It is said that Yi Yu finally looked at the sun’s nest after concluding the giant tree with a hundred feet and a thousand water columns. Although the hair feathers of the sun were all fine and vivid, it was still a dead thing. If it was originally looked at, it was very powerful, but now it is a little less clever and inferior.

So-called’ greedy snake swallows elephant’ is just like this. At this time, Yi Yucai just got three of the five elements, and now he looks at the hundred feet of the sun, which is not pleasing to the eye. What’s more, now Yi Yu’s five elements of qi have become its four earth elements, and it is still far away. This has always been a knot in his heart.
You know, although "Zazie" is very exquisite, the five elements of Qi are a kind of inheritance from heaven and geography, but Yi Yu’s cultivation method is very tricky. It is suspected that it is not a short-term mastery of the five elements of Qi, just like a car. You have wheels, motivation, frame and so on, but this is two different things from actually putting these things into a car, and Yi Yu has not even put together the pieces yet.
Yi Yu saw that everyone had come out and smiled, and no longer wanted to fly to meet the past. After all, his achievements are enviable now. If he sighs again, I’m afraid it’s not authentic.
"Scale saw Yi Yu come over and said a hail of happiness" Congratulations on her! Let’s this’ pure land of bliss’ is really getting more and more interesting. "
Yi Yu laughed. "Yes! Nowadays, the only fly in the ointment is the lack of soil elements. If we add up five elements, I believe that our small world will expand a lot. "
JiXia son connect a way "yes! If the five elements are together, it can really work like a world. Then we can introduce more spirits and animals, and even move in several villages to raise the temperature. "
Qi Lingyun also nodded and said, "I’m afraid this’ pure land of bliss’ will not become a fairyland with birds and flowers because of its hostility!"
Qin Han calyx is very aren’t "elder sister lingyun you are so kind! In the past, he was a big bad guy. Now he has been like this since he was young, but he has not become a big devil when he grows up. How can his field become a fairyland? "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "I think the cold calyx is itchy. How dare you slander my husband like this? According to the law of’ Blissful Pure Land’, you should be spanked ten times!"
Qin Han calyx a listen to immediately called to get up, "smelly rascal you nonsense! How can we have such laws here? !”
Yi Yu smiled and walked beside the cold calyx, but the cold calyx bit his lip and looked at him piteously, but he didn’t hide. "You are afraid of pain." This weak word has always been spoken from the mouth of the cold calyx, but it made Yi Yu feel uneasy.
Yi Yu stretched out his hand and held the cold calyx in her arms. "Silly girl, now my mother is trapped in a life-and-death situation. How can I be willing to hit you? Don’t worry, mother will be safe. "Say Yi Yu pinched the cold calyx nose." Cold calyx doesn’t deliberately attract my attention. How can I not know your mind? Now that I’m in a hurry, let’s go outside and watch if there are hooligans peeping at the true spirit of my mother’s fetus. Let’s kill one, two, one and Shuang Yi! "
Qin Han calyx a listen to that to some gloomy face also ruddy up beautifully big eyes a bright hard nodded his head.
Yi Yu again to other humanitarian "at this time, there must be other people outside who are friends or enemies. It’s not convenient for us all to go out. Just let me go out with Qin’s sister and cold calyx. You will stay inside for a while. If someone you don’t know comes in, give me a hand to die."
Say Yi Yu and Qin sisters flicker out of the’ pure land of bliss’ but left six sisters to get together and talk about it. Now Yi Yu is gone, there are only a few women left, and they are much more presumptuous to talk.
But listen to the JiLingYun a face of vision, "I didn’t expect Yi Yu, a bad little girl, to be so affectionate and righteous. I didn’t hesitate to help my cold calyx mother when she was robbed."
JiXia son connect a way "well! He was gentle with the cold calyx just now! He has always been a bully to me, and he has never … "
Shen Wei and Tang Wanwen listened to Qi Lingyun’s words, but they were very strange. They smiled and didn’t add anything to break Yi Yu’s mind. If sisters Qi Lingyun knew Yi Yu’s bad mind, they would be angry.
