At present, there are two great artifacts in his hand, namely, the famous Savras Staff, which was made by Azuth, a mage, and the other is the "Bad Hand" made by Erinu, a deity from other continents, although Erinu tried to convince people that this treasure was owned by a ghost god.

The staff of Savras is a powerful artifact, because it has the ability to capture creatures in addition to its prophetic power. Even gods may be caught if they are unlucky, even incarnations. It can suck the gods into the staff, and at the same time its first ability will change, except of course Azusmestra. If someone tries to attack two gods through this artifact, two results will automatically break or be easily destroyed by Mishra like breaking branches.
However, it seems that it is unrealistic for Liu Yue to rely on this thing to deal with the gods with medium divine power. Azuz, the one who dares to call himself high, is only weak divine power. If such a guy can create such a powerful and incredible artifact, it will be surprising. If this thing is true, even if the whole crystal wall is turned upside down, the gods will find it and destroy it. It is not difficult to understand that a god will not allow this thing that can threaten himself to fall into his hands.
Compared with the function of "bad luck hand", people who get this artifact can use it to summon demons in captivity. The fact is that these demons were changed by the former owner of this artifact. This is an evil artifact with self-awareness. It will constantly seduce its owner and make its owner slide into the abyss. Only when it meets more power can it be satisfied. At that time, it will abandon and kill itself. If the new owner tries to destroy it, it will randomly send itself to another place and wait for the day to see the light.
Compared with Liu Yue, its power is more interested in the magical knowledge mastered by this artifact, because all the creatures that have owned or been killed by this artifact will be absorbed by the "unlucky hand". Over the years, tens of millions of creatures have died in this artifact, which is almost equivalent to a knowledge base.
But it is also very cunning and refuses to give this knowledge to its owner easily. It often takes a lot of sacrifices to get a word. Liu Yue also tried to communicate with it. Perhaps he felt that the law controlled a god, and he refused to respond. If Liu Yue had not imprisoned it in the divine domain, I am afraid he would have escaped, but it made Liu Yue somewhat tolerable.
In the eyes of a willing heart, one of these two artifacts can be regarded as a valuable treasure. It happened that Liu Yue had some embarrassment in his hand. He didn’t dare. He couldn’t use it to deal with the gods, because in this way, he was bound to be targeted and his predictive power could not be motivated casually. This belongs to the power of Safras, and he is likely to perceive that trouble will still follow, which is what he doesn’t want to see.
The "bad luck hand" has nothing to do with him except occasionally moving several fiends. Liu Yue is not willing to touch this evil artifact more. Although the "bad luck hand" method manipulates him as before, it adopts a non-violent and inappropriate way. Simply put, it means that he doesn’t work hard except for the fiends sent by him. For Liu Yue, those fiends are basically tasteless, but it makes him feel quite uncomfortable.
I want to destroy it, but I’m a little reluctant to make it worse. It’s not a funny thing if Erinu is provoked, although it’s extremely unlikely.
With a sigh, he casually put two artifacts on the table and walked out of the temple. In recent years, the popularity around the temple has gradually increased. Those new officials, clergy and their families have moved to live near the temple. Szelesi Ya, they also specially built a new residential area. There is no lack of flexibility in changing their houses into shops or renting them to others. Although today is not a trading day, it seems a little deserted, but we can still see that he is different.
At the same time, Klein, far away from Sodoma, was also troubled.
Because the whole process of conferring was extremely low-key, not many people knew about it. However, some well-informed businessmen in in our nature learned the news. For these people, a new dominion in the wild was like a fat piece of fat. Everyone wanted to take a bite, especially when they knew the location of Shenen Island, they were keenly aware of the business opportunities in China. During this period, Klein was full of pride outside. Not only did the old people come to the door in the past, but there were a lot of people who wanted to contact. People from all walks of life also showed him subtle kindness. He felt as if he were a young man again, and he was radiant with enthusiasm. Of course, this also brought some vice-effects. For example, he is now having a headache and looking at that pile of invitations, and he is worried.
Liu Yue’s instructions to him are very accurate, that is, he is at arm’s length, but only with his personal experience can he know what it’s like. Those big businessmen have not become fine old foxes. They have never seen any tricks in the business world. If there is a sudden rise behind Klein, the totem bishop will support them, but now they can’t. Maybe they can see the totem bishop’s meeting, but they dare not easily offend the shadow moon family. It’s also a royal middleman. Even if it is suppressed now, who knows whether there will be a turn-over day in the future. However, Klein still knows.
Realizing the commercial value of Shenen Island is far from being expanded. After all, building a port city is not something that can be completed in a short time. These people have worked so hard not to participate in Shenen Island, but to occupy some market facts. These people have long coveted the Golden Sea area.
The rich mineral deposits, furs, herbs and other precious resources in the North always do not affect their greed. A texture can be sold to thousands of gold shields by a fur king, but the price difference in the North is as cheap as giving it away. However, the rampant pirates in the Golden Sea and all kinds of fierce Warcraft discourage them. If the land is used, the cycle and cost are too high, and now there is such a long and dangerous route. Everyone knows what it means.
