"Ha ha, let’s go and have a look first." Han Chen got up and walked in that direction with a faint smile.

When the arm shakes, the royal magic golden gun appears and the whole body is pumped into the royal magic golden gun. Han Chen will throw it at that corner.
Soon the corner where the stone chips were flying was smashed out of a hole by the royal magic golden gun, which happened to be entered by a person.
"Ha ha, let’s go in" responded Han Chen put away the royal magic golden gun and looked at the sky blue when it was a step.
"This guy" saw Han Chen so sky-blue mouth cock, but after seeing Han Chen’s body entering the hole, she was also bullet-biting and drilled into Chapter Three hundred and twenty.
This is a strange, it is composed of layers of strange energy crystal walls filled with a rather docile energy gas.
Hum …
A burst of Weng Ran rang out and immediately two figures appeared like ghosts. This pair of eyes stared at everything around curiously.
"Where is this?" Feel this energy fluctuation of the earth. Han Chen’s face changes. Breathe slowly. Those gentle energy gases enter his whole body along his pores and constantly refine his limbs.
"Good pure energy" muttered sky blue face is also a bit weird.
"These energy gases are the most pure without any impurities. It seems that this piece is formed by a strong man." Han Chen’s face is full of smiles when he sweeps the soul force across this piece and slowly observes the situation here.
"Shout" slowly spit out a sigh of relief. Han Chen’s face is full of smiles. Just look at the sky blue and say, "The energy in it is very pure. If you absorb it from the sky blue, you will be able to successfully break through to four realms."
"Oh?" Hearing Han Chen say this, the blue face was full of joy that day.
"Sister Tianlan, let’s practice here for a few days now. After the energy is absorbed here, you can be promoted to the middle stage of the soul-setting quadruple, and I can also rely on this to be promoted to the soul-setting quadruple." Han Chen smiled indifferently and rubbed his hands with excitement.
"Ha ha, then let’s do it." Seeing Han Chen’s sky blue face is also a smile when he sits cross-legged and enters the state of uniting.
Seeing the sky blue uniting Han Chen is also a cool smile. When the mind moves, the small inflammation shape also appears in front of Han Chen.
"Little fellow, now you also absorb some energy. Although you are now the peak of the five-ring beast soul, there are advantages and disadvantages in the five-ring peak." Even more so with a faint smile on Han Chen’s face.
"Master, these small inflammations of energy are also very needed, so I’m welcome." Feeling those pure small inflammations of energy is also a little excited, and then it is suspended in the sky to absorb those energies.
See Xiaoyan so crazy to absorb the energy Han Chen also couldn’t help laughing when also cross legs practice quickly.
"Call" slowly spit out a sigh of relief Han Chen at this time has finished convergence mind into a state.
At this time, Han Chen’s pores expanded, a little bit of energy gas differentiated, and then entered Han Chen’s pores and continuously integrated into his limbs to strengthen his body.
And this kind of material that absorbs a mysterious drop of energy like liquid in Han Chen’s body is slowly condensing and forming, and this is the so-called soul element
Each layer of the soul-congealing realm will condense into a soul element, but before Han Chen, it was still the early stage of soul-congealing, so the soul element of other bodies did not condense and form, but after absorbing this energy, Han Chen also found that the soul element had begun to take shape.
After about half an hour, Han Chen also quickly woke up from the state of uniting, and his eyes were bright and he looked around at the thinning energy. Han Chen also responded with a cool smile.
Of course, Han Chen can absorb a little more energy here, but he didn’t do so. As a result, he has just been promoted to a heavy soul. If he breaks through again with these energies soon, it will definitely have an impact on the post-promotion, and it will also have a dependence on the energy gas here. Secondly, if he forcibly rises to the realm with the help of external energy, it will definitely have a self-attack on the body.
Quietly there Han Chen looked up at Xiaoyan and saw that the little guy was surrounded by small eddies, and the suction of the earth suddenly came out, and those energy gases were constantly sucked into Xiaoyan.
About ten minutes in the past, Xiaoyan’s whole body suction suddenly disappeared, and Xiaoyan was also satisfied. When yelling, he turned a bit of time into Han Chen’s eyebrows.
"Hehe, it seems that the teacher elder sister Tianlan has gained a lot this time." Han Chen smiled indifferently and felt the rising breath of Tianlan, which was also a smile.
"Let me help you." The corners of the mouth slightly lift Han Chen’s mind, and a Dan medicine appears in his hand. This is a four-Dan medicine, which washes the marrow and removes impurities. Of course, Han Chen also knows that her strength will rise after the sky blue absorbs the energy here, but when she comes, she will be worried about refining those heterogeneous energies.
Indifferently, with the help of the pulp washing Dan, this situation will never happen.
Hum …
A purple flame suddenly appeared in Han Chen’s palm, and when those energy gases came into contact with the purple flame in Han Chen’s palm, they were evaporated.
The purple flame is beating like an elf, and its teeth are bared like a demon.
With a flick of your fingertips, the pulp-washing pill is the pill in the palm of Han Chen’s hand. When it comes into contact with the purple flame, it is also evaporated by a piece of gas energy. However, Han Chen’s soul force package is also quickly condensed into a fist-sized energy fog suspended in front of Han Chen.
Will purple deep and remote shenhuo income body Han Chen face move when is the energy fog body to the science of uniting the sky blue eyebrows slowly.
The sudden fluctuation of the earth’s drug power is to enter the sky blue body.
And with the help of Han Chen’s pulp washing Dan, Han Chen also suddenly heard the sound of "om" and then the sky blue breath suddenly rose.
Soul-setting quadruple
"It seems that the teacher elder sister Tianlan also knows that this thing can’t be absorbed more." Hey hey smile Han Chen quietly waiting for Tianlan to wake up.
After a few minutes, the sky blue suddenly opened its eyes, and the whole body suddenly rose, and the breath of the earth would also die. Han Chen felt a little trembling in his heart.