"Dad so hard to make money is not you have a good condition? You should have a hard time with your father! " It seems to her that Xinghai is wrong to do so, because she can see Mr. Jiang’s mood. Anyway, he must be good at Xinghai.

"Then why don’t you accept all this?" He didn’t accept her point of view and turned to ask her.
"Because it’s not me, dad, you’re the only one. Are you going to ask dad to work for a generation? You are not young! " She promised Mr. Jiang that she would persuade Xinghai well, even if Xinghai disliked her, she had to say it.
"He is not with you again? You can do it for me, right? Even if I ask you to stay, "his heart may not know where it went long ago, but it is not that she can pull it back in a few words."
"Dad has told me that you all misunderstood this condition because I have no power. I am not interested in Jiang Gu things, but even if I am not around you, I am still your sister Jiang Gu’s daughter will come back to bother you at any time." She never thought Xinghai was rich and had to rely on him!
"I know you are not a miser, but I really can’t bear to part with you. How many times will you believe me? I really hope you can stay with us forever, not for money to win you over." He said this with great sincerity.
"all right! How many times do I have to tell you to believe that I’m telling the truth and that I will always be Jiang’s daughter? But big brother, you must give me a vacation. This is my necessary freedom of life. "Hey, I call him big brother. If he still doesn’t believe her, then she is really talking."
"Well, we’ll make a deal. Remember to show me the photos of Chenyang and them." Huang Tian finally believed her if he helped those who helped him.
"Of course, you can go with me. Everyone of them is fine." Chennuo always thought that Chenyang and them should know a Xinghai, so they would be more at ease.
"I know, but I have this vacation and he has arranged it, and you must not interfere with my freedom of life!" There was a subtle change in his face at a certain moment, and he almost rebuffed Chennuo’s invitation.
"White! Then can you show them one of your photos? In this way, they can also know who my friends are in big letters, otherwise it is not good for me to explain when I go back! " Isn’t that too much to ask?
"I’ll talk about it when the time comes! Now I’ll take you to see the haunted house. "He still refused to let her think too much. He changed the subject.
She nodded without fear when she saw him looking at her competitively.
"Be careful when you walk. Don’t disturb my skeleton friends. They need a rest, too!" He wakes her up and walks carefully. She feels like a treasure hunt. Whatever she says, she always feels that the gas here is very thin.
"There is no road here. How do you know where to go?" She finally couldn’t help asking questions.
"Why? Afraid of encountering’ ghost hitting the wall’? Then look at the bones. You can’t go wrong. "Xinghai deliberately teased her when she saw that she was not so afraid, and she ignored it to find fresh air as soon as possible.
Chapter 40 Warm haunted house
After a while, the air gradually warmed up and suddenly became clear.
"Come out and let me see you. Why didn’t you have any fear just now? Is it possessed by a ghost? " Xinghai said cautiously
"I haven’t done anything wrong. Why are you timid? Besides, I am a ghost! Unlucky ghost "
"Don’t you know that girls are timid and most likely to make boys feel excited?"
"Of course I know, but I can’t! And it’s not for you. I’m not going to let you move. "Chennuo said quietly.
"Why do you say such a thing? I’ll kill you and bury you. No one will come here anyway. I’m curious that you’re not afraid of anything!" Dizzy! Which law stipulates that girls must be afraid when they see skeletons?
"I said I was a ghost! (born unlucky! )”
"How do I feel you are a troublemaker? Ok, let’s go to the haunted house! "
"OK, be careful of your own bravery!" Chennuo said without losing.
"I’m sure it’s okay, Xiaonuo. Have you been depressed?"
"Why do you want to check my background? Don’t try to understand me because you can’t understand it. Even if you do, how can you understand it? Even if you understand, you still can’t accept it. "
"I don’t know and I’m too lazy to think about it. I hope you can live a better life. It’s a hard road. Give me your hand!" Chennuo hesitated for a moment or put her hand in his palm and touched it instantly. She felt his body tremble. Because her hand was almost cold, even she felt quite scary. But it was still n years later that she was going to do ghosts. His hand was very hot, and she was thinking inexplicably that a good haunted house was just around the corner.
It’s not as scary as its name. It’s a few abandoned cave houses. It feels like thick grass grows in the front yard of the house, but the branches around the house have withered and many birds have stopped.
"Aren’t you tired? Lie down and have a rest! I am not interested in stunted girls! " Xinghai deliberately teased her anger.
"I won’t be interested in being an old man!" Chennuo gently lay on the grass and the grass gave off a mysterious fragrance, which reminded her of the place where she grew up, closed her eyes and recalled that she had hoped that there was nothing better to enjoy in this world.
"hey! Don’t worry about enjoying it! This is called a haunted house! "