Even ze smiled and bowed down from the salute and laughed. "I refer to chapter 146 of Hanyang Wangdian 146 hostages.

Xu Yiyun hasn’t seen Hanyang King, but it’s well known that he fought with the king of glass. I didn’t expect to meet each other here and lay out such a position. It’s not a good thing that Xu Yiyun couldn’t help but feel a shock in his heart and lean toward Lianze.
Hanyang Wang Yangtian laughed with a whip and sneered, "Lian Ze Lian Fang Zhou’s brother, Wang Hahahaha, is really lucky. I didn’t expect to meet you here!"
Even ze laughed, "Your Majesty has something to say, but I’m not too white."
"You are not white!" King Hanyang sneered coldly. "You need to come with us. It will be interesting to see how much Lian Fangzhou and Li Fu value you! Don’t try to resist you, ten or twenty people will never be able to fight against the king’s Qinbing! It’s not just Li Fucai who knows how to train pro-guards! "
In order to train a reliable and trusted bodyguard, Hanyang Wang spent a few dollars, and the effect is naturally visible.
Even the heart sank, and the worst and most unwilling thing happened!
He laughed. "Please forgive me, sir. I’m still in a hurry to go back to Nanhai County. I won’t go there for the time being! Please also ask the prince to borrow a way! "
Hanyang Wang Lian sneered coldly. "Don’t you pretend to understand the king’s words? Even if you pretend you don’t understand, it’s not! Even Ze can blame yourself for your bad luck! "
Imagine that Lian Fangzhou and Li Fu knew that Lian Ze and his wife had fallen into their own hands. Hanyang Wang couldn’t help laughing again. They didn’t think of it, did they? Even if he can’t finish the comeback, he has saved a game!
Even ze don’t angry still laughed "report what does this mean? If we don’t want to go with your majesty, is your majesty going to be strong? Hehe, the prince has always been gentle and jade-like, but when did the virtuous king turn into a mountain king and do things that are difficult for others! "
In front of many relatives, Hanyang Wang couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed, not to mention that others were himself. Comparing himself with the past, he felt uncomfortable in his heart!
"Shut up!" The king of Hanyang became angry from embarrassment, pointing to Lian Ze and Xu Yiyun and folded, "Get it for the king! Grasp the work! "
The pro-guards are loud and clear, and they should have pranced to raise their swords and beheaded them.
Lian Ze hugged Xu Yiyun with a big drink and quickly retreated a few meters away, keeping her firmly beside him and whispered, "Don’t be afraid of the cloud!"
Xu Yiyun pale nodded and murmured, "I bring trouble to you again! I have troubled you again! "
Even ze shook his head and smiled. Some people have raised their swords to fight together for a moment.
Bing Mei and Bing Lv were scared out of control and screamed loudly, which had already been thrown aside by Wang Qinwei of Hanyang.
It’s just two girls. No one will pay more attention.
Even Ze’s side is only surrounded by a dozen people in Hanyang Wang Qinwei, but thirty or forty people are flashing swords, screaming and screaming, screaming and screaming, which makes people tremble with fear.
Seeing that Lian Ze’s entourage was injured and besieged by one of their own, it will soon be overwhelmed. The king of Hanyang felt a lot of haha ? ? in his chest. "Lian Ze! Surrender of equipment, Wang Rao, spare your slaves’ lives, or none of them will live except you two! If you still have a little affection for them, stop it! "
This is not only a threat but also a provocation.
Lian Ze sneered and shouted, "Then try it. I won’t let you get what you want!"
Hanyang Wang Qi called out, "Very good! Wang will be interesting to see how long you can get it! Give me a hand kill! "
"ah! Your majesty! Wang Ye! " Princess Hanyang’s sharp panic call suddenly made everyone Zheng.
Hand slightly stagnated even ze people grabbed the opportunity to quickly rush out of the tight encirclement and gathered around him. A dozen people became a whole, and they stared around with vigilance.
See Luo Guang led four people I don’t know when I caught Princess Hanyang. At this moment, the sword in Luo Guang’s hand is in the vest of Princess Hanyang. Four people are wary of staring around to prevent someone from plotting against others.
Hanyang princes and relatives looked at each other for a moment and didn’t know whether to continue.
King Hanyang’s cheek muscles twitched severely, and his lips moved lightly and low. I don’t know what he scolded. His face was horribly cold, rain or shine.
Even ze couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The people moved their steps while defending Luo Guang. Several people joined together and laughed. "There are so many pro-guards who follow the report. It is obvious that a person who values love and righteousness probably won’t watch the princess die in our hands, regardless, right? Wang Ye is really sorry for offending! "
You!’ Hanyang Wang suddenly glared at Lian Ze’s eyes, and he couldn’t wait for a fire to burn him to ashes!
What is this? What? He values affection and righteousness, and what? He won’t watch the princess die!
Even ze sneer at in my heart with this. If he really orders people to shoot these pro-guards, can they not give birth to other thoughts? After all, dear guards, can he be closer than the princess? He doesn’t even know Princess Gu Kuang. Someone else?
"mean!" Hanyang king hate scold a way in the heart hate just lost his head in joy at the moment and didn’t even notice that Luo Guang was there! I cann’t believe someone stabbed him in the back!
"This is just learning from your report!" Even ze smiled. "Why don’t you say that when the report wants us to threaten my sister’s brother-in-law? Don’t these means have high above, noble report, you can’t we ordinary people! "
The king of Hanyang looks even uglier in a few minutes, while some people in Lianze can’t help laughing.
Xu Yiyun couldn’t help smiling, but she caught a glimpse of the two fallen maids in the corner of her eye and could not help but worry again.
She can’t ask Lian Ze, Luo Guang and others what her two maids have to pay. However, Bing Mei and Bing Lv have been with her for so many years, how can she bear to watch them killed?
"I have no malicious report Jian want to ask the princess to give us a ride! Please also ask Wang Yecheng! " Even ze one eyebrow coldly say
The thumb and forefinger whimpered and scattered around, and the horses rushed up with their necks back and screams.
"Put the princess! You can go! " King Hanyang glanced coldly at the limp ice plum and green plum, and said coldly, "Even Mr. Zhong is a person who values love and righteousness. You won’t watch these two maids die in vain, will you?"
Xu Yiyun couldn’t help but turn pale. "Ah!" A bit his lip dare not out of chapter 1463 1463 surprised the horse.
Ice plum, ice green also blanched at one another and couldn’t help shivering, and there was no cry for help.
In this situation, how can they complain even if they don’t save them?
Don’t want to even ze wanted to think was a nod and laughed "good! All the princes retreated fifty meters. Shall we exchange princes? "
King Hanyang stared at Lian Ze for a moment and sneered, "Good Wang xin!"
"Horse!" Even ze yelled at everyone, and all the pro-guards retreated with a wave of his hand.
Ice plum and ice green were let go, breathing deeply and shaking for several times before they helped each other to get up and walked forward with help.
Lian Ze’s two men jumped out of the horse and Ramallo Guang pushed Princess Hanyang away from the horse at the same time.