Ma Guodan looked at the female ghost and asked, "I asked you who you are?"

Female the ghost zheng and then shook her head "I, I don’t know who I am, I don’t know my name …"
Ma Guodan said, "That’s why you came."
The female ghost said, "In my memory, I died in an accident and met Zhao Yalin. I remember this …"
Ma Guodan nodded and said, "Don’t think back. All your memories are just imagined by Zhao Yalin, and even you are just an illusion imagined by Zhao Yalin."
I said, "Is she fake?"
Ma Guodan nodded. "She is Zhao Yalin Zhao Yalin, that is, she, but she is a fantasy separated from Zhao Yalin’s consciousness. Everything is an idea called Zhao Yalin’s heart."
The female the ghost "ah" one by one back two steps.
Ma Guodan glanced at our slightly surprised face indifferently, and said, "This man named Zhao Yalin probably experienced some things in his heart, and after constant struggle and hesitation, he finally gave birth to an illusion or perhaps a spiritual sustenance."
I also said, "Ah!"
Ma Guodan chuckled, "What she doesn’t remember is because of Zhao Yalin’s background and identity at the beginning of her birth, but it’s not a good thing for her to break this fantasy and return to reality for a long time."
☆, Chapter one hundred and seventy Others
I said, "This …"
Ma Guodan said with great interest, "Tell me about the specific situation."
So we told Ma Guodan everything we know so far.
Ma Guodan chuckled slightly after listening and said, "That’s probably the reason."
I said, "Why?" Just carry a demon
Ma Guodan said, "Since she likes this but can’t do it well, she will naturally hope that others may want to get some help from other places for a long time. This can guide her to be born from the heart."
I said, "this female ghost is just a fantasy in her own heart, so didn’t she help herself?"
Ma Guodan nodded slightly. "That being said, her idea is somewhat unusual, but it is not normal."
Ma Guodan speculated that "maybe someone has helped her, otherwise she wouldn’t have this situation."
I said, "How can this help?"
Ma Guodan said, "Since she has been carrying the music box with her, maybe she can find the answer from that evil. Someone tampered with it."
"…" I heard a silence for a moment and said, "That, that evil has been washed away by me …"
Ma Guodan said, "Then there is no way."
I chuckled, "But in that case, why does this female ghost want to stay away from her?"
Ma Guodan said, "Because her mission has achieved what she needs, but because of the difficulties in her long-term fantasy, she will be dependent on herself."
Ma Guodan chuckled, "Maybe if you keep tracing, you may find something unusual from her."
Ma Xiaoling said, "unusual things?"
"That’s right …" Ma Guodan said, "Since she can do this, it is impossible to do it just by virtue of her identity as an ordinary person. Maybe there is someone behind her who has helped her this, which is somewhat intriguing."
Ma Xiaoling chuckled, "That person may be well-intentioned?"
"I don’t think so …" Ma Guodan smiled. "Maybe there are people besides Li Sanguang and me who also know something about the law of destiny?"
I stare big eyes.
Ma Guodan asserted that "maybe that person helped her because he proved himself for his own purposes."
I said, "besides you, are there any legal persons who want to study destiny?"
"There are too many people who want to spy on one or two people …" Ma Guodan said. "We are not the only people in this world who want to covet this mystery. There are too many people I don’t know …"
"But …" Ma Guodan woke up. "People are not old, and everyone’s eyes are different. I want to know about some people who are not as pure as I think."
I sip my mouth.
When we were talking here, someone smiled and asked, "What are you talking about?"
See you later, Li Sanguang, the wretched old man!
He came over with a smile on his face and a big broken sack in his hand. It was full and I didn’t know what was in it.
When Ma Guodan saw Li Sanguang coming, he stopped chatting with us and asked him, "Did you get what I wanted?"
Li Sanguang said, "When I make a move, it’s natural."
Ma Guo Dan Qi said, "So much?"
Li Sanguang looked down at the broken sack, then pulled it out and showed it to Ma Guodan, saying, "These are not. This was sold to me by the old lady from the alley when she came here just now."
Ma Guodan twisted his eyebrows when he heard this. "What do I want?"
Li Sanguang took out a black plastic bag from the sack and handed it to Ma Guodan.
Guo-Dan Ma took it and took a look at it a little and lifted the plastic bag into his hand.
I said, "What is this?"
Ma Guodan looked at me and said, "It doesn’t matter what this is. There is no place for you, and I don’t need to tell you more."
It seems that he can’t tell us something. Since he said in his speech that he can’t show it to us, I won’t ask any more questions.
Li Sanguang walked over and asked, "What did you just say? Tell it to the old man."
I said, "Why do you ask so many questions!"
Li Sanguang twisted Hu and looked at me and curled my mouth.
When he saw that I didn’t tell him, he stopped asking questions and looked at Ma Guodan again. "Are you leaving now?"
"Don’t worry …" Ma Guodan said, "I changed my mind and want to stay here for a few more days."
Li Sanguang looked at him in surprise. "Do you have anything else to do?"
"Well," Ma Guodan replied, "I have heard some interesting things here and want to have a good look."
Ma Guodan and Li Sanguang said, "It seems that there are friends who don’t want to covet the Destiny Law. I’d like to see who this is."
Li Sanguang’s face suddenly became very serious and uncharacteristically said, "How come someone else has never known?"
Ma Guodan said, "You can’t know anything about this world. How can you know everything?"
Li Sanguang pursed his lips. "But he didn’t mention the name because of Comrade."
"Just because he doesn’t say it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know …" Ma Guodan said, "And he always said that he should talk to us. How can he get up?"
Li Sanguang said, "That’s true …"

He has now understood the intention of the opposite CC52 team!

