"I hope he won’t make the same mistake …" A light word drifted away in the valley, and the cottage was already a person going upstairs.

A luxury cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean drifts leisurely with the sea at first sight. What’s even more strange is that there are more than a dozen extremely beautiful women sunbathing in swimsuits on the deck of the cruise ship, and there are even a few fairies who look like the sky walking around the side of the ship. Asia, Europe, America, with black hair, blonde hair, red hair, black eyes and blue eyes are plump, slim, hot, reserved, classical and modern. It’s a paradise for men! If a man accidentally rushes here, I’m afraid he will be excited and die of excessive blood spraying!
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
It’s a pity that there is absolutely no second boat in Fiona Fang for 10 kilometers, let alone men, and the name of this boat is really beautiful, and everyone on the boat surface is female.
"Du …" The words rang and the control room was chatting. Two beautiful women were awakened by the bell. The beautiful woman in red pressed the Connect button, while the other beautiful woman in green flashed on the side. A beautiful woman in black at the same level appeared in the screen Lvses (;
Chapter 39 Surface tide ()
"Do you know about the second sister bj?"
"Know is not the blood evil spirit was born," the beauty in red in the control room said indifferently that she was still playing with the latest handheld screen, and Mario’s beauty jumped flexibly with her dexterous hands.
"It’s not just the blood evil spirit that was born. According to the girl over there, my husband’s breath seems to have appeared." The beauty in black seems to know that the beauty in red also pretends to say so.
"what! Third sister, you tell me what’s going on. "The beautiful woman in red in the control room almost threw her hand to the ground, and the beautiful woman in green quickly took it. Poor Mario has fallen into the ditch.
"Second sister is not in a hurry? Then let’s talk about it again. "The beautiful woman in black on the screen has a demonic smile. If others see the beautiful woman in black now, they will be surprised."
"Ok, Third Sister, I’m wrong. Ok, Third Sister, please tell me at once." The beauty in red tried to "bewitch" the beauty in black on the screen, but it’s a pity that the beauty in black belongs to the same level as her and has already been infected with the killing skill. All the tricks of the beauty in red didn’t work.
"Third sister!" Seeing that the beauty in black deliberately ignored her, the beauty in red couldn’t help but "burst into anger". The towering chest fluctuated dramatically, which attracted people’s attention. "Third sister, if you don’t say anything, I’ll go directly to you and announce it for you at the door of your small company. Don’t blame me!"
"Okay, I said," The beautiful woman in black quickly surrendered to this second sister, but she can do everything. If you really want to make a scene there, don’t go out!
"The second sister was born with blood evil spirit, and at the same time, bj girls felt a kind of very weak energy fluctuation, although it only appeared for a moment, but it is certain that this is the breath of our husband’s past life power."
"Past life power?" The beautiful woman in red cocked her head and thought, "Is it that ugly power to control muscles?"
"What is ugly? That muscle control ability is still very powerful if you master good words, and maybe you can become a god in the flesh! " Black beauty correction
"Slice! I hate muscle men. If my husband becomes like that, don’t touch me again. "The beautiful woman in red must have remembered the" disgusting "muscle man model with a face of disgust.
"When the time comes, who will touch who?" The expression of the beauty in black brimming with laughter made the beauty in red very angry and waved her fist in protest.
Seeing that the beauty in red is so cute and childish, the beauty in black on the screen can’t help but shake her head. The second sister seems to never grow up, but it seems that only her sisters can show such true temperament, which is the same as her sisters.
"Okay, let’s get down to business." The beauty in red has a whole face.
"Do you still have business?" The beauty in black pretended to be surprised and said that the beauty in red had just collapsed with a straight face and could not help laughing. The beauty in green next to her was already laughing my head off and was severely stared by the beauty in red.
After laughing for a while, two women returned to normal. The beautiful woman in red asked, "Have you heard from Third Sister and Fourth Sister?"
"No" The beauty in black seems to have said something to the outsiders on the screen next to her, and then turned around. "Elder sister still has some researchers there to supplement fresh blood culture and train new people around the world. Those workers are all in her charge. Elder sister will not leave her place in most cases. It is very convenient to contact her."
The beauty in red knocked on her head and sighed and said, "I’m worried about all those trivial and meticulous work, but the elder sister can do it with relish."
"The elder sister is the most stable, patient and single-minded. Of course, it is most suitable for this job. If you were the second sister, you would have been in a mess."
"It’s no big or small for me to go to see my elder sister, that is, my adult has a lot of knowledge that doesn’t agree with you. How about fourth sister?"
"I should return bj, but no one knows what she thinks. Maybe she has gone undercover with her husband now." The beauty in black speculated.
"Hey, hey, but now my husband should still be in a dormant state. If Sisi appears in front of my husband, she won’t hurt him badly."
"Who should let him go his own way and suffer some retribution!" Speaking of their husband’s "bad behavior", the beauty in black can’t help but frown and look unhappy.
"Well, well, look at you now. You are a boudoir dissatisfied housewife, but you are still like a strong woman!" The beauty in red teased, "Let my husband’ comfort’ you more after finding him."
"You’re not the same, and you don’t have big sister’s majesty at all." The beautiful woman in black ended the call by refuting the laughing with a red face.
"Miss, what are you going to do?" Aside the green beauty asked.
"It is also said that the change of bj is of course to help, and I haven’t been there for several years." The beauty in red had a big stretch, which not only didn’t destroy the beauty image, but also showed the hot figure more prominently, so that although it can’t compete with her, it is still a rare green beauty, and I can’t help but envy it.
"Let’s go, those girls should also have an activity." The beauty in red has no gentlemanly demeanor. She stepped outside and walked halfway, but she jumped back and threw aside the handheld and took it back.
"Where did you play just now?"
Night arrival, the wild was silent, and the wild suddenly slipped through several figures.
"Just ahead"
Four figures appeared in the place where the warehouse blood evil spirit was born.
"Check one carefully" A black shadow in situ ordered the remaining three figures to jump into the collapsed warehouse together and search patiently. However, they are not an ordinary way of searching, but release a special wave to scan everything.
A moment later
"Adult warehouse surface really found a mysterious energy fluctuation, but the method should be a complex law near the other end connected to another.
"Sure enough, hum, this will be more interesting …" Lvses (;
Chapter 40 Small pants follow-up events ()
Although the situation in Nancheng has reached an imminent point, it has not been torn up after all, and it still maintains a fragile balance. Poor balance is a fuse.
However, another thing is imminent, that is, the senior high school basketball league qualifier in bj Division has already been fought. Although the 10th Middle School is the champion of bj Division for three consecutive years, it is still impossible to directly enter the final stage of bj Division, and it takes three rounds of elimination.
Although these three rounds of elimination are nothing for the tenth middle school, they can be dealt with by the substitute array, but for the sake of running-in array, let the players skillfully cooperate with the snow and frost, or let the main array exercise