And responding to Aaron is a roar that resounds through the sky! Then slowly Garchomp called a few times as if to say something.

"The other party is an evil incarnation and must be defeated!" I don’t feel any strange phenomenon at present, but this person does give me a very uncomfortable feeling, and there is a little difference between his waveguide and the previous one. If it weren’t for his appearance and identity, I would definitely think that he is an identical person. What waveguide will change? At the beginning of the game, I searched around here, but I didn’t find the shadow of Kallio, which can change the waveguide. Even the shadow of Kallio should not be able to show the clues for so long. It’s really strange. "The dream then came with a few words that the waveguide is equivalent to a human fingerprint, and the waveguide has changed, which means that it must have changed from the root to the sword. Of course, this is a guess.
"This Garchomp doesn’t seem to be a common Poké mon. Although the induction is not very clear, how much can it be white?" Wild Jiro suddenly said this. After listening to this sentence, Aaron’s brain is running at a high speed, which can determine what power Wild Jiro must have gained. If it is true, it is at least like that after Aaron brought mysterious water drops. Aaron himself once gained "power". As soon as Aaron understood the present situation, he couldn’t induce the fierce Lian Chao dream. What’s the difference between biting land sharks? Aaron hasn’t felt that Garchomp is different from ordinary Poké mon except strong. After all, it was called "King" Poké mon in ancient times. What does Nojiro feel now?
"Garchomp gave me a feeling that I must kill it, but let’s put this aside, dragon. I climbed back from hell and knocked you down!" Nojiro calmly said what he shouldn’t have said calmly, and then he was thrown out of Poké Ball, and it was Benkira! But you can see that Benkira is different and Aaron is very familiar with it. After all, he has fought several times …
"That black gas is how to return a responsibility! Where the hell did you get this poké mon! And at the end of the day, it is impossible for Poké mon to enter Poké Ball. "Poké Ball collected Aaron and tried this method. Yes, now Nojiro has released this class of Kira, which is covered with black substances visible to the naked eye. Aaron has seen dark dreams and that is no different from the huge dark stinging jellyfish.
"Where did you get it? What, have you seen Poké mon before? Ah, I named the super dark Poké mon. After all, it’s reinforcement. Have you ever seen such a Poké mon before? Then it seems that I have to find out the location after I catch you. By the way, you should not ask where I got it, but how I made it like this. "It took Aaron a few seconds to understand what Nojiro said.
"stop it. this is not something that human can get their hands on. Do you know how much disaster this power will cause?" Although Aaron feels that he may not have told the Rockets, he still has to say it.
"Of course I know that I can’t figure out how to manipulate this Poké mon at a price, but it’s no problem at a price! I don’t care about the price of knocking you down. Let’s attack first, otherwise I can’t start work. "Wild Jiro showed a slightly impatient expression, and he said cheerfully until just now.
"Garchomp Dragon Divine!"
Garchomp jumped high and came to the middle, then instantly accelerated and rushed to Bankira at a very fast speed! I always feel that the momentum in Garchomp today is very unusual. Benkira stood still, and then the impact suddenly disappeared when the two Poké mon were about to collide? See the dragon diving impact hood is perfectly blocked by an arc formed by black gas, and even the impact seems to be perfectly absorbed!
"Although Mr. Kenta can break this defense, it seems that you can’t," said Nojiro. Then Ma Heiqi began to spread and tried to wrap Garchomp completely! Garchomp saw his wings glowing and waved the tile at once. Finally, he cut the black gas and escaped, but at the same time, suddenly a big stream of black gas hit. Although it feels that it may not be appropriate to "bump" this suspected gaseous thing, "bump" is the most suitable shape. When Garchomp was hit, Garchomp was directly hit and flew out of the field! Although the horse got up, it seemed that it was badly hurt.
"At that time, I also suffered from this trick, but I didn’t expect this guy to really carry it. Even if I ate this trick at that time, I have to say that it was really very painful. It is reasonable to say that this trick alone should be killed, or that Banjila is still too vulgar, or that it is because the person said that he turned Banjila into this, so this person’s dark matter is too vulgar. But in either case, Garchomp didn’t appear to be seriously injured. This is a doubt. Maybe it does have something I can’t sense." Superdream seems to recall the year and dream.
