "Mother must have blushed with her aunt rolled sheets!"
"Nothing! Mother has long said that she will not rolled sheets with him! " Muhuan face a red hurriedly denied.
"Grandpa is so good. Why not?" Nini stared at Muhuan. "Mother likes Dad, too, doesn’t she?"
"If you like someone, you don’t have to get him!" Muhuan reached out and patted Nini’s head. "You don’t understand the little adult world!"
"Cut!" Nini disdain a lift claw "melodramatic! If I like it, I just like it. Why are you hiding it? I’m exhausted! "
"Mother wants to sleep. Go to the garden and play by yourself. Let me lie down alone!" Muhuan is not in the mood to bicker with Nini.
"Well, it’s going to the garden again." Nini disappeared as soon as she pouted.
A hundred miles away from the heat came back to see the Oriental Miao Miao first and then walked back to the side room.
Maybe I didn’t sleep enough last night. Muhuan sat there with her head propped up and fell asleep. It was her frown that seemed to worry her even in her sleep.
I didn’t dare to wake her up for fear of waking her up. I really wanted to stretch out my hand to touch her eyebrows, but I restrained the idea. Girl, I didn’t blame you. I told you myself that it was never you who caused all this trouble. It was me who made it difficult for you. I made you believe if I didn’t want to make you sad.
Quietly for a while, Baili Mo Xu turned and went to the imperial house to discuss the plan of sending troops to Wuxia with Bailijiang.
When Muhuan woke up from a nap, it was already noon, and he hurried to serve the Oriental Miao meal again.
After lunch, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were just talking when they heard someone coming to report Leng Yuxin to the palace to inquire after Dongfang Miao.
"This Leng Yuxin must be afraid that he will stay with you when it’s hot." In the words of Oriental Miao Mei’s wrinkly eyebrows, she was somewhat dissatisfied with lying for a few days. This Leng Yuxin was not heart-warming and devoted to her heart as soon as she came back.
"Mother, don’t blame her. She’s pregnant now, so it’s not convenient to wait on her illness." Muhuan didn’t know Leng Yuxin’s mind. She wanted to take it away with a hundred miles of stranger, so as not to worry my sister.
"Chun girl is kind" Oriental Miao Miao sighed "Silly children are kind to the local enemy and cruel to themselves. You must guard against people like Leng Yuxin"
"Huan Er Bai" Muhuan bowed his head and answered, How can he not be white? The story of the farmer and the snake is unforgettable since childhood. It is a hundred miles of enthusiasm that repeatedly warns herself that Leng Yu Xin Mu can’t touch the bottom line by herself, but can she? I have never thought of competing with Leng Yuxin, and I can tolerate Leng Yuxin’s provocation. It is like a joke whether love is Leng Yuxin’s favorite or Leng Yuxin’s own emotion.
At that time, Muhuan took a few deep breaths and forced himself to calm down and stop thinking about it.
It didn’t take long for Leng Yuxin to come in behind Mammy Li, and she was disappointed at the sight of a hundred miles devoted to the heat. She absently asked the Oriental Miao Miao about her illness and sat far away. She asked the Oriental Miao Miao about her illness without saying a word, with a false smile on her face.
"The palace is a little tired, so please go back and let the palace take a nap." Oriental Miao Miao doesn’t want to talk nonsense with Leng Yuxin.
"Mother elder sister will stay in the palace tonight?" Leng Yuxin can’t wait for a hundred miles to ask the Oriental Miao Miao.
"Let haun girl stay with the palace for one night and one day, and then she can go back to the palace." Oriental Miao Miao replied faintly.
"Does Brother Xu want to stay tonight?" This is the key point of Leng Yu Xin Xin.
