Another reason for supporting the left-behind faction is that the driver resigned on the first day of curfew and said that he would go home to see his family.

Let’s go together and grandfathers bring translators.
His excuse is to go home, but he thinks that there are more and more attacks against Asians now. If he is mixed with so many Asians, he will be ruined, so he should run away and be safe.
At present, no one in the program group has an international driver’s license. If it is illegal to drive in China and no one can drive, they can leave the villa area.
"Lying in the trough!" Just when everyone was once again deadlocked, I didn’t participate in the speech, sitting in the corner and dialing my mobile phone. Suddenly, Xiaoyuan came to this sentence.
Seeing that everyone’s eyes turned to his little circle, he immediately apologized. "I’m sorry that I couldn’t hold back for a while. It’s really the news that the big museum was blown up!"
What happened these days is so incredible that everyone is a little sick, but they can’t help but be shocked. They just went to the big museum to blow it up two days ago.
Ye Feng got up. "We can’t wait any longer. There’s still a chance to go out. It’s even more dangerous to stay where we are. It’s better for me to drive and get arrested without a driver’s license than to wait and die. Besides, I’m afraid there are no police officers in E city to take care of us."
Perhaps the aftermath of the Great Museum was too shocking. No one refuted Ye Feng this time.
Everyone should pack their bags urgently. Can you get rid of everything? Try to bring food and water with you.
Master Chu hurriedly took Chu Que to call his parents to go together. Chu Que was reluctant, but the other party was his biological parents after all, and he couldn’t be so kind.
"I’m not leaving"
For the master to wake himself up in the middle of the night, Chusen looked angry, especially when he heard that Dad and Son had come to Chusen.
Master Chu advised him, "What if a robber comes in again?"
Hearing the master say this, Chusen’s face was a little depressed. He sat down on the sofa and muttered, "I have just received a notice that all men in all countries are forbidden to leave the country. If necessary, they should go to the front to defend the motherland or they will be punished for desertion and shot."
"Which country do you follow to defend? Have you forgotten where your country is? Hurry home! " Master feels that Chu Senguo has stayed so long that he doesn’t even remember his last name.
"I won’t deceive you at this time to tell you the truth, I would have joined the nationality! I am a Chinese now! I won’t leave even if I can. I believe that my country will be great again! "
"You! You withdrew our nationality? ! You little bastard! "
Master Chu stretched out his hand to slap him, but he raised his hand and didn’t let it go. This is his own reluctance.
"Grandpa, let’s go." Chu Que pulled Master Chu’s hand. "He doesn’t want to leave. You forced him. They should all be packed. Don’t let them wait for us too long."
"alas! Hey! " Master Chu was helped away by Chu que.
At the same time, Ye Feng found an opportunity to make a video call to Bai Yanqing and told Bai Yanqing about his decision to take risks and break through.
Bai Yanqing looked at the camera and sipped his mouth for a while without talking.
"Is Ma Ma angry?" Unicorn Chan poked his little finger at the camera.
"No," Bai Yanqing adjusted her mood and smiled gently at her father and son. "I came to have good news. I was going to tell you before you returned to China."
Bai Yanqing moved the camera to her abdomen. "There is a new baby in the belly of the baby mother. Do you like it?"
Bai Yanqing’s tone was a little cautious. She was afraid that the baby wouldn’t like Erbao.
The child came suddenly and Bai Yanqing didn’t even know when it was.
Bai Yanqing has been sick every morning this week. She had stomach trouble and went to the hospital to find out that another baby was coming to her house.
Perhaps it was Unicorn Chan who recovered from her illness, and the couple were relaxed and didn’t have any special protection, so the baby accidentally broke in.
Bai Yanqing wanted to leave the good news to her father and tell them face to face when they returned to China, but now the situation in China is getting more and more tense.
Bai Yanqing believed that the father and son would come back safely, but she felt afraid … In case there were too many thoughts in her mind, the news didn’t hide and came out smoothly.
"wow! I like it very much! " Unicorn Chan sincerely shouted, "Stick the meat doodle little face on the screen and rub the mobile phone screen."
"Is it a brother or a sister?" Unicorn Chan asked happily.
Bai Yanqing was relieved. "It’s only over a month old. I don’t know. Does the baby like his brother or sister?"
Unicorn Chan laughed his teeth out. "Everyone likes hey hey."
Ye Feng just recovered from the surprise. He excitedly asked Bai Yanqing, "Really?"
Bai Yanqing was amused by Ye Feng. "Should you also add’ I don’t believe it’? Can I still lie to you? " She showed the hospital inspection report to her mobile phone.
"That’s great! The baby has a companion! "
"wow! I have a companion! " Unicorn Chan followed his father’s lead.
"Maple elder brother? Are you ready? " Outside the door, the director Zhang Xiaoyin interrupted the family of three to be happy.
"Well, don’t delay everyone. Go quickly." Bai Yanqing waved goodbye to her father and son. "You should come back safely."
"Don’t worry about it ~"
Ye Feng hangs up and holds Unicorn Chan to open the door for Xiao Zhang
Xiao Zhang outside a face beaming "maple elder brother tell you a great good news! Our country has begun to evacuate overseas Chinese! The embassy just sent a notice! "
"This is great!" Good news came one after another, and Ye Feng felt like riding a roller coaster all the way to the sky.
Ye Feng listened to Xiao Zhang telling him while holding the baby.
The news that the embassy evacuated overseas Chinese was sent a few minutes ago. There happened to be an airport in E City that allowed the evacuation plane to take off.
However, because the embassy doesn’t have many spare cars, everyone needs to go to the airport to evacuate overseas Chinese. Now they need to arrive at the airport in E city before they can leave the country.
Ye Feng sat in the driver’s seat. No one in this giant RV is more suitable to drive than Ye Feng. He made a living and passed the truck driver’s license.
Everyone else is a car driver’s license and doesn’t have the courage to bear such a heavy burden.
Chu Que held Unicorn Chan’s safety belt and fixed himself in the guide seat next to the driver. Ye Feng was more at ease when he could see the baby at any time.
The airport is usually about two hours’ drive from the suburb of E, but there have been many accidents in these two days, and many roads have passed normally.
Ye Feng has been detouring, and they have been driving for more than four hours. From the navigation point of view, they finally approached the periphery of the airport.
From time to time along the way, Grenade fire grazed their RV, and the RV suffered some damage. The occupants were fine.
Unicorn Chan was worried that everyone would have an accident. Everyone touched a handful in front of the car, and everyone’s good fortune was pulled down. It seems that the maximum value has risen.
The airport building can already be seen ahead, and the dawn of victory is just around the corner. Everyone can’t hide their excitement and sing songs in the RV.
But just then, something hit the tire of the RV and the RV burst horribly.
Ye Feng braked on the brakes in a crisis to stop the car and avoid a more serious rollover accident.
"The car caught fire! Take the car first! "
He saw in the rearview mirror that the damaged tire had started to burn. Ye Feng was worried that it would burn to the fuel tank and then explode. He quickly shouted and urged everyone to get on the bus.
As soon as Ye Feng opened the car, two automatic door leaves pushed open the back door in the stream, and the roadside workers were the first to rush the car