"Then talk" Hu phlogistic che pull her tightly around his neck hand cold way

He doesn’t believe it. He can’t cure her?
"Blare … you bully me you bully me! I gave birth to a child for you, and you still bully me like this … You will get what you deserve! " Yuan Gungun cried and howled at the top of his voice.
"My karma came early, or else how could I have married you?" Yan Yan said with a laugh.
It’s karma, it’s disaster … Otherwise, how could he choose this woman to love without choosing anyone?
Yuan Gungun one leng immediately cried even bigger and smaller fist greeted him "then divorce! Blare … Anyway, I don’t remember anything now. Let’s get divorced! "
Yan Yan grabbed her hand and said, "Stop it."
"Who is divorcing you?" Yuan Gungun broke away from his muzzle and continued to wave his little fist to greet him on the shoulder.
"Yuan Gungun, you’d better stop." Yan Yanche once again caught her restless little paw voice was a little low.
"Didn’t you say that marrying me is karma? Then divorce! After the divorce, I don’t want anything. "Yuan Gungun cried with tears all over his face, and what was the sour feeling in his heart that he wanted to vent.
Yan Yanche’s forehead veins stood out because of her words. He tried to throw her to bed. Before she could react, she slapped her hip hard. It was very crisp.
Yuan Gungun froze in pain and couldn’t believe it. Look at the man who abused her. "You … you hit me."
"Why? Too few slaps? " Black inflammation with a frown cold way
Yuan Gungun looked at him with a stabbing pain in his hip. He was cold and afraid to make trouble again. He buried his face in the pillow and cried.
Yan Yanche looked at her slightly red palm and pulled her down. Her pillow was lightly asked, "Does it hurt?"
Yuan Gungun sobbed and nodded his head, which was pitiful.
"Didn’t I say stop that now? When did you become so disobedient? "Yan Yan wiped away her tears and reached out and rubbed her hips gently.
Yuan Gungun looked at his wronged tears and cried and meowed "Who told you that marrying me is karma …"
"Who told you to make trouble all the time?" Yan Yanche wiped her tears and rubbed her.
"I don’t care! If you hit me, you are wrong. "Yuan Gungun cried. A pair of tearful and charming water eyes looked at him sadly, and her lips pursed slightly. She didn’t even realize that she was coquetry with him.
Yan Yan Che looked at her and couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to caress her delicate and lovely face.
"Well, I was wrong. Stop crying."
Yuan Gungun gently snorted and murmured, "There is no sincerity at all."
Yan Yan Che slightly reminded the corners of her mouth because of her lovely expression.
"That how to have the sincerity? I’ll call you there, too? "
Yuan Gungun looked at him with a rare light smile and blushed unwillingly. "No … don’t …"
"Well, then," Yan Yan thought for a moment and bowed his head and covered her soft lips.
Yuan Gungun stared at the handsome face suddenly enlarged.
Yan Yan came to hold Doby’s mood, but when he lipped her, he found that he wanted more than Doby, and he couldn’t stand what she wanted any more.
"Well …" Yuan Gungun gently crooned like a feather and swept away his burning heart, which made him even more agitated.
It’s only a few seconds for him to control himself and invade her lips eagerly. He hasn’t tasted the beauty that belongs to her for too long … He hasn’t felt this excitement since she left.
"No … um …" It’s not good to kiss Yuan. His offensive has already fallen apart. She didn’t resist his kissing, but she followed his pace.
"Rolling …" Hu phlogistic against her lips gently call way.
Yuan Gungun was so emotional that his bones were crisp when he shouted. She never thought that such a overbearing and cold man would call her name like this. It felt so good.
Chapter 148 Is it difficult to answer?
While kissing her, Yan Yanche stretched out his hand to pull her out of the way pajamas, and Yuan Gungun was stripped naked like a newborn baby in half an hour.
"Don’t …" Yuan Gungun’s hands are wrapped around his chest and his face is blushing, and even she herself feels that this sentence is not convincing.
"If I want it, you will want it." When Yan Yanche didn’t give her too much shyness
"No … there …"
"Well …" Yuan Gungun was a little uneasy and twisted his head. The strong offensive had faded away and she slowly responded to him unconsciously.
Yan Yan gasped and looked at her wronged little face with hazy purple eyes.
Yuan Gungun was stiff and had already cried.
Yan Yanche felt tightly wrapped by her, and the warmth and tightness made him almost crazy, but he stopped moving because of her pain. He remembered that he always remembered that she was afraid of pain.
"Shh … don’t cry"
"It hurts ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"You are still so delicate." Yan Yan smiled and kissed her tears with pity.
"It hurts …" Yuan Gungun pursed his mouth and looked at him with watery eyes.
It doesn’t really hurt that much, but it’s so gentle. His gentle expression makes her so tempted that she unconsciously scatters jiao and wants him to cherish more.