"Mother hasn’t recovered yet. Do you dare to go back to the house?" A reply rang thyme devoted to the heat has come in eyes looking at the cold feather xin "xin son how come? It just snowed last night and it was freezing. You should stay in the palace instead of running around. "
"Brother Xu!" Leng Yuxin immediately got up and jumped at him. "If you don’t go to the house, Xin’s heart is always restless for seven sleeps. Why don’t you let my sister go back to the house tonight, Xin’s son and you serve the mother together? After all, my sister has worked hard for several days. Xin’s son has come to do his best to be filial."
"What are you talking about?" Thyme devoted to a gentle face "Shi disease is very hard, even if Xin son is not afraid of suffering, he should also consider the baby in his belly." You feel at ease to go back to your mother just now, but it’s just the last night. The king will naturally go back to the office. "
"This ….." Leng Yuxin glanced at Muhuan from the corner of her eye, but saw that she was holding down her eyes and resting with a fine expression on her face. It was no surprise for her aunt to come, so she was a little relieved to wake herself up that day and said that a man is the most difficult to control when a woman is pregnant. If Muhuan moves a little bit about it at this time, she will definitely put him to bed and never allow such a thing to happen!
"Well, then, Xin ‘er will go back and wait for you!" Leng Yuxin took the hand of thyme devoted to the heat and took a crocodile tear to bid farewell to the Oriental Miao Leng Yuxin, who was sent out of the palace by thyme devoted to the heat.
While MuHuanZe alone back to the house to rest and lie in bed, it’s hard to think of the dialogue between Bai Li Mo Xu Leng Yu Xin. It’s really sour and astringent to think of the sight of two people leaving hand in hand, but it hurts even more.
When I came back, I saw Muhuan curled up in a ball and sleeping in the corner of the bed. From time to time, I seemed to be sobbing, and I couldn’t help but walk forward.
Eyes closed, Muhuan curled up, arms around his face, tears in his eyelashes, and tears in his eyes, which helped so much injustice and made the heart of thyme stranger ache.
Take off your blouse, turn over the bed, put MuHuan in her arms, kiss her face gently, kiss those tears with her eyes, and secretly sigh in my heart, girl. What shall I do with you? I don’t want to feel sorry for you either, but you have touched my heart little by little, so must you. You don’t want to feel sorry for me, but you will still feel sad because of me.
"Report? !” Mu Huan woke up with a start and never recovered. "Didn’t you give it away?"
"Wang has been gone for such a short time, and his eyes are swollen. If Wang comes back later, he will become ugly." There is a trace of tenderness in the words of thyme.
"If the report feels ugly, don’t watch it. Anyway, the report didn’t really see me." Muhuan didn’t know that he would blurt out such a sentence, and tears rolled down again as soon as he was wronged.
"Is the princess jealous?" Thyme devoted to the heat, though distressed, but in a good mood, knows that this girl feels so good in her heart that she reaches out and gently wipes away her tears. "Did anyone tell you that you are so ugly when you cry? !”

"Pointing at what means don’t look at me! Otherwise I will really throw up! " Snow hates it when people point at her.

"Hum! Everybody in the audience say ah ~ who is wrong! When the fitting came, her monk Ziqi went in! Not them. Who is that? " Xia Xinlin still refuses to give up and let everyone judge.
"I said! Don’t waste your energy ~ do you think they will be on your side? Even if we are wrong, I think they dare not wait to die behind you. Who dares to resist? You? Or them? " With a wave of her hand, Qi waved a glass of red wine and joined the cake to flow down Xia Xinlin’s neck.
"You ShangZiQi I want to kill you! ! ! !” It’s over! I’m mad. I’m coming after you.
Xia Xinlin rolled over and got up dead chasing Qi. Really not afraid of death
Mamma Mia! ! ! I ran hard and saw Chen Gherardini sitting on the sofa, turned a corner and grabbed the sofa and stood in front of him.
Xia Xinlin is about to hit Qi with high heels in her left hand and a cake in her right hand.
"⊙ ⊙ … ~ ~ Elder sister, could you please change a more advanced weapon? This is really no lethality! " Qi leaned out from behind the morning and said unhurriedly
"ah! ! !” The words just fell and the cake fell straight down. Morning Shenqi had already shrunk her head back. Poor morning.
