"Old Fox" Zhang Chaoyang angrily smashed the remote control to the sofa. If Zhang Chaojiu is like this at ordinary times, he will scold him for "throwing something". But today Zhang Chaojiu didn’t look at it, but he still looked at his face. Zhang Chaoyang turned to look at his face. He was a little surprised. His younger brother’s face has never been arrogant. He has never been like this tonight, but he is not interested in knowing what he is unhappy about.

In the future, if there is no accident, Ye Liangkai’s Chengche contract will develop in the film. This is almost half an open secret. Ye Liangkai recognized the big brother Liu Jingyun and michel platini in the film, which is equivalent to knocking on the door of the film. But now Ye Liangkai temporarily changed the contract to sign a thousand entertainment tombs, but he is about to start shooting, but he regrets it, which has caused great losses. Changing roles temporarily will cause great dissatisfaction among the audience.
Film resources are very good, there are many hand-made films, and there are many international films. In fact, listening to the international film joint-stock company, we know that his focus is on film, but other aspects of development are not so good. Artists mainly act.
Thousands of entertainment film resources are not as strong as the film, but other aspects are developing well. Thousands of entertainment flag artists are very good at acting, but only a few others are not good at singing, but there are still a few who are not good at acting and singing, so it is more comprehensive to host and shoot advertisements.
Ye Liangkai has thrown olive branches to him since his appointment was full, including Cheng Che’s private promise that Ye Liangkai would renew his contract. Ye Liangkai, a brother in the company, felt that he was more suitable for the development of thousands of entertainment, or that Ye Liangkai planned to go to thousands of entertainment at the beginning, but he did not really refuse to let many companies compete with other companies, that is, to gain more resources in thousands of entertainment. Even if Zhang Chaoyang didn’t come to this game in person, Ye Liangkai was the winner, but it was a fashion that Zhang Chaoyang accelerated the process and made him gain greater benefits.
In Ye Liangkai’s side, Qian Entertainment soon made more plans for him, including transformation and other plans. To be honest, Ye Liangkai is 7 years old and not young. If he follows the road ahead now, it will be very unfavorable for his future development. Everything is narrow.
Ye Liangkai has just entered the entertainment market for less than half a month. His first album "Flower Road" has caused good results on the Internet and Taiwan, and the industry has also commented on Ye Liangkai very well. The melody in the song is simple, the leaves are cool, the lines are clear and comfortable, and people are bathed in the spring breeze. Many people like horses. When you pass by the doors of shops in the streets, you can hear his songs, and you can quickly fight your way out in the dance.
Only when you heard Ye Liangkai sing did you know that he could sing so well. Ye Liangkai also successfully took a step towards diversification of artists. Ye Liangkai also found that he had a lot of commercial value to develop. Who doesn’t like an artist who performs well in acting, sings well, dances well and looks good? Cheng Che simply lost a big treasure in his arms but didn’t know it. At the end of the day, the gem was gone, only to know that it was a fool to cherish it.
Zhang Qisi’s earphone plays Ye Liangkai’s new song "Flower Road", which sings "I remember the most beautiful and funny thing about you in the flowering season, but now you have left me and I am alone on the way". This song sings into Zhang Qisi’s heart. He looks up at the crew. He will have more life friends with Ye Liangkai when he enters the entertainment circle, but now his world is more lonely. Will he have any friends with Ye Liangkai?
Qi Yu looked down at Ye Liangkai’s mobile phone wallpaper in the army. Now he can’t follow that fascinating figure any more. He also gave up the opportunity to stay with Ye Liangkai. He won’t regret it, but now he can’t stand being alone and thinking about Ye Liangkai crazily every day. He can’t wait to run to Ye Liangkai’s side and hug him now, saying, "I miss you so much, miss you so much, miss you so much." Missing can really devour a person. Qi Yu feels that he is going crazy.
Ye Liangkai looked at Wang Meng around him and said to him, "It’s my entertainment time. Don’t lose him." Wang Meng looked at him and nodded. He didn’t expect Ye Liang to take him to Qianye for a meeting and let him continue to be his agent. Wang Meng remembered this feeling and secretly vowed to study hard to make Ye Liangkai the most dazzling star in today’s entertainment circle.
The story is still going on, and what a turning point it will be in the sky. At this moment, I am immersed in the joy of new success, but I don’t know that a huge spray has gradually emerged in the distance, which may instantly devour the leaves and cool everything I have.