It’s a complete insight!
According to the idea of CC52 team command, in the first round, they sealed a wave of beast power on No.3 Lingbo City, and then Lingbo City broke off its own side. According to their hardware strength, Lingbo City broke off its own side, and summoning beast BB to hit it should definitely kill the opposite dreamer team Lingbo City. In that case, another Lingbo City and the sunset will be shot, so that the dreamer team Datang government can be killed.
The key point is to kill the two outputs of the dreamer team, which is equivalent to a 5V3 battle plus two seals on your side holding a field with one speed and two speeds, so that you can firmly grasp the rhythm of the field after the first round.
However, the CC52 team didn’t expect that the attack of Lingbo City on your ex-boyfriend’s role would be protected by Fang Xiang just now. In this way, the HP blood volume of your ex-boyfriend Lingbo City has been reduced by about half, and it is not easy to want BB protection.
And killing the Tang government is even more meaningful!
All attacks have summoners BB or personas to resist publicity. When the attack of CC52 team ended in the first round in front of Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang also deducted less than half of his blood.
"Is the block coming?"
All the fans watching this PK live dream friend are puzzled.
This is completely confusing!
One second, it seems that the CC52 team is going to explode and kill the two outputs of the Dreamer team directly, but the next second, all their turbulent offensives are blocked.
Everything is in vain.
This is the time.
When everyone on CC52 team couldn’t help frowning.
Across from the dreamer team, a small line of words appeared on the top of the head of the dreamer F.
"Oh, oh, I seem to have forgotten to talk about the CC52 team just now, right?"
"5 rounds to solve you"
Chapter 17 is not a joke
"five rounds to solve you"
With this, the current channel above the head of the discourse dreamer F comes out, and the faces of the CC52 team are also raising a haze.
The fist was clenched tightly as soon as it was clenched.
Too ..
Too arrogant for MD, right? !
How dare you talk like this when you are already at a disadvantage?
"Hum dead duck mouth shut"
"Since their dreamer team has to ask for a dead end like this, there is no need for us to let them attack from the next round."
"Let them know that we are not the gap but-"
The words were gnashed from the head of CC52 team.
The team members in CC52 know that their head is really angered by the words of the dreamer F!
In the aspect of command, the commander of CC52 team also overthrew the previously deployed command panel and rearranged it!
When Fang wanted to say this, except for the dreamer team, everyone was a so-called sample, including those who watched the live broadcast, but they couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
This MD…… …
Is it too fierce?
At this time, you barely resisted each other’s two waves of killing. You should keep a low profile, try to survive in the cracks in adversity, and then look for opportunities to make a comeback. But now that you are in harmony, the momentum in the first round is weak. You still say such things. Isn’t this deliberately irritating your opponents?
Even A Girl Without Sorrow at this time also can’t help but shook his head.
"The dreamer team is a little ignorant."
"This wave and the 52 team Gank are likely to lose."
Although this remark is a bit ugly, it is also true that A Girl Without Sorrow has seen many fierce games. Previously, the first day of the so-called Fantasy Westward Journey was led by Suk, and the old Murk was also broadcast live by A Girl Without Sorrow.
However, unlike the current dreamer team, the old Murk side is the top position of hardware, and the dreamer team obviously doesn’t know how many pieces to drop in hardware.
If your hardware exceeds the opposite direction and you shout in this way, no one will doubt it, but your hardware is not as good as others, and you still shout in this way, isn’t it asking for a dead end?
Watching the live broadcast, more than 110,000 dreamer fans are optimistic that the dreamer team has no head.
Almost everyone has decided that the dreamer team will lose this battle.
After all, hardware is too important.
There is no extra pressure on everyone here with the dreamer team.
Because Fang thought that the current channel had finished that sentence, he had already ordered a new round of tactical arrangements.
in good order
Everything is like a plan.
In terms of hardware, they really lost to CC52 team, but don’t forget that in terms of command, they are going to dump CC52 team and don’t know how many streets!
"The second round of defending against a wave of killing will also lay the foundation for our counterattack in the third round."
Party want to light out a word.
Four people have different mouths.
Second round of the game
According to the instructions of CC52 team leader, another fierce offensive broke out on CC52 team side.
However, Shuanglingbo City has previously used this wave of broken Yueshi Institute to surge so as to level the A-sect skills.
In the second round, the CC52 team offensive was once again intercepted by the dreamer team.
If one round of killing was intercepted as luck, what about the two rounds? Is it still luck?
"This dreamer team is ready to die with the CC52 team!"
"But even so, the dreamer team still falls into the wind."
"They just said that it would take five rounds to solve the battle. I think it’s bragging. It’s good to be able to resist losing later in this way."

Why should I compete with this dog? What’s the threat?

I looked at fox Xiaomei again and continued to ask her, "Then why do you look like this?"
Fox Xiaomei thought about it again and finally said to me in a more euphemistic way, "Because this dog just said that it already knows that you want to play hooliganism on it today!" "
What the hell is this?
When I heard this, I suddenly made a speech, "What the fuck is this? I’m really a dog …"
As a result, I haven’t finished my words yet. When the dog glanced at me instantly, he ran out at a speed of 100 miles.
Holy shit!
When I saw this situation, I suddenly realized …
After a moment of silence, my heart suddenly felt absurd!
When I entered this dark glasses man’s enchantment, there was no normal place. First, the fishing old man ran out here, and then a rhubarb dog came out …
I looked over there and wrestled with two boys. I couldn’t stand it at this moment, so I quickly went over to stop them.
"Stop it, stop it …"
I pulled them off.
These two people are now totally embarassed and dragged by me forcefully, and they are all quite angry and scold each other.
I stopped them again and looked at these two people at this time.
They both stared at me, too.
I said, "What’s the fight?"
Get a black eye on the face and say, "He hit me first."
So I looked at the young man who suddenly punched others and asked him, "Why did you come and punch them when they were walking well?"
The man said, "because he stepped on my foot!" "
Step on your foot?
I immediately looked at him with empty eyes and pursed my lips. "Young man, I’m not blind, am I? Just now, you walked his way here. You two were four or five meters away. Why did he step on your foot?"
This man said, "because I know he will step on my foot when he comes over later. Since I already know, why let him step on my foot?"
I said, "Then you can’t hit people."
The young man said, "Because he stepped on my foot!"
I said "nothing"
He insisted, "He stepped on my foot when he came over."
I said, "haven’t people come yet?"
The young man finally chuckled and said, "I already know that he is going to step on my foot anyway."
The one next to him who was wronged suddenly became angry and said, "Step on your uncle!"
When he was talking, he stared angrily, suddenly eyeing another person and stamping his instep directly.
The young man immediately jumped up with his feet covered and took a breath of air conditioning. At the same time, he didn’t forget to point it out to me. "You see, I told you that he would step on my foot when he came. If you don’t believe me, I already know."
I "…"
I don’t think these things will happen if he doesn’t punch someone first.
When the two men fought again and became more intense, they couldn’t stop it.
Fox Xiaomei and Ma Xiaoling said, "This place feels so chaotic."
"Well …" Ma Xiaoling wanted to think and said, "Just now, that man always said that he knew that this man was going to step on his foot and hit others first. As a result, it became his fault that he finished it first."
Ma Xiaoling said to me again, "Because I have seen all these things, it has become upside down and the cause and effect are chaotic, which has caused this confusion."
When I heard this, I got a little taste-I probably got a little understanding of the sunglasses man who asked us to come to this place. What is that?
He wants us to see exactly these things.
But for Ma Xiaoling’s words, the ghost king snorted coldly after listening to them.
He looked at us and said, "Hum, that surname can make me change my mind because of this. It’s wishful thinking!"
We walked on again.
This when there is a middle-aged man walking in front …
At that time, I didn’t see anything different here, but just as we were about to go to a side fork, something changed suddenly!
A man in a western tie stooped out and quickly approached the middle-aged man walking in front …
When this man brushed past me just now, there seemed to be something hidden in his arms.
That is, I glanced at it just now, but I was stung by the reflection of that thing, and I didn’t see it clearly.
At this time, it’s abnormal to watch the man in western clothes walk past and move …
I immediately twisted my face and said to Ma Xiaoling, "That man just now had a knife in his arms!"
Ma Xiaoling had already taken the fork in the road this time, but she didn’t pay attention to these. When she heard me shout, she looked strange and said, "What?"
Before I could speak here, I heard an exclamation from the front, "Murder!"
Hurriedly tilted.
The place where the sound came was just where I looked. Just now, the man in the suit was holding a bloody knife in his hand. The middle-aged man who was first seen there fell to the ground without saying a word at the moment, and the passers-by around him were in a panic …
☆ Chapter 165 The incident repeats itself.
The man in the suit stabbed the middle-aged man down with a knife, and then he stayed in place for a long time and immediately recovered …
He swung the bloody knife around to run.
This is when
Xiao-ling Ma load a blink of an eye to jump over, kick a suit man’s leg bent and then instantly hold down his shoulder to stop this man.
She challenged the man to make a horse and asked, "What did you do?" Diaonv vote number
At this time, I quickly followed to see the man in the suit. "Why did you cut someone?"
The man in the suit struggled for two times and then looked up with fear. "Who are you?"
I said, "Be brave and be a good citizen."
Fox small mei also came up with a frown at this time.
She looked at the man lying on the ground, carefully avoiding blood stains. "Why do you want to hurt others?"
I asked the man in the suit, "Do you have a problem with this man?"
I pointed to the ground and died of that man. "Who else is this man lying on the ground?"

