It is decided to this matter.

For a group of female ghosts, it’s not hard to watch the hard work of farm work. After all, there is some magic in it.
And after days of washing and fire, the soul is much stronger.
It can be said that there are both light spirits and physical strength, not to mention that.
"These three are being original and going to nurse some insects, ants and animals. I don’t know if they need annoying care …"
"Taoist concubines are willing to go!"
This time, I didn’t wait for Lingqing to finish, but I saw Zixiang step forward and said
"I was a snake and insect, and I was photographed by my grandmother before I could practice any way, and I was arrested by my grandmother.
But I am familiar with this insect, ant, beast. "
Although it is true, there are also purple incense, Xiao Qian and Zhi Yu, both of whom have got the job. If they don’t behave, I’m afraid they will be sent.
Therefore, it is necessary to hurry and want to make a contribution, and it is also unwilling to be separated.
"In that case, it’s settled."
Lingqing looked at no one else’s head and settled down.
Purple sweet smell speech couldn’t help secretly heaved a sigh of relief
"You wait for three people to find some helpers to pick them up."
When Lingqing finished, a group of female ghosts chose their own suitable jobs.
Among them, the fat jade side has the largest number. After all, everyone is familiar with this sweeping courtyard to serve people.
The purple fragrance side is moderate, and the small Qian side has the least number.
Or fat jade said that it was not appropriate to persuade a few people to be assigned to Xiaoqian’s side to level the jagged.
Lingqing doesn’t care whether these are their own choices.
After seeing it, I ordered Zhiyu to let her arrange it in the view, and then I took Xiaoqian and Zixiang to the layman.
First led them to the east out of the field.
They are all very familiar with this direction. In the past, they passed through this wasteland to and from ruined temples and manors.
At this time, I found that it was very different.
Dead branches and leaves, rocky puddles, and one-man tall wormwood have all been cleaned up, leaving a picture of criss-crossing and flat fields.
When you get close, you can smell the fragrance of the earth coming from the ridge.
This is true fragrance, which is the result of spiritual cultivation of natural Tao and its own mana, rather than beautifying the foul smell of the soil.
"You take the tools such as hoes first."
Lingqing went straight to a cabin near the field and pushed the door to reveal some tools inside.
Although it is mostly made of wood, it is not bad for gold and iron, and the weight is moderate.
However, after waiting for a while, I found that all the people were staring at two twisted trees in the East.
Specifically, the urns and bones of the nightingale tree
Nowadays, the underworld array has not completely disappeared, and these ghosts are also sensitive to their own bones, so they can see clearly.
When the ShaQi calms down in the future, unless you get into the eye of the array, the detective tree will not be seen again.
Lingqing see their obsession with mouth asked
"That tree locust is another tree demon body but protects your corpse spirit strain.
Are you willing to take it and keep it for yourself? "
A female the ghost smell speech can’t help but move in the heart, thinking about the past day and night to take their own remains from grandma.
Then find a suitable place to bury and reincarnate.