As long as Xu Er can remember, he knew that he had a wife who knew that his daughter-in-law should be called "mother-in-law", although he didn’t know what "wife" was at that time, and he didn’t know what the name "mother-in-law" meant.

How old is it when you can remember? Two years old? Three years old? He knows this for himself!
It seems that someone once asked him about his daughter-in-law. How did he answer this question?
He said, "Daughter-in-law just plays with her and makes her happy. When she is sick and unhappy, she should accompany her when she cries, coax her to have something delicious for her, give her whatever she wants for fun, and protect her. Whoever dares to bully her will help her bully back!"
Then he asked people to laugh and his mother-in-law was so happy that she hugged him and praised him as a "good son-in-law"
In fact, Xu’s son is not very white. What’s the pleasure of his mother-in-law because her mother-in-law taught him all these words?
Mother said that her mother-in-law was very close to her elders, and she had to listen to her words.
So he took it for granted and has been doing it.
So he doesn’t like being touched by others, but he only endures her meeting and pulls his sleeve to call him "Brother Xu". He’s a neat freak. Except when he is practicing martial arts, he can endure mud, and she cries tears, tugging at his sleeve to wipe away tears.
She giggled and dragged him with her, and so did he.
He even silently endured when she wanted to eat candied fruit in a small shop, and stood behind the queue …
And familiar with others knows that this kind of thing is his most boring!
In late autumn, the sky is clear and bright, and the sun shines through the thin clouds, which makes people’s hearts bright.
There was a chrysanthemum banquet in Liujun Wangfu, and the guests were crowded.
This is the first year that Lian Fangzhou, Li Fu and others returned to Beijing, and they held a special banquet for the princess of the county, so that they could enjoy the chrysanthemums and enjoy the holidays. Secondly, Lian Fangzhou could quickly integrate into the circle of middle-level ladies in Beijing.
After all, times have changed for many years, and many things have changed, and the imperial concubine in the palace wants to be queen without the support of the dignitaries in the DPRK, which is a good way to open the gap
If you go to dinner elsewhere, Xu Er won’t go with her mother, but it’s natural to go to her fiancee’s house.
At the age of seven, he has developed a good posture because of martial arts. He is tall and strong, with five facial features showing heroic spirit, thick eyebrows, high nose and good tolerance. It can be seen that he must be a handsome man when he grows up.
Because his background is higher than his parents’ starting point, he looks more mysterious and charming because he is full of noble temperament and a little cold and lonely.
He was very patient because he went to his father-in-law’s house for dinner today, so his mother ordered someone to dress him.
Pure white flowers, brocade round neck robes, sapphire sleeves, arrows, scarlet sleeves, white jade belt fabrics and first-class robes embroidered with gold and blue Swiss grass and Coriolus versicolor patterns are extremely delicate and gorgeous.
The hair is high at the top of the head, wearing a pearl hairpin and tassel crown, and the face is more and more clear and handsome.
Even Fang Zhou sat there drinking tea and saw the nurse give her baby a crown. When the little guy frowned, he still endured without saying anything and couldn’t help but feel happy.
Even Fang Zhou sighed in his heart that this little guy, like his father, never paid much attention to these decorations. It’s okay to wear clothes that are comfortable and clean. It’s absolutely impossible to talk about good looks and add burden.
However, the husband is just reluctant. What kind of mother doesn’t like to dress up her baby handsomely and give him the best?
Now the Li family is not only conditional but very, very conditional! But baby doesn’t like it.
If he hadn’t gone to his parents-in-law’s house today, he wouldn’t be wearing this suit honestly!
Even fangzhou is relieved and a little bit sour. The little guy is more promising than his father. He knows how to please his daughter-in-law at such a young age …
She was imagining things. When the nurse tried to put a crystal white jade of suet on his waist, the little guy finally forbeared to cry "Mother!"
With dissatisfaction in the tone.
The destitution couldn’t help laughing, too, with Yu Pei in his hand, and he looked at Lian Fangzhou there.
Even Fang Zhou gave a smile "! Don’t take it without it! My son doesn’t rely on these things to keep up appearances! My son was born good! "
"That’s right!" The nurse also laughed. "Who doesn’t like the appearance of a gentleman?"
"Mom, let’s go!" Little guy frowned slightly simply interrupted
Even fangzhou and destitution couldn’t help smiling.
"Let’s go! Your father-in-law may be anxious! " Even Fang Zhou got up and walked out with a smile. Xu Er followed her.
It’s not that she doesn’t want to be intimate, holding hands with her baby, and the girls are kissing and going out.
However, four years ago, when he and she walked together, they resolutely refused to let her hold hands. He said that he was no longer a child!
Even Fang Zhou, despite his madness and disdain for his words, could not beat him.
She swore that Er would teach him well and never let him follow in his brother’s footsteps.
By the way, adopted children can’t always help others raise their families, can they? Eldest son has become a "other woman and man". Second son must belong to her as a mother at least before she changes.
Otherwise, how can she be pregnant in October and suffer?
Even Fang Zhou and Bi Tao have adopted daughters, and Xu Er rode beside the carriage.
This horse was specially brought to him by Yong Wang from the northwest. This kind of horse is well-proportioned, strong and explosive, but it is resistant to long distances, especially for its short stature, which is suitable for riding at Xu Er’s age.
A group of people surrounded by guards opened the way and left for the county palace.
Passers-by saw such a handsome, noble and handsome man, Xiao Langjun rode skillfully, but he was so comfortable and beautiful that he raised eyebrows and made small comments.
It’s no wonder that someone can see the emblem of the carriage and tell everyone that they suddenly realize it! It turned out to be Duke Hou of Weining!
The guards and servants are proud, one by one, holding their heads up and holding out their chests, but Xu Er is arrogant and indifferent, as if everyone is not like him. The more so, the more they attract people to be fascinated and admire. 1587 Chapter 1587 Jealousy.
Peach lifted the car curtain and took a glance at the corner. I couldn’t help but sip my lips and say with smile, "Gentleman, this elegant demeanor is more and more outstanding! If it takes a few years, I don’t know how many boudoir women will pursue it! Fortunately, his wife can be less concerned about his engagement! "
Even Fang Zhou took a glance at the outside and laughed. "Speaking of which, I wonder why this little guy doesn’t even say a word all day and doesn’t like to talk to people. Why is it so conspicuous?" When I was in the South China Sea, it was even worse to return to Beijing now! "
Is it true that the whole world has a tendency to be abused? Or has the world changed? Icebergs are more popular?