I don’t believe it. Even if he’s not alone after school today, isn’t it time to be alone? When we get stuck, we’ll show him!

Finally, the two brothers were about to stare at Lian Che so that they could settle accounts with him. Who knows that when they came to their senses, Lian Che was gone.
The two brothers were both surprised and angry when they asked their classmates that Lian Che had left in a hurry just now, and they packed up and flew to recover.
Ran out of the Lins’ village, and sure enough, he saw Lian Che’s hurried figure in front, and the two of them were relieved together.
"This bastard little he incredibly still dare to lie to us! Hum lied to us and ran away from Cong. Can he run? " Yang Wenzhong was so angry that he rolled up his sleeves and went to beat him.
"Wait!" Wen Yang’s filial piety took hold of him more carefully and said, "Don’t worry. It’s inconvenient to be here. I remember there is a forest not far ahead. Let’s wait far ahead and get there-"
Two people happen to coincide thief laughed.
Who knows how far they didn’t follow Lin Jin and Lin Fei, calling their names and running from behind.
Yang Wenzhong busy turned and made a "silence" gesture towards them, stubby eyebrows picked up and said happily, "Ha ha, we are really lucky! They both came just in time! "
"Good what ah!" Wen-xiao Yang turned a little ugly and said, "How did they come? Aren’t we missing a benefit when they come? "
"Ah?" Yang Wenzhong was stuck.
"Ah what!" Yang Wenxiao didn’t good the spirit. "Can they share the benefits from Lian Che?"
Yang Wenzhong suddenly realize urgent way "that how to do! Do you want them not to come? "
"Idiot! Tell them not to come for no reason. Won’t they ask anything? They are suspicious. How can we explain it? " Yang Wenxiao gave him a white look.
Yang Wenzhong nasty added "also right! Then what should I do? "
Yang Wenxiao snorted and said, "Let Lian Che go today and then Xiaotian will settle accounts with him!"
"Yes, yes! That’s a good idea! " Yang Wenzhong suddenly grinned in high spirits. "You are still smart!"
Wen-xiao Yang snorted, and his face looked better, and he felt quite clever himself.
Two people talk Lin Jin and Lin Fei have almost come to the front.
"Why are you two here!" Yang Wenxiao said smilingly
Lin Jin and Lin Fei winked at each other and looked rather unfriendly. The former Gherardini asked, "Where are you going?"
Yang Wenzhong’s face changed slightly and quickly said, "We didn’t go anywhere!"
"Idiot! Fool! " Wen-xiao Yang dark scold in my mind to don’t stop Yang Wenzhong words have spoken, he smiled, "is where can we go besides going home! What are you doing here without going home? "
Lin Fei "scoffed" and laughed angrily. "Come on, you’re the most extravagant. We’re too lazy to dawdle with you. Lian Che asked us to come. He said to wait for us by the forest in front and asked us to ask you to go together!"
"I said," Lin Fei said slowly, "You two brothers are so boring! Hum, you want to keep the benefits from us!"
"No, no, we didn’t!" Yang Wenzhong immediately nasty zheng big eyes.
It is really stupid!
Wen-xiao Yang couldn’t help but turn supercilious look and grunted, "It turns out that he has already told you! Come on, we also want to tell you that it’s because we saw the demo today and wanted to default. Well, we’re going to ask him what’s going on first and then tell you that I didn’t expect him to say it … "
Lin Jin gave him a white look and thought, this is definitely not the case. Is it true that he is so gullible as a fool like Lian Che? However, he couldn’t beat him. Anyway, the two of them came, and they couldn’t take advantage of them behind their backs. He decided not to care about them.
"Let’s go! What if that trot runs away! " Linjin service road
Four people all said that they hurriedly chased them.
The forest was in sight, and even Che couldn’t help looking back quietly twice, but he didn’t see the four men chasing him, so he slowed down.
He had to let them watch him go into that forest! What if they don’t come?
He was very considerate and thought.
Yang Wenzhong four people soon chased him, and even Che turned slightly to catch a glimpse, so he was busy speeding up the pace. He didn’t want to go with them.
Even che just walked into the Woods, and soon Yang Wenzhong and Lin Jin came.
Yang Wenzhong and Wen-hsiao Yang are angry that he ignored himself today, and they blame him for telling Lin Jin and Lin Fei what outsiders are worried about at this time. Their faces become very ugly and they stare angrily at Lian Che.
Just want to speak even che is calm with a miserable look carefully said "you … do you want to discuss a? I brought nine coppers today. How should I divide them? "
Four people eyes a bright show greedy look at the same time.
Lian Che slowly pulled out a handful of copper coins from his sleeve pocket and spread them out in his palm. The gold pieces of copper coins were round and heavy, which seemed to exude a particularly attractive magic that made the four hearts jump.
"Give it to me!" Yang Wenzhong reached for it before he was in a hurry.
Haven’t got a pull from behind Yang Wenzhong short of breath by glaring turned to see Lin Fei unhappy way "what’s your hurry! Why did you take it all! "
"Yes!" Lin Jin also snorted.
Yang Wenzhong face a hot angrily back hand cheep well way "I, I didn’t say all took …" Sound is small to obviously he was really want to take.
However, he is also quite wronged in his heart. He is not greedy but conscious! Nonsense! Isn’t it normal to see money spread out in front of you and reach out to you because you can’t resist the temptation for a while?
However, he was wronged and didn’t say it, and no one would believe it. Chapter 59 provoked
Even che seems a little timid and careful to take back your hand and feel a little guilty. "Why don’t you discuss how to divide it?" I’ll give it to you after you discuss it, okay? "