Several children are in a circle and singing the song "A sheep in the north and a phoenix in the south meet at the fork in the road, and the sheep want to catch the phoenix"

The children’s voices were ringing into Yang You’s ears. He suddenly slowed down and cocked up his ears. Dugu Qianshan also slowed down. He listened and became angry. "I’ll go and catch them."
Yang You laughed. "What can you ask if you catch them?" He pricked up his ears again and frowned after listening to half a ring.
This children’s song is extremely long, with more than 20 sentences and more than 100 words. It seems to be complicated, but it is very simple to sum it up. Either it is innuendo that Yang You robbed the concubine of the commoner, and Yang You couldn’t help laughing when he looked at these children jumping and jumping.
Yesterday, he fought a battle, and today he has this children’s song, and his response is fast enough. He thought about it and asked people around. Suddenly, he felt that this song was flowing in Chengdu in just one day.
Yang You hurried back to the palace and Huang Yun came to tell him that "the temple is not strange today."
"no?" Yang You leng so this children’s song is not to start out? "Did you secretly ask someone if that song in the street was from someone?"
Huang Yun replied to the back.
Yang You thought for a moment, but he still felt that this children’s song must have come from Yan Ran, although he didn’t know how to pass the news out at present.
At this time, a few words were also flowing in Chang’ an. It was also a group of children with horns and braids who sang and danced "Mu Li Jia Tian Qin Di Xing as king!" At this time, Li Jiancheng was driving to the palace in a carriage. When he heard these words, he couldn’t help but stop the groom.
He said, "Ask them what they sing?"
Several guards brought the news back soon before. Li Jiancheng heard it and frowned. This sentence vaguely has a special meaning, but he couldn’t think of where there was a problem at the moment.
He thought for a moment and told the groom to continue on his way towards the Tang Palace.
After a wick of incense, the carriage Li Yuanfu stopped in Li Jiancheng and left. The carriage saw a teenager, and the appearance of this teenager surprised Li Jiancheng slightly. He knew that this boy named Yin Yuyi was a follower of Shimin, which means Shimin is here.
At this moment, he saw a carriage stop at the door, Chai Shao and Li Xiuning came out, Li Jiancheng greeted each other, and three people stepped into the Tang Palace to talk. Li Jiancheng realized that this was a small meeting, and Li’s brother and some etiquette were invited.
At this time, Yin Yuyi squinted at Yangmei at the gate. He found that the girl was getting more and more beautiful, and her body was no longer so thin and graceful.
Yangmei also looked at him and saw him looking at himself. He snorted discontentedly and walked aside.
Tang Wangfu’s room, Tang gaozu, seemed to be in a complicated mood. He was holding a small booklet, which was handed to him by Qin Gong. According to him, he raided an intelligence point of the Sui army yesterday and found a small booklet from the inside, that is, Tang gaozu was holding this one in his hand.
Looking at this booklet, Tang gaozu’s heart suddenly became cool and cool. This list shows that many people secretly took refuge in Da Sui, most of them were some layer officials, and a few of them were layer officials. There were even several people who followed Tang gaozu’s uprising from Taiyuan.
Qin Gong Li Shimin looked worried. He whispered, "Dad, I think there may be something wrong with this list, but there must be some people who commit adultery."
Tang gaozu sighed heavily. Can he not understand this truth? But when I think of Li Jing’s betrayal of Tang gaozu, I feel that outsiders can’t believe it. At this time, Li Jiancheng and Li Xiuning came in and three people gave a gift "Dad (Yuezhang)!"
Tang gaozu nodded heavily and said, "Don’t bother to sit!"
The three men sat in Tang gaozu and handed the pamphlet to Li Jiancheng Li Jiancheng. They frowned and asked, "Shimin, what the hell is going on?"
Li Shimin naturally won’t tell the identity of Yin Yuyi. He means that he was discovered by his hand and then he led troops to raid Shangri-La and obtained this evidence. Li Jiancheng expressed doubts about this. He knew that Li Shimin wouldn’t tell lies, but the problem with such an important thing was that the detective would pay attention to the fact that once the collection failed, he would be destroyed at any time and easily fall into Li Shimin’s hands?
Li Jiancheng didn’t show his doubts in his heart. He asked, "Shimin, you have made great contributions this time!"
Li Shimin looked at Li Yuan with a smile on his face and said, "Dad, after this incident, the child has an idea!"
Tang gaozu looked at him and encouraged him to "say it!"
When Li Shimin saw Tang gaozu, he was sure that he was a little excited. "Dad Sui Jun’s scheming depends on the details. They can grasp the opponent’s information when they can, which makes us fail the other day."
"I believe that if I want to compete for hegemony, I must have a special department to receive information from the enemy."
As soon as Li Shimin said this, Tang gaozu and Li Jiancheng both smiled. Li Shimin looked at them puzzled. At this moment, Li Jiancheng explained, "They are all belonging to the family, so I said that I had organized a department called tang style with Chang ‘an’s stepfather. He was just spying on the enemy."
Li Jiancheng explained that the original excitement in Li Shimin’s eyes dimmed, and he looked at Li Xiuning with some anger in his heart. Li Shimin was white, and this time he was the last one to get the news.
