But these guards are all Xiao Linchu cronies. No matter how Dou Feng Jiao shouts or scolds them, they are indifferent.

Dou Fengjiao wanted to rush "shua"-those guards pulled out their swords.
Sen’s cold light shines on them.
Dou Fengjiao doesn’t know that the person inside is Xiao Linchu, otherwise she will converge.
In these guards, Dou Feng was so angry that she didn’t dare to break in because she brought someone, but there were at least 30 people in these guards.
Her life can be delicate and cruel, but the future queen can’t fold here.
There can’t even be a possibility
She looked pale and turned to leave, and she saw it coming in a hurry.
Fengyun runs fast, and her little face is blushing, which has been nourished by Xiao Linchu in recent days. Her little daughter is charming, and her clear big eyes look forward to Gu Shenghui’s eyes, so far away, they are intoxicating.
Moreover, her skin was badly beaten on her left face for many times, and the whip mark has disappeared after more than 20 days, and even a scar can’t be seen.
She saw Dou Fengjiao stare blankly for a while, but now is not the time to avoid the limelight. Ruan Li is still dyeing Moxuan and waiting for her news.
Fengyun gently frowned and glanced at his lips before Doufeng strode.
Dou Fengjiao defiantly smiled and surrounded Feng Yunqing with several hands.
Fengyun was forced to stop her footsteps and said coldly, "Good dogs don’t get in the way!"
Dou Fengjiao’s face changed and she gritted her teeth. "Fengyun is light and you want to die!"
Nine soft whips in her hand suddenly moved toward Fengyun’s light face again.
When Feng Yun was hanging out on the streets of Ancheng, she didn’t know how many times she had seen such a unruly young lady as Dou Fengjiao. Even Feng Xianglian didn’t greet her with a whip.
She didn’t have the old beggar’s stumbling figure at the moment, especially when she raised her head back and bent her knees, she avoided Dou Feng’s whip.
The whistling whip brought a cold wind over her long hair on the cheek.
With the cold wind, the ink-dyed moss winds out in a gorgeous arc, and the phoenix clouds are light. At this moment, the beauty is amazing, and the turquoise skirt is like a dream.
She avoided Dou Fengjiao’s whip and Lingling’s figure was like a fairy for nine days, and even Dou Fengjiao and her thugs were stupefied.
Dou Feng’s face turned pale with anger, and the whip in her hand couldn’t hurt Fengyun. She was furious and roared, "Kill her! Kill her for me!"
Fengyun’s light facial expression changed suddenly and rushed towards Linjiang Pavilion, but Dou Fengjiao refused to let her go and waved a whip to stop Fengyun’s light way.
Those thugs woke up like a dream and tried to kill Fengyun lightly on the spot before they drew their weapons.
After all, Dou Fengjiao’s personality makes them disobedient.
Seeing himself trapped in the wind and clouds, he shouted "Xiao Linchu-"
Lou Zhang Qianqian was pale and looked at everything in the building. She was holding a teapot in her hand and her hands were shaking. She stared at Fengyun and was besieged by Dou Fengjiao.
It’s not bad for a month to see the beauty of Fengyun light, but now she is as beautiful as a butterfly and makes her jealous.
Zhang Qianqian held the teapot hand tightly and listened to Fengyun light suddenly calling out Xiao Linchu’s name. The teapot in her hand "bang" landed successfully and attracted the attention of Xiao Linchu who just wanted to turn back.
Xiao Linchu looked surprised. He just seemed to hear the light tone of Fengyun. He turned his head and looked at Zhang Qianqian. Zhang Qianqian was pale to the extreme.
She smiled weakly. "I’m sorry. I may have suffered from bitter cold in Mobei. My hands are frozen!" "
Xiao Linchu asked the bodyguard behind him with an expression, "Window, get Sandy a dress!"
The guards should go to the window, but the window screen has heard all the sounds outside.
Xiao Linchu continued to discuss things with Zhang Heng. Zhang Hengjiu’s face was abnormal bluish gray.
