Of course, a large part of it is to monitor her actions, Ziyun River knows everything.

But there is another thing that is very unexpected.
Ziyun ao and Huang Junyi both came here. At this moment, in front of her, she can be sure that she will do something if she loses it. She still has a hostage.
She kept a perfect smile on her lips, avoiding the emperor’s eyes and saying goodbye to Ziyun proudly.
"I’m afraid I can’t go to the wild with you now." Ziyun proudly said that the red chaos spirit was missing, and she had to find it as soon as possible. "But we will meet again soon."
Ziyunxi nodded. "I’ll take good care of myself, and besides, dad took care of me all the way. You can stay here at ease."
Ziyun proudly looked at Ziyun River next to Ziyun Xuanyuan, but there was a little accident. "Dad, do you really want to send your sister to the wild mainland? Chapter 451 Turn the whole purple family upside down and find him."
"Well," Purple Xuanyuan said, "I’ll come back as soon as I see her off. She’s hard luck and she doesn’t have a mother. I have to take a look at what kind of life she will lead before I can feel at ease … By the way, your mother is ill. Go and see her."
Purple Xuanyuan remembered that the first lady was ill.
Ziyun proudly nodded his head.
The wedding procession set out.
Does it seem a little weird for the emperor to gather purple Xuanyuan in his brow? Since the doctor is ill, he should accompany the doctor first. How did he get married with Ziyunxi?
She tried to die, but suddenly she was so quiet. It’s not that she was really afraid of him, is it? Huang Junyi’s eyes narrowed slightly.
Purple Xuanyuan and Ziyunxi go together, which makes him a master, but I always feel that there must be something wrong with something!
Huang Junyi asked the shadow guards around him, "Where is Woodenhead?"
Shadow guard replied, "I haven’t returned to the house yet."
Wood is not so absent-minded. Once you find a clue, you should report it. Besides, you have said that you should let him follow Ziyun Creek. Now that she is leaving, how can you not see wood? ?
"Send someone to find him immediately and turn the whole purple family over to find him!" Emperor Junyi ordered the shadow guard.
Shadow guard immediately brought back.
Ziyun proudly looked at Ziyun Creek and there was a sentence stuck in his throat that he couldn’t say.
Although the surface is calm, the heart is surging
When she smiles, it’s so beautiful as if she’s looking forward to the new Ruyi saying that she likes the wild mainland and is looking forward to her engagement with Shiye, right?
How can such a gentle Ziyunxi do bad things?
It is the recent investigation that makes her feel a little more and more certain about something.
Sister, do you mean it? Do you mean to bump into Ziyunyao stealing Dan medicine or stealing Dan medicine?
But what?
What do you want from those pills? Are you really not you?
Should I pick these out or send you away quietly?
The palanquin is getting farther and farther away
Purple Xuanyuan left with the team.
A smile appeared on the lip corner of Ziyunxi.
Huang Junyi, even if you send someone to watch me, what can you do? Purple Xuanyuan is in my hand. If I want him to die, he will die. If you want to do it, I will let him be buried with me.
Ziyun ao still has no mouth after all, so maybe it’s a good ending for everyone.
She went back to the room to see the big lady according to Zi Xuanyuan’s words, but she saw the big lady lying in bed safely and sickly.
On the other side of the shadow guard, he found a semi-unconscious wood in a corner and immediately ran to Huang Junyi to report.
Wood was seriously injured! ? Moreover, a sword stabbed him in the heart and gouged out a big mouth in his heart, as if he were going to rip out his heart!
The blood behind him seems to be flowing like a river. It is conceivable how tough the wood is to finally climb from the narrow alley to the entrance with his hands so that people can find him.
When Huang Junyi saw it, a little pity appeared in his eyes. Who was so vicious that he was hurt like this? Points are to kill him! !
Shadow guard attached to Huang Junyi’s ear said softly, "At the head of the adult, let the genus tell the report that he followed Ziyun Creek all the way last night and was led to find her again. When the old lady had lost her breath, he fed her the soul-inducing Dan, and Ziyun Creek returned to fight with him. Nai was not her opponent. He was afraid that the princess would be sad and let the genus tell the report that the report was alone. The report must stop Ziyun Creek 45 Chapter 45 I want her revenge.
Shadow guard remembered that just now Wood was holding his breath and biting his tongue to make himself awake. When he finished these words, he couldn’t help but mourn in his heart. He must find the person who hurt the leader and avenge the leader! !
The sharp light in Huang Junyi’s eyes became stronger and stronger, and she actually attacked the first lady? ! And killed the wood. It seems that she wants to kill the larger foe!
Sometimes you really can’t be too kind. It’s because he was soft-hearted and hurt two people …!
There was a sharp light in Huang Junyi’s eyes. There was a road in Ziyunxi Paradise. You just didn’t leave. Wang Rao didn’t want to make Aoer sad and chose not to expose you. But you hurt her mother and put the wood to death. It’s hard to quit!
Never tolerate it again!
Emperor Junyi looked at the injury of wood, stabbed him in the chest with a sword and mercilessly gouged out his bones and blood. It is conceivable that people are vicious.