Xiao’s brother was not surprised when he heard that the intruder had issued such a provocative declaration to Han Songfeng naked. How can he talk to a person who is a whole level higher than him? It’s like you’re building a higher level. It’s so pretentious!

Damn it, that’s disgusting!
It is precisely because of this that the Xiao family suffered such a heavy loss this time. I don’t know how many brothers of the same family were sucked into the abyss. More importantly, he dared to rush into the Xiao family peak, which made Xiao family lose face! Everyone’s heart is burning with a method to put out anger. If you don’t kill the people’s anger?
"You serve this person real hateful theory which hill he is really brother killed! Be sure to kill him! "
"That’s right! Kill him! Kill him! "
Killing a real brother is so exciting for these practicing monks! Gradually, everyone shouted a uniform slogan, waved their fists, and the momentum was like a rainbow. As the slogan became louder and louder, the atmosphere became more and more warm. Everyone’s heart was burning with blood, and pairs of expectant eyes were watching Seventeen Bongs, expecting them to destroy the intruders!
These Xiao brothers are used to intrigue with each other at ordinary times, but their feelings are indifferent as ice, but they have never been United when fighting against foreign enemies. This unexpected situation is that Xiao Hong did not expect it, but this doubt has a positive impact on the cohesion of Xiao family.
"Ha ha make me Xiao Guzhe slay! Thank you! " Xiao Hong’s mood is getting more and more comfortable, and the avalanche of slogans in his ear makes him feel quite proud.
However, he didn’t see that except Han Song, when he met the so-called intruder, he didn’t look like a terrible thing, and his teeth chattered.
Wang Gan! It was that ring that killed Yang Qing Wang Gan! The so-called enemy of the same order, Yang Qing, was killed by this person!
These Feng immediately recognized Wang Gan’s identity.
"I’ll leave when I don’t know anything about tonight." A man who took a deep breath and didn’t look at Han Song was as far away as a SangGuQuan.
This scene makes people unconsciously weaken by some slogans.
"Master Xiao, do you mean to murder me?" Another said with a sneer, and then his face turned into a flattering look, and he bowed his hand to Wang Gan and left politely.
Then another Feng backed out without saying anything, and immediately fled to Xiao Jia’s house without even saying hello.
Three people in succession quit Xiao Hong’s face "color" and turned from sunny to overcast. The face was cold and said, "You were scared at the early stage of a mere foundation? Coward! "
I don’t know how many benefits this group has taken from Xiao’s family, but they can’t afford to lose their face at all. How can this not make him angry?
"Xiao Hong has seed of yourself. Shouldn’t Xiao Jiazhu take the lead?" A sneer at also withdrew from the front, but did not leave immediately, but watched from a distance.
Xiao Hong was told that his face was blue and white, but he couldn’t say a word. Naturally, he didn’t have the courage to fight with Wang Gan, otherwise he was afraid that he would be beheaded before the first round.
Seeing that many Feng became "colored" immediately after seeing the intruders, Xiao’s younger brother suddenly lost his mind, and no one dared to speak again. It was so quiet that even a needle could be heard falling off. When the cold wind blew, they couldn’t help shivering and suddenly woke up from their fanaticism. They were not weak in IQ, and naturally they could guess that these Feng were afraid of the damn intruder!
Oh, my God. Sixteen bongs ran away after meeting this man. Who is he? Have such a strong deterrent?
In a blink of an eye, Han Songfeng was left with one person, 16 of whom served ten people and went home directly, while six people stopped in the distance to watch the development from afar.
Han Song hasn’t spoken. It seems that since he is here, everyone else is dispensable, which is not a fighting force, but it will get in the way when the interests are finally distributed.
Therefore, he doesn’t have the slightest desire to stay here. Since they are willing to take the initiative to leave, it is natural.
And now he was so excited that he didn’t expect this intruder to be the Wang Gan who was in the limelight recently! It’s not often that you end the life of a peerless genius.
What if the potential is great? I will kill you after all!
And according to the smell, there is a magic weapon in this person’s hand! I don’t know how much strength I can add if I will seize it! And he is not worried that this person will pose a threat to himself, because it is impossible to go beyond the challenge. This is common sense!
Therefore, he never goes to see the young players compete, which will make him feel yawning and chatting.
Besides, even if he has a magic weapon in his hand? He will be motivated by his strength, and he can exert the power of the instrument at most. Only with his own hands can he shine it!
"Ha ha, you are Wang Gan? Really arrogant, really damn it! I don’t know if you dare to take the initiative to provoke me! " Han Songlang drank and laughed wildly all over the field.
Wang Gan? That Wang Gan!
Xiao’s younger brother was stunned and disbelieved for a moment after hearing this name, but soon they realized that since Han Songfeng said this, there was no doubt that this person was Wang Gan! That beat Yang Qing Wang Gan!
After realizing that the intruder turned out to be Wang Gan, everyone’s face "showed" those general expressions of fear, hesitation and despair, and the atmosphere turned sharply and fell into a trough.
Even many people have secretly retreated to leave here as soon as possible.