However, there are very few people and creatures who have the means to directly attack the soul, such as mental shock, which can not be resisted or avoided at all, but soul shock can often be resisted hard.

The dream of a thousand years will involve the soul.
The stronger the soul, the more it can stay, and the faster memento mori can get out of the bubble.
If we organize a ranking battle, it will be an epic weakening.
"But it seems that pollution is not aimed at the soul, but also directly at the soul." This is one of the reasons why pollution is difficult to resist.
The protection value of mountains and rivers will be high!
It’s great that the skill of two-way communication brings to Fang You.
However, in this deputy theory, he can’t make moves or teach these two theories to a few talents.
"I don’t have latosolic red skills at present. If I want them to learn, I have to do the same thing as me."
"Take the introduction of the material skill department and then integrate it into the forging body of beasts and the visualization of mountains and rivers."
This is obviously costly.
But it brings more skills to speak and epic skills.
"Fortunately, several people in Chiyan have also rubbed a lot of leftovers in various parts of Candeira … so that I, the dean, can work hard to brand the skills as an expert."
Dean Fang has added hundreds of millions of points every day.
No amount of myth cultivation can be neglected in daily life, let alone careless.
"Three years is too short. At most, it is not enough for them to practice the medium myth, but it is true to treat me like a vice."
"But I can’t pin my hopes on this side. What else can I do?"
Clouds and clouds are still calm in the communication equipment, and it may be three years before disaster arrival.
There is still news about the dirty marks, but not much.
"The news that Yunxia travels outside the province is getting less and less."
"It’s not that I can see it clearly, but that the news sources are missing the’ network’ and the’ forum’ seems to be getting colder and colder."
He called number 145.
And took out a list of materials that stretched around the office three times.
"I need these materials. How much can you buy?"
"It seems that most of these are building materials …"
"The Dean thinks that our Daylight Welfare Institute needs to expand its scale and build more practice venues, otherwise it can’t meet the increasingly powerful children’s practice needs. Is that right?"
No.145 wanted to think and nodded slowly.
"In addition, there are dirty marks spreading outside. Although Xiaguang City is relatively safe, it is reasonable for the children to think that our welfare home needs to add some defense facilities."
145 stuck for an instant or nodded his head.
But …
"There is too much material on this side."
Of course, after all, it’s a lot of money to sit on the ground and pay back.
There are a lot of materials in his palace, but it is not enough to decorate and build around the welfare home three times inside and three times outside.
Defensive buildings such as wooden bud towers are also behind. These’ defensive towers’ are not bad for dealing with ordinary evil spirits. It is far from enough to deal with mythical disasters.
Of course, he has to find a way from the face of the Candeira Empire
Yes, Bai Piao must choose Bai Piao. This is the ultimate happiness.
Besides, the science and technology of imperial etiquette and defense architecture in Candeira are extremely high, and he can make a lot of advanced things by himself. He is also counting on turning over a few Candeira architects
He stared at eye number 145.
Where is her bottom line?
Is it directly rejected or cut off%, 9%?
"I’m white"
No.145 paused. "Dean, you’re right. I’ll do it to ensure that the children have a future in the empire."
Fang you "?"
Is the welfare home so adequate?
These materials are enough to arm the construction of a super oasis defense circle.
Compared with the one-year disposable classics of the Daylight Welfare Institute, it is also much more.
Is it because of this kind of construction that ten generations will be blessed once and for all … Maybe?
Dean Fang came to prepare to sell most of the crystal from his own pocket to buy materials, so that it can be saved