"I know this, but I think even the triple strength is enough for me to play against the hardened bone realm quadruple." Han Chen smiled indifferently and looked forward to this dragon palm strength.

One month is enough.
The training day is very short. Han Chen disappeared quietly after a month of hard training, and during this month, Han Chen also worked hard to practice the triple strength of Yan Long Zhang, which was unconsciously cultivated.
Of course, during this period, Han Chen was also at leisure, and many of them cleared the hidden danger of Gillette family. The Xiao family fled to the windy city and became the venue of Korea’s heaven and earth. Of course, because Korea’s home is backed by Ling Lao, the venue of heaven and earth also has a faint trend of merging with Korea’s home, but this is just a trend.
However, the Korean family is also afraid that one day the Xiao family will come back for revenge. Therefore, after consulting with the old man, Han Xiaotian Galle decided to defend the windy city.
So this is another three-month rush.
The windy city is still calm than
"Teacher, my present state has reached the five-fold level, and it’s time to go out for experience." Fang Hanchen slowly started to work, and then he opened his eyes to feel that he was much more earthy than before. Han Chen was also very excited.
"Ah, I didn’t expect you to practice so quickly. In less than two years, you went from the double realm of hardened bones to the five levels of hardened bones." Slowly looking at Han Chen Ling’s face, she also showed her approval. Han Chen’s achievements were far beyond his expectation
"Ha ha, this is also thanks to your mentor’s teaching." Hey hey smiled and Han Chen quickly picked up a black clothes and put himself on.
"If you are a pig, you can’t even teach me how to do it," said Ling Lao with a smile.
Hear ling old so inappropriate metaphor Han Chen also turned over their immediately frowned slightly and said, "but now Korea still has a lot of hidden dangers."
"You mean xiao? Ah, well, I’ll take you to practice after solving Xiao’s family, otherwise you can’t let go. "Ling Lao smiled and he knew what Han Chen was worried about.
"That’s good." Nodded gently. Han Chen smiled gratefully. The cancer in Xiao’s family must be removed or it will be poor in the future.
"Chen Er?" There was a loud sound outside the door.
Quickly hit the door to see Han Xiaotian and purple spirit outside the main entrance at this time.
"Father" Han Chen smiles to say that her eyes are purple spirit.
"Han Chen’s brother has been here for so long that you don’t come to play with me. It’s really necessary for Uncle Han and I to come to see you in person." Zi Ling looked at Han Chen with a small mouth and said.
"Well …" Their Han Chen turned right at the moment.
"Cough" gently coughs. Han Xiaotian just looks at Han Chen and laughs. "Chen Er, do you know what day it is today?"
Seeing his father like this, Han Chen was stunned but thought for a long time, but he didn’t remember what day it was today. Han Chen shook his head slightly and said, "What day is father today?"
"Hey, hey, brother Han Chen, you have a bad memory. You forgot that today is your fifteenth birthday." Vomitted to vomit a pink tongue and Ziling gave a light smile.
"My birthday?" Han Chen slightly cold soon also suddenly scratched his head and smiled awkwardly and said, "I really forgot this."
"Ha ha, look at you. You’ve been busy practicing for a few months. It’s a lot darker. Today, my father took you to eat well, and the three of us went." Touched Han Chen’s shoulder, Han Xiaotian smiled like a father.
Han Chen slightly one leng seems to have been a ripple in his heart. The source of the ripple is something called fatherly love.
Ps Fengyun pushes for help for a week. Recommended collection. Chapter 15 Puppet corpse
In the noisy street, a middle-aged man walked leisurely, and two fourteen or fifteen children were frolicking beside him.
"Father, where are we going now?" Han Chen’s face with a smile is attracted by the excitement around him.
"Ha ha, you will know later." Han Xiaotian smiled mysteriously.
"Brother Han Chen, it’s really your birthday today. Of course, it will give you some surprises." Ziling hey hey smiled and showed cute canine teeth.
To turn over their Han Chen also no longer say anything is honestly follow Han Xiaotian their footsteps.
"The elders of the clan asked you to say that you had something important to inform you." Just as Han Xiaotian was walking, there was a sudden shortness of breath behind them.
Slightly turned Han Xiao day is slowly looking at bearer light said, "didn’t I say that? Don’t bother me today. Leave everything to the elder. "
"The heads of the big elders said this matter must be handled by you personally." People looked at Han Xiaotian out of breath and said slowly.
"hmm? What is that? " Eyebrows slightly wrinkled Han Xiao day face is also a bit surprised.
"The elder didn’t say much, saying that if the patriarch asks, he will say something Xiao Guyou."
"Okay, I know. You go home first." Han Xiaotian waved and looked a little weird.
"Father, let’s go home." Seeing Han Xiaotian’s expression, Han Chen smiled slightly.
"Then your birthday?" Han Xiaotian is also a bit contradictory.
"Father, my birthday is secondary. Since the elder is looking for you, it must be very important, otherwise he won’t wait for you to deal with it in person." Han Chen’s face flashed seriously and then he didn’t wait for Han Xiaotian to reflect that he was flashing and pulling his purple hand back to Korea’s home.
See Han Chen Han Xiaotian like this is also slightly leng leng immediately and no longer hesitate to rush back to Korea’s home.
Han Guyuan conference hall at this time, some senior officials of the Korean family were there with a bit of surprise, and one of them was placed in front of them.
Tongren’s height is different from that of ordinary people, but his whole body is filled with layers of light metallic luster, projected from the window, and the sun shines with strange light.
"What is this?" Han Xiaotian eyes slightly leng is looking at tong ren.
"This is found in the Xiao family’s treasure room." The elder’s eyes are flashing and he is also looking at the cold bronze statue in front of him.
"Do you want to inform the venue?" Big elders will look to Han Xiaotian seems a little hesitant.
Pondering for a moment Han Xiaotian slowly shook his head and said, "Don’t let heaven and earth know about this thing for the time being. I think this thing may be unusual."
Han Chen looked at the bronze face in front of him with a strange look, and a sound in his heart came to Han Chen’s face and he hesitated for a moment before saying, "Can I have this thing from my father?"
Listening to Han Chen’s words, Han Xiaotian and others were also slightly stunned for a moment, and immediately the elder smiled and said, "So if this thing has any strangeness, Teacher Han Chen will know a little."