Pale red, the owner’s hands are badly damaged, and the damage of the vault of heaven world fortress is much lighter than he expected. Maybe the trial officer has repaired it.

"The serial number of this killing weapon on the right is" Spear of Causality ",which has the strongest attacking ability and absolute hitting rule ability. However, this killing weapon is extremely difficult to trigger and needs to pay a lot of fate, otherwise its serial number will be more than that."
"This weapon is lightly damaged, but it must be carefully used. If it is unable to pay enough fate, forcing it will lead to doom."
Pinky still hung quietly in the half with a rusty spear.
Fang you stared at it
The force of fate is like a tide.
Chapter four hundred and seventy-four Blue Star now
The calm sea surface is boiling, and the whole world is shaking, and the crystal wall is spreading at a speed visible to the naked eye.
The new continent was bare at the beginning of the uplift on the other side of the ocean, and soon the mountains and veins changed and expanded, as if a pair of big hands from the creator were processing the world, making the new continent full of poverty in just a few days.
The mighty rivers, ancient trees and verdant mountains stretch like waves or stand like swords.
Hanging in the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars are tens of times faster than usual, hundreds of times faster, the sun rises in rotation, and the stars hang all night at sunset … It seems that the passage of time has accelerated hundreds of times.
The old continent is also undergoing earth-shaking changes.
The only thing that hasn’t changed may be that it’s hanging in the middle of the base … not in the city.
This is the secret place of paying the fire.
From the central trial site, the world’s strange stones and secret places were obtained, and the stone tour quickly reached the secret place of blue star and firewood.
More than 100 secret stones were put into use;
Several rounds of blue star expansion have promoted it;
The secret of paying fire LV6 liters LV7 needs huge accumulation and finally meets the secret of promotion, which has changed dramatically.
This change lasted for several days before it ended.
Fang you has the deepest understanding.
His vision, perception and secret realm are firmly connected, and with the promotion of secret realm, he seems to incarnate the creator with great power.
"This must be an illusion, but this kind of creation is not an illusion, but it seems a bit abstruse."
He pondered over the mind’s dispersion and swept through the secret land of burning fire at this time.
LV7′ s Secret Land’ Secret Land’ is no longer suitable. The area here is not inferior to the original blue star with rich resources, stable world crystal walls and rich vitality, and it is far beyond the ordinary world and the higher world.
The secret realm is characterized by being small but small and concentrating the essence of numbers into one.
A combination of several secret stones and operating for a period of time, the secret place is almost the same as an ordinary world, and it is a secret place? The secret realm of quantitative words has merged hundreds of secret realms, and Shi Weili is vast and difficult to shape.
The blue star lattice can’t be quantified in equal order, but it has been integrated into five world stones, and the blue star surface has changed as much.
Several new continent plates are rising again.
There are some intelligent life in the old and new continents.
There are human life and some special fantasy life.
These have all evolved in just a few days and weeks. Compared with the creation of mountains, rivers and trees, these are the real creator’s power.
However, the experience brought by the change of Blue Star is not as deep and clear as the promotion of Secret Land.
After all, he is in charge of the blue star ceiling.
He looked around the blue star.
From a few years ago, when Blue Star expanded and evolved into the New World Plate, the base cities of Blue Star sent extension groups to log in to the New World to collect resources and build cities.
Today, in addition to the original 16 base cities, Blue Star has built a total of 33 base cities.
These base cities are either distributed in the continents of the old Blue Star or along the coast of the New World.
However, compared with today’s vast blue star, the footprint of human activities is smaller, and the speed of expanding the new world is far from the speed of blue star land spread.
"Other human forces think that the oasis is too small, but here I am a blue star with too much manpower and too little care. It’s really a happiness and trouble."
The blue star is very high, and the land born is not barren at all
Unlike the oasis, which has mineral deposits that can limit the exploitation of resources, the situation here is somewhat similar to the shallow layer of the paradox-the new continent is full of materials and treasures.
Even if the first batch of materials are collected and excavated, new materials will be derived from the mainland and sea areas as time goes by.
It just takes a long time.
At this time, Bluestar is a super-large treasure, but this treasure is only a small part of it.
Blue star has a population of billions, but now it is too few.
Among them, there are even fewer people who have the ability to go out and explore resources.
These annual salary fires have also saved many small oases on the verge of collapse and transferred them to a new continent in Blue Star.
Small oasis people also participated in the construction of villages and towns themselves in the famine project.
However, a small oasis often has thousands of people, and even if 100 small oases are saved and relocated, human growth is still a drop in the bucket.