"Little fool, don’t cry! I will never force you! " Thyme devoted to Xu took MuHuan hand gently patting her back to coax her.

They just hugged and rested together until both sides’ emotions calmed down. Mu Huancai found that there was already light outside the window and hurriedly sat up and turned my back to wear his clothes. "I should get up and go to see my mother."
Li Mo Xu also turned around and lay there quietly, listening to the sound of people behind him, and my heart was full of mixed feelings. Girl, I don’t know when you can open your heart and accept me. But I believe that one day you will willingly give me your heart!
Muhuan dressed in clothes and knocked on the door and went out to stay outside the garden gate. When Laner returned with her, thyme devoted to the heat had already got up and was about to wear it to help Muhuan. Thyme devoted to the heat and didn’t refuse them. After Laner served and freshened up, she held hands to see the Oriental Miao Miao.
All the way, the mood of both of them is very complicated, but they all have to pretend that nothing is wrong, for fear of being seen by the Oriental Miao Miao. Laner carefully checked his brow while tidying up the bed.
Looking at two people hand in hand, leaning against the bed, Oriental Miao Miao’s face gave me a comforting smile. She sat there with a few words and went to Muhuan to feed the medicine and have breakfast in person. How many times did she get distracted?
Oriental Miao Miao naturally disappeared from Mammy Li’s eyes. Last night, she planned to leave her son and this Huan girl didn’t have a perfect heart, but she couldn’t directly ask Muhuan that she didn’t look well. She must have slept well last night and said that she was much better today. She insisted that Muhuan go back to the house and sleep for a while.
Mammy Li also helped to persuade Muhuan to go back to the side compartment and sit at the table after entering the room.
Muhuan’s heart is really messy. Although she said such sensible things in the face of thyme, she felt faint pain in her heart after saying them.
The man knows he can’t love Chapter one hundred and forty-seven The princess is jealous? !
But things really seem to be a little out of control. Does he feel it? Or do you care about him?
At this time, Muhuan’s mind is that he got along with so many contradictions, so many conflicts and so many unpleasantness after arriving in Xilin. At the same time, he ignored his own safety and found Nini to take risks. deus ex rescued his brother’s charm, but he tried not to infringe on himself. Everything made him have to be moved. I really fell into a trap unconsciously.
"Mother, how does this room smell like charm? Are you all right with grandpa last night? " I don’t know when Nini slipped back from the garden and appeared beside MuHuan. "Mother, why do you look so ugly? What happened? "
"Mother nothing is didn’t sleep well last night …"
"Mother, did you have sex with grandpa rolled sheets last night?" Nini’s little paw scratched Muhuan’s face. "Mother must have blushed with her aunt rolled sheets!"
"Nothing! Mother has long said that she will not rolled sheets with him! " Muhuan face a red hurriedly denied.
"Grandpa is so good. Why not?" Nini stared at Muhuan. "Mother likes Dad, too, doesn’t she?"
"If you like someone, you don’t have to get him!" Muhuan reached out and patted Nini’s head. "You don’t understand the little adult world!"
"Cut!" Nini disdain a lift claw "melodramatic! If I like it, I just like it. Why are you hiding it? I’m exhausted! "
"Mother wants to sleep. Go to the garden and play by yourself. Let me lie down alone!" Muhuan is not in the mood to bicker with Nini.
"Well, it’s going to the garden again." Nini disappeared as soon as she pouted.
A hundred miles away from the heat came back to see the Oriental Miao Miao first and then walked back to the side room.
Maybe I didn’t sleep enough last night. Muhuan sat there with her head propped up and fell asleep. It was her frown that seemed to worry her even in her sleep.
I didn’t dare to wake her up for fear of waking her up. I really wanted to stretch out my hand to touch her eyebrows, but I restrained the idea. Girl, I didn’t blame you. I told you myself that it was never you who caused all this trouble. It was me who made it difficult for you. I made you believe if I didn’t want to make you sad.
Quietly for a while, Baili Mo Xu turned and went to the imperial house to discuss the plan of sending troops to Wuxia with Bailijiang.
When Muhuan woke up from a nap, it was already noon, and he hurried to serve the Oriental Miao meal again.
After lunch, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were just talking when they heard someone coming to report Leng Yuxin to the palace to inquire after Dongfang Miao.
"This Leng Yuxin must be afraid that he will stay with you when it’s hot." In the words of Oriental Miao Mei’s wrinkly eyebrows, she was somewhat dissatisfied with lying for a few days. This Leng Yuxin was not heart-warming and devoted to her heart as soon as she came back.