He is Zhang Qianqian’s father. He had a wife all his life. His wife died of illness. He never married again. Even concubinage was never a famous official in Beijing.
Zhang Heng’s brilliance taught Xiao Linchu a lot, and he saved his life many years ago. If it weren’t for Xue Luan Palace, he would be the minister of the humerus of the Red Moon country.
Xiao Linchu has great respect for this elder.
It’s hard to say if it’s a life experience.
His two daughters were taken away by Xueluan Palace, but he made a private investigation, which annoyed the emperor, who took his property and asked him to behead him.
Simply Xiao Linchu saved him and gave him shelter.
Two people talk about things around Xueluan Palace.
Zhang Heng sighed, "Xueluan Palace is a cancer, and it is difficult to get rid of it. The scourge is that there are too many taboos in all countries, and no one dares to do it easily!"
"I’ve volunteered all my life to run away from home, but my father is old after all, and he doesn’t dare to chew on the bone of Xueluangong!" Xiao Linchu is cold.
Zhang Heng nodded. "The emperor is worried about the country and the people, Xiao Chu. Think about it. If Xueluan Palace asks Lan Xue and other countries for help, the alliance of various countries will be in danger at that time!"
Xiao Linchu looked up. "I have reached an agreement with other countries. I will send troops to annihilate Xueluan Palace. They will wait and see!"
Zhang Heng shook his head and smiled wearily. "Where are the wolves’ ambitions accurate?"
Xiao Linchu said frankly, "What if I hold them in my hand?"
Zhang Heng was stunned. "Really?"
Xiao Linchu sneered, "How can I put my treasure on their promise? Please rest assured that Xiao Linchu will save Xiao Tuan and Xiao Yuan!"
Zhang Heng shook his head. "For so many years, I dare not expect that they are still alive to investigate Xueluan Palace because I don’t want more people to get hurt!"
Xiao Linchu smiled heartily. "Zhang daren is really a model of an official!"
Zhang Qianqian said, "Would you like to go back to the court officer if your father gets a day in Chu?"
Zhang Heng hesitated, but Xiao Linchu said indifferently, "I won’t be an emperor for too long. I will leave with Yunqing after I annihilate the evil palace!"
Zhang Qianqian turned pale and looked at Xiao Linchu in shock. She stared at him for half a ring before slowly saying, "What?"
Xiao Linchu thought of Feng Yun’s innocent smile and stared at the teacup in his hand. The green tea water seemed to reflect Feng Yun’s pure leisure smile.
He hooked his lips and looked forward to "because she doesn’t like me to be the emperor!"
Zhang Qianqian went white with her soft lips. Her thin body was unstable and wobbly, and she might faint at any time.
Zhang Heng frowned. "Sandy, what’s wrong with you?"
Zhang Qianqian shook his head. "Father, I’m a little uncomfortable!"
Zhang Heng nodded. "Xiao Chu, I’ll take Sandy back to rest with the emperor first. I’m afraid it will be difficult for Sandy to return to Beijing. Please take care of it a lot!"
Xiao Linchu nodded and watched the two men leave. As soon as he got up the teapot and planned to renew his tea, he heard Dou Fengjiao thundering outside, "Bitch, I will kill you and kill you …"
Dou Feng’s charming voice is too cruel to be creepy.
Xiao Linchu frowned and continued to have tea. There he suddenly got up and pushed open the window and saw that the outside was beaten by Dou Fengjiao and several minions and covered in blood.
DouFeng jiao a drag over the attendants sword whisking malicious folded toward the phoenix cloud light chest.
Fengyun fell to the ground lightly, her pale face was covered with stains and blood, and her arm was scarred, and her turquoise clothes had been dyed with bright red.
Holding her chest, she sneered and spat out big blood and mocked at Dou Fengjiao. "Are you really wearing a layer of chicken feathers and you are a phoenix?" I tell you that people like you deserve to be inferior animals … "
Dou Fengjiao screamed and stabbed Sen’s cold sword into Fengyun’s light heart.