"My adult has heard this many times, so it’s best not to fall into my hands, otherwise …" Tiger doesn’t know when he will just visible again and come to Zhang He.

Zhang He looked back and saw two blurred figures stretched by the sun in the distance.
(It won’t be midnight until Wednesday or two days before the fourth watch. You need friends to collect flowers and VIPs! )
Chapter 37 Wrong entry
"This, this, this" Zhang He’s words can be said in a daze, and the words spoken from the simple and honest boy’s mouth echoed in the ear, especially like Zhang He, a middle-aged man who didn’t care about going home directly, but he had just crowned himself at a young age, and it was conceivable that Zhang He was uneasy.
Van Cherish Wen and Tiger walked smartly and elegantly at the moment, only to find that their route actually ran counter to the little beggar’s saying that the tailor shop. Suddenly, there was a knot of anger. Fortunately, they met a tailor shop while walking.
Without saying anything, Fan Xiwen stepped in, and then found that there were several ladies there choosing fabrics. One woman was holding a good silk and studying where it was. Next to it, there were two women behind the reference counter. At this time, the boss was also smiling where to help introduce his own fabrics. It is estimated that it is another business.
It’s been a while since the "boss" tiger came in. Actually, the boss knew to talk to those women and ignored himself, so he was a little reluctant to talk, but he was not a little older.
"What can I do for you, sir?" The boss said carefully that the boss was really scared by the tiger’s drink today. This shop is full of women’s clothes, that is, there are women who will come at ordinary times, and all the women are soft-spoken. Suddenly, a male boss appeared with seven souls and it is good that he was not scared out of three souls.
"Come to your store, of course, to buy clothes. Is it still impossible to pull your family together for dinner?" The tiger is actually no worse than Fan Xiwen, and it is not as good as Fan Xiwen.
Tiger’s words are behind Fan Xiwen’s waterfall sweat. Several women who are buying clothes are also smiling over their mouths. The boss wants to laugh but dare not. As a result, his face is flushed.
"This gentleman is joking and naturally coming here to buy clothes. What kind of clothes do you need to buy?" The boss kept back a smile and continued to say to the tiger, this sentence just now can actually be seen that this is not a good temper.
"Customize a Confucian robe for my family." Tiger also knows that he didn’t make things plain before he provoked this joke. He couldn’t help but show a face of rustic laughter and then caressed his head uncomfortably.
"Well, I’m sorry, sir, but please forgive me for not contracting men’s ornaments here." The boss looked sorry and his neck was red, as if he had been pinched by someone.
"Hey" Fan Xiwen turned around with a face of surprise, and the result was that he hit the threshold and fell down. When the tiger saw it, he quickly escaped from the scene with a long flight. Isn’t this tailor shop divided into men and women? It is not that the tiger is not white, but that no one has ever told him.
To say that the most shameful thing is not to go to the women’s tailor’s shop to buy men’s clothes, but to go in and buy clothes by two big men, He Hu and Fan Xiwen. This is definitely a novelty in the late Han Dynasty. Have you seen that man go into the tailor’s shop? Never seeing the boss is like seeing something new. If the former tiger hadn’t come in, it would have been too intimidating. I’m afraid the boss would have even invited his neighbors to the theatre.
"By the tiger today, the master and you are not finished." Fan Xi-wen shouted and then went to the tiger directly to greet the tiger with his fists regardless of the image. The tiger saw that the master wanted to take it out on himself and was evasive, but the tiger didn’t dare to fight back until Fan Xi-wen was tired. Stop it. At this time, the tiger was never less than one hundred fists.
Occasionally, a scholar passed by, shaking his head and sighing, and then said something that made Fan Xiwen suddenly short-circuit. "Sven is lost." Before Fan Xiwen came to his senses, the scholar had already gone away. It seems that this scholar is quite profound for Fan Xiwen’s fat beating tiger.
But return to absolute being, Fan Xiwen doesn’t care whether these people are alive or not. It’s best to live smartly, freely and naturally. In the past life, Fan Xiwen read novels, which is not only to read novels in three countries’ high schools for three years, but also to take a mobile phone to read novels. This reading volume is not generally large. After reading it, it’s just some true novels.
This is a habit of being free when you are ten years old. In later generations, it was still a naive age of children. At that time, the character was also the easiest to develop. Therefore, Fan Xiwen’s unruly will give birth to the idea of heroes of the Three Kingdoms fighting for heaven.
Fan Xi-wen is spontaneous and doesn’t care about other people’s eyes, so he continues to beat the tiger so fat that he almost wants to say that he won’t accompany him to go shopping. Fan Xi-wen suddenly stops, and the tiger is relieved.
What is this called? It’s that you don’t look at the name of the store yourself (the tiger can’t read, in fact, it’s still Fan Xiwen who leads the way this time), but it’s strange to make a fool of yourself in the end. You hit me and I can’t fight back. I have to try to restrain myself from suddenly beating you back by conditioned reflex. It’s depressing.
Just when the tiger complained about his boss, a gentleman in Caofu, far north of Beijing, was sighing hard at this time. Cao Caozao, Fan Xiwen came back from the city for two days, and then he visited his predecessors in the DPRK. After being pulled to the room by his grandfather at home, Cao Cao was already a satrap. Who is the grandfather of Caojia? That’s a figure that even ten regular waiters have to respect. His speech in the DPRK naturally carries some weight. However, today, it is really expected that a businessman will have to donate money to get a life document even if it is a normal court life.