"Hehe ~ ~ You are really not afraid of death!" Qi and her head to commit heinous crimes Xia Xinlin said
"I’m sorry that morning! I didn’t mean to! If you want to blame Shang Ziqi! " Grass! How dare you blame me? It seems that you want to die young.
Morning face is getting darker and more smelly. Take off your coat and throw it at Xia Xinlin’s head and say, "You are different from Qi! If she gets the cake, I have nothing on me! But you! ! ! ! Dead! " Morning roar scared Xia Xinlin one leng one leng.
"Come on! Drag her out for me! " Morning command suddenly rushed in outside 1 several bodyguards one tearing Xia Xinlin one arm to drag out.
"Hum! Do you hear me? ! ! ! !” Well! What do you mean? What is different? ?
I am cheating.
After all, Xia Xinlin was badly messed up by Chen! Because she made the dressing gown into a cake, and Chen hated that sticky stuff, she was merciful and asked all his hands to be washed by Xia Xinlin’s stripping department. If she didn’t wash it, she wouldn’t want her ugly face.
"Ha ha ~ Xia Xinlin ah how do you this mad dog don’t bite me in front of you! Come and bite me ~ "Qi teased Xia Xinlin like a dog.
"Hum ~ you wait for me! See if I don’t come to pick you up after washing clothes! " Xia Xinlin with waist finish a bitch scold street.
"Hey hey! I have to do laundry first! Gee ~ what a pity! Wash slowly ~ I’ll go to school and wait for you first! " Qi’s foot knocked over the clothes in the basin, holding Ya and Xuetou and walking back to school, leaving Xia Xinlin’s mad dog barking behind.
"Why didn’t you come with what’s your name alsn? Your feelings are not very good! " I heard Ze’s sour tone as soon as I entered the classroom.
"How do I want you to tube! Alsn, what can I do for you? Don’t care so much about your grandmother! " Ya walked straight in and sat idly looking up at Ze.
"I am just curious! Besides, I’ve got enough time to think about it and then I’ll mind your own business! " Ze particularly stressed the word "meddling"
Shit! And carry it with me! "I didn’t let you tube! Don’t be sentimental ~! " Ya threw two health balls at Ze, and I was so angry.
"But it seems that we haven’t officially broken up ~! By "ze just want to finish the second half of the sentence was interrupted by ya.
"So we officially break up now! k! Me and me alsn you and you Ye Sisi! We have nothing to do with each other since then ~! " Ya is straightforward and blurts out.
"So you mean you cheated on me first?" Ze is incredible. She looks quiet and gentle.
"That’s right! What are you gonna do with me? Don’t allow you men to have three wives and four concubines outside! Are we not allowed to choose again? " Is that you cheat first! Hum! A pair of dog men and women
"Very good ~! We’re done here! Would you please move to another place to sit? My girlfriend and I don’t like outsiders around! !” Ze was so angry that she remembered yesterday’s birthday that pary wanted to spray someone when she saw Ya and alsn having an affair.
"Then what don’t you change seats? Don’t you understand that women give priority to men? Are you still a man? How dare you! Besides, aren’t there just two seats in the back? And sitting in the back, you and your girlfriend are very much in love with each other, and the teacher can’t see it ~ isn’t that where you are looking for feng shui? " Want me to change my seat? No way! There are no windows!
"You and I are afraid that you will be lonely sitting alone ~! You alsn are not in your class ~ so there is someone accompanying you and you are lovesick ~! I’ve chosen all the seats for you ~ just next to the one who weighs more than 200 pounds ~! " Ze was depressed and looked at Ya. Why didn’t I find her so glib?
"Oh ~ I can’t think ~! I’ve come to pick up my dear Ya and go out to play! There is no need to change seats! " At the key moment, alsn miraculously appeared at the door of the classroom, walked in and looked at Ze with his arm around Ya Tiao.