Chapter 47 Wealth Feast
Klein didn’t expect that he had just arrived in Wangdu late last night, and those noble businessmen got the news so quickly. From the morning when he checked in at the entrance of the hotel, there was a long queue, and dozens of carriages, large and small, filled half the street. Fortunately, he lived in this tulip hotel, Wangdu is one of the best hotels. It is said that there is a noble share behind it, and no one dares to be presumptuous. Otherwise, these guys belong to different forces and are involved in each other. I’m afraid they would have made trouble long ago.
Of course, to some extent, this situation has been intentionally fueled. How can these fishermen benefit if there is no competition between these snipes and mussels? More than a month ago, they sent capable people to Wang Du’s own side in batches to create momentum. Otherwise, how could there be such a big reaction? But this time it seems to be too much. Klein can’t help but frown when he looks at the thick stack of invitations in his hand.
This time, he is the special envoy of the Shadow Moon family. It will be the 40th birthday of King Frederick III in half a month. Compared with the famous "deficit king" and "war madman" before him, he is known as Frederick II, the biggest loser in Flanders’ history. He is a rare gentleman.
Frederick III encouraged agriculture and fisheries to expand trade routes for more than ten years, which made the name of Sodoma’s commercial kingdom more prominent. At the same time, the people’s life in the country was greatly improved. Moreover, the king was generous in nature and took care of those families with royal blood. This is why the envoys of the Shadow Moon family were able to attend the ceremony. Of course, this is also closely related to the rise of Shenen Island. Otherwise, the opposition of those noble ministers alone would be enough to make this pilgrimage possible.
Compared with the East Sodoma Kingdom, it is naturally much more prosperous. Although Sodoma is still just an "outbreak" in the eyes of the old empires in the mainland, it is secretly people who dare to underestimate it. Just look at the list of envoys sent by various countries this time and you will know whether it is a high and important person.
Klein cast a glance sitting opposite Jacques, smiling bitterly. It was a fool with a stupid smile in his heart. This little naive and reckless person was born to be a troublemaker. If someone else had changed, I’m afraid he would have died a few times. It happened that there was a god as a teacher and a powerful role like Black Wings around him. In a short time, the adventurer’s circle became famous and he was already a man of the hour in the younger generation.
As luck would have it, Jacques’ mercenary group just took over a single escort merchant business and came to Wangdu. It is said that the road was very thrilling, and Jacques even personally nullified a hapless giant Chimera.
Dragon three, a lion and goat, is a strange-looking predator. They are extremely difficult opponents. They have a pair of dragon-like wings and can fly freely. The leading animals in the three heads can also spit like real dragons. Their claws are also highly toxic. Generally speaking, a Chimera can easily destroy an elite team. What’s worse, this is a giant Chimera. No one expected that Jacques Black Wings could easily nullify such terrible Warcraft.
It turns out that Jacques traveled with Black Wings in the eastern part of the country after leaving Shenen Island. With Black Wings as such a powerful druid, Jacques naturally didn’t have to worry about any danger in the wild. During this time, they met a small mercenary group called "Red Crescent". Well, it was really small. There were six people in the whole mercenary group, but it was more in line with Jacques’s mind. He was not a good interpersonal person with Black Wings. He didn’t care about these.
It is impossible for a mercenary group with a person to receive anything. It happens that a caravan is going to Sodoma, but the boss is a stingy guy, and the mercenary group with a little size can’t see this reward, so the two sides hit it off.
I don’t know if it was the boss’s bad luck or how this trip was extremely bad. All kinds of troubles came to the door. What a horse thief and robber! The process was wonderful enough to be written as a novel. We were about to arrive at Wangdu, but it happened that the giant Chimera was encountered in the rolling rock canyon. What’s worse, at that time, they were in the middle of nowhere, and everyone was desperate. Jacques sacrificed a "catastrophe thunder" and killed the beast on the spot. When they brought the body of Chimera weighing several tons into Wangdu, it immediately caused a sensation and Jacques became a hero.
Sodoma is no better than Dongtu. After hundreds of years, most of Warcraft has been driven out of human territory, except for some lonely places. It is also very difficult for Chimera to find some fierce wolves. What’s more, it is difficult for everyone to bear the hardships for a long time, and there is a sword and a gun in the warehouse. It is good for Wang Du that the so-called young heroes can defeat several goblins, while the real masters are mostly snared by the royal families. Although they are secretly fighting, they are not known to the common people. After all, this is a country’s capital. Where have people seen Jacques, a tough figure, and all
However, Jacques also has one advantage. Although he is in a drunken state, he has not been affected. Every day, he is learning Wushu with Black Wings. Drinking and eating meat is not happy, but it is not like a teenager in Shan Ye. But it is not surprising that he is a student of Liu Yue after all. Although he has seen many big scenes for a short time, he is no longer the boy who has never seen the world.
Of course, there is also a lot of credit in the Black Wings. A druid’s Black Wings are very indifferent to secular enjoyment, which can be said to be the common feature of most druids. For ordinary people, deserted places are often paradise for them. Speaking of wild life, there are not many occupations that can be compared with druids. The so-called black Jacques, who is close to Zhu Zhechi and close to Mexico, has also been affected a lot
Seeing Klein’s preoccupation, Jacques yawned and said, "You must consider so much. Why don’t you just promise to have dinner? What’s the big deal?"
Klein’s heart said, "You don’t look at how many invitations there are here. If you promise, I’m afraid I won’t do anything for the whole month. It’s better to just go to dinner every day, and even worse, there are conflicts with each other. Well, what you said may not be unreasonable. Just say yes, haha …"