"Pointing at what means don’t look at me! Otherwise I will really throw up! " Snow hates it when people point at her.

"Hum! Everybody in the audience say ah ~ who is wrong! When the fitting came, her monk Ziqi went in! Not them. Who is that? " Xia Xinlin still refuses to give up and let everyone judge.
"I said! Don’t waste your energy ~ do you think they will be on your side? Even if we are wrong, I think they dare not wait to die behind you. Who dares to resist? You? Or them? " With a wave of her hand, Qi waved a glass of red wine and joined the cake to flow down Xia Xinlin’s neck.
"You ShangZiQi I want to kill you! ! ! !” It’s over! I’m mad. I’m coming after you.
Xia Xinlin rolled over and got up dead chasing Qi. Really not afraid of death
Mamma Mia! ! ! I ran hard and saw Chen Gherardini sitting on the sofa, turned a corner and grabbed the sofa and stood in front of him.
Xia Xinlin is about to hit Qi with high heels in her left hand and a cake in her right hand.
"⊙ ⊙ … ~ ~ Elder sister, could you please change a more advanced weapon? This is really no lethality! " Qi leaned out from behind the morning and said unhurriedly
"ah! ! !” The words just fell and the cake fell straight down. Morning Shenqi had already shrunk her head back. Poor morning.
"Hehe ~ ~ You are really not afraid of death!" Qi and her head to commit heinous crimes Xia Xinlin said
"I’m sorry that morning! I didn’t mean to! If you want to blame Shang Ziqi! " Grass! How dare you blame me? It seems that you want to die young.
Morning face is getting darker and more smelly. Take off your coat and throw it at Xia Xinlin’s head and say, "You are different from Qi! If she gets the cake, I have nothing on me! But you! ! ! ! Dead! " Morning roar scared Xia Xinlin one leng one leng.
"Come on! Drag her out for me! " Morning command suddenly rushed in outside 1 several bodyguards one tearing Xia Xinlin one arm to drag out.
"Hum! Do you hear me? ! ! ! !” Well! What do you mean? What is different? ?
I am cheating.
After all, Xia Xinlin was badly messed up by Chen! Because she made the dressing gown into a cake, and Chen hated that sticky stuff, she was merciful and asked all his hands to be washed by Xia Xinlin’s stripping department. If she didn’t wash it, she wouldn’t want her ugly face.
"Ha ha ~ Xia Xinlin ah how do you this mad dog don’t bite me in front of you! Come and bite me ~ "Qi teased Xia Xinlin like a dog.
"Hum ~ you wait for me! See if I don’t come to pick you up after washing clothes! " Xia Xinlin with waist finish a bitch scold street.
"Hey hey! I have to do laundry first! Gee ~ what a pity! Wash slowly ~ I’ll go to school and wait for you first! " Qi’s foot knocked over the clothes in the basin, holding Ya and Xuetou and walking back to school, leaving Xia Xinlin’s mad dog barking behind.
"Why didn’t you come with what’s your name alsn? Your feelings are not very good! " I heard Ze’s sour tone as soon as I entered the classroom.
"How do I want you to tube! Alsn, what can I do for you? Don’t care so much about your grandmother! " Ya walked straight in and sat idly looking up at Ze.
"I am just curious! Besides, I’ve got enough time to think about it and then I’ll mind your own business! " Ze particularly stressed the word "meddling"
Shit! And carry it with me! "I didn’t let you tube! Don’t be sentimental ~! " Ya threw two health balls at Ze, and I was so angry.
"But it seems that we haven’t officially broken up ~! By "ze just want to finish the second half of the sentence was interrupted by ya.
"So we officially break up now! k! Me and me alsn you and you Ye Sisi! We have nothing to do with each other since then ~! " Ya is straightforward and blurts out.
"So you mean you cheated on me first?" Ze is incredible. She looks quiet and gentle.
"That’s right! What are you gonna do with me? Don’t allow you men to have three wives and four concubines outside! Are we not allowed to choose again? " Is that you cheat first! Hum! A pair of dog men and women
"Very good ~! We’re done here! Would you please move to another place to sit? My girlfriend and I don’t like outsiders around! !” Ze was so angry that she remembered yesterday’s birthday that pary wanted to spray someone when she saw Ya and alsn having an affair.
"Then what don’t you change seats? Don’t you understand that women give priority to men? Are you still a man? How dare you! Besides, aren’t there just two seats in the back? And sitting in the back, you and your girlfriend are very much in love with each other, and the teacher can’t see it ~ isn’t that where you are looking for feng shui? " Want me to change my seat? No way! There are no windows!
"You and I are afraid that you will be lonely sitting alone ~! You alsn are not in your class ~ so there is someone accompanying you and you are lovesick ~! I’ve chosen all the seats for you ~ just next to the one who weighs more than 200 pounds ~! " Ze was depressed and looked at Ya. Why didn’t I find her so glib?
"Oh ~ I can’t think ~! I’ve come to pick up my dear Ya and go out to play! There is no need to change seats! " At the key moment, alsn miraculously appeared at the door of the classroom, walked in and looked at Ze with his arm around Ya Tiao.
Ya is very cooperative and sticks to alsn. They are as close as they seem.