"Then let’s go to the hospital to see her?"

"Well" XingTian foam quickly nodded his head.
Xingtianmo and his party came to the hospital to find out the ward number and came to the door of the ward, but Xingtianmo hesitated.
I was hesitating when the ward door knocked out. It was a girl with long purple hair.
"Mo … yo-yo … why are you here?"
Autumn purple saw the door star day foam some surprise just want to call and instantly changed the mouth.
"Is that lady all right?" Star day foam earnestly ask
"It’s okay. I fainted because I was too stimulated."
Autumn is purple. There are some surprises. I can’t help but doubt my physical condition. But when I see that there is only a cut in my eyes, he or she can sigh silently. It seems that Moer really forgot … completely forgotten …
Because the patient needs to be quiet because of rest, people in the ward are coming out one after another. When they see Xingtianmo, they are all stunned.
But they dare not call her casually anymore because they are really sure that Mo Er has lost her memory.
Now her name is Xue You. Xue You doesn’t remember them.
Now they can do anything, and they can slowly hope that they can recover their memories now.
"Moer … Moer …" Autumn whispers weakly in the ward.
Star day foam heart a quiver.
"Can I … go in and see that lady?"
Star day foam can’t help but ask a way
"Can I … go in and see that lady?"
Star day foam can’t help but ask a way
No one refused her request, so Xingtianmo entered the ward.
Autumn is lying in bed weakly as if she were getting old again. Many hands are inserted with needles, and drops of liquid medicine enter her body with plastic pipes.
Maybe it’s telepathy, autumn, perceiving the arrival of Xingtianmo, and slowly opening your eyes.
"Husband … madam …" Xingtianmo didn’t know what to call her.
"MoEr … it’s you … it’s you, isn’t it …" Autumn’s vision is a little fuzzy, but I still recognize the stars and the sky.
Xingtianmo sipped her lips and didn’t know what to say.
She went to the bed and sat on a chair by the bed.
"Yes … I’m sorry," said Xingtianmo lightly with his head down.
She knew autumn was because of her that she fainted.
But … Does she really look like her daughter Moer?
"Silly girl said what I’m sorry …" Autumn lovingly pulled up the foam hand.
"I … call you Xiao Youke?"
Autumn suddenly said that she knew that her daughter had really lost her memory, and she knew that it might have been because she was hurt too much at the beginning, so she didn’t blame her.
But now she doesn’t remember anything, and they can’t force her to remember.