But in the end, they still have to guard against it. If Chelsea throws a six-person wall, it is quite long for the Italian ball of about 25 meters. They are guarding against the angle that Zhang Tiehan can turn.

However, Chelsea players can’t be sure that it was Zhang Tiehan’s free throw. After all, Garcia is also on the side, and it is still possible for Garcia’s technical ability to make free throws
Even if Zhang Tiehan makes a free throw, he doesn’t necessarily have a curveball. His vigorous volleying is very threatening.
So Chelsea organized people to make the wall more dense, and they couldn’t let the football pass through them. Then they waited for Zhang Tiehan’s free throw.
Zhang Tiehan is in front of the ball
In fact, he doesn’t have more choices on how to make free throws. This position is not the position where he is good at curveball. That is to say, if he really kicks curveball and wants to bypass the six-man wall and kick the ball into the goal … it’s almost impossible to finish. It’s better to let Garcia try his luck.
He can volley vigorously.
The only choice
But the Chelsea players don’t know that Zhang Tiehan is having a psychological contest with them before the ball. He carefully examines the wall as if to estimate the position. The Chelsea players are very cautious in his eyes and pay attention to his movements.
Zhang Tiehan retreated and ran two steps forward.
His eyes are still on the wall, and the Chelsea players are also staring at Zhang Tiehan’s feet carefully. Seeing that Zhang man of iron took two steps forward, he started directly …
"Curly ball!"
Experienced players almost completed the judgment at the first time, because Zhang man of iron’s right leg is not large, which is more technical than strength. If you want to kick the curve ball, you must find the right position, angle, etc. It is impossible to swing the foot too much
Generally speaking, if you move like this and complete the volley at a distance of 25 meters, it is estimated that there is no strength in the goal.
The wall of everyone jumped up almost for the first time.
At the same time, Zhang Tiehan’s right foot is also behind the football … Maybe those’ experiences’ are correct, but that’s generally speaking, Zhang man of iron never belongs to the’ average’ player. His swing is small to deceive Chelsea players to judge that the ball is a ground ball with some spin.
Football flew past the human wall.
At that moment, Chelsea wall players knew it was bad, and they turned their heads to look behind them in the middle of the game
They saw Petr Cech and saw Petr Cech fly to save the ball, but before he fell to the ground, the football had gone through his chest.
At this time, Lampard was ashamed in the Chelsea wall.
That shout just now came from him, and if his teammates obeyed the order to jump, then the football easily passed through the wall, and it was really half his credit that the goal was scored.
But nobody paid attention to him at this moment.
Everyone, including fans and journalists, looked at the football in the goal and paid attention to Zhang man of iron. At this moment, Zhang Tiehan was the only focus of Stamford Bridge Stadium.
Liverpool fans shouted "Zhang! Zhang! Zhang! " The sound echoed throughout the stadium and fans shouted "Zhang enters another one!" "
This has changed from expectation to slogan.
All the big shots also point to Zhang Tiehan, and almost every TV commentator, including those who support Chelsea TV, is also amazed at Zhang Tiehan’s goal.
"The goal! gal! Zhang! He equalized the score for the third time in Liverpool! "
"incredible! Incredible! "
"The emperor! !”
“gal! Zhang! Hat trick! "
Zhang scored the third goal and scored a hat trick. Interestingly, it was his sixth goal at Stamford Bridge and his third hat trick against Chelsea.
"And he’s only played Chelsea four times, once at Wigan Athletic and once in Rome. Now he’s at Liverpool …"
"Zhang must be the best!"
"He is the bane of Chelsea!"
"Chelsea has almost all the advantages and Liverpool has one advantage, that is Zhang!"
"Maybe we should expect a fourth hat trick …" To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five Champions League 16
All these talks are full of wonder. I played against Chelsea four times and scored three hat tricks. Everyone, including Chelsea fans, was surprised to see that they were not in the mood. The important thing is that Zhang Tiehan scored the third hat trick against Chelsea.
Chelsea fans are absolutely impressed by Zhang man of iron.
Two years ago, Zhang man of iron came to Stamford Bridge with Wigan Athletic. He scored a hat trick here, which was his third hat trick against Chelsea and his third time at Stamford Bridge … He came to Stamford Bridge twice in total.
What can Chelsea fans think about besides being very naive?
No one thought of anything else.
For example, in the summer of two years, every time I heard that the number 13 seemed to be very close to Chelsea, but nothing finally came to Stamford Bridge and became a member of Liverpool. Thinking of this, Chelsea fans immediately felt unbalanced.
He belongs to Chelsea!