Later, the program group had a new plan, "Going for an outing at the weekend", which was temporarily put on hold.

This stop is six years.
Leaving this pro-variety show, Ye Feng received a large number of invitations for film and television variety shows. His schedule was extremely full and he was once laughed at as desperate Saburo.
After winning three Grand Slam Best Actors, Ye Feng suddenly disappeared at the peak.
It’s not that Ye Feng is complacent. He has been influenced by his baby and has thought a lot about his future career planning during this period.
He first came to the weekend outing only because the salary was higher than other jobs that he could receive. Ye Feng needed the money to fill the baby’s medical care.
Later, when the baby got well, he said that he had bad luck and needed to win the Best Actor award again before he could clear his bad luck. Ye Feng made efforts to plan for him according to the baby and finally achieved it.
Ye Feng first entered the entertainment industry because he thought he could make some quick money as a walk-on during his work-study program in college.
He is outstanding in appearance, even if he is not from a regular class, his acting skills have been unanimously recognized by the public. It can be said that he is chased by God to enjoy his meal.
In the years when it was dark and silent, Ye Feng also contacted many other industry workers.
He didn’t think about his long-term career, but he was used to being an actor and felt that this job was more handy.
But recently, the baby has given Ye Feng a great inspiration.
He is familiar with the media industry and an influential public figure. Why not give full play to this convenient condition?
Ye Feng discussed with his studio team for a long time and finally decided to slowly transform into a documentary director.
The topic of their first documentary was to record the daily life of employees of grassroots poverty alleviation.
Ye Feng and these grassroots workers went to the farmhouse together in the mountain village and saw the unremitting efforts of many grassroots people who had never imagined life.
He recorded all this in nearly three years, and it was these ordinary and great people who built the backbone of this country.
The three-year shooting experience has given Ye Feng a deeper feeling. He feels that he has touched the fur. He wants to shoot more documentaries to let everyone know about these ordinary great men and stop their deeds being lost in the dust.
At the end of the recording interview, Ye Feng, like other dads, briefly introduced the recent situation in recent years and returned the microphone to the director.
The director made the final general speech. "Everyone has met several dads. Presumably, you can’t wait to see what the babies have grown into now." Open the door to memory! "
After the director finished the live broadcast, he entered a previous program clip, and several young and innocent faces appeared on the screen in turn.
Unicorn Chan appeared in the same order as Ye Feng at the finale, and the live broadcast was officially opened after the last shot of Unicorn Chan was broadcast.
Judging from the live scene, this is a large museum with sharp eyes, and the audience has recognized it.
[wow! It’s the Capital Museum! This exhibition hall is good. I have been there, but it was the first time I went there.
[Boo hoo, I hung up a sign in the exhibition hall of Shoubo, saying that it was temporarily closed for 3 minutes today. It turned out to be a live broadcast here, and I wanted to go in and play with the cubs]
【 What these two cubs give back! Do we have to guess at this time? Turn around and show grandma what has changed]
[This boy and a girl blindly guess that it is Queque and Qingqing according to their height]
[Youyou, did you just cross over six years ago? It’s been six years. Sunny should have grown a lot, right? The little girl is only 5 or 6 years old when she looks at her back. She is almost the same as Qing Qing in those days.
[Even if there are no photos of the cubs, didn’t you read the text introduction? This little girl Ken Bai Luan introduced that she was 5 years old and the youngest Qing Qing was 9 years old.
【 ahhh finally see jiaqi is face! He’s so cute, and his sister next to him is so cute. They are more like twins than black peas! 】
This live broadcast started from the Capital Museum, and the program group accepted Unicorn Chan’s proposal to select the first live broadcast here.
Unicorn Chan has a special affection for the cultural relics on display here. He quietly asked his uncle in the Power Center for help to get the special permission for the program group to clear the scene and shoot for half an hour in the museum.
The first shot of the live broadcast was given to Unicorn Chan who was watching the exhibition.
He is nine and a half years old this year, and he looks like a young boy and a young man. He is holding a little girl in his hand and two groups are looking at a porcelain bowl in Ruyao.
The little boy didn’t have a white pocket on his chest.
Accustomed to relying on decorative features, we can find that Unicorn Chan audience is somewhat uncomfortable from many cubs with this eye-catching small pocket.
The fact pocket has disappeared from the unicorn for several years.
After returning home from the country safely in that strange summer vacation six years ago, Unicorn Chan took out many magical things from his pocket one after another.
One day, when Unicorn Chan took out a cassock that was more defensive than the rebound ring, the pocket disappeared as suddenly as it appeared unexpectedly.
On Unicorn Chan’s small semi-circular white pocket for changing clothes never appeared in his clothes again.
The most agree guess of that power cent researchers is that if Unicorn Chan’s pocket is connected to another world gateway-
So now this door is closed
Although we feel very sorry, we can think that Unicorn Chan handed over these different dimensions and they got excited again.
The secrets of these things are enough for them to study for a long time, and if they understand them, they can take a big step forward in the world.
After the pocket disappeared, Unicorn Chan gradually returned to ordinary daily life. Like ordinary children, he also signed up for interest classes in kindergarten on weekdays and weekends.
A few months later, my sister was born, and life in Unicorn Chan added several interesting colors.
In the camera, Unicorn Chan pulls the little girl to look like him, and you can see at a glance that they are brothers and sisters.
If the age difference between them is not too big, outsiders may really think that they are twins at first glance.