But just because they don’t say it doesn’t mean that others don’t say it, but they hear the Yin Su Tang saying, "It’s hard to say!" " ….. If you want to know the funeral, please go back to "The Old Story of tian hu"
The two hundred and first time tian hu’s past events.
When Qi Xiaer and Qi Lingyun praised Yi Yu together, they heard different sounds in Yin Su and heard Yin Su Tang say, "It’s hard to say! Although I haven’t been with him for a long time, my intuition tells me that this boy is too dangerous. My intuition is accurate! ….. ouch! Why did you hit me again, dirty sister? "
"Scale laughed" xiao ni have you said so brother-in-law? People don’t always say that aunt and brother-in-law are the most ambiguous. Why are you such a young aunt … Unless you also saw the brother-in-law before deliberately saying irony, shattered glass? Ah! You smelly little girl dare to fight back! "
Yin Su-tang tickles with Shen Wei. "Who told dirty elder sister to talk nonsense! I didn’t … Ah! Sister Dirty, I was wrong. Su Tang never dared again. Give me back my skirt and it will come soon! "
Qi Xia ‘er is still there to add fuel to the flames. "I didn’t expect Sister Su Tang to have such a good figure!"
For the time being, according to the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, all the girls are laughing and playing, not to mention that Yi Yu and Qin sisters are fishing in Aoji. At this time, it is still a few days before Mrs. Bao Xiang gets out of trouble. At this time, the three people here are alone in a baizhang boulder, and the salty and wet sea breeze blows hard on their faces. There is a sense of desolation in Xiao Qiu’s astringent rain and sadness.
Qin Han calyx seems to feel this depressing atmosphere, and when she leans softly into Yi Yu’s arms, she doesn’t want anything. It’s Qin Ziling, although her brow is bleak and bleak, but there isn’t even a tree in this bare fishing area. Who can she rely on?
Looking at Yi Yu’s arms, my sister and Yi Yu’s gentle caress Qin Ziling smiled. I don’t know whether the sea breeze was too strong to blow tears or sadness came from it. Qin Ziling actually shed two tears. Although she quickly suppressed some uncontrollable emotions, how could this subtle change escape Yi Yu’s eyes?
Yi Yu gently pressed the cold calyx head to the neck. Qin Ziling smiled and gently gestured to her other shoulder. Although there was no sound, Qin Ziling naturally understood Yi Yu’s meaning.
Qin Ziling looked at her sister’s serene heart and was very envious, but at this time, when she saw Yi Yu inviting her, she was somewhat swayed by considerations of gain and loss, and at that time, what was heaven and ethics … All sorts of thoughts came to her, which made her feel in a dilemma.
Finally, Qin Ziling’s depressed and uncomfortable atmosphere and Yi Yu’s clear eyes gradually came along and looked at this Ziling sister obediently leaning into his arms. Yi Yu’s eyes suddenly flashed a trace of evil light.
But Yi Yu, who was complacent, suddenly heard Qin Ziling whisper, "I … I can’t borrow one …" Although the sound was easy, Yi Yu listened to Qin Ziling’s gentle touch and sighed, "It seems that there is still a long way to go!"
Godsworn’s heart is the most tenacious. Although the Qin sisters lost their hearts at the moment when they were in danger, they quickly recovered their calm with a short rest in Yi Yu’s arms.
Qin Han calyx saw his sister with one eye and leaned weakly against Yi Yu’s arms. Cold calyx smiled slightly and closed her eyes again without moving.
Although the cold calyx looks a little careless and reckless at ordinary times, she knows how difficult it is for her sister to survive in this life-and-death fix world these years. Although she doesn’t mind very much, she is willing to share her lover with her sister, but the cold calyx knows better that if she doesn’t fit her eyes and doesn’t know anything, it will be difficult for her sister to get up soon.