Chapter sixty-nine Concert
Because Ye Liang’s record performance is good, the company intends to make quick money while it is hot and let Ye Liangkai hold two concerts. As soon as the news comes out, the media will compete to interview Ye Liangkai’s concert guests.
Ye Liangkai looked at the camera and thought for a moment and said, "Please."
The reporter quickly asked, "Will Zhang Qisi be invited?"
Ye Liangkai heard the name Zhang Qisi’s face changed slightly, but Ma smiled and replied, "It is estimated that he should be very busy." I don’t know when Ye Liangkai also practiced hypocrisy. I heard the name Zhang Qisi uncomfortable in my heart, but my face was a smile. It seems that the two are still very similar.
Soon the concert was held, and 10,000 people gathered at the venue. Betty Wong looked at the audience and said, "Do you know the purpose of coming here today?"
At the end of the people call "host"
Betty Wong shook his head and said, "NO, I’m here for a concert today. Listen, I’ll sing one now." Then he began to sing, "You are my little girl. How can you sing enough?" After singing, the fans asked, "Is it good and wonderful?" Everyone was amused by him and said, "Good."
Betty Wong is a shameless person who sneers, "Hey, hey, since you like my singing so much, I’ll sing it tonight." Then he began to sing again.
The female audience shook their heads and shouted "no, no"
Betty Wong stopped singing and said with a smile, "Okay, okay, I won’t tease you. Please welcome sar tonight."
When the lights are dark, everyone will hold their breath and wait for the countdown to the big screen.
A figure with a cool leaf appeared on the screen. He turned around and pointed to everyone and said, "aeryuready?"
Everyone shouted "Ready" in unison, and the sound was deafening and resounded on the screen of the venue. Ye Liang put his hand on his ear and said with a smile, "I hear you calling."
At this time, the lights gathered brightly and slowly rose on the stage. A man shook his hand and said, "I heard you calling me." The bottom people saw him come out and screamed, "Cool open, cool open, I love you, I love you."
Ye Liangkai looked at the bottom with a microphone in his hand and said, "I love you, too." Put your hands on your chest and sprinkle love on the bottom. People suddenly got excited. Many people reached out to pick up this illusory love.
Ye Liangkai then said slowly, "I am very grateful to you for making my life more brilliant. I used to sing again in my life, but I told me that music will come back to me sooner or later, and I will give a big concert, and many people will come to listen to it, right?" Ye Liangkai pointed the microphone at the fans.
Everyone screamed "Yes" with excitement.
Ye Liangkai took back the microphone with satisfaction and said to everyone, "I heard it. I am very happy to take it. I want everyone to sing my first song" Love "for you." Then I put the microphone on my mouth and sang affectionately, "Time makes us meet and brings me a long time to love. I look forward to every day when we get along. I know you smile and you cry."
The fans sang along, "I love you, I love you everything, from head to toe, and I want to stay with you forever, holding hands and watching the sunset."
The light sign is shining with hundreds of leaves and three characters of fireflies. The audience tells Ye Liangkai that he has so many people who like Ye Liangkai. He has always been a strong man. He has rarely cried since he grew up, but today he cried happily and happily.
At the end of the boiled water, people shouted "Brother doesn’t cry, we are always by your side", Ye Liangkai wiped away the tears and looked at the audience. The audience smiled and sang "I am willing to give you my love". Time seems to have returned to the past. He sang his favorite songs in front of more than 1,000 people at school, and the people waved and watched his eyes with appreciation and notes, which always gave people unexpected surprises. Two or three years ago, he didn’t even dare to think that he would sing on the big stage again one day. But today, he saw that Qian Qian was absolutely fluorescent at the bottom of the stage.
There is a lonely figure hidden among thousands of fans in Qian Qian, that is, Ye Liangkai will never invite people-Zhang Husi Zhang Husi watched the stage being surrounded by spotlights, and the corners of people’s mouths pulled open with a smile. He was happy for Ye Liangkai and finally fulfilled his wish that he had been hiding in his heart. He still remembered Ye Liangkai’s many words with him on the pillow that day.
Ye Liangkai never knew that there was a person who always remembered his words clearly. It was more joyful to see him succeed behind his back. Seeing him sad behind his back was more distressing than him. Do you think that love has always been like a dim light? Looking at the person he notes underground, the underground man looked up and saw that the sky was dark and lonely, and he never knew that the stars hidden in the darkness had been secretly noting him.