Half an hour later, things came to a general conclusion. Li Yuan finally decided to monitor the list of 100 officials. After Li Shimin, Li Xiuning and others dispersed, Li Yuan looked at Li Jiancheng and said, "According to the news, Hanzhong Bashu is under construction. You have to find a way to get Li Xiaogong to incite Bashu people to make trouble for Yang You!"
Li Jiancheng arched his hand and said, "It’s dad!"
Chengdu Yan ran was shaking scissors in the main room. She was repairing the potted plant and came up with this method because it seemed that a canary had no freedom in the palace. The purpose was to help the people to save her.
At this time, the footsteps sounded, and Yang You appeared in front of her. She looked at Yang You and didn’t talk. Yang You looked at her and suddenly smiled and waved his hand to others to go out.
The strong maid looked at Yan ran and shook her head. The maid went out. Yang You didn’t speak. He reached into his arms and took out a piece of Yu Pei. She looked very surprised. She said how to find Yu Pei. It turned out to be his hand, which means that Yang You knows her identity.
The thought that she sent someone to sing children’s songs to denigrate Yang You’s smiling face turned white. She felt that Yang You knew her identity, but at this time it was 100% sure.
"What are you going to do?" Yan ran asked
Yang You didn’t answer. He slowly took out a piece of Yu Pei and put two pieces of Yu Pei together.
"How can you have it?" To start a scream.
"Did you finally know something?" Yang You smiled. He put Yu Pei in his arms and looked at Yan ran. "I knew your identity since I first saw you."
Yan ran squirmed her bright red lips and said, "What about you?"
"Why don’t you reveal that you killed you?" Yang You stared at her closely, and this powerful pressure could not help but nod her head. At this time, her heart was already messed up.
At this time, Yang You smiled. He held out his hand and squeezed Yan Ran’s cheek. He kissed Yan Ran deeply and wanted to struggle. But at the beginning, Dou Honglian couldn’t escape Yan Ran, and there was no way. Yang You kissed her deeply and tasted the girl’s unique fragrance.
After half a ring, he finally got a little breathless. He stopped and looked at him angrily. "What’s the difference between you and Wang Jun?"
Yang You shook his head and said, "Solitude is different from solitude. You can have many opportunities to enjoy yourself, but solitude didn’t do that, and even if you marry you, you won’t be the first wife!"
Grinning her teeth, she said, "Do you think I would like to be small?"
"That’s up to you?" Yang You wiped her mouth and tongue as if there were still fragrance.
"I tell you that you don’t want to be alone now, but one day you will, but at that time it depends on loneliness!"
"What do you mean?" Yan ran asked
"Soon you will understand! And I told you not to play Xiaocong Chengdu, you have no chance! " Yang You laughed and turned and walked out.
Yan ran to see Yang You leave back a burst of’ re in the heart is this time really can’t escape?
After several days of preparation, Xue Ju has already prepared food and grass. He left the Jin king Xue Renyue Chang Zhongxing and other generals to guard Tianshui, the capital of the country. He took 150,000 troops across Longshan and went straight to Huating County, Huating County, to see that West Qin Jun was surrendering in a big way.
Immediately after Xue Ju took Huating, he was divided into two roads and one route. Tai Xue Renguo led the army to capture the shady side and pull the valley along the Pingliang County border, and he personally led a handsome army to attack the security of Anding County. When he got the news, he quickly sent people to Chang’ an to get reinforcements, and at the same time he mobilized civilian workers to help defend the city.
Due to the poor reputation of the Western Qin army, the people were very resistant to Xue Ju’s invasion. At this time, they saw that West Qin Jun had attacked again and would not take the old road of Fufeng County. The people enthusiastically signed up to help the soldiers carry the wood and stone.
The satrap even blocked all the gates with sacks. Even if the west Qin Jun drove the people to attack the city, the scene of Fufeng County being breached due to the closure of the gate would hardly appear. The satrap was complacent about this, but he did not expect to kill the west Qin Jun two days later and just arrived to attack the city without rest.
Xue Ju of West Qin Jun commanded heroic battles to attack the head of Anding City several times. If it weren’t for Tang Junsheng’s fear of being desperately counterattacked by the massacre, I’m afraid Xue Ju would take it at dusk. At this time, the most hopeful thing for the satrap of Anding is that reinforcements in Chang ‘an City will come as soon as possible.
Chapter 167 Wedding []
In the morning, a touch of golden light from Chu Yang’s eaves came into the house through the window paper. Yang You wore a crown, a dahongpao waist and a rhinoceros leather belt, and a pair of deer boots, dressed up quite festive.
Today is his wedding day. After dressing neatly, he will take Hou Jun, Du Ruhui and others to greet Yang You, look at his satisfaction in the bronze mirror, nod his head, and Du Ruhui comes and says, "The temple can go!"
"Go!" Yang You waved out of the room.
Outside, ladies-in-waiting with red happy characters prepared a lot of bamboo as firecrackers. Bamboo filled a room. Yang You went out with laurel, Du Ruhui and others. Xiao Yu had been waiting outside to see Yang You coming out and immediately waved out a carriage.