Ya is very cooperative and sticks to alsn. They are as close as they seem.

"I’m going!" The Buddhist took the key and hurried out of the imperial palace. There was a key that was kept by the emperors of the past, and it was never easy to show that Leng Kunyang was a very faithful Buddhist.

"I have a feeling that Su Yiming may not be as simple as Chen Er thought." After the Buddhist left, Leng Kunyang finally came clean with his thoughts. "On the surface, Su Yiming’s words and deeds are normal, but maybe all this is just a smoke bomb thrown by him. Maybe he has guessed that he is going to refine Dan medicine. Chen Er will kill him to kill him, and he will only press the key moment. This rejuvenation grass and Meng Po grass are alive from Khmer chips. Only he can enter the so-called secret room of herbs. Perhaps it is just his golden cicada shedding its shell. Once Chen Er really allows him to return to the snow to get medicine.
"Father’s real child is also so worried." Leng Yuchen is as suspicious as his father’s. "The more harmful it is, the more likely it is to be hidden. Although Su Yiming doesn’t like to deal with royalty at first glance, he must not understand how to protect himself. Please forgive the selfish child. Although he knows that he will not die in the end, he still wants to take a risk. Anyway, the child has gone to the snow to control Su Yiming’s woman and son, and he will be killed if he doesn’t hand over the medicine!"
"Chen son father taste don’t want you to live longer? Even if it is possible, my father is willing to take ten risks. My father wants to wake you up. Don’t take this Su Yiming lightly. It is best to grasp his weakness so as to get what you want. "
"Thank you, my father, for being educated." Leng Yuchen looked at Leng Kunyang with a refusal. "Father, if Su Yiming dares to play any tricks with the child, the child will exterminate him and that Qiu girl even if he lives less than four months."
"Father believes in you!" Leng Kunyang nodded with satisfaction. "By the way, what are you going to do with that [bitch] who is in Changfeng and Muyu?"
"Father and son want to send her back to Xueman when her ptomaine is about to be released, and at the same time tell the world that Xueman’s royal family is ungrateful, so that our Khmer army will not say that we are treacherous." In the eyes of Changfeng, Dusk and Cold Rain, disgust and hatred flashed. "Son has ordered someone to poison the informed staff in the government last night. He and Su Yiming judged that the ptomaine will be released in January at most."
"Chen son if so throw Changfeng sunset rain back into the snow long wind proud father may not admit that her ptomaine is snow diffuse dye might even bite back and say you planted it" cold Kunyang eyes a deep feel wrong.
"Father and child have thought of this, so the child is going to take her to the Liucheng Ice and Snow Festival, let her have a poisonous hair and listen to the method to let her tell the truth in public, so that heaven and man will know Changfeng and proud father will miss the opportunity to justify." Leng Yuchen has obviously calculated.
This border area between Xilin and Khmer in Liucheng belongs to both countries at the same time. Because of the cold climate, it is covered with ice and snow for half a year. People there live in misery and happiness, so they hold an ice and snow festival every winter. Anyone who wants to play can go to the competition. Whoever makes ice sculptures is more vivid, but it also brings a lot of vitality to the cold town. This strategy has been in existence for nearly a hundred years, and there have never been any wars outside, and there have been many ice and snow festivals. It is naturally feasible to go to various countries and there are many participants. Only when the truth is revealed in front of the world can Khmer troops be justified.
"Chen Er really didn’t disappoint her father. This method is really good!" Leng Kunyang nodded approvingly. "Since there is still a month, you can secretly transfer 500,000 troops to the border in batches. When the time comes, you can lead the troops to flatten the snow!"
"Yes, father!"
Just as the father and son were talking, Buddhist Yin returned to the imperial room with two ice jade boxes in his hand, and his face was extremely ugly.
"There are no those two medicines in the national treasury or not?" Cold rain Chen at Buddhist a sullen heart thumped a.