Tonight, Ye Liangkai invited Betty Wong to be his host to congratulate him. michel platini Liu Jingyun will always be happy and join hands with Chen Pan to sing happily, but only there is no Zhang Sisi. Ye Liangkai seems to be in the world, and there is no Zhang Sisi. He doesn’t remember telling his heart in the middle of the night. He doesn’t remember Zhang Sisi diving to save him in a hurry. He doesn’t remember others bullying him and trying to teach him a lesson when he is injured. Ye Liangkai refused everything. Even when he heard his name, he frowned.
Maybe Zhang Shesi won’t disturb his heart if he doesn’t meet Ye Liangkai. He can always worry about living in his own world, but if he doesn’t meet Ye Liangkai, he will never know how to love someone and feel that his world will always be a hole.
Tonight’s concert was a great success, and the organizers were happy to count their money behind their backs, thinking, "Maybe more concerts can be held and tickets can be more expensive." There are always people who want to benefit fans and make a lot of money, and always be greedy. There is another brighter star that can make more money for him than one star falling.
Chapter seventy Love like honey
Ye Liang’s trip was very tense and busy. The concert here was just finished. The next day, a love movie was taken and rushed to the crew to shoot.
This movie is very good. The name of the movie is "Ten Years". It tells that the man has a crush on the woman, being her best friend, and being with her. Finally, one day, the woman looks back and finds that she has been with her all the time, silently paying the man, but the man doesn’t tell her that he loves the woman, but he likes another prince charming who appears in her life and finally enters the marriage hall.
The best man accompanied her to the groom and told him, "Remember to massage her head when she gets drunk and has a headache;" She will always forget to bring the key to the door. You must show up to open the door for her. When she is unhappy, a delicious cake will make her horse happy. "Little by little, I have been quietly paying for ten years. At this moment, everyone at the bottom of the stage is passive, but the groom is not his last man. He went to a foreign school to study abroad. He has always liked art design. Now he can do whatever he wants without her, but that regret has become a cloud that can never be waved away.
It’s very sad to urge a man to be sympathetic. After the performance, he will definitely win the favor of many audiences. Who would not like to say that thousands of entertainment loves Ye Liang? This is a film about naked for Ye Liang.
The hostess is a newcomer named Liu Shiying, who is as lovely as a Oriole bird. On the first day of meeting, Liu Shiying quietly wrote the novel "You are handsome" in Ye Liangkai’s ear.
Ye Liangkai smiled and said, "You are beautiful, too."
On the first day after filming, Liu Shiying smiled and bent her beautiful eyebrows and took the initiative to hold Ye Liang’s hand and said, "Let’s go to dinner together."
Ye Liangkai looked at her youthful and beautiful face, her eyes were lively and charming, and she felt that the blood of life seemed to move again. He smiled and promised to say "good"
It goes without saying that every day of lovers is too short and hurried. Liu Shiying looks at her gentle lover and complains that "you have to leave again"
Ye Liangkai kissed her forehead and comforted her by saying, "Be good, I’ll be back soon." He took on another drama, The Battle of Red Cliff, which is an annual adaptation of the historical drama of the Three Kingdoms in the company. He has a very prominent position in it. He plays Zhou Yu, except Cao Cao and Liu Bei, who is the No.1 male actor, and there are many opportunities for this film to be shown abroad, so he can slowly get acquainted with it abroad.
When I got to the set, I saw my acquaintance Bai Jingchen and learned that he played Zhuge Liang. I wondered how Qianyu gave such a large resource to an outsider instead of artists in his own company. There must be something wrong with it.
Ye Liangkai looked at him and held him. Bai Jingchen was surprised and asked a question in his heart and said, "Are you a thousand entertainments?"
Bai Jingchen was happy to see him. He said smilingly, "Sort of, now sign in a thousand entertainments." Hearing Ye Liangkai nodded, he began to speculate in his heart. Is it true that Bai Jingchen was having an affair with Shen Chonghua? This speculation is not for no reason. Who is Bai Jingchen’s appearance? The male god is silly and sweet. This will be very attractive, especially for some people who are abnormal in their hearts. Ye Liangkai is puzzled by Bai Jingchen now. It seems that he forgot the whole thing when he first met Bai Jingchen. Forget the clingy little angel and the little devil.