There was a muffled thunder outside, and the light of the carriage became dim. Su Dye bit her lip to prevent herself from overflowing, and her fingers were also severely buckled on the carriage.

Chi Mi changed her mind. She was sad and angry.
She wants to treat him humanely.
Although a little silly, I hope Chi Mi will care about and pay attention to her.
Every touch of the kite will make Sue dye the pupil feel stiff-she has some pains in her heart and slowly opens her eyes to find that the kite is closing her eyes.
Holding out a hand, Su dyed the pupil and hesitated for a moment, which will make the kite mask take off.
At this time, a flash passed by the carriage, and the vision lit up.
Sue dyed her eyes wide open. She saw the face of the kite.
At this time, the kite also opened its eyes and asked, "What, your face is not frightened?"
At this time, the kite’s eyes looked down gently at Su Dye’s pupil, and Su Dye’s pupil held the kite’s mask and was pressed by him. She didn’t escape and looked back at him.
At that time, she knew that the wolf would almost eat the kite, but she didn’t expect him to hurt so badly.
"Is that why you put on a mask?" Sue dyed pupil some remorse to ask
Make the kite enchanting hook lips and answer "yes"
Su Ran pupil didn’t show panic. He was very happy and showed joy.
"I’m sorry" Sue dyed the pupil immediately to apologize to the kite.
The kite didn’t care to say, "although you raised all those wolves, you are making it up to me now, aren’t you?" You have caused me to marry a daughter-in-law, so you can stay and pay your debts. "
When I heard Su dyed my pupil, I was completely shocked, which made Kite not care that her appearance was ruined, and she didn’t hate her, the wolf and her. What she is doing now is compensation to Kite?
Take your body as compensation?
"I don’t want to" Su Dye Pupil immediately resisted her body movement, which made the kite feel that Su Dye Pupil was resisting him, so she hugged Su Dye Pupil tightly and let her show more that everything was a dream.
"Don’t take it the wrong way. It’s your heart. Your heart stays with me. Women love me and accompany me for half a life."
At this time, Su Dye’s pupil smelled that the air was full of lotus fragrance, which made the kite really outstanding.
She is as persistent as the kite. She has been persistent for a hundred years, but in exchange for a change of heart, the kite is persistent like her.
Make the kite see Sue dye pupil silence can’t help but follow melancholy in my heart.
However, Su Dye’s staying is the happiest thing in his life.
The country of Mochi is snowing, and this carriage is gradually moving away from the country of Mochi. The more it deviates from the country of Haiguo, the snow turns into rain, and it is simply sunny.
It’s not false news that you Tang people go upstairs, but it’s true that they are going to the sea country in different ways.
The purpose is not to hide from disaster, but to go back to the sea country to store up troops and start a war another day.
It is inevitable that the war between the sea country and the Mochi country will start soon, and it has been prepared for many years.
14 Chapter 14 Curious eyes
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After ten days and nights in a carriage, and half a month in a boat, Su Ran pupil and the kite arrived at his home.
Sue dyed the pupil at the bow and looked at the Wang Yang sea in green.
So many days, Su dyed the pupil, knowing that your kite is a Chinese.
When the kite reached the realm of the sea, mysterious people appeared constantly and the kite left in a hurry after saying something.
And make the kite look like a leader. He must have enough potential.
However, from Lingyoutang to Haiguo, is this to betray Mochi country or is he not a Mochi country?
Sue dyed the pupil was lost in thought and was suddenly hugged behind her, so that the kite was put on her shoulder with a slightly cold breath and the fragrant smell of lotus flowers.
"How cold it is by the boat. Go in," said the kite.
It’s winter now. How can you still be in the limelight like this?
"I’m all right, but you seem to be very busy." Sue dyed the pupil and turned to look at the kite.
Make the kite say "I’m sorry for neglecting you" after slightly hooking its lips, and make the kite dye its pupil. This is because he didn’t spend more time with her.
Su Dye immediately shook his head and said, "Don’t say sorry, I didn’t."
On the contrary, kite doesn’t abandon her.
And the kite was overjoyed. Sue dyed the pupil and saw his half face, but he didn’t panic and stayed with him.
"Then let’s go in" made Kite change the subject.
Sue dyed the pupil and immediately nodded and made the kite hand in hand with a silver robe, a purple long skirt and two people roaring and intertwined.
In mochi country
Chi Mi has sent someone to look for Su Ran’s pupil for almost a month, but I haven’t heard from him.
Finally, he found Xiao Tian and knew that the final answer was just that Su Dyed a pupil and got a carriage. She went voluntarily.
Who knew about the carriage man?
Finally, I found a time when I couldn’t help sighing. He was the guard, Yun Zui, and after returning to Su Dye’s pupil, I knew that Su Dye’s pupil had an accident or was in danger and hurried there.
But it’s a memory of clouds drunk and pool …
Without Su Dye Pupil, there is no way to predict the future.
And Su Dye’s pupil should not be in danger during this period because his ivory is very calm.
Finally, the only thing Yun can say is that he needs to worry about the safety of Su Dye Pupil.
Make you hall people withdraw things in the former Soviet union dye pupil disappeared in the back of the pool, I have also imagined this.
Wu Xiangxiang is still alive in prison. She must be a Chinese.