She was half joking and half complaining and coquetry, and successfully changed the subject to make the atmosphere relaxed.

Smell speech Xiao Yulan finger point her forehead a smile scold "you this ghost girl with grandma still pretend unintelligent? Who is Robert Hormus Qi Nianxiu you still don’t know?"
Warm shook his head jokingly, "I really don’t know before, and I wondered when grandma’s eyes on people were so biased." If it weren’t for you, my grandmother, knowing that you really feel bad about me, I would doubt whether you had a grudge against me. What kind of things are introduced to me by men? The will is too weak to be seduced by others, and it will make me lose face … "
Xiao Yulan also smiled, but she sighed, "Grandma used to take a fancy to their talent and ability. It is better to have a chance with you, but who would have thought that later …"
"Didn’t you write the two scenes of Robert Hormus’s warmth and warmth?"
"Grandma won’t make fun of your reputation if you don’t look like a play."
"Then who did it?" Warm and thoughtfully
Xiao Yulan sneered, "I always know that I asked them both, but they all said that the man was kind to them and would not betray the benefactor’s name."
"Then can the two of them still?"
"It is said that people don’t doubt people, but they don’t dare to guard against it. Luo Xu still has some talents in medicine. Don’t be confused by the dinner party. He has some things or the surgeon won’t treat him with special respect. His mind is not very pure, but one thing can be assured that he has no problem with the hospital."
"Are you so sure?"
"Intuition, it’s too easy for him to cause trouble if he has any bad thoughts in surgery. And the owner of surgery claimed that he was ill and didn’t work. In fact, he was bought and poached. When Luo Xu studied with the owner for a while, the owner could not have encouraged him to go together, but he stood firm, which said that he had no harm to the hospital. Perhaps his so-called benefactor was hostile to me but maintained the hospital."
Smell warm can’t help but frown "grandma, have you offended anyone?"
Xiao Yulan’s eyes are dim but far away. "Grandma has offended many people in this life, and then she has guarded this family business. I don’t know how many things have been done, good and bad. Grandma’s hands have been stained with blood …"
Warm my heart and jump "grandma!"
Xiao Yulan soothed and laughed during the meeting. "Don’t be afraid that Grandma Wener did something, but I don’t regret that many times she was forced to resist. If you don’t hurt others, she will hurt your grandmother. When she first married Wen Jia, she also had a simple and kind mind and wanted to live with your grandfather wholeheartedly. She wanted to support Wen Jia to become the most noble family in Huadu, but as a result, I was ruined by your grandfather!"
Speaking of which, her voice raised resentment, but the pain was not obvious.
Warm listening makes me feel uncomfortable, but I don’t know how to persuade a man who had a little status according to Huadu customs decades ago to be allowed to carry a room and a concubine, but … "Grandma, did you promise you something when you married Grandpa Wen with the secret recipe of Xiao family?"
"Yes, he promised not to marry a concubine, but he broke his word and became fat. If I don’t hate him?" Xiao Yulan sneered, "He ruined me and made this home not like home. Not a day goes by without intrigue."
What flashed through my warm mind and asked, "Is Jiang Yunxiu special?"
Xiao Yulan hesitated for half a ring and then nodded, "Warm son, you thought of this as soon as you were smart. When your grandfather brought Jiang Yunxiu back, I was heartbroken. He explained to me that it was only when you went out to socialize and got drunk that you made a mistake, but you didn’t want Jiang Yunxiu to be pregnant once. He couldn’t help but accept her. At that time, Jiang Yunxiu’s identity was just an end plate in the imperial city hotel. I also believe it. Your grandfather said that her identity would never be able to withstand the storm in front of me. He only accepted her after she was pregnant …"
"What happened later?"
"Later, when I calmed down, I felt that the problem was not simple. Who is your grandfather? I still know something about calm, rational and close to love. He will be easily drunk and make mistakes. So I moved Xiao’s efforts to secretly check that there was something wrong with Jiang Yunxiu’s identity. She turned out to be Jiang’s family. "
Smell warm also surprised a handful of "imperial city that Gao Zhongjiang family?"
"Yes, but Jiang Yunxiu was born in an outer room. In those days, Mrs. Jiang was a fierce root. She didn’t agree with her entering the door and didn’t recognize her identity. The Jiang family had a office. Now Jiang’s master, Jiang Penghai, probably disliked ordinary women, but despite his high position, he didn’t marry a concubine. One son is now holding our imperial city political river spring."
"So Jiang Yunxiu and Master Jiang are half-brothers?"
Section 23
"Well, if you say it on this floor, hehe, it’s hard enough for the backstage of Wens Fannie and Freddie. It’s a pity that your grandfather mistyped Jiang Gugen’s abacus, so he won’t admit Jiang Yunxiu. Even if he marries people back, the big tree in Jiang’s house is still not nearby."
"Are you sure Fannie and Freddie haven’t been in contact with the Jiang family in these years?"
Xiao Yulan paused and mused, "I let people spy on me and really didn’t find anything. And if Jiang Gu is willing to help Fannie and Freddie, do you think grandma can compete with Jiang Gu with her little strength?"
Warm thought for a while, although she thinks that Master Wen’s every move has its meaning, but at present she really can’t sort out any clue, so for the time being, "That would be the best. I really don’t want to treat Jiang Gu."
"Yes, the Jiang family is really too strong. If they want to annex our big Wen family house, it’s really a matter of minutes."
"Grandma is not so terrible, is it? Even if the situation is overwhelming, they have to be reasonable and have to worry about the wishes and judgments of the people. If they want to rob the world like bandits, they must not be chaotic?"
"Alas, their politicians are all malicious. They won’t fight with you to secretly clean up is the most deadly thing. Forget it. Let’s not talk about it. They are always in the imperial city. We warm our families and stay out of the river in Huadu. I hope things will be peaceful."
"Well, you’d better tell me about choosing someone for me."
"Look at grandma. She’s really old. She’s been talking for a long time. She hasn’t got to the point yet. Wait. Grandma showed you the list. Grandma wrote all their information."
Xiao Yulan took out a list from the dark room and handed it to her warmly. Although it was a thin piece of paper, she felt heavy. She was not familiar with the names inside, but she knew all those positions.
Xiao Yulan explained, "These people’s grandmothers were brought up many years ago. Don’t worry, just burn them after reading them. Grandma knows that you never forget anything."
"Well," after reading it warmly, the words were engraved in her mind. She found a lighter and lit it, then the paper instantly turned into ashes and then traced it.
"There is another person that you know and grandma chooses the best for you." Xiao Yulan’s eyes flashed with brilliance and she was very satisfied with this person.
"I know? Who? "
Xiao Yulan woke up with a smile. "Do you remember Wu Ma?"
Warm wink suddenly asked, "Grandma, you don’t want to say it’s Wu Ma ‘er, do you?"
Xiao Yulan nodded. "Yes, that’s him."
Warm smile with a somewhat reminiscence, "I remember what his name was Wu. At that time, I thought it was funny. Who is Wu? He seems to be quite straightforward, but he is not worthy of the name."