Two to two

The game returned to the same starting line, and the last ten minutes almost turned into a half-time offensive and defensive battle. The morale of Manchester City almost overwhelmed the defense line and lost a good game. However, Everton’s mentality stabilized and began to defend against the opponent’s iron drum array. There were not many opportunities for Manchester City, but Everton got an excellent opportunity. If Kong Pani didn’t destroy Saha at the last minute, Everton might achieve a winner.
When the referee blew the whistle, Lin Sen also had to accept the draw at home by Everton, which was not good in terms of the result and not bad in terms of the process, and also ended the four-game winning streak in Manchester City.
Fortunately, the "accidental" draw by Everton did not make Manchester City lose the top spot.
Another focus battle Chelsea vs Manchester United.
Before the game, Chelsea’s 17 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses were temporarily ranked third, ahead of them were Manchester City and Manchester United, who remained unbeaten in the first round, with 35 points and 34 points respectively. This game was also widely recognized by the media as Ancelotti’s life-and-death battle. Because Lin Sen "messed up" Ancelotti, he finally failed to realize that he won the double crown when he came to the Premier League in the first year of his original history, which undoubtedly made him lose a lot of points in Abramovich’s mind. However, Chelsea has been unbeaten in five rounds this season. If there is any mistake in this war
The final result of the game was that Carlo Ancelotti realized his redemption. Chelsea finally fought a beautiful blockade at Stamford Bridge, beating visiting Manchester United 2-1, ending the unbeaten record of Manchester United in the new season. Carlo Ancelotti also temporarily solved his urgent need, but everyone knows that if Carlo Ancelotti wants to make his ass more secure, obviously this victory is not enough.
It is worth noting that Didier Drogba’s condition has dropped a lot compared with the season, and he has been trapped in the striker recently. Chelsea has once again been linked with Liverpool Torres as the winter transfer period approaches, and this time Shaolin Sen knows that it will probably come true, and he is well aware of the transfer result.
Tomlinson is not interested in Torres’ turning point, but he is more interested in who Liverpool will bring in to replace Torres because Suarez is already in his squad.
Moreover, when it comes to the winter transfer game against Everton, in addition to the game body, Linsen has not failed to examine the mind of the opposing left-back Bijns.
Bridge has been in a state of constant improvement. Manchester City conceded the first goal, and his careless marking on the wing gave Osman an the opportunity to assist. This is not the first time Bridge has made such a low-level mistake this season. Compared with Everton’s second goal, left-back Bijns’s performance, Bridge’s game can be said to be a complete failure.
In the position of left-back, the number of games played by Adly Piquita has increased significantly compared with that of the previous season, while the number of games played by him has increased, which directly squeezed Bridge. This is not the sudden surge of Adly Piquita’s ability, but the state of Bridge really makes Lin Sen believe that young Spaniards have no complaints about Bridge verbally, but Lin Sen knows that his mood is not right, and he can’t do anything about it. He has done a lot even if he can’t do it, but in the final analysis, a player’s career is still in his own hands.
If it’s a season, Linsen may be able to make do with it and leave the problem until the summer, but the season can’t make do with it. Because Manchester City will not only face the increasingly fierce championship battle in the league in the middle of the season, but also have a more brutal knockout in Europe, not to mention the FA Cup will start in the middle of the season.
Suo Linsen has made up his mind to find a main left-back in the winter transfer period, but it is one thing to find one, and it is another to find one. The winter transfer period is different from the summer top left-back, which is a scarce resource, not to mention that Linsen still has the qualification to play in the Champions League.
Champions League qualification alone has ruled out many goals, while the main level has ruled out many potential stocks in Lin Sen’s mind. In fact, there are only a few goals left, and Bijns is suspected to be the most suitable one.
This summer, due to the influence of friends and wives, Bridge withdrew from the English team. Among the candidates Capello chose for Bridge was Bijns. Although Capello finally went to the South African list and chose Aston Villa Warnock, this did not prevent Linsen from judging that after Ashley Cole got old, his position in the English team was not Warnock, but Bijns, a left-back who was born in Wigan Athletic and turned to Toffees three years ago. The season was one of the few bright spots in Everton.
However, whether Bijns is good or not, moyers is difficult to deal with.
The transfer of Lescott has proved this before, but now Everton’s performance is poor. Linsen is really optimistic that moyers will let go of his main left-back. Besides Bijns, there is also an alternative target in Linsen’s sight, that is, according to the original trajectory, he should come to Manchester City in the summer, Serbian left-back Krarov.
In the press conference after the Everton game, Linsen was quickly asked about the draw in the Champions League, and naturally there was no shortage of comments from Gazzetta dello Sport.
Linsen didn’t want to give any comments on the lottery at all, accusing UEFA of being tricky in the lottery. Do you have any proof? Or complain about your bad luck? Is it necessary? Boasting the great history of an opponent A Milan? That’s even more unnecessary. It’s as simple as that. Now that we’ve drawn it out, we’ll see you on the field.
