It is precisely because of this that Li Mochou did not dare to neglect thinking about his martial arts and physical strength that he studied hard day and night for a moment without stopping. Finally, when the third day came, Li Mochou finished reading two books.

When Tong Lao came again, Li Mochou asked Tong Lao about all the doubts in his heart.
It’s hard to find a child who is proud of Minstrel and has excellent talent. What Minstrel has learned is quite miscellaneous. If you carry it out at will, it will be better than those who are superior. Plus, the child is already a ten-year-old man with rich experience and a lot of feelings. Therefore, Li Mochou can always feel enlightened when answering questions.
As soon as Tong Lao arrived, he was introduced into the room by Li Mochou and sat at the head. "Do you know what these two are for me, Mochow?"
Li Mochou stood beside the child’s grandmother with clever words and sincere words "Please teach me, child’s grandmother".
These two Li Mochou know their names and have a little idea of their meaning, but what Tong Mu said is by no means so simple, but in the eyes of Li Mochou these days, Tong Mu is already a peerless and unfathomable person.
Tong Lao sighed lightly-she really loves Li Mochou, a little girl, and she only asked her to read these books when she really wanted to help her. "History and Bing Gusu admire me, but I don’t know that little thing is unknown!"
Tong Lao is a Minstrel boss. Although the eldest brother didn’t take the position of Minstrel as a cliff, Master left her more than Lingjiu Palace. There are many industries and many industries in Minstrel. The information network was established in Minstrel many years ago.
Even Mufu’s father Mubo is also a junior in front of the child’s old teacher. Mubo walked in the rivers and lakes in his early years and had the heart to attract talented people to do things for the child’s teacher. It is also clear that he never interfered.
It is Minstrel who pays attention to the word "free and unfettered" and Minstrel who is mysterious in the eyes of the world. People dare to offend Tong Mu and follow Master’s instructions and never interfere in Jianghu affairs.
The other day, Tong Mu’s stay in Li Mochou has violated the so-called carefree life, but the idea that Tong Mu lived to be old at this time is already different.
Chapter 153 Chapter 153
Qiao Feng is generous by nature, and he likes to make friends with Jianghu heroes in many gangs like Beggars’ Sect.
Among them, Qiao Feng is the most curious about Mufu, and he also wants to pay the most. If the reason is because of the admiration of North Qiao Fengnan, the two have never had a chance to see each other. How to say it is also a pity!
Beggars’ gangs spread all over the north and south of the river, and among them, more people in the north are beggars’ gangs and more attention should be paid to the northern forces.
Qiao Feng, who was not a master, went to the north to inspect several steering points.
Most people in Jianghu like to drink and eat meat, and Qiao Feng is no exception. It seems that he is naturally resistant to the wine law.
On this day, Qiao Feng came out from the rudder office. It was already lunch time, so he simply went to a pub near the rudder and ordered an altar of wine and half a catty of beef and a few dishes of wine.
Qiao Feng just took a sip of this wine, and before he enjoyed himself, he heard someone gossiping and it was really harsh.
Qiao Feng is not a nosy person. Let it be if someone gossips. It is these people who say it, but not others. It is Qiao Feng who wants to meet each other and want to make friends.
As a result, Qiao Feng let go of the wine bowl and listened carefully, but the more he listened to the anger in his heart, the greater Qiao Feng was immediately dissatisfied with the heavy wine bowl
But what are these people gossiping about?
"It’s said that North Qiao Feng and South Mu Fu are admiring me, but Mu Fu is deceiving the world and stealing famous people and killing others with his martial arts skills. How many people in the Jianghu died in his hands? Where is it worthy of such a name!"
"Gusu Mu has always lived in seclusion and walked around the rivers and lakes, but recently Mu’s family has made such a big noise that I don’t look at Mu Fu as a good idea. He should not want to make a name for himself by killing people, should he? This is too much! "
"Who said not? All said MuFu handsome is a young hero, but who have we seen? Ah! I think maybe he looks ugly, or he won’t have been hiding and afraid to come out to see people! "
"Ha ha ha is right!"
