Qian nodded happily. "Hmm!" Said and dream, embrace together.

Ming and Xue Xuan and Xuan tears and foam looked at each other with a smile, modest and elegant finally together.
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Dear friends, collect! Gift ah ah ah ah ah Chapter seventy Selection ceremony
The next day, tears and foam also slept in the big bed of English castle.
Everyone is very busy this sunny morning! If you want to know the hair, please see the decomposition.
"Anyi tears pick up the words! Answer the phone! Don’t answer the words will burst "tears suddenly cried.
"hey! Who is it! " Tears can’t wait to drop my cell phone,
"What’s the matter with tears? Noisy you sleeping? " You can tell it’s Xuan.
"Yes," said Tears Lazily.
"k, then you go to sleep first!"
"honey, are you angry?" Tears hurriedly said
"No afternoon, let’s go to pick a gift."
"What gift?"
"The wedding ceremony, of course!"
"Who get married? Be the best man and maid of honor? "
"Yeah, that’s it, and we’re getting married."
"Yeah, I see. Bye, honey."
"Well, bye-bye," Emma. Why did this couple become so disgusting now? Ok, it’s because people have good feelings ~
[Dear friends, let me go and see the foam]
"Little DOG baby answered the phone!" I don’t even want to be dazzled or recorded by the queen of England
"Well ~ hello? Who is it! " You sound like you’re not awake.
"Little DOG Baby ~ ~ ~" Hyun likes foam sound best.
"ah! Mommy? I immediately got up and went to the hall to have breakfast. "Foam got up at once.
"No, it’s me. Hahahaha" Hyun simply laughed to death. The original foam is most afraid of the British Queen.
"The nangongshan dazzle! ! Your heart! " Mo is going crazy.
“wprinesshw? 【 What’s the matter with the second princess? 】 "The maid knocked on the door when she heard foam shouting.
"hasallrighguik [nothing to go out, I’m fine]" Mo replied.
"Oh, baby DOG, don’t be angry. We have to try the ceremony this afternoon!" Pick your eyebrows at the other end of the talk
"Know what you are trying to do! You haven’t even proposed. I’m not marrying you! "
"Little DOG baby knows me best. Bye! Kiss "dazzle directly ignore the foam after half a sentence.
"Well, bye-bye." I don’t want to be dazzled when my goose bumps fall all over the floor.
【 Ya and Qian are sleeping in the same bed at this time 】
"You’re awake!" Modesty woke up early and stared at Ya.
"Well," ya answered slowly with your eyes open.
"Hurry up and wash up. We’re going to try the ceremony later."
"Okay, pull me up."
"Good, you lazy little pig"
"Ha ha" Ya was pulled up by Qian and gave Qian a good morning kiss.
"Good boy" modest and smiling.
[Compared with Ya, it’s normal here. Finally, let’s go and see the snow! 】
"Is it snowing?" Ming is n, you can go anywhere in this place directly, and Ming is already a frequent visitor here, except for rushing to announce that Ming is in the castle
"Come? Who? "I knocked on the door and saw that there were not only a bunch of maids at the door.
"They are here to bring you breakfast and clothes, because there is no one else but tears and foam to go to the hall to eat with the Queen, or the Queen invites you to go. Of course, I can also go to eat together." Ming Dan explained with Xue.
"There are such rules here ….." Snow face was covered with black lines.