"Ha ha, let’s go and have a look first." Han Chen got up and walked in that direction with a faint smile.

When the arm shakes, the royal magic golden gun appears and the whole body is pumped into the royal magic golden gun. Han Chen will throw it at that corner.
Soon the corner where the stone chips were flying was smashed out of a hole by the royal magic golden gun, which happened to be entered by a person.
"Ha ha, let’s go in" responded Han Chen put away the royal magic golden gun and looked at the sky blue when it was a step.
"This guy" saw Han Chen so sky-blue mouth cock, but after seeing Han Chen’s body entering the hole, she was also bullet-biting and drilled into Chapter Three hundred and twenty.
This is a strange, it is composed of layers of strange energy crystal walls filled with a rather docile energy gas.
Hum …
A burst of Weng Ran rang out and immediately two figures appeared like ghosts. This pair of eyes stared at everything around curiously.
"Where is this?" Feel this energy fluctuation of the earth. Han Chen’s face changes. Breathe slowly. Those gentle energy gases enter his whole body along his pores and constantly refine his limbs.
"Good pure energy" muttered sky blue face is also a bit weird.
"These energy gases are the most pure without any impurities. It seems that this piece is formed by a strong man." Han Chen’s face is full of smiles when he sweeps the soul force across this piece and slowly observes the situation here.
"Shout" slowly spit out a sigh of relief. Han Chen’s face is full of smiles. Just look at the sky blue and say, "The energy in it is very pure. If you absorb it from the sky blue, you will be able to successfully break through to four realms."
"Oh?" Hearing Han Chen say this, the blue face was full of joy that day.
"Sister Tianlan, let’s practice here for a few days now. After the energy is absorbed here, you can be promoted to the middle stage of the soul-setting quadruple, and I can also rely on this to be promoted to the soul-setting quadruple." Han Chen smiled indifferently and rubbed his hands with excitement.
"Ha ha, then let’s do it." Seeing Han Chen’s sky blue face is also a smile when he sits cross-legged and enters the state of uniting.
Seeing the sky blue uniting Han Chen is also a cool smile. When the mind moves, the small inflammation shape also appears in front of Han Chen.
"Little fellow, now you also absorb some energy. Although you are now the peak of the five-ring beast soul, there are advantages and disadvantages in the five-ring peak." Even more so with a faint smile on Han Chen’s face.
"Master, these small inflammations of energy are also very needed, so I’m welcome." Feeling those pure small inflammations of energy is also a little excited, and then it is suspended in the sky to absorb those energies.
See Xiaoyan so crazy to absorb the energy Han Chen also couldn’t help laughing when also cross legs practice quickly.
"Call" slowly spit out a sigh of relief Han Chen at this time has finished convergence mind into a state.
At this time, Han Chen’s pores expanded, a little bit of energy gas differentiated, and then entered Han Chen’s pores and continuously integrated into his limbs to strengthen his body.
And this kind of material that absorbs a mysterious drop of energy like liquid in Han Chen’s body is slowly condensing and forming, and this is the so-called soul element
Each layer of the soul-congealing realm will condense into a soul element, but before Han Chen, it was still the early stage of soul-congealing, so the soul element of other bodies did not condense and form, but after absorbing this energy, Han Chen also found that the soul element had begun to take shape.
After about half an hour, Han Chen also quickly woke up from the state of uniting, and his eyes were bright and he looked around at the thinning energy. Han Chen also responded with a cool smile.
Of course, Han Chen can absorb a little more energy here, but he didn’t do so. As a result, he has just been promoted to a heavy soul. If he breaks through again with these energies soon, it will definitely have an impact on the post-promotion, and it will also have a dependence on the energy gas here. Secondly, if he forcibly rises to the realm with the help of external energy, it will definitely have a self-attack on the body.
Quietly there Han Chen looked up at Xiaoyan and saw that the little guy was surrounded by small eddies, and the suction of the earth suddenly came out, and those energy gases were constantly sucked into Xiaoyan.
About ten minutes in the past, Xiaoyan’s whole body suction suddenly disappeared, and Xiaoyan was also satisfied. When yelling, he turned a bit of time into Han Chen’s eyebrows.
"Hehe, it seems that the teacher elder sister Tianlan has gained a lot this time." Han Chen smiled indifferently and felt the rising breath of Tianlan, which was also a smile.
"Let me help you." The corners of the mouth slightly lift Han Chen’s mind, and a Dan medicine appears in his hand. This is a four-Dan medicine, which washes the marrow and removes impurities. Of course, Han Chen also knows that her strength will rise after the sky blue absorbs the energy here, but when she comes, she will be worried about refining those heterogeneous energies.
Indifferently, with the help of the pulp washing Dan, this situation will never happen.
Hum …
A purple flame suddenly appeared in Han Chen’s palm, and when those energy gases came into contact with the purple flame in Han Chen’s palm, they were evaporated.
The purple flame is beating like an elf, and its teeth are bared like a demon.
With a flick of your fingertips, the pulp-washing pill is the pill in the palm of Han Chen’s hand. When it comes into contact with the purple flame, it is also evaporated by a piece of gas energy. However, Han Chen’s soul force package is also quickly condensed into a fist-sized energy fog suspended in front of Han Chen.
Will purple deep and remote shenhuo income body Han Chen face move when is the energy fog body to the science of uniting the sky blue eyebrows slowly.
The sudden fluctuation of the earth’s drug power is to enter the sky blue body.
And with the help of Han Chen’s pulp washing Dan, Han Chen also suddenly heard the sound of "om" and then the sky blue breath suddenly rose.
Soul-setting quadruple
"It seems that the teacher elder sister Tianlan also knows that this thing can’t be absorbed more." Hey hey smile Han Chen quietly waiting for Tianlan to wake up.
After a few minutes, the sky blue suddenly opened its eyes, and the whole body suddenly rose, and the breath of the earth would also die. Han Chen felt a little trembling in his heart.

"Okay, okay, you go out now, I’ll change my clothes." Yin Yunxi pointed to the door.

"Hope is the best!" Xuelin skipped out of the room and closed the door.
Yin Yunxi looked at the sofa at the junction of stairs and snow Lin Er.
"hope! I’ve connected all the things over there. Let’s go. "Xue Liner ran out of the door with Yin Yunxi.
"hope! There are candied haws over there! " Snow Lin son ran over and picked carefully.
"You are a teenager and you don’t talk?" Yin Yunxi nai took the sugar-coated haws and looked at them carefully.
"We haven’t eaten for a long time." Xuelin pouted and bit a sugar-coated gourd.
"Yes, the first time I ate it was the day I had an accident." Yin Yun Hinai shook his head and turned to eat candied haws when he found that the candied haws in his hand were gone.
"Do you eat so fast?" Snow Lin son looked at Yin Yunxi.
Yin Yunxi went to the back of the stone statue and backhand caught a little girl.
"What are you doing?"
"Little sister, did your mother tell you that people who steal from others will be beaten?" Yin Yunxi took the candied haws from the little girl.
"You give it back to me!"
"Come here" Yin Yunxi tugged at the little girl and she was reluctant to follow Yin Yunxi.
"Choose for yourself." Yin Yunxi took her to the sugar-coated gourd vendor’s side, and she took a few strings and looked at Yin Yunxi.
"hey! The chick is very generous. Have a drink with the uncle? " A rogue came out of nowhere and put his hand on her shoulder.
"I’ll give you three seconds to hold your hand."
[Revenge] Street girl ②
"hey! Not bad temper! Grandpa, I like it. "
Silver YunXi grabbed his hand "cough up-"he squatted in pain.
"You little girl! Still dare to do it? ! Do you know that I am a gangster! "
"What happened to the gangsters?" Before Xuelin’s departure.
"You know not to know! Uncle, I am mixed with Yin Yunxi! "
"I hope you have this person in your hand?" Snow Lin son to silver allow and ear to ask
"Never seen it"
"hey! Scared! Ha ha ha ha "
"Are you hanging out with Yin Yunxi?"
"yes! How’s it going? Regret it now? Late! "
Yin Yunxi’s hand brushed his forehead gently, and the iconic scorpion of Liu Hai was exposed.
"I really regret it. How can I have such a scum like you?" Yin Yunxi kicked him.
"Old boss? ! Boss, forgive me! ! !”
"Sunny is handled according to the rules of Tao"
"Forgive me, boss!" Looking at the person who was dragged away, Yin Yunxi turned around and took the little girl and put her in the car.

Qian nodded happily. "Hmm!" Said and dream, embrace together.