When Gazzetta dello Sport played Inter Milan for the second time, Lin Sen had seen the arrogance of the other side, which was nothing new, but this time Lin Sen did not intend to make a pretence, but replied tit for tat.
Sign? Then let’s just make it an unfinished signing
Chapter 30 Test the water
It’s another Christmas
Lin Sen was still a shiny bachelor at this time last year, but now he has become a bachelor.
Due to the tight competition, Christmas this year is destined to be as busy as last year. However, this year obviously can’t be as lively as last year. Grandma Ariel, that is, Mrs. Cruz, has been in poor health recently. Ariel has invited Tomlinson to take a vacation and even given Dina a a few more days. She doesn’t plan to spend it with Tomlinson this year. I don’t know if she is under the illusion that Tina seems to be a little alienated from herself recently. Tomlinson is not a fool. I think it should be that Ariel told Tina about him and Boya.
Lin Sen and Tina put it mildly, that is, what a confidante is * * If both of them are single, then * * but * * can even give some charming meaning, but when one party has the other half, * * is no longer * * but becomes entangled. Lin Sen knows Tina, which is obviously not what Tina wants.
Of course, this may also be Lin Sen’s own sentimental summary, such as Christmas this year is a little cold and cheerless.
It is slightly obvious that Linsen is not alone in Christmas, and Boya and cinderella came to England together, so Christmas Eve became a double date.
After nearly two months of cold war with Tang Hua, cinderella finally reconciled with Tang Hua to go to Spain or Lin Sen approved the holiday. After such a "hardship", Lin Sen believes that the two can be more stable. Lin Sen knows very well how much resistance will be generated when dreams encounter reality. It is not so absolute but not exaggerated to say that the graduation season, that is, the break-up season.
While walking after dinner, when talking about Tang Hua and cinderella, Linsen Tang Hua was happy, Boye was happy, and cinderella was happy. Two friends were happy, but it didn’t seem that they had similar problems. The difference was that Linsen and Boya actually met their families, and Linsen met Boya’s mother Princess Isabel, not to mention Boya.
From the identity, Linsen and Boya are barely right, and the Spanish royal family has always been not demanding in this respect in order to show that they are close to the people. Not only did the second princess Victoria marry the first heir to the "civilian" throne, but Wang Philip also married a civilian princess, but even so, Linsen and Boya are still in an obstacle, a sharp skin color, but they can’t avoid the problem
Racial discrimination has become a taboo in modern society, but it has been repeatedly banned even in football. Of course, the Spanish royal family is firmly opposed on the surface, but no one knows the actual attitude.
"My mother knows." Chatting Yu Boya suddenly said, "She doesn’t object."
Linsen has some accidents.
If you don’t object, you can understand two meanings, one is good news, the other is not opposed, but you don’t agree with it. This is not good news, and Boya said that her mother didn’t say the wishes of others, and she also said one thing to some extent. The third in line to the Spanish throne met Princess Linsen Isabel. Although she can’t represent everything, her opinion is particularly important.
"You told her?" Tomlinson suddenly turned and said
Boya nodded for a while and then glanced at Linsen with a crooked head. "Shouldn’t it be?"
"Why?" Lin Sen smiled. "Yes … What if she objects?"
"Then elope," Boya said lightly.
Lin Sensen ran away with a wry smile? Eloped with spanish princess? Manchester City manager eloped with spanish princess? Where to elope? Let Lin Sennai be a joke. Boya speaks as usual.
"Sometimes I go to visit in the summer," Lin Sen thought for a moment and said the tone was equally common.
Boya’s footsteps seemed to pause for a while, but they soon brightened up. She was as gentle as before.
The first day of 11 years
Like all Premier League teams, Manchester City is a great challenge for the team. Although it failed to give fans a hearty victory in the city stadium before Christmas, this time Manchester City handed over an answer that satisfied everyone. Only one goal was conceded in the three games, which was the best result among the top teams in the Premier League, second only to Manchester City, Arsenal Wenger gave two wins and one draw, and Manchester United and Chelsea did not have good results, both of which were one win, one draw and one loss. However, compared with Ferguson, who was as steady as a mountain, Ancelotti suspected that he had already sat down.
After three rounds, Manchester City still topped the list and began to widen the distance from the teams behind them. Recently, Arsenal accumulated 40 points, followed by Chelsea and Manchester United, which were 39 and 30 points respectively. However, Manchester United still missed one game. Because their make-up opponent is Blackpool, if there is an accident, Manchester United should add three points. These four teams are regarded as the first team in the Premier League at present.
It’s worth noting that Ancelotti is not the only coach who is on pins and needles. Liverpool manager Hodgson is also sitting in the crater. He has lost two of his last three games, and now Liverpool has fallen to the tenth place in the league. It’s very good to say that the gap between the leaders and the Champions League is also great. The English media has begun to help Liverpool executives screen successors.
