That’s probably how the phantom grass appeared, which puzzled him.

Creatures that don’t belong to people do great harm to people. Europe and Anger do it as a pest. Duanmu Ming has no reason to object. Besides, she has just received harm. It’s not their ability that can threaten them. However, according to them, there are still the same workers as them, but these people are equally silent.
After their introduction, Duanmu Ming really realized that this world is really a world that most people are not familiar with, that is to say, the world of power.
After God’s descent, the awakening power has increased almost to 1% probability, but most of them are still low-level powers, which is almost negligible. Although the ratio is not large, the base is very large, and a considerable number of powerful powers are still hidden. The dark world is formed by the ancient fighters in the mountains and forests and various dark forces.
(There were hundreds of thousands of awakening powers in the world on the day of God’s descent, and since then, the awakening rate of powers has greatly increased, so future generations will call that day God’s descent.)
I wonder how far this hidden surface world, the Dark World, is from Duanmu Ming.
I looked around at six women, Duan Muming smiled, and ordinary people talked about the dark world. It was probably a joke in their eyes. What about themselves? According to their analysis, Duanmu is now qualified to enter the dark world.
-just qualified.
These questions Duan Muming doesn’t want to talk about changing some light topics. They slowly tell themselves about their experiences in metempsychosis over the years-after metempsychosis, they are all a few years older than themselves, but they have a complete memory and recovered all their abilities in just ten years. Duan Muming introduced their life and experiences over the years, and Duan Muming recognized the ordinary things. They listened with relish. When Duan Muming said that he was discriminated against by others and his eyes were stiff, his eyes became watery.
Alas, Duanmu Ming didn’t even think that any woman was really a perceptual animal! Lvses(;
Chapter VI Bath ()
It’s already late outside and I didn’t have dinner, but it’s not a problem for Duan Muming not to eat for a few days now, not to mention how many times their strength is beyond him, but she broke out in a sweat and Duan Muming definitely had to take a shower. Six women have washed in turn, leaving only one person.
"You go to rest first, and I’ll rest after the shower." Duanmuming said to six women that Europe, Angry, Qingya and Ruer soon left and returned to their two-bedroom starlight and jathyapple but did not move.
"What’s the matter?" Duan Muming asked strangely and pointed to his original room. "Why don’t you have a rest?" Starlight and jathyapple looked at each other and then both knelt in front of Duanmu Ming to "light son (moon) waits for the young master to bathe."
"It’s your turn today?" It is not surprising to read from my memory that every time I bathe, different women will serve Duan Muming.
Starlight and jathyapple nodded and Duanmu Ming shook his head. "My bathroom here is too small, and both of you are a little too crowded." He said and looked at one or two elf girls. "Starlight, it’s you today."
Two elf girls paused and then nodded yes, but Duanmu Ming still saw a trace of frustration in jathyapple’s eyes. Duanmu Ming ha ha smiled. I didn’t expect to be ignored by girls since childhood. Today, I can get the favor of so many stunning girls. If it is not good for them, I am afraid I can’t forgive myself.
Duanmuming leaned over and pulled the two elf girls up gently, and then kissed them all night. Sweet lips pulled starlight into the bathroom.
Jathyapple was startled to see his master disappear, and the back of the bathroom touched his lips and face, revealing an irresistible happiness.
"When did the young master become so gentle?" I have been hiding in the bedroom, lying under the door, secretly watching the anger and asking, "I remember that the young master was very cold before, even if he was kind to us, he would not show it."
"It may be caused by the young master’s experience." Qingya is still fiddling with her just assembled brain, but this time it is playing games.
"Do you like the cold and powerful young master or this silly but gentle young master?" Ruer asked quietly while arranging Duanmu’s bed in the living room. "Or let you choose which one you will choose?"
The four girls in the room didn’t speak again. After a moment of silence, Europe suddenly said, "Reason tells me that I should choose a powerful young master, but my heart tells me that I prefer a gentle and silly young master." His four girls looked at each other and smiled in unison. They thought the same thing.
