"You, you, who are you?" Touching the face, Cheng Jia looked at the man who suddenly broke in and was stunned. Then he screamed and screamed. "She is my girlfriend. What happened to me?" Who told you to mind your own business? "

"Mom!" Yelling at Jiang Dazhi, he didn’t mention it again, but punched him in the mouth just now. "Is she willing to let you kiss her?"
Alas, the Cheng family dare not talk to each other any more, and the whole body slides down the wall.
"Okay, I was wrong … don’t fight yet … Xueyang, help me …"
In fact, he just sincerely wanted to wipe her mouth …
Section 5
Maybe the light is too vague, maybe her mouth is too red …
He didn’t control himself …
In shock, she stammered and looked at Jiang Dazhi rushing in. She was at a loss until the family killed the pig and roared with pain. She finally reacted and ran from the chair to hold Jiang Dazhi.
"Don’t stop fighting …"
Jiang Dazhi’s face changed with a fist and asked her, "Are you willing to kiss him?"
Hanging eyelids summary Basong took his hand and stepped back two steps. A Zhang Cang white face slowly returned to color.
Red face again!
But in Jiang Dazhi searing eyes stare, she really shook her head.
"No, I-I don’t want to."
The little girl is not a sentimental person, let alone a liar. She is unwilling or unwilling.
A word in vain.
Cheng Jia, who got punched, has resisted at the moment, and several colleagues and security guards rushed in when they heard the noise. When colleagues saw the situation in the house, they were worried that their hearts would go to the automatic brain repair. It was two men who robbed a woman of dog blood, so they whispered and didn’t come in.
Koo hung his head and stuttered. The nurse didn’t know what to do.
She is a simple girl, and her life is simple.
The room was quiet when it stopped.
Outside sound can’t enter Jiang Dazhi’s ear.
Staring at the little stuttering face in Bai Jing, his mind was briefly white
After a long time, he came to his senses and let go of Cheng Jia, who was trembling in his hand.
"Stop the bleeding yourself!"
I haven’t finished yet. A second later, I’ve never seen this battle. Dr. Cheng Jia ran away without a shadow. I didn’t see Jiang Dazhi taking out his wallet from his pocket and giving him money.
Looking at the little stutter of the despondent back, I couldn’t help laughing at the sight of poof bursts.
The little girl’s casual modal expression is beautiful.
In her mind, Jiang Dazhi is actually a little silly, but she just likes him like this.
In fact, she really didn’t expect to be rich in misfortune, and she didn’t expect Jiang Dazhi to help her.
That doctor Cheng has been pursuing her for a long time, but she didn’t promise, but her parents especially liked her, so she could cope. I didn’t expect that he would hug her just now in a hurry.
The kind girl thought and suddenly felt a little grateful to Cheng Jiatang.
If it weren’t for his ambition, would he come to help her?
She can’t hear the people outside, but Jiang Dazhi is in her eyes. The background is quiet, charming and soft, but the little girl just watched him waiting for him to clean up the rotten stall.
Two people, you look at me, I look at you, after all-
Jiang Dazhi made a fist at the wall without saying a word, grabbed her hand and walked out, pushing and blocking at the door, watching the crowd striding out instead of taking the ladder. His passion and blood were burning in his heart, and he directly shouldered her and went straight from the ladder. The strange and eager movement surprised the little stutter and kept patting his thick shoulders.
"What’s the matter with greatly volunteers? Where to go … "
"…" The man carried her to run and gasped, but he didn’t answer.
"I, I, I …"
The more urgent it is, the more unclear it is. The little stutter just shuts up.
Seven floors—
Jiang Dazhi rushed all the way to the parking lot, hit his cheetah, stuffed her into it, and then drove the car on the highway again without saying a word.
The road is very clear at this point.
Eyes are latosolic red Jiang Dazhi intensely staring at the car ahead, and the speed is extremely fast.
Little stutter shoulders stirred up don’t know where he is going to take her.
Silence …
I don’t know how long I have been silent …
The two men got along strangely until the car stopped at a red light.
The light stuttered, her face flushed and she looked at him at a loss, wondering what she had brought herself here for.
"Great ambition …"
Jiang Dazhi is impulsive tonight.
He didn’t know what to pull her out, and he was desperate to pull her out …
Now he has calmed down a lot. From a rational point of view, he knows that he has done something wrong again, but from an emotional point of view, he feels that he can’t allow her to be bullied, let alone allow other men to take advantage of her casually.
He stutters. Not all men can get their hands on him.
Suddenly, he realized that he couldn’t imagine what would happen to another man with her, that is, a man who didn’t know how to kiss and didn’t kiss actually made him feel that it was a complete way to accept the fact.
Section 51
And he knows better that for so long, although his parents in his hometown have entrusted people to introduce him to him many times, he has no mood to go on a blind date, and he can’t accept another woman except her
Man, that’s fucking weird
Strange is strange. It’s always about your feelings.
He knows that he made a fool of himself today, but now he doesn’t feel regret at all.
Life is a gamble!
You can’t bet on him, but you can’t afford to lose …