"Five-two is not much cheaper for you," the woman said, throwing the money to the battery Zheng.

Qi Zheng immediately gave the money to the little brother who had been waiting outside.
"Please take this money to my husband to get some medicine and make him better."
Little brother Harasaki Zheng escaped because he didn’t have the money to pay for medicine. I don’t want her to actually sell herself to prostitutes. After all, this discussion always feels a little bad when she comes out by herself.
"You’re really dry." The little brother looked at the girl with some language. Is it silly to sell herself? Is that man so important that she has to sell herself to save him? What’s good about such a man?
However, Qi Zheng showed a face of her complaining expression, which made the little brother not know what to say.
At that time, the battery Zheng was not white … What did the little brother mean by sighing?
Brother took the money and went back to yiguang. This is a place where you can’t get out when you step in. How can you feel at ease with this money?
Qi Zheng has gone back, and now she has signed a contract, and she will do whatever they ask her to do, but I didn’t expect Xu’s mother to let her-
"Take off!" Women are concise.
"Drag what?" Qi Zheng looked at the woman strangely.
"What to undress? ?” Does this woman have any strange tendencies? She wants to make medicine, not be regarded as a plaything, and immediately took a step back in surprise.
"You sold to me, don’t undress? How to pick up guests without taking them off! " Xu mother said coldly.
"What did you say about receiving guests?" Take off your clothes and receive guests? What do you mean, Qi Zheng doesn’t want to be white? He took a step back in dismay.
"What are you doing if you don’t take customers?" Xu’s mother sneered coldly.
"No … no, I can do anything, but I won’t do this," said Qi Zheng. "Even if I am a slave for five years, I won’t let you suffer."
"Just sweep the floor, wash the clothes, brush the dishes and you want five taels of silver? Don’t say five or fifty years! It’s not up to you, "the woman said coldly." If you don’t take it off, I’ll let someone else take it off for you! "
"No …"
"Somebody strip her naked."
"No-you don’t come here! Otherwise, I will die for you! "
"Xu mother, I don’t think this can be forced. If you really die, isn’t it a waste of money?" Someone said to Xu’s mother when he saw that Qi Zheng really wanted to die.
"Strip her naked. When will the hanging tree pick up guests? Let her come again!" Xu’s mother said coldly. Chapter 857 I accompany you in desperate times.
Meanwhile, on the other side, yiguang
The little brother took the money and threw the silver into the counter. Then he remembered his ignorant eyes pacing back and forth.
I haven’t woken up yet, but it’s no big deal
What will happen if you don’t wake him up?
It’s been a whole day, and there’s no news there.
This is something he always feels like forcing a good prostitute to do something. It’s a bit unconscionable that he doesn’t do something. Although he deserves the money, there is nothing wrong with it, but it is not clean. If he knows the route, he will not be practical.
So he finally made up his mind to make a decision
A basin of water spilled on the bed …