Every season, the unlucky coach almost became one of them. Linsen can also sympathize with Hodgson. Manchester City and Liverpool are definitely in different situations. In the final analysis, it is still a word of money, just like replacing Mourinho and Benitez to replace Benitez Hodgson. In fact, Benitez didn’t get enough financial support. Benitez wanted Mascherano and Kuyt to go to Barcelona and stay in Liverpool, while Hodgson was even more desolate. Liverpool searched for a lot of players like Taobao. Unfortunately, Liverpool was called the transfer king in summer, but it was already considered that last summer’s transfer was profitable.
Although many times the paper strength is not equal to the actual combat power, if the paper strength is even lower than before, what reason do you have to expect this team to achieve better results than before?
This summer, Manchester City achieved the same profit in the transfer market, but most of them left the team during the season, but even so, just stuffing a Yaya Toure into the main team made Manchester City go through such a painful period at the beginning of the season, so it is conceivable that it was almost difficult for Hodgson to change his team, not to mention that Chelsea hooked up with his number one striker every day during the season. Of course, this is not to help Hodgson to wash his hands of his position, and it is not a matter of course that he is doomed to leave.
With the opening of the transfer market in January, Tomlinson has already met with Marwood. Besides Bijns, Tomlinson also has a name with Marwood. This person is the top star of Atletico Madrid-aguero.
Although David Silva was retained last summer, the possibility of the Spaniard leaving the team increased greatly this summer. At that time, Lin Sen will have no reason to stay in Spain. It is meaningless to force the Spaniard to stay. Lin Sen also didn’t want to fall out with the other side to find a replacement for the Spaniard. Lin Sen didn’t want to introduce aguero now, but now is the right time to start hooking up.
On January 3rd, Bijns was first made a secret offer in Manchester City. At the same time, The Manchester Evening News also published a news that surprised all Manchester City fans. Manchester City inquired about aguero, which surprised them even more. Although Atletico Madrid and the head coach denied the rumor for the first time, the words of aguero people left a trace of reverie.
"Manchester city? I don’t know that I am an Atletico player now, and I love this club, but no one can say for sure in the future. "
In a short sentence, The Manchester Evening News quickly interpreted it as the fact that aguero nodded to Manchester City. Of course, it was not so exaggerated, but knowing aguero’s trajectory, Linsen was not surprised that Atletico Madrid could not make a breakthrough in the league. Last year, Linsen finally entered the Europa League final and was stirred up by Linsen. It felt good, but it became lonely after a long time. Torres grew up from Atletico Madrid and refused Liverpool and aguero. How can he feel at ease? So from the beginning to the end, aguero has obstacles for Manchester City, including Atletico Club.
Unlike "testing the water" aguero, Manchester City’s initial offer for Bijns Million was quickly rejected by Everton, and moyers directly refused to sell it to reply that Manchester City had long had no affection for moyers during Lescott’s transfer. Marwood did not immediately make a second offer, but went directly to Italy, but Lazio boss Lotito was obviously not good. Soon Marwood returned to Manchester with a black face.
Lin Sen didn’t intervene in this transfer, not because he wanted to be the shopkeeper of cutting, but because he had more important and imminent.
The 22nd round of the Premier League Keyword Top Battle
Manchester City, the leader, challenges Arsenal, the second place in the league. To be continued.
Chapter 39 abacus
Emirates Stadium has also been translated as Emirates Stadium or Emirates Stadium, which was completed in three years and completed in six years, and it is obvious that the stadium will have an impact on Arsenal.
From the club’s point of view, this stadium is a milestone in the club’s history, so Arsenal Club has become a UEFA model club. From the head coach’s point of view, this stadium means that it needs to bear the burden of humiliation. The former gorgeous Arsenal was ridiculed by fans of other teams as "crazy for four", while from the fans’ point of view, this stadium is equivalent to feeling pain and happiness. They have to send away a captain every season, but they have never been reduced.
From this point of view, Wenger is indeed proud and deserves the pride of Arsenal fans.
Compared with Arsenal, the rise of Manchester City seems to be another extreme. It is suspected that UEFA is a thorn in the side of Manchester City. However, this time, there are more Premier League teams entering the top 16. Some Arsenal are not much better. They have won the lottery. At present, they can be regarded as the most powerful teams in Europe. Barcelona, which advocates ball control, has instantly become a major attraction.
At this time and place, neither of the two teams is lucky to sign in the Champions League, and the team will take the lead in a lose-lose game or a life-and-death game.
As this game is a grand finale, both sides have already known the results of other teams’ competitions before, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, the three closest teams, won one win and two losses. The only victory was Manchester United. They also temporarily surpassed Arsenal and came to the second place, while Chelsea broke the biggest upset in the round. They lost to the vice squad leader Wolves in the away game and gave the other team the fifth victory of the season. Liverpool once again became the focus of media attention. Because Hodgson lost a game that decided his position, he lost to Blake 1-3 away, and it was inevitable to play Arsenal in Manchester City. Before the start, Liverpool has officially announced that Hodgson will take over from others. It is no stranger to Liverpool fans that Liverpool’s former coach "Kenny the Great" Dagshley.