And this ability can take others with it!

No wonder she went deep into the silent valley with a group of drag bottles, led by this professor An, and withdrew when she could not find the target or when she was in a big crisis.
However, there must be a limit to the ability of this BUG, and there are too many drag bottles
Luo Xiufeng glanced at the rest of the guards.
In his eyes, myths are naturally drag bottles, but I have to admit that these guards have their significance, and they can get rid of the common evils around them and save him time.
When they stepped into the silent valley, they encountered dozens of strange things.
Luo Xiu and Princess Mia are all wearing high-order fog traps, and Anna’s fingers are also wearing flow rings.
However, there are still ways to drive away the surrounding fog.
Rare human smell stimulates the wandering here for a hundred years and makes them scream.
Ann saw that you were staring at the dark earth with your eyes wide open. She watched the distant sight float higher and higher than the number of evil and hills.
She can’ see’ far away, but there are many restrictions on shuttle jumping.
After all, she is a ghost, and she knows a little about summoning ability.
"You can walk away by taking the road, Mia. Can you roughly judge the direction?"
"Well, if the target is located in the distance in a high probability, it will cut off the mountain peak … but I have never been to the mountain before and I can see it from a distance."
It is difficult to estimate the specific height of towering peaks, but its magic lies in that the mountains are very eye-catching, and even ordinary awakened people can see them from a distance, just like a knife piercing the gray fog. broken arrow stubbornly exudes the last edge.
The identification at a glance is quite extraordinary.
An Jianyou asked, "Haven’t you explored this strange mountain peak in your cloud map country?"
There is a high probability that there is a treasure.
Luo Xiufeng shook his head. "As far as I know, there are really no two myths that tried in those days, but they found that the road was too dangerous and went home early. These materials are also sealed today."
It’s hard to understand why someone knows Baoshan is in front and doesn’t take it.
Don’t cloud countries lack resources so much?
They are still short of firewood!
An Jian-you feels that you can’t stare at the target on this trip, but you have to mop up more treasures along the way. And this silent valley seems to be rarely explored in depth. Isn’t it said that it is more original?
She thoughtfully hit the’ treasure radar’ in her mind and slowly leaned forward with everyone.
Sure enough, there are rare traces of human activities along the way, and occasionally it can be found that human bones have weathered for a long time
"We rarely go deep into such dangerous places and Jedi if necessary, but at most we pass through the periphery."
Luo xiu feng Dao
There is no definite line in the periphery and circle, but as they go deeper and deeper, the roar from the surrounding fog becomes clearer and deafening.
There are always evil spirits saved from the thick fog, which brings them trouble and fights with Princess Mia’s escort knight and maid.
The forward speed gradually slowed down.
Luo Hugh lightly looked up and watched around and stole a glance at the two myths of the firewood college.
He is thinking.
This is a fire academy, and his duty is only to protect the princess. He can’t do anything.
However, after all, the arrival of the firewood academy is a myth of two young and beautiful women. The female myth like this is a rare species in the circle. Luo Xiufeng thought about it and felt that he had to show the gentleman’s demeanor in the cloud picture.
You can’t be a jerk in front of two female myths, can you?
He can’t afford to lose face.
He made a move.
One hand holding a shield, the other hand holding a contradiction, shaking the earth, and the epic war spear easily penetrated a paradox.
This is not something to be proud of.
Mythical power is killing all creatures below themselves.
However, Luo Xiu gradually frowned.
"There are too many deceitful things here. No wonder it’s called a dangerous place."
"No, no, this number is really too much!"
Is there an error in the data record?
Luo Xiufeng thinks it is. After all, they don’t go deep into the Silent Valley many times, but he still wants to criticize women.
Fortunately, Anna, the instructor of the salary college, took the shot and shared some pressure with him.
Otherwise, as the number of six-star fallacies increases, he will gradually become more difficult, and the dangerous fallacies seem to be more difficult than the outside world!
Luo Xiu held a round shield and broke into the evil group, shaking up the huge body of the six-star evil.
In the distance, the orange flame is as gorgeous as a sunset meteor, and the crimson silk thread is like a sickle, sweeping across the sky and the earth.
Suddenly, one by one, huge bodies were planted, and one after another, cutting red lines appeared, braving the smoke and slowly rowing their heads.
Luo Xiufeng is under great pressure!
Is this young Anna’s tutor so powerful?
He continued to rush into the evil group and kill indiscriminately.
When we get to this place, it doesn’t matter whether Mia’s classmates show us the way. The map of Silent Valley is very rough and the depth is white.
Professor An is now in charge of adjusting the orientation.
They seem to have turned slightly to a rock wall.