Heng Xue smiled very cheerful and didn’t seem to be influenced by Lun Yu Xiao at all. She raised her big smiling face. "But I’m honored that the benefactor actually likes me, and I’m sorry at the same time, because I will like the night evil and I won’t like others anymore, but I hope the benefactor can find her happiness. Pure, she likes the benefactor."

In the face of this situation, she should feel depressed, but it seems that everything becomes very simple when she smiles, and everything will be beautiful if she smiles.
Lun Yuxiao can look at Heng Xue with a wry smile and her eyes are full of disappointment. "In fact, I knew very early that even if I washed away your memory, you still don’t belong to me after all, but the infatuation feeling is too deep. What should I do?"
Heng Xuexiao smiled calmly and came close to the black silk ribbon feather cloud. He took the initiative to open his arms and hugged him. He said, "I can’t do such evil things to keep the benefactor waiting for nothing. I hope the benefactor can let go so calmly. We are still good friends for lovers … It’s a pity that my heart belongs to someone else."
Black silk ribbon feather clouds took a sip of his lip and smiled back at the snow.
This is the last time he has her, and then he will completely let go of it, no more nostalgia and no more delusions …
But he will still be a little reluctant in his heart. He has lived for more than 1000 years and has been dealing with all kinds of things alone, and finally he can see a sunshine in his life.
Heng Xuexiao is as pure as an angel. Even Lian Xiao does not contain impurities, which makes people want to have this beauty and keep their lives from always regretting.
"Heng son, please be happy." Lun Yu whispered softly and let go of Heng Xue’s smile.
"Yeah, yeah, I will be a benefactor, too!" Heng Xue smiled and said goodbye to him with a gesture of refueling.
Thanks to Yimo Bei for counting the stars, dogs and flowers.
People 46 let the husband kiss.
Heng Xue smiled and went into the "snooker billiards" box, and saw the night evil correction leaning against the table and gracefully wiping the club head.
"Are you back?" Night evil repair see Heng snow smile came in and grinned at her.
"Yeah, yeah," Heng Xue smiled and nodded happily and trotted near Yexie Xiu.
Night evil repair didn’t ask Yu Heng Xue Xiao and Lun Yu Xiao to talk about fruit and fruit. First, he didn’t have much interest in this kind of thing. Second, he knew that Heng Xue Xiao was sure to settle things. After all, Lun Yu Xiao was not an unreasonable person. Third, Heng Xue Xiao’s cheerful expression had’ betrayed’ things. It was also a waste of time to ask again.
"Do you want to have a competition with me?" Night evil repair stretched out his hand handfuls of Heng Xue Xiao and dragged it to his chest, frivolous to provoke a pinch of her hair to the tip of his nose and sniffed it obsessively.
"than what?" Heng Xuexiao leaned calmly against Ye Xie’s arms. Obviously, she was resistant to such ambiguity and inaction.
"The winner of billiards can make a surprise request to the loser." Night Evil Xiu looks confident. It seems that he is going to win.
"Don’t laugh so yd, I’m sure I can beat you!" Heng Xue smiled angrily and said that she was not happy when she saw the self-confidence of night evil cultivation. She didn’t believe that she would lose anything compared with night evil cultivation!
Night evil is full of black lines. Why did he laugh yd? speechless
Heng Xue smiled and pushed the night evil xiu away. He picked up a club and hooked his finger at him. "Let’s go."
A game goes fast. What? Because of the night evil, the skill of repairing the ball is really not good. Every time you play, you can get into the hole. There are a lot of smiles. Obviously, the number of goals is not as good as that of the night evil.
"Hey, you lost." Night Evil Xiu crossed his face with one hand on the desktop and blew the club head handsomely.
"Hum hate" Heng Xue laughed and slammed his legs to the ground.
"Come on, let me give my husband a kiss." Night evil smiled at Heng Xue with a warm smile and hooked his fingers with ignorance.