"Is there anything special about it? It seems that it feels right. I can tell you that the N of the Russian team was disturbed by my move, and then he was knocked down with this move. I don’t need to capture a new Poké mon because I was not injured." Jiro said this unconsciously, but Aaron also felt that maybe he deliberately exposed it to Aaron, although the reason is unknown.
131 skills are poor? Wang Li?
"Come on, Wang Sandao!"
"Take care of your knives!"
A surprise attack, Garchomp, successfully sprinted behind Bankilla. Ma Garchomp’s wings gave off white light and began to chop, but black gas suddenly appeared behind Bankilla, thus blocking the first knife! Garchomp waved one after another, but the second knife and the third knife were also defended. Instead, it was another black gas "collision"! However, Garchomp put on a defensive posture and finally carried it. This is the fifth time that Garchomp has been attacked by black gas. The second position of the Russian team seems to have been solved by two. However, Garchomp has already carried five, and its particularity is obvious. However, no matter what this "particularity" is, it is definitely not the way to continue to be unilaterally and passively beaten.
"I want to calm down first. First, Garchomp has a special ability. There is no doubt about it. Then, I analyze what this special ability is. Although I haven’t seen anything in the attack until now, I can first determine that it is this special ability that has given Garchomp resistance to black gas. Before I don’t play Poké mon, I can guess that this special ability may be for this black gas. If it is true, it must be the key to winning this game. First of all, because it is not a beast war, there will be no audience injuries. What I need to do is to try to win as much as possible. What’s Besides being resurrected from the stone, "Aaron began to think about it, but Garchomp was constantly tired of defense. Although he often attacked, he always broke through the black gas defense. Aaron was able to make sure to break the black gas defense. Before finding out the so-called" weakness "of the black gas, he relied on a very strong attack. Sword Tai seemed to be able to do this. Just now, Aaron also tried Garchomp to destroy the dead light, but he also broke the black gas defense wall and did not touch Bankilla. Bankilla still had a layer of black gas, which means that Garchomp could break through by destroying the dead light.
"But look at your Garchomp sample. It’s more like feeling uncomfortable than saying that it feels like you’re stuck in a hard battle. It’s like being suppressed by the guy who could have knocked down because you can’t play your strength." The dream came out and said that this is not a conversation, but it’s just a show of Aaron and it’s remarkable, but you can’t blame Aaron for not seeing it. Even if you see that Garchomp is unhappy in this battle, you can’t continue to separate the reasons for his unhappiness. There are also current spiritual dreams to do it.
By the way, do you remember that there was a girl’s soul around Aaron? That girl’s soul necklace Aaron is wearing today, but the girl’s soul has not been seen for a long time, and she can’t come out because of her body, and she can’t communicate. Aaron didn’t care about it, but when I think about it, I find that it seems that she hasn’t appeared for a long time, but it may be that she has finally become a Buddha. Anyway, even if Aaron calls now, she won’t come out. It is also a good thing to say that she is a Buddha.
"Not great, that is, Garchomp recognizes that he is able to defeat the other party. Perhaps Garchomp’s ability is far more than resistance to black gas. So what else? Black gas dark Poké mon ferocious ancient evil forces … evil? " An example of Aaron: I know that at present, Nojiro’s so-called "super dark Poké mon" is not suddenly familiar with a word.
"It always feels like I really want to hear about Garchomp’s evil forces somewhere?" Aaron said it naturally to Super Dream.
"Yes, it’s almost a year and a half after calculation. You can’t remember this. It’s no wonder that when you got this Garchomp fossil, the woman told you that it was written on the ancient slate. This Garchomp has the special power to cut off all evil, but I almost forgot it because you didn’t wake up." Super Dream said, "Now that Garchomp has been confirmed to have special abilities, this is it, but the principle is unknown. Now it is better to be sure than half of Poké mon’s resistance to black gas."