At present, Liu Dai, the secretariat of Cao Jiahe, is fighting for the secret, and the situation is tense. Just today, Cao Cao has decided to take a trip to Xiyuan to donate the satrap’s money, and he is ready to meet Chen Liu. Suddenly, he received a message saying some heroic deeds of Le ‘an and Fan Xiwen. When Cao Cao heard it, he was very curious and sent someone to inquire about the news.
As a result, Cao Cao was very annoyed that Fan Xiwen made trouble in Qunfangge and blackmailed Qunfangge and Baihualou for 1200 silver. Although these things were small, both Qunfangge and Baihualou were not small people. Cao Cao was actually worried about Fan Xiwen, but people didn’t seem to finish the information, so Cao Cao went on to tell people about it and then some news came. Cao Cao immediately took the lead.
At the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, the man’s revenge will be reported. Now that Fan Xiwen has offended him, he needs to be careful from time to time. He knows that Yuan Chuxing Cao Cao is in a hurry.
Brothers, students need your strength to throw tickets and flowers in your hands so that students can see that you are strong.
Chapter 30 Self-immorality
However, after thinking about it, Cao Cao felt that it was best to be a middleman to resolve the contradiction between Fan Xiwen and Yuan Chu, so Cao Cao decided to go to Longmen Inn in person.
Apart from Cao Cao’s worry about Fan Xiwen here, Fan Xiwen didn’t take Yuan Shao seriously. In Fan Xiwen’s eyes, Yuan Shao is a straw bag. For a straw bag, don’t you still have to be afraid of it? Fan Xiwen seems to have forgotten that Yuan Shao is a local strongman in this capital and Yuan Jia’s power behind Yuan Shao is extremely huge.
Now, if Yuan Shao wants to deal with Fan Xiwen’s words, then Fan Xiwen will definitely not have a good result. It seems that Fan Xiwen didn’t think of these things. Even if he thought of these things, Fan Xiwen wouldn’t care if he immediately went back to recruit military forces to defend his land. I’m afraid Fan Xiwen hasn’t had this good temper and grew up in the red flag. Fan Xiwen has always recognized that people are equal. For a person who knows that he is arrogant by his ancestors, he is not qualified to accept Fan Xiwen’s equal gaze.
In the end, Fan Xiwen and Tiger decided not to buy clothes, not because they were afraid of making a fool of themselves, but because Fan Xiwen suddenly thought of one thing, that is, the "ally" Chen family wanted Fan Xiwen to say something in these businesses, so the other party would definitely take the initiative to send clothes to the door.
I don’t want to buy clothes, but I can’t come out for nothing. So Fan Xiwen wandered around with the tiger. It was noon. After Fan Xiwen saw the local conditions and customs of Beijing, it was getting late, but their record was still brilliant. Except for some famous places such as the palace, princes and nobles, fireworks and so on, the rest of Luoyang almost visited everywhere. Shopping for men is different from shopping for women, which is a kind of torture for women. It is also a kind of torture for men to go shopping on their feet, because today Fan Xiwen has traveled all the way around more than half of Luoyang Tiger’s feet have long been sour.
After shopping for a long time, they were dizzy and exhausted, and they had planned to go back, but suddenly they found that there were many people around a place in front of them, and they were very curious, so they crowded into the crowd to find out what it was like to go through all the trouble and didn’t see anything interesting.
Fan Xiwen wondered why so many people came here. It’s not a good place. Isn’t it just an inn? What’s good to see? Then Fan Xiwen will be silly. This is an inn Longmen Inn. This inn is not good to see, but there is a great talent called Fan Xiwen.
Fan Xi-wen immediately hid his face for fear that others would recognize him as Fan Xi-wen. This is purely a case of hiding his face. No one has doubted his head yet, because everyone has heard of Fan Xi-wen’s talent. For Fan Xi-wen, he has never seen Fan Xi-wen hide his face. Now, as soon as he hides his face, it makes people doubt it.
There are many smart people here. When they saw Fan Xiwen hiding their faces, they immediately rejoiced to know that this man was himself waiting here for nearly a day. In front of the Lord, Fan Xiwen sent someone to block the Longmen Inn, so that this group of scholars waited outside to see idols by themselves, so they were not disappointed. Now guess that this man is Fan Xiwen, and when he was excited, he immediately shouted.
Among them, one of them even ran to the side of Fan Xiwen and said to Fan Xiwen, "Fan Lean’s coming to Beijing this time can make you wait so hard." The words of bitterness almost made Fan Xiwen want to cry. Because of this sentence, all the scholars focused on Fan Xiwen, whether guessing Fan Xiwen’s identity or not.
"Well, this man mistook you for someone else. It’s not that Le ‘an made Fan Xiwen’s adult an admirer. Today, he came to meet him." Fan Xiwen looked at everyone and his eyes were fixed on his body. Although ten women in lives of three women were stronger than a hundred ducks, Fan Xiwen felt that if he wanted to be strong, he still had to be strong in front of this group of scholars. If they decided that they were Fan Xiwen later, then you could imagine so many people pulling over.
"You said you were not Fan Lean, so why hide your face?" The scholar who spoke just now was not so easily fooled by Fan Xiwen’s opinionated opinion, so he decided to make a case-solving officer to make a strict investigation of Fan Xiwen, and he must correct Fan Xiwen’s tail without flaw.
"This this" Fan Xiwen is a little speechless. Yes, why do you hide your face when you are alive? Isn’t this asking for trouble?