"I’ll wait!" Crystal immediately said

"Me too!" Weeping at night
White dragon language, he can’t really say such disgusting words. Why don’t you just rush to the top of the tower and act like where will you go?
Ziyun proudly holds Xuanbing sword and steps towards the stairs.
Hold your breath. It seems that she can still hear herself stepping on the floor. This is the place where immortals, demon gods, elves, monsters, beasts and pets enter.
What will be in this?
Since it is human beings who rush into the tower and prepare for it, it will not exceed the limit that human beings can bear, right? What’s so terrible about it?
Ziyun proudly walked towards the building without hesitation.
a layer or deck
Ziyun Ao just stepped on the last step as if he had fallen into another world.
There were fires all over the floor, clusters of fires, which spread like flowers in front of her eyes, but the temperature of her skin was burning all around.
The temperature around is outrageous, as if even the foot and ground were melted by high temperature.
The ground cracks like it hasn’t rained for a long time
This belongs to the fire world
The hot smell on my face makes people feel thirsty.
The huge fire seems to be coming quickly in the clouds.
Xuan Bing sword in Ziyun’s proud hand was drawn rapidly to block the fire, which seemed to be hurt, and then fell to the ground and immediately turned to ashes.
a narrow squeak
Ziyun proudly frowned, but a bunch of faint flames jumped up.
The fire is still spreading
The original weak flame gradually swelled, and Xuan Bing Jian seemed to be almost melted by the fire all over the sky.
The fire seemed to know that strange smells were coming to generate in the direction of Ziyun.
Xuanbingjian is like a barrier to avoid the fire. Once the light balls fall back to the ground, they will immediately turn to ashes.
They are their own lives, defending their territory from outsiders and sacrificing themselves. Chapter 63 Flame Spirit 1
It’s the flame spirit
Ziyun Ao once heard that the snow wolf had visited this continent, and many species born in this continent also included the flame spirit.
It is said that the flame spirits burn and grow from the ground, and they will live forever without leaving the ground. Once they fall to the ground again, that is, their annihilation time.