These people’s gossip from Mufu people to looks is one thing. If you know a little bit, you will feel too much. Is it that you have always regarded Mufu as your bosom friend Qiao Feng?
Qiao Feng slammed the wine bowl on the table, which attracted several people’s attention. He said, "Mu Gong is outstanding in martial arts, and some people have been friends for a long time. I hate you, such as bitches and gossips, who can’t spit ivory in their mouths to reverse right and wrong, which humiliated his name for no reason."
Qiao Feng’s words are a bit heavy. It is true that although Qiao Feng has never seen Mufu, he will regard him as a confidant in his heart. Can anyone say that he is not naturally out to uphold justice at this time?
These people are just jealous villains, watching people around them drink some yellow soup and saying something for fun.
If it’s really Mufu here, they won’t dare to say if they lend them another hundred bravery.
This has always been a matter, but who told them to meet Qiao Feng today? Qiao Feng is most disgusted with these people on weekdays, but they still say it’s Mufu.
People who drink too much wine are usually as timid as mice, and now they are full of courage.
One of them patted the table and cried, "Why are you talking to our brothers? You said you knew Mu Fu and I said I knew Qiao Feng! "
When the man’s words came out, there was a laugh in the pub, and everyone didn’t take them seriously.
After all, Qiao Feng and Mu Fu are among the best in the Jianghu, and how can they appear in such an ordinary pub?
Qiao Feng was annoyed by this, and his face was cold for a while. "You have lived in vain for so many years without knowing the wrong names."
"Your novel, you are still breathing for two sentences. Today, I will give you some color to see and tell you to mind your own business."
That a few people heard Qiao Feng’s words so angry, drunk and dizzy that they wanted to teach Qiao Feng a lesson.
A few drunks who know a little martial arts are still unstable, and they want to teach them martial arts as high as Qiao Feng. That’s not asking for it!
This fruit is also conceivable. Qiao Feng just dealt with a few tricks at will, and those people lay sprawled on the ground, howling and unable to climb up.
Qiao Feng clapped his hands at random, and he was prepared to sit down and continue drinking with these mindless people.
But who knows that Qiao Feng doesn’t want to care about those lying on the ground and doesn’t want to let it go? One of them casually threw a bench from the side and threw it at Qiao Feng.
Qiao Feng ErLi not bad naturally heard this bench throw to just want to start work, but see a strong breeze shooting in the corner of the pub directly turned the bench back.
Looking back, Qiao Feng was about to sneak up on someone who was being hit by a bench. The bench was just an ordinary side dish and wine bean.
"I still hope to see you when you help."
Qiao Feng’s voice just fell and a young man came out of the corner of the pub.
This handsome man, with a high nose and deep eyes, is dressed as a rich man with a sword hanging from his waist, so he has a very natural and unrestrained bearing. His appearance like a bright moon has unexpectedly compared all these people in the pub.
The public hand said, "Thank you, brother, for speaking out bluntly. Although I don’t take such vague words to heart, I have to feel sorry for this man’s intention to sneak up on people behind his back. I naturally have the heart to help!"
Qiao Feng listened to his words and just thought about it. It was the sudden inspiration that fell to the ground. Those people had the courage to ask him who he thought was plotting revenge in the future.
Listen to the male chuckle, brush the sleeves and casually say "Gusu Mufu".
Who is not guilty of speaking ill of others in front of your face and being heard red-handed?
Besides, they were taught a lesson by Qiao Feng and Mufu. Even if they drank too much wine, they should wake up now.
Several people cried out in a cold sweat and ran out of the pub without even looking back. It was really a good show for the crowd to watch.
I’m a pub owner, but I have a headache. What about these damaged tables, chairs and benches? Those people haven’t paid for the drinks yet. That’s great!