He thought suddenly, stared wide, and his eyes often moved.

Hundreds of meters high, it is said that there is still a tree with a height-limiting trunk, such as Tianzhu, breaking through the clouds and making the canopy wider than the whole sky.
She is so majestic, noble, sacred and striking.
But Lord Wanshu just didn’t realize it.
No one in the whole holy court noticed that this sacred tree was … It was bigger than the whole holy court, just like a tree planted in a small potted plant. No matter where it was in the thirteen provinces, people in the holy court could look up and see this sacred tree with towering branches and leaves like land.
However, no
No one realized that making a tree was there.
Including just wansu himself.
Master Wanshu was excited. "This is the real tree of life of Idol. She is here and not here. She is not a strong person, and she can be found in a high position."
And he is certainly not idle high position.
His dream is in sight.
The next thing to do is …
He is still thinking about ways to take away the tree of life … His knowledge of the tree of life in Edouard is actually limited to the surface, but it is not difficult for Master Wanshu to think that he has accomplished something in the law of roots and whiskers to take away a tree.
But his face changed.
His hiding roots came with a burst of repulsion.
Although he quickly stabilized, there was still a wisp of energy escaping.
"Block … was discovered?"
In a moment, the Lord affirmed that it was no accident.
There are eyes looking far away to lock his figure.
She is a human woman in turquoise dress, and her gentle face gradually shows serious and cold features.
Lord Wanxu emerged from the roots with a wave of his sleeve. Since he was found to be in a noble position, he naturally disdained to continue hiding.
"You can’t stop the human high position."
"You humans have a saying that is right. Since ancient times, treasures are destined to live."
"And the tree of life in Idol is destined to stay in your human hands, so it will be a mighty tree."
He flew away
The power of the law of deep roots is diffused, and at the same time, there are still ten thousand roots to master the magical power of talent
In an instant, the roots of hundreds of millions of trees danced and the earth stirred in the roots, as if the waves were buzzing and surging.
The whole first-line province shook up, and several people turned pale and saw a look of panic.
There are also strong people looking deep into the lush forest.
"There is an enemy lurking in!"
"This mighty earth seems to be a sea of roots … this is a high position!"
"Sound the first-level alarm!"
These thoughts just came out of the mind of a famous myth. Before they left, Lord Almighty took David to cover the tree of life in Idol.
He can destroy the whole first province in an instant, but there is no need to do so, which will anger mankind and benefit himself.
He can quickly pry up the behemoth of the tree of life with these root pedals.
It’s easier to beat a high position of leisure.
There is a big gap between the high position and the high position, and he is the top position.
"get up!"
The earth roared.