Ming and Xue Xuan and Xuan tears and foam looked at each other with a smile, modest and elegant finally together.
Another chapter! Yi Xuan, I have finished modifying it!
Dear friends, collect! Gift ah ah ah ah ah Chapter seventy Selection ceremony
The next day, tears and foam also slept in the big bed of English castle.
Everyone is very busy this sunny morning! If you want to know the hair, please see the decomposition.
"Anyi tears pick up the words! Answer the phone! Don’t answer the words will burst "tears suddenly cried.
"hey! Who is it! " Tears can’t wait to drop my cell phone,
"What’s the matter with tears? Noisy you sleeping? " You can tell it’s Xuan.
"Yes," said Tears Lazily.
"k, then you go to sleep first!"
"honey, are you angry?" Tears hurriedly said
"No afternoon, let’s go to pick a gift."
"What gift?"
"The wedding ceremony, of course!"
"Who get married? Be the best man and maid of honor? "
"Yeah, that’s it, and we’re getting married."
"Yeah, I see. Bye, honey."
"Well, bye-bye," Emma. Why did this couple become so disgusting now? Ok, it’s because people have good feelings ~
[Dear friends, let me go and see the foam]
"Little DOG baby answered the phone!" I don’t even want to be dazzled or recorded by the queen of England
"Well ~ hello? Who is it! " You sound like you’re not awake.
"Little DOG Baby ~ ~ ~" Hyun likes foam sound best.
"ah! Mommy? I immediately got up and went to the hall to have breakfast. "Foam got up at once.
"No, it’s me. Hahahaha" Hyun simply laughed to death. The original foam is most afraid of the British Queen.
"The nangongshan dazzle! ! Your heart! " Mo is going crazy.
“wprinesshw? 【 What’s the matter with the second princess? 】 "The maid knocked on the door when she heard foam shouting.
"hasallrighguik [nothing to go out, I’m fine]" Mo replied.
"Oh, baby DOG, don’t be angry. We have to try the ceremony this afternoon!" Pick your eyebrows at the other end of the talk
"Know what you are trying to do! You haven’t even proposed. I’m not marrying you! "
"Little DOG baby knows me best. Bye! Kiss "dazzle directly ignore the foam after half a sentence.
"Well, bye-bye." I don’t want to be dazzled when my goose bumps fall all over the floor.
【 Ya and Qian are sleeping in the same bed at this time 】
"You’re awake!" Modesty woke up early and stared at Ya.
"Well," ya answered slowly with your eyes open.
"Hurry up and wash up. We’re going to try the ceremony later."
"Okay, pull me up."
"Good, you lazy little pig"
"Ha ha" Ya was pulled up by Qian and gave Qian a good morning kiss.
"Good boy" modest and smiling.
[Compared with Ya, it’s normal here. Finally, let’s go and see the snow! 】
"Is it snowing?" Ming is n, you can go anywhere in this place directly, and Ming is already a frequent visitor here, except for rushing to announce that Ming is in the castle
"Come? Who? "I knocked on the door and saw that there were not only a bunch of maids at the door.
"They are here to bring you breakfast and clothes, because there is no one else but tears and foam to go to the hall to eat with the Queen, or the Queen invites you to go. Of course, I can also go to eat together." Ming Dan explained with Xue.
"There are such rules here ….." Snow face was covered with black lines.

It is precisely because of this that Li Mochou did not dare to neglect thinking about his martial arts and physical strength that he studied hard day and night for a moment without stopping. Finally, when the third day came, Li Mochou finished reading two books.