"Yes, the evil power lies in the ancient evil power … this is the ancient evil power!" Suddenly found that after putting the two words together, great changes have taken place …
The general concept of "no, no, no, no, no evil" won’t … it’s very possible. After all, the resistance has been proved. "Super Dream seems to realize it after half …
"hey! What have you been talking to yourself there since just now? Did you give up the game? " A sound came that Aaron looked up and saw that it was Nojiro’s dissatisfied expression. Look at the scene. Garchomp was panting and seemed to have been attacked again. Generally speaking, he was beaten by an ordinary Poké mon with considerable strength so many times, and his physical strength was almost the same. However, Garchomp still didn’t show the slightest timidity until now. It seems that it is absolutely inevitable for Garchomp to fight against Banjila or these black gases. It can be seen from Garchomp’s own struggle against Poké Ball in the past.
"Now I think that the most likely situation is that Garchomp’s actual ability has also been lost because of artificial resurrection, just as his strength was slowly recovered after some wars. It is estimated that his ability is still sealed in his fossil bones, or it has been lost at all, leaving a part of this resistance." Super Dream continued to tell his inference
"There are two ways to regain lost strength. One is to exercise slowly to recover, that is, to accept stimulation. Now it seems that there is a way to stimulate him, but I don’t know how to stimulate him at all. Moreover, this unreliable inference can’t finish what I think. We have been surfing for a long time. Can we win from now on?" Aaron said that Aaron didn’t really deliberately not command Garchomp before, but Aaron judged that it might be more meaningful to discuss tactics like this than to command. In the process of Garchomp being beaten five times, Aaron had racked his brains and finally succeeded in the raid and hit Wang Sandao at a close distance, but he was still counted. Even Aaron couldn’t think of any new tricks. Garchomp seemed to be quite keen on this black gas induction. If Aaron was away from the attack, he would have nothing to do. Let Garchomp act on his own. Now, although this discussion seems to be of some significance, there is no way to solve this thorny situation. Sure enough, Aaron can finally do it on his own brain.
"Well, let me think about it carefully. How can I turn the’ near distance’ into a real distance? If not, there is absolutely no chance. And Garchomp’s physical strength can’t stand the chance that I will continue to toss. At most, there is one more time. This kind of inability to be knocked down is very uncomfortable. You can’t win, but you won’t lose easily." Aaron is also rare to start complaining, although it is also black, but he also feels that these black gases are different from those he has encountered. Perhaps this is why. It’s because the manipulator is human this time, or because the Poké mon possessed is different. Obviously, he didn’t have the defensive ability of black gas this time. Anyway, although he didn’t want to give up, Aaron really couldn’t think of any brilliant idea.
Bankira was black again, but this time Garchomp was in the same place and didn’t even want to hide? Is it because you can’t jump anymore? But this is definitely not the case. Then Garchomp made Aaron even more surprised-Garchomp opened his mouth and took the initiative to try to swallow the black gas!
"What are you doing! Ah … "Although Aaron immediately stopped Garchomp, he couldn’t come and Aaron immediately thought of the reason why Garchomp took the initiative to do so.
"There are two ways to regain lost strength. One is to exercise slowly and recover, and the other is to accept stimulation …"
"Did you hear what I said? Don’t take this risk if you lose! " Aaron continued to shout, but no matter how you look at Garchomp, you have no intention of stopping.
"Crazy? Actually began to take the initiative to inhale black gas? Then it seems that you Garchomp will not only be knocked down so simply, but you will definitely die. "Yejiro seems to be very surprised, but immediately continued," Although it is not a bit unwilling to knock down the flaming chickens, we still have a chance to fight again. I will definitely knock down your Poké mon and then take it away so that you can experience the feeling that something you love has been taken away. By the way, I will also go to find your little girlfriend. "And Jiro said that he also unconsciously felt sick here. Jiro’s reason is still good, but what he said just now is by no means a scare. It is because Jiro still has reason that he can calmly analyze that he can definitely do it. Although he once thought about being an evil party, Jiro knows very well that he has not reached Joe’s level. Now Jiro knows very well that he may become a jerk than his master. He will not necessarily become one, but he has not felt any regret. This kind of consciousness has already existed.
