"Okay, okay, you go out now, I’ll change my clothes." Yin Yunxi pointed to the door.

"Hope is the best!" Xuelin skipped out of the room and closed the door.
Yin Yunxi looked at the sofa at the junction of stairs and snow Lin Er.
"hope! I’ve connected all the things over there. Let’s go. "Xue Liner ran out of the door with Yin Yunxi.
"hope! There are candied haws over there! " Snow Lin son ran over and picked carefully.
"You are a teenager and you don’t talk?" Yin Yunxi nai took the sugar-coated haws and looked at them carefully.
"We haven’t eaten for a long time." Xuelin pouted and bit a sugar-coated gourd.
"Yes, the first time I ate it was the day I had an accident." Yin Yun Hinai shook his head and turned to eat candied haws when he found that the candied haws in his hand were gone.
"Do you eat so fast?" Snow Lin son looked at Yin Yunxi.
Yin Yunxi went to the back of the stone statue and backhand caught a little girl.
"What are you doing?"
"Little sister, did your mother tell you that people who steal from others will be beaten?" Yin Yunxi took the candied haws from the little girl.
"You give it back to me!"
"Come here" Yin Yunxi tugged at the little girl and she was reluctant to follow Yin Yunxi.
"Choose for yourself." Yin Yunxi took her to the sugar-coated gourd vendor’s side, and she took a few strings and looked at Yin Yunxi.
"hey! The chick is very generous. Have a drink with the uncle? " A rogue came out of nowhere and put his hand on her shoulder.
"I’ll give you three seconds to hold your hand."
[Revenge] Street girl ②
"hey! Not bad temper! Grandpa, I like it. "
Silver YunXi grabbed his hand "cough up-"he squatted in pain.
"You little girl! Still dare to do it? ! Do you know that I am a gangster! "
"What happened to the gangsters?" Before Xuelin’s departure.
"You know not to know! Uncle, I am mixed with Yin Yunxi! "
"I hope you have this person in your hand?" Snow Lin son to silver allow and ear to ask
"Never seen it"
"hey! Scared! Ha ha ha ha "
"Are you hanging out with Yin Yunxi?"
"yes! How’s it going? Regret it now? Late! "
Yin Yunxi’s hand brushed his forehead gently, and the iconic scorpion of Liu Hai was exposed.
"I really regret it. How can I have such a scum like you?" Yin Yunxi kicked him.
"Old boss? ! Boss, forgive me! ! !”
"Sunny is handled according to the rules of Tao"
"Forgive me, boss!" Looking at the person who was dragged away, Yin Yunxi turned around and took the little girl and put her in the car.