When Tong Lao came again, Li Mochou asked Tong Lao about all the doubts in his heart.
It’s hard to find a child who is proud of Minstrel and has excellent talent. What Minstrel has learned is quite miscellaneous. If you carry it out at will, it will be better than those who are superior. Plus, the child is already a ten-year-old man with rich experience and a lot of feelings. Therefore, Li Mochou can always feel enlightened when answering questions.
As soon as Tong Lao arrived, he was introduced into the room by Li Mochou and sat at the head. "Do you know what these two are for me, Mochow?"
Li Mochou stood beside the child’s grandmother with clever words and sincere words "Please teach me, child’s grandmother".
These two Li Mochou know their names and have a little idea of their meaning, but what Tong Mu said is by no means so simple, but in the eyes of Li Mochou these days, Tong Mu is already a peerless and unfathomable person.
Tong Lao sighed lightly-she really loves Li Mochou, a little girl, and she only asked her to read these books when she really wanted to help her. "History and Bing Gusu admire me, but I don’t know that little thing is unknown!"
Tong Lao is a Minstrel boss. Although the eldest brother didn’t take the position of Minstrel as a cliff, Master left her more than Lingjiu Palace. There are many industries and many industries in Minstrel. The information network was established in Minstrel many years ago.
Even Mufu’s father Mubo is also a junior in front of the child’s old teacher. Mubo walked in the rivers and lakes in his early years and had the heart to attract talented people to do things for the child’s teacher. It is also clear that he never interfered.
It is Minstrel who pays attention to the word "free and unfettered" and Minstrel who is mysterious in the eyes of the world. People dare to offend Tong Mu and follow Master’s instructions and never interfere in Jianghu affairs.
The other day, Tong Mu’s stay in Li Mochou has violated the so-called carefree life, but the idea that Tong Mu lived to be old at this time is already different.
Chapter 153 Chapter 153
Qiao Feng is generous by nature, and he likes to make friends with Jianghu heroes in many gangs like Beggars’ Sect.
Among them, Qiao Feng is the most curious about Mufu, and he also wants to pay the most. If the reason is because of the admiration of North Qiao Fengnan, the two have never had a chance to see each other. How to say it is also a pity!
Beggars’ gangs spread all over the north and south of the river, and among them, more people in the north are beggars’ gangs and more attention should be paid to the northern forces.
Qiao Feng, who was not a master, went to the north to inspect several steering points.
Most people in Jianghu like to drink and eat meat, and Qiao Feng is no exception. It seems that he is naturally resistant to the wine law.
On this day, Qiao Feng came out from the rudder office. It was already lunch time, so he simply went to a pub near the rudder and ordered an altar of wine and half a catty of beef and a few dishes of wine.
Qiao Feng just took a sip of this wine, and before he enjoyed himself, he heard someone gossiping and it was really harsh.
Qiao Feng is not a nosy person. Let it be if someone gossips. It is these people who say it, but not others. It is Qiao Feng who wants to meet each other and want to make friends.
As a result, Qiao Feng let go of the wine bowl and listened carefully, but the more he listened to the anger in his heart, the greater Qiao Feng was immediately dissatisfied with the heavy wine bowl
But what are these people gossiping about?
"It’s said that North Qiao Feng and South Mu Fu are admiring me, but Mu Fu is deceiving the world and stealing famous people and killing others with his martial arts skills. How many people in the Jianghu died in his hands? Where is it worthy of such a name!"
"Gusu Mu has always lived in seclusion and walked around the rivers and lakes, but recently Mu’s family has made such a big noise that I don’t look at Mu Fu as a good idea. He should not want to make a name for himself by killing people, should he? This is too much! "
"Who said not? All said MuFu handsome is a young hero, but who have we seen? Ah! I think maybe he looks ugly, or he won’t have been hiding and afraid to come out to see people! "
"Ha ha ha is right!"
These people’s gossip from Mufu people to looks is one thing. If you know a little bit, you will feel too much. Is it that you have always regarded Mufu as your bosom friend Qiao Feng?
Qiao Feng slammed the wine bowl on the table, which attracted several people’s attention. He said, "Mu Gong is outstanding in martial arts, and some people have been friends for a long time. I hate you, such as bitches and gossips, who can’t spit ivory in their mouths to reverse right and wrong, which humiliated his name for no reason."
Qiao Feng’s words are a bit heavy. It is true that although Qiao Feng has never seen Mufu, he will regard him as a confidant in his heart. Can anyone say that he is not naturally out to uphold justice at this time?
These people are just jealous villains, watching people around them drink some yellow soup and saying something for fun.
If it’s really Mufu here, they won’t dare to say if they lend them another hundred bravery.
This has always been a matter, but who told them to meet Qiao Feng today? Qiao Feng is most disgusted with these people on weekdays, but they still say it’s Mufu.
People who drink too much wine are usually as timid as mice, and now they are full of courage.
One of them patted the table and cried, "Why are you talking to our brothers? You said you knew Mu Fu and I said I knew Qiao Feng! "
When the man’s words came out, there was a laugh in the pub, and everyone didn’t take them seriously.
After all, Qiao Feng and Mu Fu are among the best in the Jianghu, and how can they appear in such an ordinary pub?
Qiao Feng was annoyed by this, and his face was cold for a while. "You have lived in vain for so many years without knowing the wrong names."
"Your novel, you are still breathing for two sentences. Today, I will give you some color to see and tell you to mind your own business."
That a few people heard Qiao Feng’s words so angry, drunk and dizzy that they wanted to teach Qiao Feng a lesson.
A few drunks who know a little martial arts are still unstable, and they want to teach them martial arts as high as Qiao Feng. That’s not asking for it!
This fruit is also conceivable. Qiao Feng just dealt with a few tricks at will, and those people lay sprawled on the ground, howling and unable to climb up.
Qiao Feng clapped his hands at random, and he was prepared to sit down and continue drinking with these mindless people.
But who knows that Qiao Feng doesn’t want to care about those lying on the ground and doesn’t want to let it go? One of them casually threw a bench from the side and threw it at Qiao Feng.
Qiao Feng ErLi not bad naturally heard this bench throw to just want to start work, but see a strong breeze shooting in the corner of the pub directly turned the bench back.
Looking back, Qiao Feng was about to sneak up on someone who was being hit by a bench. The bench was just an ordinary side dish and wine bean.
"I still hope to see you when you help."
Qiao Feng’s voice just fell and a young man came out of the corner of the pub.
This handsome man, with a high nose and deep eyes, is dressed as a rich man with a sword hanging from his waist, so he has a very natural and unrestrained bearing. His appearance like a bright moon has unexpectedly compared all these people in the pub.
The public hand said, "Thank you, brother, for speaking out bluntly. Although I don’t take such vague words to heart, I have to feel sorry for this man’s intention to sneak up on people behind his back. I naturally have the heart to help!"
Qiao Feng listened to his words and just thought about it. It was the sudden inspiration that fell to the ground. Those people had the courage to ask him who he thought was plotting revenge in the future.
Listen to the male chuckle, brush the sleeves and casually say "Gusu Mufu".
Who is not guilty of speaking ill of others in front of your face and being heard red-handed?
Besides, they were taught a lesson by Qiao Feng and Mufu. Even if they drank too much wine, they should wake up now.
Several people cried out in a cold sweat and ran out of the pub without even looking back. It was really a good show for the crowd to watch.
I’m a pub owner, but I have a headache. What about these damaged tables, chairs and benches? Those people haven’t paid for the drinks yet. That’s great!

"I hope he won’t make the same mistake …" A light word drifted away in the valley, and the cottage was already a person going upstairs.