"I went through the Treasury Notebook. When I first ascended the throne, I secretly bought a plant of resurrection grass and a plant of Meng Po grass. I put these two ice jade boxes in the Treasury Chamber, but I just entered the Chamber of Secrets and found that one thing and two herbs were missing." Buddhist said as he presented a jade box.
"How did this happen?" Leng Yuchen was stunned. "Did someone enter the secret room and steal the herbs?"
"I have carefully read this ice jade box, where it is stained with a lot of dust, and like other objects around it, it should have been untouched for many years. Even if someone took two herbs inside, it should have been many years ago, but I don’t know the notebook and remember it."
Cold Rain Chen discovered that the Buddhist jade box on the cold Kunyang table was indeed covered with dust, and several clear fingerprints must have been left by him just playing the jade box.
"This is the first time that I have entered the throne. Is it possible that someone stole these two herbs when I first ascended the throne?" Leng Kunyang narrowed his eyes and carefully recalled that there was no such thing as father and king in his memory.
"Could it be that when I first ascended the throne, I forgot to remember it in my notebook?" Buddhist also dare not assert, after all, the first emperor at that time who can know things?
"Buddhist, are you really sure that this jade box has not been passive for many years?" Leng Kunyang looked at the Buddhist again.
"When I locked the key, I carefully looked at the door and keyhole of the Chamber of Secrets. When I pushed the door and entered, the eunuch guarded the treasury, it was also thick gray. We left footprints every step of the way, but there was no trace in the whole Chamber of Secrets except that I left traces with the eunuch. I found that the ice jade box was immediately looked up and looked at the whole Chamber of Secrets. There was absolutely no trace of forced entry and theft."
"So it was many years ago that this herb was lost." Cold Kunyang swept the cold rain and looked at his face with a faint disappointment. He also sighed in his heart. "Don’t lose heart, Chen. You have two hands to prepare. If you can control Su Yiming, you are not afraid that he won’t take out herbs. Chapter 347 Acting!
"My father killed me. It’s good for my child to live four months longer. If he can’t live more, it’s also an act of god." Leng Yuchen looked up at Leng Kunyang’s face, and the disappointment was gone. Instead, he was determined and calm. "Father should have called his brothers to come today. The child excused himself!"
"Chen Er retired!" Leng Kunyang nodded and looked at Leng Yuchen’s quiet retreat.
Leng Yuchen went out of the palace and was not busy going to the clause, but returned to Taifu’s room and sat alone for half a day. No one knew what he was busy with. At dusk, Leng Yuchen sent out several secret orders, which made people ready for the carriage and left for the clause.
The carriage stopped when it was cold and rainy in Zui Xiang, and people went to buy some of the most distinctive dishes and asked for an altar of "Shilixiang" before continuing to set out.
The carriage Lengyuchen pulled out a small jade box from the bag and took out a dormant insect to let go. A white light flashed in the heart with one hand. The insect slowly moved, and Lengyuchen’s luck came up with a white mist and floated into the jar slowly.
When the white fog disappears, the cold rain in the jar pulls out a sharp knife, lifts the sleeves, draws a mouth on the arm, and then puts the worm in the mouth. When the worm smells blood, it creeps into the cold rain and the mouth automatically heals.
But at the moment, Su Yiming and Xiaobaizheng in clause 4 didn’t seem to feel dangerous approaching step by step.
Xiaobai is not Su Yiming’s opponent. Every few steps, he sighs, and from time to time, he plays tricks and regrets chess. Su Yiming raises his eyebrows and looks at his face. His smile is full of evil spirits. Are you sure? !”
Xiaobai shivered for no reason and retracted his hand with a wry smile. "I’m just saying that I don’t have to regret it!" "
"You’re such a smelly chess basket. I wish you had half as much as Qiu Er." Su Yiming slipped past Mu Huanying again in front of him. Although he has ordered people to bring letters back to the snow today, he is still nervous in his heart, and this feeling of missing bones is really uncomfortable.