With him alone, he never gave up hope.

Xiaojing, when will you wake up?
See her sad face Fan Tie looked up and smiling "July 7th you don’t have a long face. When the owl comes for a while, it’s my fault that you’re not at heart. Maybe you have to be forbidden to visit again."
I can’t hold back my eyes and my throat.
Choke and choked and sniffed. She finally pulled out a smile that was even uglier than crying.
"Fan team, don’t talk nonsense. Who said that I was sullen because I was uncomfortable? In fact, I was jealous …"
"jealous of what?"
"I’m jealous that Xiaojing looks better than me. Look at me. I’m almost a fat woman. She’s as delicate as a flower."
"That’s" touched Ba Fantie and looked at Xiaojing with satisfaction. Who can tell that she is a vegetable at this time? In fact, she is more like a sleeping child. Her head is slightly leaning on the pillow, her face is white and tender, her lips are red, her eyes are slightly closed, and her eyelashes are long and dense, which is particularly beautiful.
Who says she won’t wake up?
He doesn’t believe it
As soon as he read this, he pursed his lips and said something in an ostentatious manner. "July 7 has a brother and a second sister in my house, and she will always be the most watery one!"
"Second sister?" Bao qi tiaomei
Fan Tie nodded with a smile "yes, didn’t you say? Tick-tac-toe is always two. She is not the second sister. Who is the second sister? "
Baoqi smiled and looked at the tall man in front of him. Then he looked at the two small wells lying in bed. He left his mouth and agreed, "That’s her!"
Hey, hey, Le Le, Le Fan Tie touched Xiao Jing’s face and inserted the flowers. He got up with a stack of documents next to him. "You two sisters chat, I’ll go to a video conference next door." Before he left, he pulled up the thin paper and was tucked for Xiao Jing before leaving.
It’s two o’clock in the afternoon, and he’s in the ward for a video conference, just to spare more time to accompany Xiaojing.
Bao qi ya ran
In fact, what she can never say is that Fan Tie’s face is getting more and more haggard in Xiaojing’s more and more beautiful face.
Looking at his loneliness and leaving his back, she looked at Nian Ma, who was sipping her lips.
Two people looked at each other relatively, but no one spoke for a long time.
Now my mother treats Fan Tiehan with the opposite attitude to Commander Fan. Instead, she looks like Fan Tie’s mother, eager to’ marry’ her silly son and go out to find a good girl to accept him. Commander Fan’s wish to become a son like a stepfather has become that she has not come to fulfill her promise-a generation will not bear it.
Section 573
Life is like this.
No matter who is, no matter how high the status is, vanity fair is exhausted and chased to the end of the play, but there is only one expectation, a bunch of sunflowers are still blooming in the wind, and a person is still waiting to go home at the end of the road.
If you want to hug that person and still want to hug her, hug her.
Maybe this is another kind of happiness
It was already past five o’clock in the afternoon when Lengxiao arrived at the army.
He’s here, Ge Sang. If he’s happy, he’s done.
He came to pick up Bao Qi, and when he came, he brought a little rain. When he met Fan Tie, he didn’t say too much, which probably meant that he wouldn’t affect his normal work and life. Fan Tie could hear what it meant, but he was very persistent in this matter. He slammed his shoulder angrily and responded with a few words, and both brothers didn’t mind swearing.
In fact, they all understand
Just as when Bao Qi left Leng Xiao, Fan Tie couldn’t wait to pull Leng Xiao out of the mire with one hand, now Leng Xiao has the same mood for Fan Tie, and he can’t wait to break this buddy’s brain and plug it into a Fan Tie whose brain is functioning normally.
After sitting for a while, two people went upstairs with a little rain.
Now they have to go to the airport. Yesterday, two children joined a Xiamen Autism Rehabilitation Training Center. Sister Cai, the head of the training center, introduced that the training center has achieved remarkable results. Now many children from all over the country have come to learn from it.
It happened that Chufei and Ashuo were going to Xiamen to shoot a TV play recently, so they entrusted the child to them and took their chances.
Chufei, they are waiting for the plane to arrive at the airport later, and they will send a little rain there.
Before coming, Leng Xiao had packed up all the raindrops and put them in the car, and went to Xiamen at random, and there was a childcare teacher who had been taking Raindrops for rehabilitation training.
The army headquarters Chen Black Dog has parked the car at the gate.
Going out from the gate of the inpatient department is only more than ten meters away from the car.
Thinking that the little girl will be away for such a long time, Bao Qi has all the mothers worried, holding a little rain and telling her sentence by sentence that she may not understand.