"Me, too …" Night feather suddenly appeared with a fierce knife before he finished his name, and a tiny pink light was reflected by the knife surface and shot to one side, suddenly scorching a meadow.

The quarrel froze everyone. If it wasn’t just a reaction, then the night feather would be dangerous! But the night feather looked at the burnt grass and everyone was nervous and worried. Relatively speaking, Calvin’s expression was still gentle, and no one found that his eyes were sharp and fleeting.
"Night feather (master) are you okay? !” Although Heather doesn’t like Night Feather, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t worry about the other person’s safety. After all, the other person is also his classmate. Heather heard that the night feather slave market showed miracles before, but he didn’t really feel the way to connect the so-called miracles with the skinny young boy in front of him. When he saw that Night Feather was in danger, he still worried about him as an ordinary boy, not some god who showed miracles.
"Damn human, what are you doing here? ! Get out! "
A palm-sized pink light appeared in front of everyone. A closer look showed that it was a pink fairy with wings.
Flame rubbed his eyes to make sure it wasn’t an illusion, then pointed to the dancing elves in the sky and cried excitedly, "Night Feather! Heather! You see, you see, it’s an elf! "
"I won’t see it myself!" It is obvious that Heather is dissatisfied with Yan’s putting her name behind.
"See the elves have so surprised you? Really know human beings! " Although the pink elf said this, he put several shapes in it to make everyone see it more clearly.
"Did humans tell you that you didn’t have eyes?" Agnes immediately got into trouble with the pink fairy.
"Hey, hey, let me see." The pink elf asked with wide eyes. "Aren’t you half elves? Didn’t they all move away? How to return this? "
Night feather and Calvin quickly exchanged a look when they heard the elf questioning.
"Migration? What are you talking about? Didn’t you drive us away by force? Also took away the warriors in our family! "
"Nonsense nonsense! We are elegant elves against violence! "
"Then what do you mean by a sneak attack?"
Then there is another argument about meaning.
Suddenly, the pink elf voice stopped. It turned out to be hiding. The dark elf couldn’t see it. He ran out and put a hand over her mouth.
"Hmm ~ hmm ~ hmm ~ ~"
"Excuse me, are you here for the alien relocation?"
"Yes," Calvin replied.
"if so, I think there must be some misunderstanding. Can you come with us to meet the king?"
"Thank you"
Two elves fly in front followed by night feather them.
"Damn dark elves, you should take them to meet our great king? !”
"If I hadn’t come out to stop you, you would have been cut in half. Did that black dress block your trick if you didn’t stop it at will?"
"No, no! I was powerless! "
"Even if you didn’t have the strength, I think if that man hadn’t been stopped at that time, you would have gone to see the elf god."
"Don’t forget that there are half elves with bows and arrows, but they have inherited the excellent archery skills of elves."
"And the red hair made me feel the surging fire element, and the light blue hair element didn’t lose his water element."
"The other one is very beautiful with long blue hair …" Speaking of the dark face of the dark elf, it turned red. "It has elemental power comparable to our elders."
"what surprise me is that I can’t feel that man in black who is closest to the element!"
"What surprises me most is …"
He turned his head and the pink elf turned his head with his sight, just in time to see Calvin talking to Night Feather.