The decepticon gang and Tianshui Village are fighting each other, and the city government will ask questions no matter which rich family has an accident.

This is the final bottom line.
"There is no shortage of masters in the castellan’s mansion and yamen" Yuan Xikou
"Some people may be aware of the so-called justice, and they may want to have a place to live, but they don’t want to take refuge in Jianghu sects, so they often join them."
"Well …"
"People are coming!"
Shen Tianhu helps six dharma masters, and Yuan Xi, a master of black iron, wants to introduce people to Zhou Jia.
Thunder prisoner!
Lei Batiansi is also Mrs. Lei’s own son.
In addition to Mrs. Lei, Lei Ba Tian Shang married several concubines, and she also has her own blood. Lei Prison is the best of all.
At a young age, I have reached my peak.
Different from the rough thunder bully, the thunder prisoner looks handsome and extraordinary, but Shan Muhua is somewhat similar.
The nephew is like an uncle, and sure enough.
Another woman named Chen Ying, the only daughter of Elder Chen, also has nine practices.
Zhou Jia didn’t care much. They swept away their sight and fell on them with a knife and a sword.
Black iron xuanbing!
Second generation!
"Some time ago, the veins of the Datang River agitated and washed down several villages, and some Jiao Ren ran out and killed many people."
"A few days ago, a batch of goods escorted by the Chixiao Army were robbed halfway at the location of Michen. Now it’s bold to dare to provoke the Chixiao Army."
"I heard that it is a batch of spiritual materials and source crystals?"
With Yuan Xi’s mediation, several young people gradually became familiar with Zhou Jia and learned a lot from the two populations.
Such news will never be understood unless it is at the top.
Speak Chen Ying beautiful eyes flashing way
"It seems that there is a deacon of Xicheng Gambling House?"
Several people’s lateral heads
In the restaurant diagonally opposite Fengminglou, several people are sitting and talking, and two middle-aged men are the deacons of the gambling house.
It’s too far to hear what they are saying.
It’s also Chen Ying who has a good eye to recognize people.
"Qiao" ray prison laughed
"Brother Zhou might as well ask them to come and meet your upcoming supervisor?"
"Forget it" Zhou Jia ears sigh eyes seemed to flash a strange and then gently shook his head.
"It’s not necessary to disturb them yet. Let them go."
"all right"
A few people didn’t importune.
Soon after
A few people left Zhou Jia and went to the gang headquarters to start with the chalcedony dandanfang with the help of Yuan Xi token.
Then I changed my identity many times and bought the required herbs in various pharmacies in the city.
Finally, I returned to buy a house in Shicheng.