Speaking of Duanmu Ming, it’s still good for me. A bathroom that’s not too big also has a big bathtub. Usually, I go to it. Although the bubbles are not big, it’s just right for Duanmu Ming to take off Duanmu Ming’s clothes with a red face and then take off my clothes.
Although Duan Muming was satisfied with his "figure" before, it didn’t depend on other people’s eyes, but in the face of such a stunning woman and such a well-proportioned figure, her skin was more radiant than snow, and she felt a little inferior, so she should look at her belly and jump into the bathtub quickly.
It’s not much to add Duanmu Ming to the place. He’s a little nervous. He didn’t fall into the bathtub steadily. Fortunately, the bath water had been put away early in the bathtub, or his ass would have suffered. Starlight looked at Duanmu Ming’s mess and he couldn’t help laughing, but the horse’s face changed and he knelt down. Tunnel "handmaiden damn it, please punish the young master."
"hmm? Punishment? What’s the matter? You didn’t do anything? " Duan Muming asked strangely, and then came to wait on my concubine starlight. It was rude to laugh at myself just now. Plus, the demon and ghost circles in their previous lives were so cold that they immediately knelt down in fear.
Thinking of this, Duanmu Mingma came out of the bathtub and lifted the starlight on his knees. "You are not so stiff after nothing. I am not the former me, but I am very generous!" Duanmuming exaggerated tone and sent a pse to amuse the starlight again.
"If you really want me to punish you, I will punish you …" Duanmu Ming looked out of the corner of his eye and became nervous again. "I will punish you for rubbing my back well!"
Starlight couldn’t help but chuckle again. "Master, this is my duty."
Oh … Duanmu Ming is ugly again, but since she is a woman of her own, it’s not so hard to think about it.
"Come on, then, or I’ll be soaked in the water for a while."
Starlight smiled irrepressibly again, picked up the towel in her hand, knelt outside the bathtub and gently wiped Duanmu Ming’s back for a few times. She showed an awkward expression and finally pretended that "Master, you have changed a lot."
"Are you? Maybe this is the real me … "I didn’t expect my previous life to be such a failure, but how did Duan Muming feel that his previous life should be almost as cold as it is now (except in battle)? What’s the catch? But he won’t know if he gets a little incomplete memory. Duanmu Ming knows that now he will never want to be like in his previous life.
Duanmuming is lying in the bathtub, squinting and enjoying the stunning beauty. He swings around in his mind without thinking about whether he is still enjoying the limp and numb bursts with his own body. Perhaps the starlight has indeed received extremely professional training, which has made his body and spirit absolutely relaxed.
Starlight also quickly came to kneel in front of Duanmu Ming in the bathtub. He carefully wiped every part of his body because the bathtub was small. Duanmu Ming crossed his legs. Starlight almost knelt on his legs, and Duanmu Ming’s younger brother was also rippling in the water. From time to time, he also "curiously" touched a slim jade leg that he had never seen before, which made Starlight’s mind ripple.
Just when Duanmu Ming was upset and hot, he suddenly felt that his body had entered a warm and humid place. A wave of words and expressions hit my nerves. When I looked down, the starlight actually put myself in the mouth. Her lilac soft tongue licked it gently and her mouth cleaned him carefully bit by bit.
A rush of joy quickly washed away Duan Muming’s weak defense line, and he quickly surrendered himself and felt a little embarrassed.
Gollum a starlight will swallow something in his mouth and wink at it like silk. "Master, your ability has not been advanced yet. Once you regain your former ability, you will be free." Starlight blushed and bowed his head.
"Depend! Do I still have one ten thousandth of this ability? " Duanmuming’s heart roars. That bird man is really a spoof! So I am not a "quasi" eunuch?
Who’s afraid of who! I’m so angry with this rotten pig’s foot that I’m not a direct eunuch!
Just as Duanmu Ming was full of anger, he leaned against his starlight and seemed to see it. He smiled gently. "Young Master’s real body has a double cultivation method, but he has not mastered it for the time being … and his sisters will be conducive to the recovery of young master’s strength." Although it is gone, she was nervous when she first came into contact with Duanmu Ming, but the shyness of girls is always inevitable.