"Ah" Eugene silently sent such a word.

"Eugene borrowed hundreds of millions of game coins" Pluto suddenly typed.
"…" Eugene replied with a string of ellipsis.
"We are brothers. I have always been honest with you since so many people deceived you," Pluto typed.
"I really should thank you for saying that, but because of the number of words, Eugene sent a half paragraph first and continued typing." I don’t miss you every time I get paid by my brothers. "
"Eugene need it to be said so unique? Can’t you help me now that I’ve been cheated? " Pluto sat in front of his head and wait for a while looked at the dialog with Eugene.
"help? There are so many poor people in a game. Can I help you? "
Pluto looked at Eugene, and the information finally saw through Eugene.
"What friends are you lying about?" Pluto shook his head at the brain with a wry smile.
"Let me brush your horn." At last, the last message came from YouJinFa.
Then there was no Pluto horn in the left corner for a long time, and a Eugene horn suddenly popped up in the message bar.
"da dog is beautiful!"
After brushing this horn, Eugene id turned gray, but everyone who saw this horn believed that Eugene must have changed his angle at this time and smiled coldly at it in the game.
Falling into the well and falling into the sky.
The appearance of this horn has frosted Pluto’s heart.
Suddenly Pluto remembered that he first met Eugene in the game, and then ran into business with him in the game, and then met poison sister, and then they founded the business alliance
I remember the past vividly. I used to fight because of disagreement. I remembered pk together. The next morning, I remembered that whoever forgot to bring blood, medicine, blue medicine and color when painting the picture would throw it to the ground.
At that time, they didn’t stand out, or ordinary players in the game had business opportunities long ago to achieve today’s achievements.
"Has the game changed or people changed?" Pluto looked at Eugene’s horn and stared at the monitor.
Then there is silence and no life.
Just when Pluto was disheartened and wanted the number, a person id window flashed brightly among the many flashing games’ private chat windows.
"Unlucky bear? !” Pluto looked at this id that he once hated the most in the game. I didn’t expect him to’ privately’ talk about himself. I guess it was also a fall.
But Pluto still clicked on this window to have a look.
"It’s just a we are both unhappy — to the sky’s end game. Everything can be started all over again."
This sentence was sent by Tianyu after thinking for a long time before opening the Pluto ID’ private’ chat window.
Tianyu considered that Pluto might be mocking him by himself, but there are policies and countermeasures to block the way out.
Sure enough, Pluto immediately replied, "Hehe, we are both unhappy — to the sky’s end, are you hypocritical?"
"No, I really lamented the game. I was hacked yesterday, you know."
"Then do you know that the person who stole my number was once a business alliance!"
"What? !” Tianyu looked at information from Pluto and stared at the boss’s heart. "Is the walking corpse’ meat’ a business alliance? But there is no his id in the meeting and in the group! "
"You must feel incredible can’t find this id? One person has more than one number. "Pluto saw Tianyu for a long time and didn’t respond. Guess what he wanted to type and answered.
Tianyu’s heart sank, and he was going to ask Pluto who was the walking corpse. If he could connect, he didn’t expect Pluto to cut to the chase and start this problem, so it would be easy.
"Can you tell me the specific information about the walking corpse?" Tianyu typing asked
"Tell you? Don’t pretend. He said that knowing you is quite sometime. It was you who sent me to lurk around to get the letter. After that, da I "Pluto sent this passage in several paragraphs.
"Wait, I really don’t know the walking corpse" meat "and you said that he and I are very familiar …" Tianyu wondered and typed back.
Then Tianyu began to recall the scene when the generation and the walking corpse met.
"That’s right. When I first met the walking corpse, I felt that he knew me very well and said that everything was right in my arms with my heart ….. and I was congenial and slowly walked together." Tianyu frowned and thought.
"Is it a small white? !” Tianyu flashed a seemingly absurd but more in line with the status quo.
Xiao Bai has been with himself for four months, and he is under the same roof. Even he knows exactly what the other party is wearing. Plus Pluto said that he is a business alliance. Although Xiao Bai is not affiliated with the business alliance, he is the same as himself. He also knows clearly what the business alliance is doing during his cohabitation with him.
The only thing that bothers Tianyu is that if it’s really Xiaobai, when did he walk the corner of "flesh"?
The most important thing is that now Xiaobai should have no reason to hide the corner color of the walking corpse, because he doesn’t know that Tianyu hates the walking corpse.
The most far-fetched explanation is that Xiao Bai wants to hide the corpse, steal Pluto and then’ privately’ swallow his property, even on his own side.
Tianyu think it over and think it still doesn’t make sense.
"Ah now and you say so much what? Don’t you just want to bury me? " When Tianyu racked his brains and thought hard, Pluto sent another message
"No, I really want to know the information about the walking corpse, which is very important to me." Tianyu typed that it is better to get to know the walking corpse’s flesh in a closer step than to get to Pluto.
"Important?" Pluto asked puzzled.
"yes! Because he once lied to me, "Tianyu said bluntly.
"…" Pluto looked at Tianyu and sent information and stood there.
"That’s not funny. Have you been cheated by him? When did it happen? "
"A long time ago …"
In Tianyu’s heart, I want to answer "for as long as I have …"
"Don’t be so vague so funny? If you want to add snow and frost, it will be fair and square. Although I have no assets, there is still a little cash! " Pluto angrily added that this passage was sent in several paragraphs.
Tianyu frowns. Obviously Pluto feels like he’s playing him now.
Chapter 359 Another man
"Happy" Eugene qq sent a message to someone and said.
"It’s not fair to make this exchange. It’s all my fault to make the best use of technology and take risks. You just created an opportunity for me," the man replied immediately