"Mother, don’t blame her. She’s pregnant now, so it’s not convenient to wait on her illness." Muhuan didn’t know Leng Yuxin’s mind. She wanted to take it away with a hundred miles of stranger, so as not to worry my sister.
"Chun girl is kind" Oriental Miao Miao sighed "Silly children are kind to the local enemy and cruel to themselves. You must guard against people like Leng Yuxin"
"Huan Er Bai" Muhuan bowed his head and answered, How can he not be white? The story of the farmer and the snake is unforgettable since childhood. It is a hundred miles of enthusiasm that repeatedly warns herself that Leng Yu Xin Mu can’t touch the bottom line by herself, but can she? I have never thought of competing with Leng Yuxin, and I can tolerate Leng Yuxin’s provocation. It is like a joke whether love is Leng Yuxin’s favorite or Leng Yuxin’s own emotion.
At that time, Muhuan took a few deep breaths and forced himself to calm down and stop thinking about it.
It didn’t take long for Leng Yuxin to come in behind Mammy Li, and she was disappointed at the sight of a hundred miles devoted to the heat. She absently asked the Oriental Miao Miao about her illness and sat far away. She asked the Oriental Miao Miao about her illness without saying a word, with a false smile on her face.
"The palace is a little tired, so please go back and let the palace take a nap." Oriental Miao Miao doesn’t want to talk nonsense with Leng Yuxin.
"Mother elder sister will stay in the palace tonight?" Leng Yuxin can’t wait for a hundred miles to ask the Oriental Miao Miao.
"Let haun girl stay with the palace for one night and one day, and then she can go back to the palace." Oriental Miao Miao replied faintly.
"Does Brother Xu want to stay tonight?" This is the key point of Leng Yu Xin Xin.
"Mother hasn’t recovered yet. Do you dare to go back to the house?" A reply rang thyme devoted to the heat has come in eyes looking at the cold feather xin "xin son how come? It just snowed last night and it was freezing. You should stay in the palace instead of running around. "
"Brother Xu!" Leng Yuxin immediately got up and jumped at him. "If you don’t go to the house, Xin’s heart is always restless for seven sleeps. Why don’t you let my sister go back to the house tonight, Xin’s son and you serve the mother together? After all, my sister has worked hard for several days. Xin’s son has come to do his best to be filial."
"What are you talking about?" Thyme devoted to a gentle face "Shi disease is very hard, even if Xin son is not afraid of suffering, he should also consider the baby in his belly." You feel at ease to go back to your mother just now, but it’s just the last night. The king will naturally go back to the office. "
"This ….." Leng Yuxin glanced at Muhuan from the corner of her eye, but saw that she was holding down her eyes and resting with a fine expression on her face. It was no surprise for her aunt to come, so she was a little relieved to wake herself up that day and said that a man is the most difficult to control when a woman is pregnant. If Muhuan moves a little bit about it at this time, she will definitely put him to bed and never allow such a thing to happen!
"Well, then, Xin ‘er will go back and wait for you!" Leng Yuxin took the hand of thyme devoted to the heat and took a crocodile tear to bid farewell to the Oriental Miao Leng Yuxin, who was sent out of the palace by thyme devoted to the heat.
While MuHuanZe alone back to the house to rest and lie in bed, it’s hard to think of the dialogue between Bai Li Mo Xu Leng Yu Xin. It’s really sour and astringent to think of the sight of two people leaving hand in hand, but it hurts even more.
When I came back, I saw Muhuan curled up in a ball and sleeping in the corner of the bed. From time to time, I seemed to be sobbing, and I couldn’t help but walk forward.
Eyes closed, Muhuan curled up, arms around his face, tears in his eyelashes, and tears in his eyes, which helped so much injustice and made the heart of thyme stranger ache.
Take off your blouse, turn over the bed, put MuHuan in her arms, kiss her face gently, kiss those tears with her eyes, and secretly sigh in my heart, girl. What shall I do with you? I don’t want to feel sorry for you either, but you have touched my heart little by little, so must you. You don’t want to feel sorry for me, but you will still feel sad because of me.
"Report? !” Mu Huan woke up with a start and never recovered. "Didn’t you give it away?"
"Wang has been gone for such a short time, and his eyes are swollen. If Wang comes back later, he will become ugly." There is a trace of tenderness in the words of thyme.
"If the report feels ugly, don’t watch it. Anyway, the report didn’t really see me." Muhuan didn’t know that he would blurt out such a sentence, and tears rolled down again as soon as he was wronged.
"Is the princess jealous?" Thyme devoted to the heat, though distressed, but in a good mood, knows that this girl feels so good in her heart that she reaches out and gently wipes away her tears. "Did anyone tell you that you are so ugly when you cry? !”