"What are you going to do to me? I’m talking about doing it to my Poké mon. I’m afraid you don’t have the ability, but if you dare to do it to May, I’ll kill you right here, now asshole!" Just as Jiro analyzed that he would do those things, Aaron also analyzed that Yejiro would do those things. It was only a moment when he said these words. The brain immediately gave his mouth such instructions when he came to the conclusion that Yejiro could do it. Then it seemed to echo Aaron’s attitude. Garchomp suddenly shouted, then opened his mouth and sighed. Then he emerged from his mouth with black particles of water vapor, and then there was a visible change. Garchomp suddenly began to cough up and coughed up a lot of black blood! However, with the spitting out of these black blood, the dim part of the light around Garchomp’s body began to disappear and became a state in which the body was wrapped in silvery white light. A little stronger light would make people think of the fact of evolution. It seems that many people have understood this situation as Garchomp’s further evolution. Aaron also saw this scene and his reason began to return from anger, and as soon as he returned, he immediately analyzed this situation, but one thing is certain that the battle is now unknown!
132 wins! Unwilling?
"What is that? What happened? That Garchomp … Damn it, it’s really disgusting. Is it black and white? Is it so? "Wild Jiro seems to be really sick after seeing Garchomp’s changes. He put his hand over his mouth and coughed up and then said this sentence.
"Now that you have such a Poké mon, it seems that you and I are really absent. There must be a disappearance. But even if something wakes up now, what can you do with that scarred body? Kill it! " Nojiro continued, and then Benkira started to do it at once.
This sentence "kill it" can be said to have two understandings, one is to defeat the other is the real meaning of "kill"! Aaron feels that Nojiro is pointing out that the latter is different because of the amount of black gas this time, but Aaron feels that Benkira seems to be following Nojiro’s instructions and has not produced a particularly hostile expression towards Garchomp. It should be said that there is no difference from just now. That is to say, Aaron is also surprised to actually manipulate these black gases or Nojiro. I didn’t expect that he could conduct such an analysis until this time.
A big stream of black gas is coming towards Garchomp, and Garchomp is still in the same place. The black gas horse has surrounded Garchomp. Aaron is not clear about what Garchomp wants to do, but because Aaron himself has not completely figured out the current situation, there is no way to convince here that Garchomp’s own combat experience is more effective. Black gas has begun to shrink and encircle. Do you want to strangle Garchomp like this? However, it seems that the white light in the black gas began to radiate out and then suddenly flashed two white lights, and the black gas disappeared clean! Seems to be Garchomp beheaded in the Ministry! Until just now, I was so easily knocked down by his hand, and Garchomp began to look at his wings again. Then it was finally the first time that Aaron saw Garchomp’s real confident smile.
"If you calculate from the chopping speed just now, it is estimated that few of your Poké mon can avoid that attack except the special one. It seems that he has really recovered his true strength and may have a high degree of versatility in other aspects. After that, you can make a good investigation. Of course, I infer that you may have got a strong Poké mon for no reason. I’m afraid it will be the first time that you can confront those people sitting behind you in a real sense, Poké mon!" Speaking of super dreams, Aaron will not be surprised. Because it is worthy of Aaron’s surprise, Aaron has seen a lot. From that scene just now, Aaron can be very sure that the black gas has left Garchomp alone. Garchomp’s real ability should be the perfect restraint against this black gas, the so-called evil forces! Although it may be a bit of a second grade, Garchomp’s body light is worthy of the name "the light of justice". However, because he was fighting against Aaron’s Poké mon, it seems that he did not have Garchomp’s ability to be superior to ordinary Poké mon. Aaron concluded that Garchomp’s ability is limited to this kind of black gas. Of course, these are all later stories. Now he has to work hard to turn the other side.
"Although panting is my Poké mon, I have a feeling that my position is reversed. Now I’ll sum it up. Now I’ll get some information through observation and reasoning." Aaron suddenly said it was very simple, that is, serious injury and extra physical stimulation and vomiting blood when delaying. Although it seems to give people the feeling that his side is about to win, now Garchomp’s body words, even wild Bankila, are not sure that he can win, not to mention that the other side has been strengthened by the dark ball, and there is an excellent trainer. Now that there is an opportunity, it is even more impossible for Aaron to wave. What he needs
"First of all, you got something from these black gases by some means, and then you used it to catch Poké mon in the dark ball or the dark ball, but I think it was the former because you said’ Don’t recapture Poké mon’ before, and then you used this specialized dark ball to create this class of Kira, but the body of Bankira is still a wild Poké mon. If the dark ball is to strengthen Poké mon in the basic value, wouldn’t it be better for the dark ball to catch the excellent Poké mon cultivated by your rocket team? Capturing wild Poké mon is simply a convenience, not a necessity. My inference is that you can’t control it too much. Your so-called ultra-dark Poké mon control the original wild Poké mon is already your limit, right? If you remove the black gas, this is Bankilla, perhaps it is a dark Poké mon controlled by a dark ball. That is to say, the reason why you have never let Bankilla attack is that the physical ability value is still far from my Garchomp. That is to say, for the situation that the black gas has worked for me now, your Bankilla has a good chance of winning. "Aaron said that Nojiro has finally
"Are you kidding me? Knock you down, but you don’t even want your future. Kill it, Benkira, and destroy the light!" Nojiro decided to give it a go, but it was a little late.
