No matter what you say about the ice pupil, you don’t turn your head to see her. Nai got up and said to her, "If so, I’ll send someone to send you back tomorrow." After saying this sentence, I feel like I have more hands on my waist. I look at you with tears on my face.

Bingtong smiled a real smile. She just said that on purpose just to see how the tryst with Ta was going. She slowly squatted down to hug Ta You and said, "Ta Guai, this time, my sister didn’t apologize to you and forgive her, okay?"
"Sister, don’t throw the tower alone again, okay? Ta will be afraid, "Ta You cried." Good sister promised you never to leave Ta alone again. Don’t cry again, okay? " Ice pupil some love dearly said
"Well, don’t cry, sister, and don’t cry." You wiped your tears, then wiped your tears for Bing Pupil, who looked at her and smiled.
"Princess, what are you going to do about this?" When it was so touching, after saying such a sentence, Bing Pupil couldn’t help but give him a white look, but he still said, "You should arrange a press conference at ten o’clock in the afternoon."
"Call a press conference? Europe, what are you going to do? " Han Yin asked puzzled.
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Chapter one hundred and fifty Rename
"Call a press conference? Europe, what are you going to do? " Han Yin asked puzzled.
"Soon you will know" ice pupil evil smiled and said’ hum! How dare you imprison me? I will definitely make you pay the price.’ Ice Pupil looked outside and said that others were puzzled. After seeing Ice Pupil look outside, everyone looked, but it was endless darkness.
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Four families
"What should I do now?" The night elder went to the elder Yumo and asked Zhai Yu. They also looked at the elder Yumo. Everyone looked at him. "Hey!" Rain devoted to the elders sighed and then sat on the sofa.
"What does Grandpa do now?" Cai Yu walked up to his grandfather and asked, "I didn’t expect her to be the president of that multinational company!" Are we really doing something wrong? " Rain devoted to the elders chagrin said
His words made everyone lost in thought. Yes! No one thought that Bing Tong, who was so weak at the beginning, would now be the president of that mysterious company! I’m afraid they won’t get any benefits if they have to confront the ice pupil.
"Now we can sit tight and see what Pupil wants." She came out and said, "Actually, we can’t make a move on them now, or Bing Pupil doesn’t know what she will do."
After hearing you say that, others will no longer say anything, and now there is such a way.
Elder Yu Mo looked up at the outside and thought that if it weren’t for that, maybe Pupil would help his family to be stronger! Until now, the rain stranger elder thought it was chilling that the interests were not felt! ! ! ! ! !
Ice pupil and they look at the same sky, but they think differently. Maybe two people will not get any good results even if they are together.
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"Shit, shit" ran into the place where the four elders lived with the newspaper in the early morning, only to see a large group of people there, who were twisting their heads and looking at the late arrival.
"What are you doing in such a hurry?" You asked, "Did you read today’s newspaper and call a press conference once again?" You ran to them with a newspaper and said, "We knew it." Sitting on the sofa, Yu Yu came up with a cool sentence.
"What? Do you know? " Yun Yun was surprised and said that Xu Xu didn’t like this kind of porcelain Xuan. He stepped aside and played the TV. Indeed, it was the ice pupil who wanted to temporarily call a press conference to report.
"How did this happen?" Xi Xi sat on the sofa and asked, "It seems that this press conference will never be that simple. I wonder what she really wants to do?" Caiyu looked at the camera and said
"No matter what she wants to do, she should be inseparable from us," said Yu Mo, the elder. When she heard him speak, she found that there were still four people sitting there, but it is no wonder that he ran so hard just now and didn’t see it.
"Let’s go and have a look," said Li Yu, and then everyone took one look at him, then got up and walked towards the door, but he didn’t know what was going on, and his heart always felt uneasy like something big was going to happen.
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"What do you think evansy suddenly called a press conference for?" A reporter looked at himself and asked others.
"I don’t know what should be important to announce!" The person asked said
"Look, evansy is coming." I don’t know who suddenly shouted. Then everyone got up and looked back. Sure enough, they saw Han Yin, the ice pupil, slowly coming from the car.
All the reporters swarmed and bodyguards on both sides rushed to the ice pupil, and many people poured out from all directions on both sides. They also rushed to the ice pupil to open the way for her.
After everyone’s efforts, the ice pupil finally went to the designated position and sat beside her in the tower.
"evansy, why did you suddenly call a press conference? I don’t even know." lynh went to sit next to Bing Pupil and asked.
"I’m sorry lynh didn’t tell you beforehand that I didn’t apologize to you, but I hope you don’t say anything when I do something today," Bing said, looking at him.
Lynh didn’t smile when she saw the ice pupil face, and she didn’t say anything anymore because he knew that the ice pupil would make everyone touch the law. You know, volcanic eruptions are very powerful
"Everybody be quiet, everybody be quiet." lynh got up and said when she saw that the number was about the same.
Sure enough, everyone stopped talking and looked at them after hearing what lynh said.
"Now let’s stop. evansy has something to say." lynh looked at the ice pupil and said.