A luxury cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean drifts leisurely with the sea at first sight. What’s even more strange is that there are more than a dozen extremely beautiful women sunbathing in swimsuits on the deck of the cruise ship, and there are even a few fairies who look like the sky walking around the side of the ship. Asia, Europe, America, with black hair, blonde hair, red hair, black eyes and blue eyes are plump, slim, hot, reserved, classical and modern. It’s a paradise for men! If a man accidentally rushes here, I’m afraid he will be excited and die of excessive blood spraying!
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
It’s a pity that there is absolutely no second boat in Fiona Fang for 10 kilometers, let alone men, and the name of this boat is really beautiful, and everyone on the boat surface is female.
"Du …" The words rang and the control room was chatting. Two beautiful women were awakened by the bell. The beautiful woman in red pressed the Connect button, while the other beautiful woman in green flashed on the side. A beautiful woman in black at the same level appeared in the screen Lvses (;
Chapter 39 Surface tide ()
"Do you know about the second sister bj?"
"Know is not the blood evil spirit was born," the beauty in red in the control room said indifferently that she was still playing with the latest handheld screen, and Mario’s beauty jumped flexibly with her dexterous hands.
"It’s not just the blood evil spirit that was born. According to the girl over there, my husband’s breath seems to have appeared." The beauty in black seems to know that the beauty in red also pretends to say so.
"what! Third sister, you tell me what’s going on. "The beautiful woman in red in the control room almost threw her hand to the ground, and the beautiful woman in green quickly took it. Poor Mario has fallen into the ditch.
"Second sister is not in a hurry? Then let’s talk about it again. "The beautiful woman in black on the screen has a demonic smile. If others see the beautiful woman in black now, they will be surprised."
"Ok, Third Sister, I’m wrong. Ok, Third Sister, please tell me at once." The beauty in red tried to "bewitch" the beauty in black on the screen, but it’s a pity that the beauty in black belongs to the same level as her and has already been infected with the killing skill. All the tricks of the beauty in red didn’t work.
"Third sister!" Seeing that the beauty in black deliberately ignored her, the beauty in red couldn’t help but "burst into anger". The towering chest fluctuated dramatically, which attracted people’s attention. "Third sister, if you don’t say anything, I’ll go directly to you and announce it for you at the door of your small company. Don’t blame me!"
"Okay, I said," The beautiful woman in black quickly surrendered to this second sister, but she can do everything. If you really want to make a scene there, don’t go out!
"The second sister was born with blood evil spirit, and at the same time, bj girls felt a kind of very weak energy fluctuation, although it only appeared for a moment, but it is certain that this is the breath of our husband’s past life power."
"Past life power?" The beautiful woman in red cocked her head and thought, "Is it that ugly power to control muscles?"
"What is ugly? That muscle control ability is still very powerful if you master good words, and maybe you can become a god in the flesh! " Black beauty correction
"Slice! I hate muscle men. If my husband becomes like that, don’t touch me again. "The beautiful woman in red must have remembered the" disgusting "muscle man model with a face of disgust.
"When the time comes, who will touch who?" The expression of the beauty in black brimming with laughter made the beauty in red very angry and waved her fist in protest.
Seeing that the beauty in red is so cute and childish, the beauty in black on the screen can’t help but shake her head. The second sister seems to never grow up, but it seems that only her sisters can show such true temperament, which is the same as her sisters.
"Okay, let’s get down to business." The beauty in red has a whole face.
"Do you still have business?" The beauty in black pretended to be surprised and said that the beauty in red had just collapsed with a straight face and could not help laughing. The beauty in green next to her was already laughing my head off and was severely stared by the beauty in red.
After laughing for a while, two women returned to normal. The beautiful woman in red asked, "Have you heard from Third Sister and Fourth Sister?"
"No" The beauty in black seems to have said something to the outsiders on the screen next to her, and then turned around. "Elder sister still has some researchers there to supplement fresh blood culture and train new people around the world. Those workers are all in her charge. Elder sister will not leave her place in most cases. It is very convenient to contact her."
The beauty in red knocked on her head and sighed and said, "I’m worried about all those trivial and meticulous work, but the elder sister can do it with relish."
"The elder sister is the most stable, patient and single-minded. Of course, it is most suitable for this job. If you were the second sister, you would have been in a mess."
"It’s no big or small for me to go to see my elder sister, that is, my adult has a lot of knowledge that doesn’t agree with you. How about fourth sister?"
"I should return bj, but no one knows what she thinks. Maybe she has gone undercover with her husband now." The beauty in black speculated.
"Hey, hey, but now my husband should still be in a dormant state. If Sisi appears in front of my husband, she won’t hurt him badly."
"Who should let him go his own way and suffer some retribution!" Speaking of their husband’s "bad behavior", the beauty in black can’t help but frown and look unhappy.
"Well, well, look at you now. You are a boudoir dissatisfied housewife, but you are still like a strong woman!" The beauty in red teased, "Let my husband’ comfort’ you more after finding him."
"You’re not the same, and you don’t have big sister’s majesty at all." The beautiful woman in black ended the call by refuting the laughing with a red face.
"Miss, what are you going to do?" Aside the green beauty asked.
"It is also said that the change of bj is of course to help, and I haven’t been there for several years." The beauty in red had a big stretch, which not only didn’t destroy the beauty image, but also showed the hot figure more prominently, so that although it can’t compete with her, it is still a rare green beauty, and I can’t help but envy it.
"Let’s go, those girls should also have an activity." The beauty in red has no gentlemanly demeanor. She stepped outside and walked halfway, but she jumped back and threw aside the handheld and took it back.
"Where did you play just now?"
Night arrival, the wild was silent, and the wild suddenly slipped through several figures.
"Just ahead"
Four figures appeared in the place where the warehouse blood evil spirit was born.
"Check one carefully" A black shadow in situ ordered the remaining three figures to jump into the collapsed warehouse together and search patiently. However, they are not an ordinary way of searching, but release a special wave to scan everything.
A moment later
"Adult warehouse surface really found a mysterious energy fluctuation, but the method should be a complex law near the other end connected to another.
"Sure enough, hum, this will be more interesting …" Lvses (;
Chapter 40 Small pants follow-up events ()
Although the situation in Nancheng has reached an imminent point, it has not been torn up after all, and it still maintains a fragile balance. Poor balance is a fuse.
However, another thing is imminent, that is, the senior high school basketball league qualifier in bj Division has already been fought. Although the 10th Middle School is the champion of bj Division for three consecutive years, it is still impossible to directly enter the final stage of bj Division, and it takes three rounds of elimination.
Although these three rounds of elimination are nothing for the tenth middle school, they can be dealt with by the substitute array, but for the sake of running-in array, let the players skillfully cooperate with the snow and frost, or let the main array exercise

"Five-two is not much cheaper for you," the woman said, throwing the money to the battery Zheng.

Qi Zheng immediately gave the money to the little brother who had been waiting outside.
"Please take this money to my husband to get some medicine and make him better."
Little brother Harasaki Zheng escaped because he didn’t have the money to pay for medicine. I don’t want her to actually sell herself to prostitutes. After all, this discussion always feels a little bad when she comes out by herself.
"You’re really dry." The little brother looked at the girl with some language. Is it silly to sell herself? Is that man so important that she has to sell herself to save him? What’s good about such a man?
However, Qi Zheng showed a face of her complaining expression, which made the little brother not know what to say.
At that time, the battery Zheng was not white … What did the little brother mean by sighing?
Brother took the money and went back to yiguang. This is a place where you can’t get out when you step in. How can you feel at ease with this money?
Qi Zheng has gone back, and now she has signed a contract, and she will do whatever they ask her to do, but I didn’t expect Xu’s mother to let her-
"Take off!" Women are concise.
"Drag what?" Qi Zheng looked at the woman strangely.
"What to undress? ?” Does this woman have any strange tendencies? She wants to make medicine, not be regarded as a plaything, and immediately took a step back in surprise.
"You sold to me, don’t undress? How to pick up guests without taking them off! " Xu mother said coldly.
"What did you say about receiving guests?" Take off your clothes and receive guests? What do you mean, Qi Zheng doesn’t want to be white? He took a step back in dismay.
"What are you doing if you don’t take customers?" Xu’s mother sneered coldly.
"No … no, I can do anything, but I won’t do this," said Qi Zheng. "Even if I am a slave for five years, I won’t let you suffer."
"Just sweep the floor, wash the clothes, brush the dishes and you want five taels of silver? Don’t say five or fifty years! It’s not up to you, "the woman said coldly." If you don’t take it off, I’ll let someone else take it off for you! "
"No …"
"Somebody strip her naked."
"No-you don’t come here! Otherwise, I will die for you! "
"Xu mother, I don’t think this can be forced. If you really die, isn’t it a waste of money?" Someone said to Xu’s mother when he saw that Qi Zheng really wanted to die.
"Strip her naked. When will the hanging tree pick up guests? Let her come again!" Xu’s mother said coldly. Chapter 857 I accompany you in desperate times.
Meanwhile, on the other side, yiguang
The little brother took the money and threw the silver into the counter. Then he remembered his ignorant eyes pacing back and forth.
I haven’t woken up yet, but it’s no big deal
What will happen if you don’t wake him up?
It’s been a whole day, and there’s no news there.
This is something he always feels like forcing a good prostitute to do something. It’s a bit unconscionable that he doesn’t do something. Although he deserves the money, there is nothing wrong with it, but it is not clean. If he knows the route, he will not be practical.
So he finally made up his mind to make a decision
A basin of water spilled on the bed …