"No!" Heng Xue smiled and pursed her lips in anger, and she was very upset. Even if she lost the game, she would let the night evil fix take advantage. Shit! Damn it, I’m so upset
"Uh-huh, I’m willing to lose the bet. You can’t play to depend on it." Night evil xiu looked at Heng Xue and laughed in anger. He didn’t come over and just walked by himself
“sp!” When Night Evil Xiu was still one arm away from Heng Xuexiao, Heng Xuexiao shouted out a hand to block the progress of Night Evil Xiu, just touching his chest.
At the right moment, the night evil took advantage of the situation and pulled the snow to smile. She was imprisoned in her arms and could not move, and then she bowed her head and kissed her mouth quickly and released her.
"Come again! I must beat you in this game. "Heng Xue smiled angrily and wiped her mouth with her back, picked up the club and prepared herself.
"Company with" night evil repair so-called shrugged.
It’s a tragic game. It’s that Xue Xue laughs and loses, and the night evil repairs the perfect winning streak.
"Ow ow night evil repair you bully me again!" Heng Xue laughed and lost his cue, sitting on the sofa with his hands on his hips and his eyes waiting for him to laugh very evil at night.
Thank the rain and the sunrise for their gifts.
The human world 47 love mark
"Alas, my skill is so poor." Yexie Xiu shook his head sadly. "It’s a pity that you will be punished by me again."
"Dead stallion! Where are you going to eat my tofu this time? !” Heng snow smile pie pie eyes very bitterness.
"A stallion?" After thinking about it for a while, Ye Xie smiled and said, "Then you are specially bred by me."
+_+I can’t stand the dizzy smile. My mouth is so hairy.
"Hum, how cheeky!" Heng Xuexiao angrily compared two index fingers, which means "contempt".
"Uh-huh, uh-huh, please ask your wife and adults to enjoy my punishment." As soon as the voice fell, she pulled the snow and laughed.
Heng Xuexiao night evil repair wants to kiss himself again, so he covers his face with his hands in fear and makes his lips have no place to land.
After a few seconds, I still don’t see any movement of night evil repair.
Heng Xue smiled and sneaked a gap close to five fingers only to see the night evil correction bow his head.
Huh? What is he going to do? Heng Xue is puzzled.
But a second neck to Sue Sue hemp feeling let her stare big eyes can’t help but yell abnormal condition.
Night evil repair incredibly …
Kissing her neck! ! !
Night evil repairs warm lips and kisses the collarbone position of Xue Xiao, and then vigorously sucks.
Fortunately, Heng Xuexiao didn’t feel the tingling feeling, otherwise she would definitely be sucking her own blood.
"Ah, hey, you, you pervert-"Heng Xue’s smiling face turned red and her voice became shy because of shyness.
When the swearing came out of her mouth, it changed its taste like a coquetry.
Night evil took enough to lift the neck and nose, and it was still close to Heng Xuexiao’s neck. He sniffed obsessively and said, "Sure enough, Heng Xuexiao’s body is very sweet."
As soon as it snowed, the smiling face became even redder, and it was almost bleeding.
"ouch-you are really abnormal!" Heng Xue smiled at his neck and face and burned to death. His eyes looked at night evil like a pervert.
"Uh-huh, do you want to see me leave a’ love mark’ on you?" Night evil repair quipped eyes looked at Heng snow smile neck.
"You close your eyes," Heng Xuexiao ordered angrily, turning around and quietly looking at his collarbone.
Oh, my god Isn’t this too technical? Actually, it’s red and in the shape of a love peach.
However, in a second, the snow smile was completely embarrassing, so how can she go out to meet people?
It seems that this clavicle love peach will not disappear for a while ~~g; _l; ~ ~ tears running
"Heng son? Good-looking? " Night evil repair don’t know the right behind the Heng snow smile eyes looked at his’ jie’ finally nodded with satisfaction.
"Fuck you, let’s have another game." Heng Xue smiled with anger and shame, and his face turned red with great weight. He felt that he could cook an egg on his face.
"Good" night evil repair readily promised that the two started a new game.
Miss, you must win this game! Heng snow smile in my heart secretly swear.
The world 48 which woman?