"Come on, Garchomp, make another dash and use Wang Sandao!"
Garchomp also took a deep breath, and then seemed to bend over and start sprinting with his last strength when he was about to be hit by the powerful destruction death ray. However, it seems that Garchomp suddenly stopped his left leg when he was running. One class of Kira immediately seized the opportunity to shoot, but Garchomp finally jumped up and then adjusted his posture in the middle and dived towards Bankira, then the first left hand was cut in the middle of the head. Second, his right hand hit the jaw. Third, his left hand wound around and hit the back of the neck. After three combo shots, Bankira’s body spread out in an instant, and then he fell to the ground.
"Since all believe that they can beat me, just believe what? I, Garchomp, have long lost my physical strength and been seriously injured outside. Even this class of Kira can win. If I don’t give Garchomp a break, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Even if I am seriously injured, I can still burst into considerable strength in a short time. But in fact, there is another reason that is more suitable for you to say why you will lose. Although I don’t know what the reason is, this dark Poké mon is not your strength in the final analysis, but you can’t win me by borrowing combat power. "Aaron turned to leave this sentence and the commentator was excited to announce Aaron’s victory, that is,
"In fact, although the man’s attitude seems to be very firm, he may have regretted his behavior, so he inadvertently revealed so much information to you in the battle. I hope you can knock him down, although it is indeed some valuable information. The information is not at all for those who have not experienced the two dark Poké mon incidents, but it is indeed beneficial to you," Super Dream said.
"Of course I know what you said, but ah, that man has paid a lot to gain this power. He himself said that he paid for the’ future’. The mask is not simply decorated. If I said these words just now, it means whether to decide what he has paid. Now that he has done it, let him go on like this. This time, when he got the information, he was a little confused about his own business. And even if I said it, I would like to make a similar persuasion. Cannon is also impossible to succeed. I want to persuade men with his consciousness to surrender to something, and being a rocket is not necessarily a bad thing for them, although it is not a good thing for society. "Aaron also looked up at the sky and said.
"You are really a nice guy, and you are considerate of the Rockets, and it seems that your attitude towards the Rockets is really not so bad."
"It’s no big deal to feel about the Rockets. First of all, the society affirms that evil organizations are going to be eradicated, but evil people will still be evil even if they are not in the Rockets, and if they enter the Rockets, they will be managed. Although it is said that such groups of people are more harmful, at least they will not treat people. Although I am a little sorry for this, Poké mon, I can somewhat understand what they call’ principle evil’. After all, if it is a’ vulgar’ organization, there will not be so many’ vulgar’ people. I will treat him. We continue to fight, and I will continue to uphold my own justice, but I also deny that they persist in evil. "Aaron said that the dream is to stay by and listen like this."
"Although I said it might be a little bit of that, it’s hard to imagine that it came from a 16-year-old boy. Have you really grown up a lot? Hahaha, it’s really good. After listening to your words, I feel that I should almost make up my mind. It’s my own problem. You should know it before long." Although Aaron is a little concerned about the last words of Super Dream, he doesn’t ask much and has a rest on his own. Everyone seems to be surprised that Aaron hasn’t recovered from the joy of victory for a long time. Miss Herona grabbed Aaron’s hand the other day and "led" him back to fight. It must be for the players to shake hands, but because the other side is an evil organization, naturally this rule is gone. Mr. Du also left before and the other side didn’t know when Mrs. Jian had already left first. Coming is the underworld.
"Release the Russian team and their Poké mon as agreed."